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    Sidequest Guide by Sister

    Version: 2.3 | Updated: 04/24/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sidequest Guide for Baiten Kaitos Origins
      by Sister (sis_cindy@hotmail.com)
       Copyright November, 2006 by Sister (C. Minguez)
    Version 1.0
    Version 1.2 - Fixed a bunch of little mistakes.
    Version 2.0 - Added unofficial sidequests: Sedna, Heartflask, Field Guide, 
                   and Coliseum
    Version 2.1 - Fixed a few more typos and added info from markinct and Cathy G.
    Version 2.2 - Added Rank 5 glitch info from Nestor_Elias (sidequest 95)
    Version 2.3 - Added further info/a possible solution to the Rank 5 glitch 
                   from dragonlady
    There are now two sections to the guide: Official and Unofficial. Ctrl + F
    if you want to skip straight to the second section. "Official" sidequests
    are those specifically listed as quests in the menu - the 100 of them. The
    "unofficial" are sidequests despite the fact that they're not specifically 
    called that by the game. 
    Most of these I found on my own, but I got help from the boards, too. I didn't
    write everyone's names down at the time because I hadn't planned on writing
    a faq, so I'm sorry if I don't mention you by name. I do remember help from
    Crystalorbie and Celsius. Thanks to im317 and morninglight for their threads
    on the sidequests. That's how I found the Vega Thunderbolts (I'd missed them
    twice). And thanks to ryokazendriel and his faq. I had tried many items on the
    laughing man before I found him in his faq (the joke should have been obvious,
    I guess, but I kept trying heartbreaking songs and extreme stress :P). 
    Special thanks to markinct for his encouragement and help, especially with
    his checklists. He's made several Excel lists that are wonderfully helpful
    for collecting magnus and keeping up with Pac's eating, but I don't know how
    to put them into Notepad without destroying them. I still haven't managed to 
    finish Pac; thanks to DrWobbler for posting the last prizes on the board. I
    have finished all the others though, so the rewards listed should be okay.
    If you remember helping me and I don't have you mentioned, just email me and 
    I'll fix it. :)
    Copyright stuff: This is my work and if you plan to make money from it, I'll
    expect you to send me my share. I have no plans for it beyond Gamefaqs. If you
    want to post it on your site and you offer free game help, you're welcome to 
    use it. If you find mistakes/additions I need to fix/include, just email me
    at sis_cindy@hotmail.com.
    There is no particular order for the sidequests. I'm numbering simply for the
    sake of convenience and roughly in the order I came to them. In most cases,
    return to the person who asked for help to claim your reward. Keep in mind 
    that sidequests may become available long before you can finish them. They're
    listed here in the order I received the request, not in the order in which
    they were completed. 
    Also, make a note to yourself that the three items unavailable after you enter
    Tarazed are Warm Cheers/Icy Jeers and the Tub-time Greythorne. All three must
    be fed to Pac-Man and Warm Cheers are needed for one sidequest in Pherkad, so
    be sure to get those before you go to Tarazed. Don't misunderstand - you can 
    go to Vega; just don't pass through the big golden doors to the emperor's
    quarters - that's officially Tarazed. Warm Cheers and Icy Jeers are just like
    Light and Dark Powder; they rotate back and forth every so often.
    Have fun!
    Official Sidequests 
       1. Put out the fire!
           Where: Dark Service HQ
            Who: Dark Serviceman
             Reward: Herb
          Immediately after receiving your first blank magnus, get water from the
          barrels and put out the fire in the Strategy Room.
       2. Relight the torches!
           Where: Dark Service HQ
            Who: Dark Serviceman
             Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Talk to the soldier near the save flower before you leave for the
          emperor's residence; he'll ask you to relight the torches. Pick up flame 
          from a lamp and light all four. 
       3. Wake up the mechanic
           Where: Emperor's Residence
            Who: Mechanic
             Reward: None (well, it moves the game forward)
          Splash water on mechanic in right bedroom after you defeat soldiers.
       4. Wake up, take two
           Where: Emperor's Residence
            Who: Mechanic
             Reward: None (ditto)
          Splash water on mechanic in right bedroom then give him a chunk of
       5. Turn off the shield!
           Where: Emperor's Residence
            Who: Mechanic
             Reward: None (sigh...and again)
          Go speak to the mechanic on the stairs.
       6. My girl's waiting!
           Where: Sewer prison cell
            Who: Guy in a cell
             Reward: Medium Attack A
          Pick up the key in the guard quarters (the building blocked by the
          airpod that needs machina oil) then go back to the sewers and unlock
          his cell.
       7. The gripes of wrath
           Where: Mintaka
            Who: Housekeeper
             Reward: Mattress and permanent access to Machina Oil
          In Camilla's house, let the housekeeper vent (draw two rounds of
          Yesterday's News from her).
       8. No gas is no good
           Where: Mintaka
            Who: Man in a bind
             Reward: Taunt
          Give Machina Oil to guy whose airpod is stalled in front of the guard
       9. Insomnia
           Where: Mintaka
            Who: Puffy-eyed Woman
             Reward: Life Charm and Magnus Pack Coupon
          Give her a fluffy pillow. She's in the house left of the shop.
      10. The old man with a bracelet
           Where: Mintaka
            Who: Old man with a Bracelet
             Reward: Strong Attack A
          Just unlock his cell and speak to him.
      11. Love syrup
           Where: Mintaka
            Who: Drunkard's Wife
             Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Give him love syrup. He's in the house near the port in Mintaka.
      12. Boulder in the road
           Where: Nusakan Thornwood
            Who: Caplin Herder
             Reward: Power Helmet and Speed Charm
          Use a Yesterbean to move the boulder out of his path.
      13. Tik's Hat
           Where: Sheratan Village
            Who: Tik
             Reward: Adhesive Bandages
          Give the little girl guarding the children's secret stash (left side of
          first screen in Sheratan) a Mtn. Apple and she'll let you look. You can
          find one Yesterbean here later.
      14. Little lost caplin
           Where: Sheratan Village
            Who: Caplin Herder
             Reward: Blue Beans
          Speak to herder in first screen in Sheratan. Go back to Thornwood and
          speak to the black caplin (near Thornflowers) then tell the herder.
      15. Errand for the orphanage
           Where: Sheratan Village
            Who: Sis
             Reward: Nixie Garb and Element Charm
          Go next door and pick up Thornflower Nectar for Sis.
