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    FAQ by ADAM1mon

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    Harvest moon FAQ-
    The beginning-
    	At the start of the game, you will be forced to choose your 
    gender and your favorite season.  Keep in mind that no matter which 
    season you choose, you will not start out at this time, it just 
    determines the time you were born.  You will always start out at 
    spring.  After that, you will be confronted by the Theodore, the mayor 
    of Flower Bud Village, at the town square who asks you your name, and 
    then you will ultimately be made to make one of the most important 
    decisions in the game, properties.  
    	Village center
    	A decently spacious piece of land that has both fertile land and 
    enough room for a barn or a chicken coop and room for some crops.  
    However, lo and behold despite my efforts, I could not manage to place 
    both of them, so you will have to either buy a decent piece of land to 
    place a barn or chicken coop, or just live without it for the time 
    being.  Evidently, if you play like you’re made of money, which is my 
    personal style of playing; the first option is your obvious choice.  
    Also, the need for fertilizer will not be as urgent if you choose this 
    property, tripling your potential profit if you use the fertility 
    correctly.  You also start out right next to the river, which is 
    convenient for fishing for fish, which can be cut up for sashimi and 
    given as gifts or just sold.  The village is a long ways away, but the 
    Blue sky ranch is right next to you.  Also, one of the most important 
    places in the game, the spring farm, is directly south of you.  
    Village center:
    	A cozy, convenient little piece of land placed in the direct 
    center of town.  If it is location you want, then this is the property 
    for you, however, you will have to steal a piece of public property to 
    make crops worth having, and buy more land for livestock.  The 
    moonlight mine is conveniently north of you.  The clinic is above you 
    and the junk shop is south of you and it is also convenient for the 
    festivals, which are usually at the square.  Later, the Callaway café 
    will be right below the Junk shop.  The workshop and the Spring farm 
    are the furthest away.  Also, you might want to make friends with the 
    mayor before buying extra land, as your heart level with Theodore 
    determines the properties that are available for purchase.  Getting 
    three hearts with Theodore will unlock all twenty properties in the 
    	A large, spacious piece of land that has enough room for a barn 
    and a chicken coop, and still enough to plant crops!  It is also placed 
    right next to Woody’s workshop and the Spring Farm and also convenient 
    for salt water fishing and clams.  The only drawback is that the land 
    has terrible soil at best, making a decent healthy crop next to 
    impossible for first season farmers.  It is an incredible hike to the 
    village, however, and you’ll need to get to know your way around the 
    place first.  It is also near the Woodsman forest 1 property, which is 
    right above the Oceanside property, which is both good for crops and, 
    if you clear the land out a good deal with an upgraded axe, you can 
    make a fruit orchard.  There is a full section about making an orchard 
    later in the guide.  
    Quick reminder: 
    	Despite the availability of the public properties for planting 
    crops, it is best to do most of your crops on your own property.  The 
    only time you should plant on public property is when it is just across 
    the street.  Distance can really take a toll on your time since it will 
    waist easily if you take to much time traveling and harvesting.  
    However, it is smarter to make and orchard on public properties as they 
    are far less work than crops.  They only require you to visit them when 
    they are in season to occasionally weed the place and collect the 
    	Obviously, the chosen property depends on the player’s style and 
    preference, but I would strongly suggest the Oceanside property, as in 
    the beginning of the game, your only real source of income is crops.  
    Despite the lackage of fertility, size will take over that fact, and 
    will leave you well prepared for animals, and there is always 
    fertilizer.  Also, another quick way to make money on the first week is 
    clams, as I will give you directions for momentarily.  
    Quick reminder:
    	Digging for clams is easy, but it does take some practice.  
    	First step: get your hoe and go out to the beach where the tide 
    comes in and face to the SIDE, not towards the water!  Your will hoe 
    will be deflected off the water almost every time.  
    	Step two: hoe just after the tide washes in, or until the white 
    foamy part just passes you.  About eighty-five 	percent of the time, 
    you will get a clam.  
    	Step three:  After some collecting, make sure that you set a 
    bonfire to cook a clam or two to regain your 	stamina.  At 80g 
    apiece, this will be a profitable pastime if you have an empty rucksack 
    with nothing but your hoe and bonfire set.  
    	Step four: before you go in at maybe seven-o-clock, you might 
    want to put out your fire.  I forgot to mention that.  Take out your 
    watering can and put it out.  This will give you the fire-prevention 
    note.  You only need to do this once.  
