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"This is what you call original!"

Three years ago when Baten Kaitos 1 appeared I thought it was one of the best RPG's around. Baten Kaitos origins takes place 20 years ago before Kalas was even born. This game's fighting system is different from part one, now rather than everybody having their own deck, all of the party members share the deck so you won't have to keep up with everybody's deck. Also this time instead of having 6 party members you only have 3 party members. here's a brief description of what I taught of the game.


In the previous BK, the battle system was you could only choose up to your max, and you you could pick cards by any number. So if you could only select 4 cards then thats the max number of cards you can choose from. In this one you can only select cards according to the number order and the card combo ends with the finishing move. this time you can only choose the cards in chronologica order, so good bye to the scrambled numbers from BK1. In the previous one all of your party members carried their own deck of magnus, but in this one everybody shares the deck, and there's no more of shuffling the deck, which used to cause a precious turn. Also the attack magnuses are ranged on numbers from 1-3, and the magnuses like ice dagger, are equip magnuses, which power up your attacks and change the element of the attack according to the element. Also there's a wizard to help you build a folder based on what you would like it as.


The graphics are kinda of the same from BK1, but I think they're still pretty cool. they fixed some of the polygon figures they had like the face, and the hands were no longer polygon circles, but other than that pretty much the same.


The story plot takes place 20 years before Kalas was born. The story is about a boy called Sagi, and his partner Guillo. You, which are the guardian spirit will once again give advice to Sagi.


In the previous BK, you could unlock the song from the game and hear them. It's no different from this one, but this time it has different songs.

Overall Conclusion.

I think that this possibly a better RPG than the previous one, and I also think that the story is very cool, even though it has a little story mistakes, but nothing that would really mess up the entire story. I give this game a 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/06/06

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