      16. Imperial Wanderer
           Where: Sheratan Village
            Who: Elder's Granddaughter
             Reward: Magnus Mixer and Will
          Find the sparkling item on the ground at the lake and return it to her.
      17. Rescue the villagers 1
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Lightning Club
          Splash water on the guy that Wacho is standing by.
      18. Rescue the villagers 2
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Ice Fruit and 10G
          Use a Photosynth Lily on the man Tik is standing by.
      19. Rescue the villagers 3
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Mattress
          In the right bottom room, kill all the monsters so that the girl will
          come out of the crate.
      20. Rescue the villagers 4
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Save man in bottom left room.
      21. Rescue the secretary
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Potion
          Just speak to her - she's laying at the bottom of the elevator.
      22. Rescue the elder
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Splash water on him - he's beside the secretary.
      23. Rescue the villagers finale
           Where: Lake Botein Ruins
            Who: Sagi
             Reward: Saber and Guard Charm
          Report back to the elder after you've found everyone.
      24. Man of broken dreams
           Where: Mintaka
            Who: Man of Broken Dreams
             Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Give him a gold nugget (you can't complete this one until well into
           Disc 2).
      25. Save the bomb victims
    	Where: Greater Mintaka
             Who: Conscientious Boy
              Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          -Use three waters to put out the burning pod.
          -Use one water on the girl with the burning bum.
          -Give one Fruit Fit for an Emperor to the man with the skinned knee
           (get the fruit from the maid standing at the bottom of the stairs
            leading to the accident site).
          -Give a Medic Kit to the severely injured girl. Get the Medic Kit
            from Geldoblame's house.
      26. Rock salt in the desert
    	Where: Nihal Desert
             Who: Desert Loiterer
              Reward: One Sparkling Snow when you agree to help and a Hell-Purged
                      Casque when you give him the salt.
          Give him rock salt acquired in the desert.
      27. Flame ice delivery
    	Where: Nihal Desert
             Who: Snow Saleswoman
              Reward: Black Beans
          Take flame ice through the shortcut to her husband on the other side.
      28. Precious rock salt
    	Where: Azha Village
             Who: Rock Salt Merchant
              Reward: Scale Mail for the first one; 150G thereafter
          In the first screen in Azha, you'll see a guy standing on a platform on
          the left, clapping his hands, etc. Run around behind the platform until
          you get the wings symbol to fly up and speak to him.
      29. Eau de mouche, please!
    	Where: Lava Caves
             Who: Bug Hunter
              Reward: Fire Fruit
          Speak to the boy in the mines near the conveyor belts then go speak to
          the researcher with the weird hat. He'll say he wants his favorite 
          snack. Speak to the boy again to be told that the messenger girl has
          the snack. Get the Mtn. Apple from her and give it to the researcher
          for the eau de mouche the boy wants.
      30. Where's that assistant?!
    	Where: Azha Village
             Who: Mallo
              Reward: Medium Attack B
          The boy is asleep under the desk in the same room as the researcher with
          the eau de mouche. Take his message back to Mallo.
      31. Smelly clothes
    	Where: Naos
             Who: Little Girl
              Reward: Toxic Dumpling
          Give Balmsand to the little girl sitting on the railing inside. 
      32. Almarde's Request 1
    	Where: Azha Village
             Who: Almarde
              Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Take her a Medic Kit.
          *Cathy G. wrote me and said that Almarde accepted Cottoncap Gauze as
           medical supplies. Thanks, Cathy!
      33. Sing, for love's sake 1
    	Where: Azha Village
             Who: Singing Man
              Reward: Herb Powder and Attack Charm
          Mix the Terrible Song with Love Syrup to make a Sweet Song and give it
          to the girl in red in the house on the screen left of the port in
          Sheliak. I gave her one Terrible Song and two Sweet Songs. She'll run 
          away. Go back to the man in Azha for the reward. He'll talk about his
          angel being gone. Then he'll disappear, too.
      34. My deeear, sweeet Verus!
    	Where: Greater Mintaka
             Who: Obnoxiously Whiny Girl
              Reward: Weak Attack B
          By dropping in at different times at Verus' house, you'll find him in
          meetings in the left top room. If he's upset, you can draw Foul Air; if
          he's pleased, you can get Fresh Air. Give either one to the girl having
          a tantrum left of the save flower.
      35. The forgotten heart
    	Where: Greater Mintaka
             Who: Girl Who Lost Her Heart
              Reward: White Night Beans
          This house is up/right of the save flower. Give the girl Heartenbrace.
      36. A gift for my wife
    	Where: Greater Mintaka
             Who: Hen-Pecked Husband
              Reward: Battle Shield
          This is the twirling man in the house nearest the save flower. Mix a
          Pretty Stone + Blaze for the Fireglow Stone he needs.
      37. Something shocking
    	Where: Baelheit's residence
             Who: Sheltered Girl
              Reward: Lightning Fruit
          Give a Jolt Shroom to the girl in Baelheit's library.
      38. Celebrity needs
    	Where: Sheliak
             Who: Celeb Lady
              Reward: Sedna Flower Bed
          Spastic lady standing far left in screen where the shop is in Sheliak.
          Give her Eau de Mouche to calm her down.
      39. Two-generation household
    	Where: Sheliak
             Who: Young Mother
              Reward: Fate's Cordial
          Go next door for Mother-in-Law's Secret to give to her.
      40. Medicine delivery
    	Where: Coliseum
             Who: Registration Lady
              Reward: Allows you to move to Rank 2 in the Coliseum
          Pick up the medicine from the doctor in Sheliak and take it to the
          Registration Lady. You always get notice of sidequests from the
          Registration Lady by checking your mail at shops. You must have earned
          enough RP at the coliseum to progress to the next rank.
      41. I'm still growing!
            Where: Castle Elnath
             Who:  Knight of Diadem
              Reward: Taunt
          This is one of the knights fighting/practicing (he's about half the size 
          of his sparring partner). Give him Pow Cheese and he'll turn into a
          big brute.
      42. Crash course in cloudmaking
            Where: Lesser Celestial River
             Who: Cloudmeister
              Reward: Fire-brewed Tea
          Mix a Diadem Cloud and give it to the cloud teacher.