    	Step five: if you own a ranch that has the fat and profitable 
    heifer (see the cow section), also be sure to purchase a butter maker 
    and a frying pan at your local junk shop.  Just add butter and a clam 
    to your frying pan and you will come out with grilled clams!  Very 
    healthy and tasty and will restore a lot of stamina:)!  
    	Step six: (final step):  store the leftovers in the fridge!  Keep 
    these to make grilled clams to sell or to eat!  Best to stuff your 
    fridge with them as you loose less money than using valuable produce 
    from your garden! 
    	This list on priorities is not listed requirements but they will 
    help earn a few notes later in the game.  Don’t try to rush into these 
    to quickly.  
    1.	Ship enough ore for Tai to move in.  Get the smithy about before 
    the end of summer if possible.  Going to the mines frequently 
    will get him about before the end of spring.
    a.	Get Tim so that he will give you a power berry when you reach 
    the bottom of the moonlight mine.
    b.	Get Tai so that you can upgrade your tools to make work more 
    2.	Ship good clay so that Saibara will move in.
    a.	Get two hearts with him to get the aging pot.  However, you can 
    also get two hearts with Theodore to get the recipe Potato 
    Gratin. Make sure that you go to Saibara after you do the above 
    and that you have shipped five good clay in advance at least.  
    Going to his place will trigger the event wherein you will 
    receive the aging pot.  Make yogurt, soda and deviled eggs.  Get 
    the mixing pot in a similar way.  Get five hearts with Saibara 
    and ship about nine good clay.
    3.	Get all of the cooking implements at the junk shop to get the 
    super chef note. 
    4.	Make friends with Alex to get Martha and ship thirty herbs to 
    get the sanatorium.  This will get Dia and Gina.  
    5.	Get five hearts with Michael at the junk shop so that he will 
    upgrade the junk shop.  This will get Louis to move in and you 
    will know where to find him.  
    6.	Ship ten limestone to unlock fertilizer.  Going to the mine 
    frequently will ensure that this happens before the end of 
    spring.  You want fertilizer before summer because all of the 
    expensive crops are available.  
    7.	Ship fifty cabbages to unlock strawberries.  Strawberries are 
    worth 200g a pop	and 400g fertilized.  The seeds are 300g.
    8.	Ship fifty pumpkins to unlock the seeds for the Blue mist 
    flowers.  Can be found in the wild, but it is much easier to 
    track down when you can plant them.  Fertility has no effect on 
    flowers, herbs and spuds. 
    9.	Raise a horse to train and win a horse race to sell it for 
    50000g.  Will get you the horse racing note.  
    Your tools:
    	Your tools are an essential part of farming, even if you’re not 
    the crop person.  When your tools are used frequently, the experience 
    bar will eventually get high enough for you to upgrade them.  Don’t 
    worry about this fact in the beginning of the game, but do prepare for 
    it.  Use all of the tools frequently until Tai the blacksmith opens up 
    his shop.  It is, however, most important that you supply the ore 
    needed for the upgrade as well as the tool.  You will get Tai by 
    shipping tons of ore.  One of the tools that are new is the bonfire 
    set.  There are buyable tools from the Blue sky ranch, which I will 
    tell you about as well.
    Your hoe:
    	Your hoe is probably the second most important tool in the game, 
    as it is needed to plant crops.  Use with the x button to hoe one 
    square or charge up for a more efficient hoe.  Use this also to search 
    for good clay, roots and money.  Also, use the hoe to look for the 
    stairs on the way down.  This is useful as you will encounter 
    difficulties anywhere past the 70th floor.  Charge this for maximum 
    results.  As the rest, it can be upgraded four times:
    			Copper hoe
    			Silver hoe
    			Gold hoe
    			Goddess hoe
    Your watering can:
    	This is defiantly the most used tool in the game, as it is, it is 
    necessary to use it to water plants.  Water your plants every day but 
    be sure to not water one space more than once, as this will be an 
    unnecessary waist of both energy and water.  As you progress and 
    upgrade your watering can this will no longer be an issue, but at the 
    beginning, it is smart to conserve your energy and focus it on making 
    money.  Also use it to put out your bonfire, which will give you a 
    note.  At goddess level, it will become the most effective as it can 
    water four plots of nine on one full charge!  Leave a space in the 
    center to stand in.  Use this to water trees as well.  You do not need 
    to water trees, but if you’re in a hurry to get produce out of your 
    trees, then water them daily.  
