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"Finally, this game has arrived"

Ever since playing BK:EWATLO, I've waited for a sequel to this game for years. After years of waiting, not a sequel, but a prequel was released, and, being a fan of, technically the 2nd BK, I wanted the other one, so I bought it. I knew that this game would be using the same card based attack system, which was very unique and strategic, but I had no idea that it had evolved into something even better.

The battle system in this game is majestic, perfected in every which way in my opinion, and my opinion rules. Instead of using magic and equipping weapons, each character uses a set of Magnus cards. The basic attack cards are: Weak attack, medium attack, and strong attack. Weak attacks can be linked to medium, medium to strong. By the way, a weak card is a 1, medium 2, and strong 3. They are labeled in the upper corner so you don't have to worry. If you do not wish to use a weak, medium, then strong attack, your character can just start with a medium attack and link it to the strong attack. In addition, after you play those cards, your special move level will increase to 1(assuming that you used a weak, medium, then strong attack) and you can play a finisher, or special move for that character. They are based on a level system, 1-5, (I think) and if you have a magic level of 1, and you use a level 1 special move, your magic level goes down to 0. Too bad, so sad. In addition to this, after you use the special move, if there is a level 1 card in your hand, the next character will have the opportunity to do what's called a "Relay Combo" in which after the first character attacks, they can resume the combo, using the same attacking techniques. To prevent you from taking too long a time to choose, you have a time limit to choose your cards, 3 seconds and then it increases for every Magnus card you play. Players can also equip defenses or weapons if it is their turn so they can deal more damage. You level up by gaining TP (technical points) and the bigger your combos, the more TP you get after each battle. This was an improvement over BK:EWATLO's because you had all the time to pick your cards, but in this one, you have to think quick on your feet to deal the most damage.

The plot for this game is as follows: You're Sagi, a member of the Dark Service Crew, or something like that, and you're supposed to assassinate the Emperor. When you go to assassinate him, he's already been killed and you are blamed for it. He was killed because Balheit, the high positioned official who is running for emperor, wanted to run for emperor. But, if Balheit wins emperor (which you know he doesn't stay for long, if you played BK:EWATLO) he plans to 'promachinate' the world by sending machines to all the continents and repalcing everyone's wings of heart with winglets. You're working for Balheit's opposition, Quaestor Verus, who wants to rule Mintaka with fairness and objectivity.

Another part of the story is the birth of Malpercio's legend. Long ago, Malpercio rebelled against the other gods and destroyed them. After this, the world lay in ruin and everyone flocked to the floating islands. That's why you're the islands are floating, ok?

The game consists of 2 disks and everyone says that this game spans about 70 hours, longer than the first, but I think that false. This game is very fun to play and I recommend that anyone should play this game. My only irk for this game is that they didn't improve the voice acting from BK:EWATLO, other than that, this game shines so radiantly and brilliantly.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/07/06

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