      43. The crest of a knight
            Where: Sheliak
             Who: Knight of Diadem
              Reward: Next-Generation Mixer and Sword of Tears
          When he asks how Celsica died, it doesn't matter which answer you give
          him. Go back to the Cloudvents and find her crest sparkling on the 
          ground. You can go immediately; just don't get too close to Nasca.
      44. Anuelegumes
            Where: Sheratan Village
             Who: Plant-Watching Girl
              Reward: Aqua Camaflouge
          Speak to the plant-watching girl at the orphanage. Give her either a
          Yesterbean or a Yesterbean Variant. Come back later in the game for the
          reward. I can't seem to get the reward before Disc 2 no matter how 
          early I initiate this quest.
      45. Un-wanted posters
            Where: Pherkad
             Who: Sagi
              Reward: Purple Beans
          Remove the five posters from around town. As each comes down, you will
          gain access to different areas. After you have all five, talk to the 
          artist in his house for the reward. If you're doing Pac-Man, keep one
          of each poster to age. It takes a loooooong time for them to finish
          (update from markinct: it takes 35 hours to age the posters).
      46. The search for Quzman
            Where: Pherkad
             Who: Taymiya
              Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          Go see Quzman in the Mintaka prison and send him home. Then go back to
          his wife for your reward.
      47. Pac-Man
            Where: Pherkad
             Who: Quzman
              Reward: Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Pac-Mania, Beast Chains, Beast Collar,
                      and Beast Shackles
          You must feed Pac-Man 147 different types of Quest Magnus.  I found it 
          enormously helpful to print off a list (I used markinct's) and
          check the magnus off as I went. You must pen Pac in with permanent quest
          magnus like the communicator, dog tags, and travel log or he will eat
          every edible quest magnus in your inventory. The one upside to this is
          that he makes short work of troublesome magnus like Chronic Fatigue.
          I stalled out at 145 the first time I played. When you start
          the second time, Pac's eating count starts at 77. Of course, since you
          have no way of knowing which 77, just start feeding him. On my current
          playthrough, my count is at 142 with only twelve items left that I 
          haven't fed him, so starting at 77 did me little good - frustrating. 
          --Just a note about Holy Droplets--
          I don't know why, but often Holy Droplets will turn to Pristine Water
          before Pac has time to eat the droplet. If you give Pac a droplet then
          check your quest inventory and find a Pristine Water that wasn't there
          before (it will bounce into another slot - don't know why), then Pac
          did not get the Holy Droplet. I finally just had to give him the droplet
          and stand still; walking seems to bounce it. Be careful with this one.
          If you're sure you've fed him 147 but your count is at 146, you might
          try the Holy Droplet first.
          --a note from markinct: The Holy Droplets only change quickly prior to 
            the fires in the forest (i.e., when still collected from the vine, 
            I guess).  Once they are stored in the vase, they do not seem to 
            change until taken from the forest.
      48. Is my husband unfaithful?
            Where: Mintaka
             Who: Camilla
              Reward: Mars Sophia
          Once you've given Almarde the Medic Kit, Paramour's Secret becomes
          available from her. Give Paramour's Secret to Camilla; she'll drop
          the reward.
      49. I'm totally beat...
            Where: Pherkad
             Who: Chubby Bartender
              Reward: Brawn Fruit and Sedna Fence
          Draw three rounds of Chronic Fatigue from the bartender at the pub.
          You can't discard Chronic Fatigue; it will disappear in a couple of 
          hours or Pac can eat it.
      50. The lightbugs of Nunki
            Where: Pherkad
             Who: Tree-hugging Granny
              Reward: Elemental Talisman
          After you've seen Giacomo at the entrance to Rodolfo's, this woman will
          be standing across from the pub. You must agree to help with the light-
          bugs for her to give you the Holy Leaf, which allows you to carry Holy
          Droplets. Once you've moved all the bugs, go back to see her.
      51. Citizens wanted!
            Where: Sedna
             Who: Mayor
              Reward: Sedna Odd Sculpture
          After you've given Maia enough Sedna and people appear, the mayor will
          be standing at the save flower. Speak to him to receive the Immigration
          Papers. Show the papers to five people:
             1. Girl in doctor's house in Sheratan
             2. Girl in laundry/well room in Pherkad
             3. Man sitting on the left side of the port screen in Sheliak (he's
                 just been dumped by his girl)
             4. Man sitting on the left bench in the room with the fantail ducks
                 in Komo Mai
             5. Girl standing top/right outside in Gemma Village.
          You'll know you have the right people because they want to live 
          elsewhere. Once you've sent them all to Sedna, go back to the mayor.
          He'll give you the Sedna piece and take the Immigration Papers off your
      52. The lost grandpa
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Registration Lady
              Reward: Makes Rank 3 available at the coliseum
          Mr. Lance is in Nunki Valley. Give him directions to Cebalrai three
          times. In order, "Walk closer," "Walk down," and "Walk closer."
      53. Moonguile Forest
            Where: Cebalrai
             Who: Know-It-All-Kid
              Reward: Heavenbolt Wrap
          This boy is in the barn with the ducks. Visit Moonguile Forest then go
          see him.
      54. What every grown-up knows
            Where: Emperor's residence
             Who: Plaster Master
              Reward: True Verdure and Crush Amulet
          He's in the tunnel on the way to the treasure room. Give him Mtn. Apple
      55. Pesky mildew!
            Where: Verus' residence
             Who: Verus' maid
              Reward: Hero Mask
          This girl is half-hidden by curtains in the bedroom. Give her Stinging
      56. Almarde request 2
            Where: Azha Village
             Who: Almarde
              Reward: Ice Element
          Give her Sparkling Snow.
      57. I'm still growing! Part deux
            Where: Castle Elnath
             Who: Knight of Diadem
              Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
          This becomes available immediately following your Pow Cheese turning
          the sickly knight into a bruiser. His friend wants the nice one back, so
          you need to give him Fluella Cooties. There's a new patient in the 
          clinic from whom you can draw once; after that you have to make them.
      58. My sister's the best!
            Where: Sheliak
             Who: Sickly Brother
              Reward: Nurse's Cap and Life Talisman
          Give the boy in the clinic (Valara's brother?) a Spark Shroom. 