    Your axe:
    	Your axe’s use is self evident as you might see, it is used for 
    the sole purpose of chopping wood for your wood box.  The logs that you 
    split will be instantly transported to the wood box.  If you don’t want 
    to take the time and energy to do this, you will be obliged to buy the 
    wood from the workshop on the account of your laziness, and will spend 
    thousands on the necessary wood for your constructions.  As you can 
    see, it is more costly to buy than to supply your own wood.  When you 
    upgrade your axe, the only thing that it will benefit is the amount of 
    charged chops it will take to split stumps and cut trees.  When you 
    upgrade your axe, cutting down trees will be far more easier, 
    especially if you need to clear the woodsman forest property of trees.  
    Your fishing rod:
    	Your fishing rod is used to catch both fresh and salt water fish.  
    Salt water fish are way more expensive than most fresh water fish.  
    Incidentally, I have noticed that the blowfish, one that you might know 
    better as the puffer fish, ships for only 3g.  However, when prepared 
    with your knife set, it is worth 119g.  This also applies with squid.  
    Give fish to the dolphin and make friends with it.  Ray loves 
    practically all fish except for squid, who will give you a shaky 
    Your sickle: 
    	For the time being, if you happen to be a beginner, keep this 
    inside your tool box for the time being, as you will not use it until 
    you plant grass, then cut it for fodder, which will ultimately be used 
    to feed your animals, and since you will not have the funds for the 
    barn anytime soon, assuming you are a beginner, I would leave it.  You 
    can use this also to cut any unnecessary crops or weeds if you want.  
    Use this also to cut any misplaced seedling.   
    Your hammer: 
    	Your hammer is used for mining in the moonlight mine.  In the 
    winter, however, it would be futile to go there when you can go to the 
    sunny lake mine, and since it is exclusive only to winter, I would go 
    there almost every day.  Your hammer is also useful for clearing the 
    larger boulders that have been blown into the yard.  
    Your reign:
    	Your reigns are given to you by Hank when you first get your barn 
    animals.  He will forget to give them to you at first, but at the next 
    morning he will give them to you.  The reigns are practically useless 
    at first; they are used to take one animal outside at a time to graze.  
    However, later in the game, you will use it to lead your horse outside 
    to ride.  This is the only practical use for the reigns.
    Your bell:
    	Your bell is the same as the reigns, only, when used near the 
    door, the animals will herd around the door and go outside to graze.  
    Actually, it is not required to even take any animals out of the barn 
    just feed them.  After you get the note received for ringing the bell 
    20 times, it isn’t necessary to use it any more.  
    Your brush: 
    	Your brush is used only for grooming your animals to raise their 
    heart level.  As I will mention later in the guide, it is also useful 
    for grooming your sheep.  If your brush your sheep right before 
    shearing, you will increase the chances of receiving the highest 
    quality wool.  Also, use this to brush your horse when you get him.  
    This will almost completely ensure two hearts with your horse before or 
    right when he grows up; as long as you hand-feed him and talk to him 
    along with brushing him.
    Your stuff around the house:
    	Things that either are life shatteringly useful, or mind 
    bogglingly not-useful.
    Your cabinet:
    	While simple, it is used to store the other non food items, like 
    the ore set aside for upgrading tools, and coral for Tai to make things 
    out of.
    Quick reminder:
    	Remember, when you give your ore or coral to Tai, give him your 
    cheapest items first, as you will gain more profit off of it.  For 
    instance, ordinary coral ships for 35g, but it costs 500g to make a 
    1135g coral brooch!  This gives you a profit of 635g!
    Your wood box:  
    	Holds your wood.  If you push A while facing it, you will pull 
    out a stake, which can be used for fences or mushroom and toadstool 
    farms.  After an amount of time, not a particularly set amount of time, 
    the stake will turn into an old stake, and after another period of 
    time, the old stakes will disappear, which might explain to shortage of 
    stakes after a few years.  
    Your couch:  
    	Sits there.  The sofa will not recover any stamina at all, no 
    matter what size you get.
    	As you might know, different crops grow in different seasons.  As 
    you also know, you wouldn’t see potatoes growing in the winter, nor 
    pumpkins in the spring.  One handful of seeds will cover a 3x3 lot of 
    land.  While some farmers respectively prefer to plant in rows, I 
    prefer to plant in the traditional “U” formation.  I will give a 
    diagram below:
    O= tilled soil. S= stand to sow seeds
    O O   O O
    OSO   OSO
    OOO   OOO   ect.
    	Planting in this formation, when standing in the exact center, 
    will bring the most out of your seeds and the most money.  I will give 
    a comparison:
    X= plants.  S= stand to sow seeds
    X X      X X
    XSX      XSX
    X X      XXX
    Note- the one with the “U” formation has tilled land on the ground on 
    which he’s standing.
