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"A great game as good as the first one with flaws and pros"

First of all, this is my first review, and it came to be on a good game so I'm not deceived by doing this...Well here we go :

Graphics : 9/10

Graphics were pretty good, still, environment could have been better but its still really good, something a bit stupid but still annoying to see, milly's arms always passing through her robe....which is impossible and well, I dont remove graphics points for that but it could have been fixed ;). Pretty good overall, special effects are beatiful too!

Sound/Music/Voices : 10/10

Actually this really deserves a ten, the music is damn good and it is really long until you get rid of it, it even stay in your head for hours sometimes :P. I don't even get rid of it, sounds are okay, just as it has to be, voices are really well done. theres nothing to complain about, this is actually freaking better than the average.

Battle System : 9/10

This is where the game is really different from the first one, to those who played the first one, in BK : Origins, battles are really faster, you only get normally up to 6 spiritual numbers, that must be played from 1-6 except that you can play 1-3-4-5 as well as 1-2-3...And something weird but still fun is that your whole party play the same deck. Just check the battle system in a faq or something...The battle system is not better than the first one, nor worse, it depends on your liking but actually both are pretty good.

Storyline : 9/10

One of the most important thing to an rpg to me. It might be not as good as the first one at some times, but still the story was really good, plot twist are surprising, I won't give any exemple to not give spoils ;) A lot of people ask if they should play BK : Eternal wings and the lost ocean before or after this one, I say that it is better to play it first, since major things in origins are really fun to see 20 years before the first one :P. It actually begin with a man named Sagi, working for something called the Dark Service, Sagi is a gentle man, really softhearted and with a lot of courage. His companion at the begginning is Guillo, a kind of puppet that uses magic and that gets angry easily. I won't say anything more about this since it is for you to see about that ;)

Replayability : 8/10

Really different of the first game that has almost no replay value, actually origins offer more than 100 side quests that you probably won't finish in your first time, a coliseum and one of those side-quest is really damn long to finish ;). And with battles not as long as the first one its kinda funnier to play again.

Multiplayer : N/A

Like almost every rpg, there is no multiplayer in Baten Kaitos : Origins

Pros and Cons compared to BK:Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

+Battle system changed, for those who want a little change...
+Graphics improved a little bit
+Only 3 characters with a total of 1000+ magnus instead of 6 characters, so more magnus for each characters
-A little less strategy during battles
-Battle system changed, for those who really like the old one.
Every others pros and cons are up to you, the player, depending on your likings :)

Rent or buy? I say buy, if you are new to rpg, maybe you might try something a bit better like Tales of Symphonia or Baten kaitos : Eternal wings and the lost ocean, but this game is really worth it and is almost a stack for any rpg lovers

Overall : 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/09/07

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