      59. Oil Soap
            Where: Rodolfo's estate
             Who: Cleaning Lady
              Reward: Heat Camouflage
          Available as soon as the soldiers leave. Give her Goopy Machina Oil.
          She's in the area near the save point.
      60. Any ale for all ails
            Where: Rodolfo's estate
             Who: Man with a bad back
              Reward: White Night Beans
          Available as soon as the soldiers are gone. Give him Mtn. Apple Wine.
      61. Fur Elysse
            Where: Cujam
             Who: Elysse
              Reward: Light Sophia
          This is the girl crying on the beach outside Wiseman's house. Tell her
          it's from her father. Give her a Pressed Flower. 
      62. One courageous leap
            Where: Cujam
             Who: Man Gazing at Tower
              Reward: Hermit's Cane
          Jump from the tower without your wings.
      63. A tearful soundtrack
            Where: Rasalas Village
             Who: Pessimistic Man
              Reward: Violet Taboo
          This is the man whose parents really like to eat. He wants a
          Heartbreaking Song so he can have a good cry.
      (Disc 2 begins)
      64. Waking the olifant 
            Where: Holoholo Jungle
             Who: Sagi
              Reward: Attack Amulet
          Put Holoflower Nectar on the Olifant to wake him.
      65. Dinner, um, date?
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Registration Lady
              Reward: Sagi can move up to Rank 4
          Go see Panie at his place in Komo Mai.
      66. Real electioneers cheat!
            Where: Komo Mai
             Who: Election Staff
              Reward: Versus Shield, Chalice of Freedom, Fate Idol, and
                       Elbow Grease Tea
          To start this quest, give a Traditional Komo Mai Cookie to Staff Chief
          Razor ("the old geezer"); he's in a black tophat in the Lefty HQ (left
          side of the School of Magic). He'll give you a staff pin and ask you to
          collect ballots. You must get nine to complete the quest. You can return
          to Komo Mai at anytime in the game to complete these requests.
          1. Nervous Guardsman - left room in palace; give him water to drink (he
             won't ask for it until later in the game). I always give him Pristine
             Water since it's available nearby, but others might work, too.
          2. Toothless Boy - near save flower - give him a Heartbreaking Song.
          3. Outdoor Merchant - guy at table near save flower - give him 
             Paramour's Secret or Treasure Lowdown. Mother-in-Law's Secret would
             probably work, too, but I haven't tested it.
          4. Unfunny Man - port - give him Poor Excuse for a Joke (available in
             same room as Nervous Guardsman).
          5. Cookie Dealer - port - give him ten Traditional KM Cookies (you can
             get Good Times from him after that).
          6. Noisy Man - in house with ducks - give him Chronic Fatigue.
          7. Fisherman - near save flower - give him Glubberfish Filet.
          8. Bounced/Unbounced Man (guy trying to get to port that's being 
             blocked) - give him a Stone (he won't take it until later in the 
          9. Zoned-Out Man - upper level of port - give him Fresh Air. He's also
             your source for Chronic Fatigue in this area.
          -Turn in Election Ballots to Staff Chief Razor as you get them.
          -After six ballots, he'll give you the Versed Shield.
          -After nine ballots, he'll give you the Chalice of Freedom.
          -After the speech telling you to leave Komo Mai, walk over to the Lefty
           Candidate, and he'll give you the Fate Idol.
          -Now leave Komo Mai (Opu's far enough) and return. After all the thank-
           you's, speak to Lefty Secretary (used to be Lefty Candidate) for the
           Elbow Grease Tea.
           *markinct tells me that this quest works just the same with the 
            Righties except that they don't send you in search of their wandering
      67. Fruit scavenging
            Where: Holoholo Jungle
             Who: Sagi
              Reward: Attack Amulet
          Throw a stone at it to get the Holoholo Fruit out of the tree. Use that
          where the Pollywhale is to get across. The Amulet's on the ground (you
          get it automatically).
      Complete 68-70 then return to the Head Teacher for the Landmark Stone.
      68. Get credit in Magic!
            Where: Komo Mai
             Who: Head Teacher
              Reward: Pegasus Anklet
          Answer the eight questions correctly on the magic test. 
          The answers:
          1. Malpercio
          2. The End Magnus  
          3. The Bell Which Tolls Time
          4. Children of the Earth
          5. The Flight of Time
          6. The Dark Brethren
          7. Beatrix
          8. 5 
      69. Get credit in Chemistry!
            Where: Komo Mai
             Who: Head Teacher
              Reward: Toxic Dumpling/Power Pellet
          Give Rotten Food (available from Outdoor Merchant) to Chemistry Teacher
          (she's the lady in green working at a giant pink flask). Speak to her
          again for a Power Pellet. Power pellets are available from the flask
          from now on.
      70. Get credit in Classics!
            Where: Komo Mai
             Who: Head Teacher
              Reward: Tower Shield
          Give Boring Classics Professor three Good Times (available from his 
          brother, the Cookie Dealer, at the port after you help him).
      71. Grab that monkey!
            Where: Holoholo Jungle
             Who: Sagi
              Reward: Speed Amulet
          Sneak up on the monkey (look for gray and a curly tail - head looks more
          like a koala bear) and hit the A button; repeat until you get the 
          Landmark Stone back (took me six tries).
      72. A washed-up Olifant
            Where: Opu Village
             Who: Olifant
              Reward: Classic Cudgel and Sedna Pow House
          Give it Holoholo Fruit.
      73. Gadgets don't make themselves!
            Where: Celestial Tree Veinroots
             Who: Lolo
              Reward: Scarlet Crown
          Give Lolo one each of the five dagroots.
      74. Greythorne hearts
            Where: Sheratan Village
             Who: Old Man
              Reward: Catfish King's Whiskers and Vanishing Cloak
          Go see the old man next door to the orphanage in Sheratan (Disc 2 only);
          he wants Sagi to help with research, so he'll give you the Heart Link.
          From now on, anytime you meet a greythorne that is "looking straight
          into my heart," you can pour Salty Water on it to trade bodies. There
          are people around the world who will only speak of their secrets to
          the greythornes. To complete the sidequest, you must speak to everyone
          at eleven locations. Again, be sure to speak to everyone in the screen
          at each location. After you've done a few, return to Sheratan and 
          speak to the old man (I didn't count, sorry) for the Catfish King's
          1. Gena - orphanage (you can receive half-baked greythornes from
              her here [one at a time] as long as you talk to her BEFORE you give 
              her the heartenbrace)
          2. Ladekahn - Castle Elnath (Greythorne Storybook available)
          3. Gibari, Anna, etc. - Nashira Pub
          4. Almarde - Azha - you must finish all four of her sidequests for
              her section to be complete.