    	As you can see, if you plant in rows, you not only waist room, 
    but your seeds, especially since the 3x3 space includes under you as 
    well.  See as the “U” formation gets eight out of his bag while the one 
    with the rows gets only six per bag.  If the plants were turnips, the 
    one with the “U” formation would get 240g more off the same bag of 
    seeds, maximizing the profit.  As usual, your style of playing greatly 
    affects this, and the only con to the “U” formation is difficult 
    watering, as opposed to the greater efficiency of watering rows at the 
    beginning of the game.  When you get your silver watering can, however, 
    this waters a 3x3 space in front of you, making watering this style of 
    crops far easier.  
    Quick reminder:
    	If you make a lot of a complete 3x3 tilled area so that all nine 
    seeds get sown, be aware that you will not be able to harvest or water 
    the middle square if it takes more than four days to grow.  The only 
    possible way to water it is to upgrade your watering can, which can 
    water crops further away, even still, this only works on crops 
    harvested once.  For crops harvested more than once, when not harvested 
    in a certain number of days will eventually die, even when constantly 
    	When upgrading my watering can, I only upgrade up to the silver 
    level, as it waters the 3x3 space in front of you.  While the gold 
    watering can waters twenty-five squares, it gets a bit hard to keep 
    track of after a while, and if you don’t manipulate it right, it can 
    become very inefficient.  The only time I level it up after the silver 
    level is the goddess level, which requires rare ore.  For any upgrade, 
    the cost will be:
    	1 level: 700g + required ore + 2 days.
    	2 levels: 1500g + required ore + 3 days.
    	3 levels: 3000g + required ore + 4 days.
    	I could go to the fourth and final level, but I don’t see how 
    anyone can get far enough in the game with that much experience on the 
    bar and have a successful crop.  While possible to wait for an upgrade 
    until goddess level, it is not very strongly advised as it is very 
    inefficient, as the diagram shows above.  As you can see, it costs 100g 
    more to upgrade two levels in one sitting than to upgrade separately, 
    but it takes less time.  Upgrading must be planned carefully, 
    especially with your watering can.  Turn it in only after you finished 
    watering your plants.  Going for much more than three days without 
    water, and your crops will dry up into “dry grass,” and will become a 
    worthless investment.  If possible, turn on the ol’ tube and check out 
    the weather every day.  If it is scheduled to rain the next day, then 
    turn in your watering can along with the required ore.
    	Moles are nearly impossible to hunt down, so take your hammer 
    where ever you go.  However, if you run into a mole and you have your 
    hoe or axe, this will count as a hit as well, and you will get the mole 
    whacking note.  Whacking ten of these pests are very vital, especially 
    if you choose the Oceanside property.  Even after you get the mole 
    whacking note, you must whack the moles as they appear near Tai’s 
    property most of the time, as I will mention in a later section.  The 
    property that they burrow around in will turn every tilled land into 
    untilled soil.  However, if you turn this to your advantage before you 
    whack it, it may solve some of your problems.  As you might know, 
    practically all of the wild animals will be frightened of you and will 
    always go in the direction that you are going if you are behind it.  So 
    if you accidentally make a mistake in your hoeing and you are a neat 
    freak, like me, you can “herd” a mole in the place that you mis-hoed 
    and start all over again.
    	For beginners, maximum profit is key, whether 10g or 100g more, 
    this is essential for a quick and easy success.  For example, if you 
    plant turnips in normal soil, you will get 700g in gross profit for 
    each set, assuming you are planting in the “U” formation, but for 
    potatoes, while the seeds are just slightly more expensive, you will 
    get 770g off of a harvest, 70g more than turnips.  However, there are 
    some exceptions, for instance again, turnips planted in fertile dark 
    soil is sold for, still assuming that you’re planting in the “U” 
    formation, is worth a gross grand total of 1420 big ones!  But potatoes 
    are still worth 100g each, as opposed to the turnip’s 180g each, and 
    the potato’s value is not affected by the fertilization of the soil, 
    keeping the value at a gross 770g.  This is strange but profitable and 
    is good to know if you have fertile soil and are looking for the 
    maximum profit.  Another example is cocoa, which can be harvested more 
    than once, and planted in the summer, and if on normal soil, they are 
    shipped for 150g each or 1200g for the whole bunch, still assuming that 
    you are using the “U” method of planting.  Before I explain the special 
    aspect of the cocoa’s character, I will quickly explain the special 
    aspect of plants with multi-harvests.  These special plants are 
    harvested more then once, but only once every other day, assuming that 
    you water them once a day and they are on decent fertile soil.  Anyway, 
    cocoa, instead of being 300g, which would be the norm for most 
    fertilized plants worth 150g in normal soil; it is worth 320 for each.  