          5. Verus (Tub-time Greythorne availabe from Geldoblame) - left upper
              room in his house
          6. Skeed - Camilla's house, Mintaka
          7. Palolo - Pherkad Laundry Room
          8. Queen Corellia - Komo Mai
          9. Rodolfo - Pherkad
         10. Lolo - Opu - speak to her as a greythorne until the greythorne closes
              its heart to you (seven times if I counted correctly). You can't
              do this one until after you've given Lolo the Gust Boulder.
         11. All the greythornes in Moonguile Forest in Sadal Suud. Sagi will 
             trade places with the gray one; the pink one will have Graythorne's
             Song to draw.
         After you've seen everyone, go straight up from where Sagi's standing
         in Moonguile Forest (as a greythorne, of course) for an exclamation
         point to appear. Hit A then go into the spring to get a message. You may
         now draw Spring-Lord's Voice. The sidequest is now done, so return to
         Sheratan for the Vanishing Cloak.
         *from markinct:
          On the Greythorne SQ, it might be helpful to list the closest source 
          of Salt Water:
            Opu              - Bottom-most house - Vase near fire
            Castle Elnath    - Left-side room - Vase in back
            Roldofo's Estate - Kitchen - Vase on the back right
            Sheratan         - Elder's House - Vases in back near the fireplace
            Azha             - Almarde's room - Vase on the right of the table
            Mintaka          - Port area, only house - Vase on the right side
     75. Sing, for love's sake 2
            Where: Azha Village
             Who: Singing Man
              Reward: High Potion and Defense Ward
         This actually takes place in Sheliak. The singing guy is now in the 
         house where the girl used to be. Speak to him. Take two Heartbreaking
         Songs to the girl in Gemma Village. She'll go to him; you follow to
         collect your reward.
     76. An offering of flowers
            Where: Naos
             Who: Disembodied Man
              Reward: Zelos Kune
          Give him Nameless Flower then walk across the hall to get the Zelos
     77. Her father's consent
            Where: Rodolfo's estate
             Who: Custodian
              Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
         Give him Warm Cheers. Must be done BEFORE you go to Tarazed.
     78. It's fumigatin' time!
            Where: Cebalrai
             Who: Granny
              Reward: Heat Camouflage
         Granny's in the first screen in Cebalrai. Give her Billowsmoke.
     79. Pure white clouds
            Where: Algorab Village
             Who: Boy Yearning for the sky
              Reward: Hot Spring
         Give him a white cloud from Pherkad.
     80. Our cloudy wine
            Where: Algorab Village
             Who: Brewmaster
              Reward: Cross Pendant
         Give him Pow Yogurt.
     81. Booze! Bring on the booze!
            Where: Gemma Village
             Who: Mask Artisan
              Reward: Draw Ancient Mask/open path to chest with Sedna Pier
         Give him Mtn. Apple Wine.
     82. Always room for sweets!
            Where: Gemma Village
             Who: Mask Artisan
              Reward: Draw Ancient Mask
         He'll trade a mask for Mtn. Apple Wine the first three times. After 
         that,  he'll trade for Komo Mai Cookies (traditional or original - 
         doesn't matter).
     83. Home sweet home
            Where: Castle Elnath
             Who: Homesick Knight
              Reward: Gold Armor
         He's in a room on the left side of the castle. Give him a Glubberfish 
     84. Don't tell ANYONE!
            Where: Mintaka
             Who: Skeed
              Reward: Blue Beans
         This one must be done as a greythorne. He wants Pow Milk.
     85. A Dark Service disaster?!
            Where: Dark Service HQ
             Who: Geldoblame
              Reward: Attack Talisman
         Check your mail to get this sidequest. The soldier kneeling in the
         strategy room will tell you what to do. To double-check the code numbers
         for input, check your Valuables in the menu.
     86. A pickax to remember him by
            Where: Azha Village
             Who: Juwar
              Reward: Heat Camouflage and Hero's Pickax
         Speak to Juwar in the mines near the conveyor belts. Take the pickax
         to where Bien died (there's a small, dark cloud there) then return to
         Juwar. You can get Hero's Pickax from him from now on.
     87. Almarde's Request 3
            Where: Azha Village
             Who: Almarde
              Reward: Magnus Pack Coupon
         This one must be done as a greythorne. Give her Goopy Machina Oil.
     88. The zoologist's wish
            Where: Celestial Tree
             Who: School Zoologist
              Reward: Cross Pendant and Speed Talisman
         This is the bird kid on the left in front of the Celestial Tree. Give
         him a Mountain Apple.
     89. Lolo and the waterwheel
            Where: Opu Village
             Who: Lolo
              Reward: Twelve-Layered Kimono
         Give Lolo a Gust Boulder.
     90. Pancakes need syrup!
            Where: Cebalrai
             Who: Girl with a Sweet Tooth
              Reward: High Potion and Guard Amulet
         This girl is sitting on the left listening to her grandpa tell 
         stories. Give her Holoflower Nectar.
     91. Please, stop this laughter!
            Where: Opu Village
             Who: Laughing Man
              Reward: Citrine Arc
         He's standing in front of the waterfall. Give him Poor Excuse for a
     92. Almarde's request 4
            Where: Azha Village
             Who: Almarde
              Reward: Crimson Love
         This one must also be done as a greythorne. Give her Shaved Ice of Love.
     93. Gather the rock-people!
            Where: Nekkar
             Who: Sagi
              Reward: Imperial Ward and Life Talisman
         This becomes available after you beat the boss at the summit of Nekkar.
         Find the three stones that look like people and push them to the summit.
         I find this sidequest to be maddening, but it seems to help to get a grip
         if you sneak up on the stones rather than run. 
         **Slight Spoiler**
         I would recommend going to Rasalas and helping the new daddy name his
         baby before you come here.
     94. Elevator repair
            Where: Vega
             Who: Middle-Aged Man
              Reward: Book of Mana (and elevator works)
         Go to the cafe and speak to the engineer (he's in the higher section at
         a table by himself) then go back and and choose Blue and Green.