    Incidentally, tomatoes are as well worth 50g for each bag as well as 
    cocoa, and are still worth 150g on normal soil, and 300g on fertilized 
    soil instead of cocoa’s 320g, giving you an extra 160g for each 
    harvest.  This is strange as well with corn, also planted in summer and 
    is worth the same as the tomato, but is worth only 40g a bag as opposed 
    50g for tomatoes, giving you and extra 10g worth in profit for each 
    harvest.  Coincidently, yams are the same with potatoes, they are 
    unaffected by any extra fertility on the land, therefore, it is most 
    profitable to plant your spuds on the least fertile land you have.  
    Green peppers are also worth 140g fertilized, but 49g at normal soil!  
    This shows the unique characteristics of some of the different plants.  
    Also, this is the same with your cows, sheep and chickens.  With your 
    cows, just turn the milk into something better.  You can put two non-
    special milks into an ageing pot and turn it into yogurt.  When you get 
    eggs and you get an inferior product, you can quickly turn it into 
    mayonnaise for a quick and easy 30g product, but if you take the time, 
    you can boil it in a pot to make a boiled egg and ship it for almost 
    150g, but if you put the boiled egg into an ageing pot, you will get 
    250g out of one product!  This would upgrade a 56g egg almost 200g 
    without adding anything else!  If you really took the time and filled 
    your chicken coop and collected the eggs, boiled them and put them into 
    the ageing pot, you could get 1250g every day at the minimum!  That is 
    a lot of money.  With your sheep, put the wool into the yarn maker and 
    dye anything below shiny level.  Take the extra three seconds to brush 
    your sheep right before you shear it.  
    Quick reminder:
    	In case you didn’t notice, crops grown in fertilized soil are 
    worth twice as much as opposed to normal soil.  As for the worst light 
    soil, I did some calculations, and there is no apparent pattern for the 
    deductions percentage wise.  Crops are worth the normal amount when 
    planted in normal soil.
    Your barn:
    	Your barn is very important and should be obtained before the end 
    of fall in order to succeed in the animal festivals.  The barn can be 
    bought and built by Woody, the owner of the workshop, costing you 40 
    wood and 3500g.  if you don’t have a barn at the moment, you will be 
    given the option to build a level 2 barn, which can hold up to eight 
    animals, instead of a level 1 barn, which can hold up to four.  At the 
    first year and a decent amount of the second, four animals are all you 
    need until you upgrade, unless you are the efficient type and save a 
    few thousand and buy the larger, 10,000g building first.  However, 
    although less costly in the future, as it will still be 10,000g for the 
    upgrade if you already bought the level 1 barn, it will remove any sort 
    of temptation to buy more than four until you have enough money to feed 
    all of them.  Also, unless you want to sell all your livestock back, it 
    is strongly suggested that you plant a large amount of grass to cut 
    beforehand as to save the trouble of panicking when you realize that 
    you didn’t have any fodder beforehand.
    Your cow:
    	Your cow is the most expensive animal you will ever encounter; it 
    takes more time to grow, and more work, but with hard work comes 
    reward.  However, to make the maximum profit, it is suggested that you 
    buy the cheese or the butter maker after getting the cow as not to 
    forget and as well maximizing the net profit.  I did a quick 
    calculation, assuming that you bought the cheese maker worth 5000g, or 
    the butter maker, 3000g, about how long it would take to make back the 
    money for the cheese and butter maker:  
    Butter- approx. 37 times milking/58 days from the point of purchase
    Cheese- approx. 45 times milking/66 days from point of purchase.
    	After a few short calculations, I have given you the verdict, a 
    rough approximation that shows that, butter is the better choice, but 
    this is not so, for after you have paid off the cow and the cheese 
    maker, it would take just over two seasons worth of time, assuming that 
    you milk your cow daily, to catch up and begin making more money than 
    butter.  Still, when you have the antiquate funds I would suggest that 
    you purchase a cheese and butter machine as butter plays a large part 
    in cooking, therefore increasing the value of everything.
    Your sheep:
    	Your sheep is probably the easiest barn animal to deal with, as 
    you are not required to be sheared every day, but to be fed and talked 
    to it once every day.  After buying a yarn maker, and two or more 
    sheep, you can easily become rich.  But it is also very much suggested 
    that you save the worst wool and make it into yarn for Martha, an old 
    lady who moves in after you befriend Alex.  Once you get two hearts 
    with Martha, she will give you a large rucksack, which will hold up to 
    fifteen items when you supply the yarn for her when she requests it.  