     95. Emergency call
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Registration Lady
              Reward: Sagi achieves Rank 5
         Go check your mail in Vega then go see Panie in the room closest to the
         save flower. I've read on the board that there's a glitch here. If you
         make small talk with the Registration Lady, it can keep you from hitting
         Rank 5 somehow. This has never happened to me (I've played three times
         now), so I don't know the particulars. Just don't talk to her until
         you're Champion.
         Received some info about this glitch from Nestor_Elias:
         "The Coliseum 'rank 5 glitch' is as follows: if you speak to the 
          registration lady after Terazed has appeared outside Alfard (on 
          the world map) but before actually traveling to Vega, a glitch happens 
          where you cannot trigger a key cutscene with Mr. Panie in Vega and thus 
          cannot complete the rank quest.  If this happens, you will be stuck at 
          rank 4 for the rest of the game.  Moral of the story: do not speak to 
          the registration lady until after you reach Vega."
         Thanks a lot, Nestor_Elias!
         From dragonlady@netcourrier.com:
         "I'm writing about your comment regarding level 5 of the coliseum.  Well, 
         I got stuck, never got the letter in Vega. It was very late in my game 
         and I still couldn't get above level 4 at the coliseum.  I even went back 
         and talked to every character in the game, with no luck.  Then, when I 
         read in your walkthrough at gamefaqs that if you talked to the girl at 
         the counter (which I did after almost every fight) that it caused a 
         glitch that kept you from going to level 5.  Well, I think I may have 
         found a way to correct it, at least it worked for me.  I needed some money 
         so I went back to the coliseum and I started the fights over, in order, 
         beginning with level one to find out which paid the most money.  I always 
         push the buttons fast after a fight (who doesn't), but one time I thought 
         I saw the word Vega whiz by.  I didn't remember her mentioning Vega before 
         so I fought again and read what she said after, but no Vega.  I ran to the 
         post office in Vega, just in case, but no mail. I was really disappointed 
         but then I thought to check my quests, and there it was, the quest to get 
         level 5.  I don't remember how many fights before this happened, but it 
         was somewhere on level one.  I remember noticing that it was no longer at 
         zero (perhaps speaking to her can reset the numbers), which I thought was 
         strange. I believe I got the Quest when it hit zero again but I can’t be 
         absolutely sure because I saved in between, so I couldn’t try again to be 
         certain, so I’d be curious to know if anyone out there, who’s stuck like 
         I was, would test it to be sure.  I hope this is helpful to someone."
         Thanks so much, dragonlady!
     96. The Vega Thunderbolts
            Where: Vega
             Who: Shaun
              Reward: Fate's Kiss and "warping" around Vega
         Take the elevator nearest the shop in Vega up. There will be three pods
         in a row on the right side. Give a Lightning Shroom to the first guy.
         He'll give you Fate's Kiss and offer to give you a lift anywhere you 
         want to go in Vega. He'll have a friend stationed at the entrance from
         now on to give you rides, too.
     The last four quests involve the Old Researcher. You can only talk to him
     after you become Champion at the Coliseum. He's in the Champion's Room (one
     of the doors on the left wall in the Coliseum). Now you know why those four
     enemies never disappeared. :)
     97. Ruler of the skies
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Old Researcher
              Reward: Holoholo Bird (without chicks) may be fought at Coliseum
         Give him a Holoholo Bird Plume from the jungle.
     98. A living fossil
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Old Researcher
              Reward: Lord of the Lava Caves now available at the Coliseum
         Give him Lava Lord Skull from the Lava Caves.
     99. Relive the Nightmare
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Old Researcher
              Reward: Black Dragon now available at the Coliseum
         Give him Black Dragon Horn from Atria.
    100. Peril of the sands
            Where: Coliseum
             Who: Old Researcher
              Reward: Sandfeeder now available at the Coliseum
         Give him Sandfeeder Silk from the Sandfeeder Pit.
    Unofficial Sidequests
    These are sidequests that aren't listed among the 100 sidequests in the quest
    menu. All of them must be done, however, if you're trying to get all the
    magnus in your gathering. The Coliseum must be done to finish all the official
    Rewards: Rainbow Fruit, Migraine Mirror, Moon-Shaped Earring, Star-Shaped
              Earring, Sword-Shaped Earring
    Sedna is a town accessible only via the blue save flowers; it becomes open
    after you defeat the Sandfeeder. Your job is to collect all the Sedna magnus
    and take them to Maia in order to bring the town back. Below is a listing of
    all of them and their locations.
    Sedna Bridge       - defeat Sandfeeder (past)
    Sedna Mailbox      - Naos, stuck in globe in Seph's room
    Sedna Toadstones 1 - beat first enemy on left in Lava Caves
    Sedna House 1      - defeat Lord of Lava Caves
    Senda Flower Bed   - give Eau de Mouche to Celeb Lady (screen left of the 
                          port) in Sheliak
    Sedna Bluefruit Tree - defeat Bar-Mool - Celestial River
    Sedna Monument       - Ladekahn's throne in Elnath
    Sedna Peach Tree     - chest in Cloudvents
    Sedna Beanstalk      - shining on ground in Cujam after town deserted
    Sedna Fence          - take 3 Chronic Fatigue from bartender in Pherkad Pub
    Sedna Weathervane    - talk to fantail in barn in Celebrai
    Sedna Fern           - chest in far-left screen, Moonguile Forest
    Sedna House 2        - chest on roof of Rodolfo's place
    Sedna Ebonstone Sculpture - fight turtle enemy in Holoholo Jungle (Spell
                                 Shellfish drops it)
    Sedna Mill House          - Buy in Komo Mai shop
    Sedna Waterwheel          - win from guy in Sedna Mill House
    Sedna Pow House           - give Holoholo Fruit to Oliphant in Opu
    Sedna Windmill    - chest in Celestial Tree (pass door to Veinroots in the
                         cable car - chest on far left)
    Sedna Orange Tree - chest near entrance, Atria (past)
    Sedna Pier        - trade mask guy Mtn. Apple Wine and draw magna essence from
                         Ancient Mask on right to create a path to the chest
    Sedna Toadstones 2  - buy in Algoreb Shop
    Sedna Odd Sculpture - complete Sedna Immigration SQ
    Sedna Main Gate     - in chest in pit with Saber Dragon, Nekkar
    Sedna House 3       - interrupt bather in bath-house, Vega
    Sedna Well  - defeat Lanocaulis, far-left screen, Matar Highlands
    Sedna Light - sealed chest in Endmost Bethel will open after you have the 
                   other Sedna
    Heart Flask
    Rewards: None
    The Heart Flask is a strange little sidequest. From the screen where you get
    Mother Sunshine in the Nihal Desert, run left off the screen. You'll come to
    a hidden cave. Inside will be Georg and Larikush. Speak to Georg, and he will
    give you the Heart Flask. After that, you carry it until it changes, after 
    which you take it back to Georg for inspection. In all, there are five forms
    of the Heart Flask. Its only purpose as far as I can tell is to fill in five
    spots in the magnus list. Once you're done (and it takes a long while for it
    to age to its final form), Georg will take it back and basically tell you to
    scram (man, is he a cold fish!). You get no prize, no reward, so there's 
    no real purpose except to complete the gathering. Of course, if you read the
    entry on the final form of the Heart Flask, it says something to the effect 
    that it feels like a new life is about to be born from the hearts in the 
    flask - definitely a nod to BK1, but we'll not go there for those of you
    who haven't played that game yet.