    If you brush your sheep just before you shear it you will have an 
    increased chance of getting shiny wool, which can then be made into 
    yarn and shipped for 2400g in one sitting!  Evidently, if you have a 
    barn full of sheep with high heart levels and a crown for each giving 
    wool on the same day, you could make tens of thousands in one day!  
    This will take a lot of time though, and it will take even more time to 
    get a barn full of sheep that are at their life expectancy!
    Quick reminder:
    	When you buy a dye pot, it is necessary that you dye the least 
    quality yarn to get the maximum profit off of your investment, for 
    instance, special yarn is shipped for 2400g, but dyed orange yarn only 
    ship’s for around 1300g!  This gives you a loss of 1100g for each 
    special yarn you dye!  It is best to leave the special yarn alone, as 
    dyeing it removes its special quality.  In a sense, anything made into 
    a recipe looses it’s special aspect.
    Your horse:
    	Your horse’s sole purpose is to win the horse race.  You can’t 
    sheer it, or get any products off of it, but it is very little work, 
    and the only requirement is to feed it, love it, and ride it.  Riding 
    it for twelve hours gets a training star.  This is unique and is 
    strictly exclusive to horses.  The more training stars you have, the 
    fuller the stamina bar will be at the beginning of a horse race.  If 
    you are faithful to the requirements, you should win your first horse 
    race and get a crown for your horse.  This raises your horses sell back 
    value from less than 2000g to 50000g!  This is the one and only benefit 
    to having a horse, quick and easy money, and fortunately, there are two 
    horse races a year, each in spring and in fall, both on the 
    seventeenth!  If you work, you can make horse raising a very profitable 
    career.  However, there are four different races, making maneuvering a 
    bit tricky.  On the rank B cup, the prize is a power berry, and a crown 
    for your horse, but the rank is dependant on your heart level with your 
    horse.  It is vital that on the first horse race, you have at least six 
    hearts to enter the rank B cup.  If, by some small chance you have nine 
    to ten hearts with your horse, there is a certain strategy to fixing 
    this, if you want to do it the painless way and you want to race in the 
    rank B cup, simply don’t feed the horse for two days, any past this 
    time and you will have a very sick and unhappy horse.  This is a downer 
    and is not to be taken lightly.  I would advise anyone who is able to 
    afford it, to buy at least two animal medicines for 800g each for 
    Your chicken coop:
    	If you want some quick cash and you have the money, take 
    advantage of the chicken coop.  For 30 wood and 3000g, this isn’t that 
    bad of a bargain.  However, it can only hold up to five birds, and can 
    become pain after a while.  If you like chickens, buy a mill and plant 
    corn in the summer and put it in for cost free feed.  For fifteen units 
    of bird feed for each ear of corn, this will give you the most for your 
    money.  Chicken coops are a must for a starter and should be bought 
    before the barn to save up, as it is useless to buy a barn and waist 
    money when you haven’t enough money for any animals.  
    Quick reminder:
    	While the first heart of affection with your chicken, as with all 
    other animals, will be very hard to get, you will realize that after 
    the first heart, the remaining hearts will be easier to get.
    Your chickens:
    	Your chickens are worth 1200g each, or you could save over 1000g 
    and wait two weeks for the egg to hatch and wait for the chick to grow 
    up.  Normal eggs are worth 56g each.  Not as much as desired.  But this 
    is a daily profit, and for all five chickens at work laying eggs each 
    morning, you would receive a minimum profit of 280g a day, and much 
    more if you purchase a mayonnaise machine from the Junk shop for 3000g.  
    This will help maximize the daily profit as well a help complete your 
    shipping list.  Make sure that they are fed every day, and pick them 
    up.  Also, a weed for an after meal treat will help keep it happy as 
    well as raise the heart level, and it is so difficult to increase the 
    heart level of a grumpy chicken.  Also, keep in mind that if you buy a 
    chicken that if you feed it the day you got it, it will give you an egg 
    the next morning.  As you can see, there is no waiting for your chicken 
    to start making money for you unlike other barn yard animals.  They 
    will not give an egg the next morning if not fed the previous day.  
    Getting a chicken before the end of spring will mostly ensure the 
    success of your chicken winning the contest.  Feed the one that you 
    want to win a weed every day, hand feed it and pick it up every day to 
    ensure its happiness and heart level.  If it gets a crown, you will 
    most likely not see a normal egg again from that chicken.  A mayo maker 
    is worth 3000g, which will pay off in a decent amount of time.  