    Field Guide
    Rewards: Hermit's Cane, Fate Idol, Poison Ashes, Berserker Drink, Harp of
              Slumber, Tarot Card: Death, Hero's Crest, Purest Gold
    I am not listing the entire Field Guide here. I did a separate faq for that
    because it's a good bit of information. In a nutshell, speak to the doctor
    in Sheratan when you arrive, and he will give you the Field Guide. As you 
    fight enemies, it will fill in with the enemy/monster name and picture,
    special skills, and items dropped. To get all eight prizes, you must get them
    all. Like the magnus, your entries carry over to the next game. Since the 
    final bosses have entries, you can't complete it in one playthrough. Rather,
    you can't collect your final prizes. If you achieve 100% the first time you
    play, Doc should give you all eight prizes just after you get the guide your
    next time through. Just keep talking to him.
    To gain access to the Coliseum, look for The Wussy Guy in Mintaka early in 
    the game; just look for a new face around the port - that'll be him. He'll
    give you the Dog Tags. After that, you can go to the Coliseum from any blue
    save flower.
    For each rank, you must earn the necessary Rank Points (RP) and fulfill a
    request by the Registration Lady (always received via mail at the shops). Each
    of her requests is considered a separate "official" sidequest, so you'll fill
    in a few of those as you go.
    Rising through the ranks is pretty self-explanatory. Just fight everything in
    each rank at least once then keep fighting until the points needed to the next
    level reach zero. Then wait for your letter from the Registration Lady. 
    The Registration Lady will tell you that you're ready to move up a 
    rank, but "sadly, we have no jobs available" or something like that. I don't
    know why, but sometimes she'll tell tell you this when, in fact, you're not
    ready. She will tell me this when I still have RP to go, so be aware that
    she jumps the gun from time to time; just keep an eye on your points and make
    sure you have all you need. If you don't, you'll never get the letter with 
    the job for the next rank.
    In Sheliak, you should receive your first letter (if you've earned enough
    points to move to Rank 2). You'll be sent to the clinic and there will be a
    scene with Elle. This request is never listed as a sidequest, but you're not
    allowed to turn it now. It's just part of the whole Coliseum thing. Take the
    medicine to the Registration Lady to receive Rank 2.
    Your next letter should arrive in Pherkad. You will escort Mr. Lance through
    Nunki Valley then see the Registration Lady to achieve Rank 3.
    You will now be warned by Ark to lose to Snare. Ignore him.
    In Komo Mai (Disc 2), you will be sent to Mr. Panie's house (first house 
    near the entrance to Komo Mai). Report back to the Registration Lady for
    Rank 4.
    To reach Rank 5, check your mail at the shop in Vega then go see Mr. Panie.
    He has moved to the room closest to the save flower in Vega (not far from
    where you entered the city). Now go back to the Coliseum, see the scene, and
    report to the Registration Lady. I have read that making small talk with the
    the Registration Lady can somehow glitch Rank 5. In three times, this hasn't
    happened to me, so I don't know the particulars, just don't make small talk
    until you're Champion. :)
    Once you hit Rank 5, just get the points necessary to enter the Champsionship
    The Advanced Battles are all purely optional with the exception of the first
    one. If you want the ???? prize for 99,999 RP, you must have beaten every
    1-5 Rank Battle, the Championship Fight, AND The Wicked Gawd. This makes
    that prize available. If you want Gena's Pinion and you want to finish Pac-
    Man, you must get this prize.
    And that's about it. The rest is just a question of getting through the 
    fights. I'm listing all the enemies in the different ranks/battles, so if
    you need one in particular, you can go straight to it. The Coliseum is a
    great place to farm particular items (like Tonitrus Armor from Holoholo Bird
    if you're trying to get all of the upgrades or Apocalypse Sword from the
    Black Dragon) and to fill in missing places in your Field Guide.
    Fights at the Coliseum are gauntlet fights, i.e. you'll fight several rounds
    in a row to win that battle. This can be abused to rack up major amounts of
    TP to build your class at the End Bethel. Your decks, discards will max out 
    at eight decks, sixty cards, and eight discards; after that, raising your 
    class speeds up how quickly your MP replenishes.
    Rank 1 Fights:
    Fab Forest Friends - 4 Rounds - 800 RP
    -2 Caracal
    -1 Goat Chimera
    -2 Caracal & 1 Goat Chimera
    -1 Caracal
    The Reinforcements - 4 Rounds - 1200 RP
    -2 Empire Grunts
    -3 Imperial Swordsmen
    -1 Empire Grunt & 1 Imperial Battle Machina
    -1 Empire Grunt, 2 Imperial Battle Machina, 1 Imperial Swordsman
    Otherworldy Ilk - 3 Rounds - 1800 RP
    -2 Goat Chimera
    -2 Albireo & 1 Goat Chimera
    -1 Orvata
    Flappers 'n' Floppers - 3 Rounds - 1600 RP
    -2 Shawra
    -3 Mites
    -2 Shawra & 2 Mites
    The Hard Punchers - 3 Rounds - 1600 RP
    -2 Shawra
    -2 Baloona
    -3 Ogopogo
    Rank 2 Fights:
    The Fiery Spirits - 3 Rounds - 3200 RP
    -3 Doomers
    -3 Magma Beasts
    -1 each Magma Beast, Phoelix, Foytow, & Ceratobus
    The Icy Stares - 3 Rounds - 3200 RP
    -3 Mites
    -4 Pul-Puk
    -2 Mites and 3 Pul-Puk
    The Human Wave - 5 Rounds - 2400 RP
    -3 Empire Grunts
    -3 Imperial Swordsmen
    -3 Shawra
    -2 Albireo and 2 Shawra
    -3 Devil Claws
    The Brittle Bunch - 4 Rounds - 2000 RP
    -1 Dark Service Peon and 1 Pul-Puk
    -1 Dark Service Peon and 1 Shawra
    -2 Dark Service Peons and 2 Pul-Puk
    -2 Dark Service Peons and 3 Shawra
    The Sadist Squad - 3 Rounds - 2400 RP
    -2 Foytows
    -3 Shawras
    -3 Foytows and 2 Shawras
    Rank 3 Fights:
    The Rear Guard - 3 Rounds - 4800 RP
    -2 Magma Beast and 2 Magician Mites
    -1 Ray-Moo, 2 Magician Mites, and 1 Foytow
    -1 Ray-Moo, 2 Magician Mites, and 1 Shadow Claws
    The Imperial Battalion - 3 Rounds - 3600 RP
    -2 Alpha Paramachina and 1 Dark Serviceman
    -1 each Dark Service Swordsman and Automonous Battle Machina
    -2 Dark Service Swordsman, 1 Alpha Paramachina, & 2 Automonous Battle Machina
    Danger: High Voltage! - 2 Rounds - 4000 RP
    -3 Ray-Moos
    -4 Magician Mites
    Carelessness Kills - 2 rounds - 3800 RP
    -4 Dark Service Swordsmen
    -4 Shadow Claws
    The Snare - 4 Rounds - 4200 RP
    -2 Autonomous Battle Machina
    -5 Shawra
    -3 Cancerite
    -2 Fogg and 2 Imperial Elite
    Rank 4 Fights:
    Blackest Night - 3 Rounds - 5,000 RP
    -2 Devil's Dolls
    -3 Skeleton Warriors
    -1 each Skeleton Warrior, Master Juggler, Devil's Doll
    Bats Beat Birds - 3 Rounds - 5,000 RP
    -4 Shawra
    -3 Bloodleaf
    -2 Shawra, 2 Blood Leaf, and 1 Filler
    The Attackers - 3 Rounds - 5800 RP
    -3 Devil's Dolls
    -3 Jugglers
    -3 Devil's Dolls and 2 Jugglers
    T.A.N.K. - 4 Rounds - 6500 RP
    -2 Filler
    -2 Unuk
    -4 Beta Paramachina and 1 Dark Service Officer
    Hell's Heralds - 4 Rounds - 7000 RP
    -3 Devil's Dolls
    -3 Fillers
    -3 Devil's Dolls and 2 Jugglers
    -4 Beta Paramachina and 1 Dark Service Officer
    Rank 5 Fights:
    Awakening - 3 Rounds - 8200 RP
    -3 Wizard Mites
    -1 Larva Golem
    -3 Nebulos
    Extreme Chaos - 4 Rounds - 9800 RP
    -2 Dark Service Swordmasters
    -4 Imperial Guards
    -4 Elite Imperial Guards
    -2 Ghost Claws and 2 King Caracals
    Nukerz - 4 Rounds - 10,200 RP
    -3 Master Jugglers
    -4 Machina Ballerinas
    -2 Dark Service Swordmasters
    -2 Mobile Turrets
    Unbeatable Armor - 4 Rounds - 11,000 RP
    -4 Imperial Guards
    -4 King Caracals
    -2 Armored Balloona
    -2 Armored Balloona and 1 Magic Shellfish
    Fantabaloney! - 4 Rounds - 11,800 RP
    -3 Master Jugglers
    -3 Mobile Turrets
    -2 Armored Mites
    -1 Larva Golem
    Championship Battle - 5 Rounds - 15,000 RP
    -2 Rulug and 1 Queen Alraune
    -2 Lycaon
    -1 Cicada Golem
    -2 Fallen Servicemen, 2 Imperial Guards, and 1 Elite Imperial Guard
    -1 Lycaon, 1 Ahriman, and 1 Hercules Dragon
    Advanced Battles:
    The Wicked Gawd - 1 Round - 50,000 RP
    -2 High-Mobility Cannons and 1 Arma Prototype M
    Ten Straight - 10 Rounds - 10,000 RP
    -1 each Empire Grunt and Imperial Battle Machina
    -3 Doomers
    -3 Ray-Moos
    -4 Darkservice Swordsmen
    -3 Skeleton Warriors
    -3 Devil's Dolls and 2 Jugglers
    -3 Nebulos
    -2 Mobile Turrets
    -2 Armored Ballona and 1 Magic Shellfish
    -1 each Lycaon, Ahriman, and Hercules Dragon
    Looming Danger - 1 Round - 6000 RP
    -1 Lycaon and 2 Hercules Dragons
    Peril of the Sands - 2 Rounds - 2000 RP
    Ruler of the Skies - 2 Rounds - 4000 RP
    -Holoholo Bird (no chicks)
    -Mange Roches
    Living Fossil - 1 Round - 3000 RP
    -Lord of the Lava Caves
    Relive the Nightmare - 1 Round - 8000 RP
    -Black Dragon
    Following is a list of the prizes available at the Coliseum. You buy them with
    your RP, and more become available as your progress through the ranks. Only
    ???? can be purchased more than once.
    Warrior's Scarf                    5,000 RP
    Dragon Claw                        8,000 RP
    Pink Beans                        12,000 RP
    Emperor's Crest                   18,000 RP
    Pegasus Feather                   48,000 RP
    ???? (Portrait of Verus)          99,999 RP
    EX Combo Recipe 1                 10,000 RP
    EX Combo Recipe 2                 15,000 RP
    EX Combo Recipe 3                 25,000 RP
    EX Combo Recipe 4                 35,000 RP
    EX Combo Recipe 5                 75,000 RP
    EX Combo Recipe 6                 85,000 RP 

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