    However, later in the game, when the maximum profit isn’t necessary, 
    you will become bored with the maker as it takes too much time.  
    Instead of selling all of the eggs, keep a few of them as gifts, as 
    almost everyone loves or at least likes eggs.  When in doubt, give the 
    person that you want to raise the heart level an egg.  The higher 
    quality the product, the more the special someone will appreciate it!  
    Keep the normal eggs in the fridge to make into deviled eggs, use in 
    sandwiches, breads, cakes and other more profitable recipes.  Or turn 
    them into boiled eggs and take one wherever you go, along with a raw 
    good or special egg.  This way, you will be able to have something to 
    restore your health with, and a gift for someone along the way.  Always 
    be prepared when it comes to raising heart levels.
    Miracle potions:
    	Use on any barn yard animal and you’re on your way to having a 
    barn full of family!  Giving any animal a miracle potion will increase 
    your heart level by one and make it as happy as a clam!  While it is 
    less expensive, you might find yourself waiting over a full season 
    before getting any profit off of your baby animal, most likely longer 
    than you expected.  You also cannot enter it into a contest, so be sure 
    to plan ahead when using this impregnating medication on your animals!  
    A miracle potion for your chicken is it’s egg that it lays every 
    morning, considering that you’ve fed it and taken care of it:).
    	If you don’t feed your animals for more than two days, whether 
    chickens or barn animals, they will get sick, so don’t neglect them.  
    If they do fall into sickness, you will get a visit from Hank at the 
    Blue Sky Ranch to say that your animal is sick and his isn’t going to 
    make it.  Then you are standing by your animals’ grave.  Finally, you 
    wake up and find that is only was a bad dream.  However, Hank will come 
    and say that your animal is sick.  He will cure it with his own 
    medicine the first time but he will not do this again.  It is good to 
    keep some medicine on hand at all times in case your animals fall ill.  
    Also, your animals will get sick if you leave them out in the rain.  Or 
    take them out in the rain for that matter.  Your horse, however, is 
    able to be taken out in the rain and ridden without much trouble.  I 
    would suggest that you don’t take any animals except your horse outside 
    at all as it isn’t required and it is way to much work.  
    Quick reminder:
    	Feeding your animals by hand is smartest as it increases your 
    heart level and takes less time.  Talking to them will help as well, 
    and it will also tell you how they’re doing.  Buy a brush at the Blue 
    sky ranch and groom your animals every day to raise your heart level as 
    well.  Also, when you milk your cow, you will see a little, pink heart 
    floating over its head, so milk it every day:)!  This is not the same 
    with sheep, however…
    Your pig:
    	Your pig is more like a pet than anything else, and you will 
    receive it when you first get a barn, assuming that you went to the egg 
    festival and talked to Gourmet.  He’s the fat guy with a very large top 
    hat who says, “Hey, are you eating?”  You get the pig free of charge, 
    and after you name him, Gourmet will say: “He can find very rare 
    mushrooms!”  For in this game, it is the pig who finds the truffles.  
    It is unconfirmed, but it is possible that your heart level with your 
    pig will increase the likely hood of him finding the rare truffle near 
    trees and possibly stumps.
    Your dog:
    	Your dog is a gift from Ellen on Spring 2 at the beginning of the 
    game.  It does no financial good and is only there for company.  
    However, if you pick it up and feed it everyday, you will get the bow-
    wow note.  Three hearts will get the note from your dog.
    Quick reminder:  
    	Truffles are found at trees, so go to the woodsman forest 
    properties to find truffles first.  Mora trees are one of the best 
    places to look for truffles.
    	Truffles are a fall delicacy which is found by your pig.  
    However, if you have observed your pig for more than ten seconds, you 
    will notice he will often go to sleep.  This makes truffle hunting 
    tedious and time consuming, so be sure to only hunt for them after all 
    of your chores have been completed.  Despite the long hours of hunting, 
    truffles, when sold, are worth a tidy sum of 1000g each!  They can also 
    be stewed and given as a gift to Gourmet, but it is more efficient to 
    just give him a plain truffle, as you loose both the value of the 
    truffle and the value of the milk used to make the stew as well!  Ship 
    the first truffle you find as it will give you the Oink-oink note.
    	Mushrooms and toadstools are a unique kind of wild plant as the 
    truffle; it cannot be eaten on the spot.  They are usually found next 
    to stakes, and not in the middle of a property.  I tested this theory 
    out myself and built a fence made of stakes, and in a couple days, I 
    had a toadstool sitting in the inside center of the fence.  Mushrooms 
    can be stewed or sautéed.  However, it is strange that mushroom sauté 
    is only worth about 150g, which is less than even the worst butter used 
    for this recipe!  If you use the worst butter and a mushroom in the 
    frying pan to ship, you will loose a net total of about 61g!  But 
    mushroom soup to ship is worth over 400g!  This is ironic as butter is 
    a milk product.  I would advise that you only make mushroom sauté as a 
    gift or to eat.  It is not conformed, but it might be possible to cook 
    toadstools, as when I tried to eat the toadstool raw, it said it must 
    be cooked first, giving me the hint that it might be possible to cook 
    and possibly eaten.  However, if you can cook a toadstool, it might be 
    fool-hearty to eat it as it may be poisonous.  Just be very careful 
    when handling toadstools. 
    	Lumber can be obtained in three ways, but the least expensive way 
    is to chop it.  Upgrade your axe to at least the silver level and go 
    into the woodsman forest property, the one just above the Oceanside 
    property.  Chop down all of the trees and split all of the branches 
    before you chop the stumps.  This will give more room for more branches 
    that you get out of the stump when you split it.  You can find about 
    fifty to seventy branches and stumps laying around the town, but this 
    is the most efficient way the one that is described above.  If you 
    remove a piece of lumber it will come out as a stake.  If you place the 
    stakes in a line, you can even make your own mushroom farm, as 
    mushrooms and toadstools grow next to stakes.  The second way is to buy 
    it from Woody at 50g apiece.  If you sell it back as a stake it will be 
    worth 30g apiece.  The third way is to win it at a festival.  If you 
    win the beach festival a second time, you will get 30 lumber.  Also use 
    these as fences to keep grazing animals in your ranch and keep them 
    from the wild dog.  If you don’t know the difference between the old 
    stakes and the fresh stakes, the old stakes will disappear after a 
    while, so if you want to start a mushroom farm, use the fresh stakes.  
    If you are going to make an orchard and you have cleared a good plot of 
    land for fruit trees, you can use the old stakes to mark where you put 
    the trees as not to forget when you go and buy it.  Here is a diagram 
    S- Stake to mark for tree.  O- Spaces required to get fruit and room 
    for planting.
    	As you can see, the tree needs to be in the center of a 3x3 space 
    and an outline of one space’s length for the fruit to fall.  Putting 
    each tree four spaces away and at least two spaces in every direction 
    from the point of the tree.  This is very vital and will guarantee the 
    production of at least five fruits per tree if it starts producing 
    fruit at the beginning of the season.  Make sure that you plant in the 
    way displayed above to ensure the production.
    	Marriage is an incredibly strong aspect of this harvest moon 
    game, and is certainly due to complete the game.  Unfortunately, I flew 
    into a panic when I couldn’t find the level three house anywhere!  It 
    was in my state of insanity that I made friends with Woody and 
    therefore unlocked the level three house and relieved me of my 
    madness:)!  However, there is one aspect of marriage, despite all of the 
    choices of a spouse, it really doesn’t matter who you marry except for 
    the exception attitude and looks!  For instance, when I played as a 
    boy, I married Nina for the sole purpose of, except for the fact that 
    she’s cute:) that I would get a family discount on the seeds!  Alas and 
    alack, my theory failed, as the price had not changed.  In fact, the 
    wife or husband is practically useless as she doesn’t help with the 
    farm work, but instead walks around the house and plays cute until you 
    throw up!  So it is only a matter of opinion as to who you marry.  
    Incidentally, the level three house is outrageously expensive, and at 
    this stage, you might be able to afford to buy your own lumber, but 
    after summing it up, the total cost would be almost twenty thousand 
    between the bed and the house and lumber to build it!  This is an 
    extreme set back and will cost you even if you supply the lumber for 
    	Actually, some of these are not glitches but mere “plot holes”.  
    If you manipulate some of these, you may use them to your advantage.  
    For instance, if you have seen the bell pepper prices at the spring 
    farm, they are worth 145g.  But fried veggies made in the frying pan 
    are worth 310g, and you can make this with just the bell pepper!  So if 
    you buy ten bell peppers and fry and sell them, this will give you a 
    profit of 1650g the next day!  However, this makes the game no fun and 
    this method should only be used if you are in desperate need of money.  
    Of course, if you were desperate money you wouldn’t be able to afford 
    ten bell peppers!  Another example is multiple locations.  For 
    instance, if you haven’t noticed, Bob the shipper works at the Blue Sky 
    Ranch, and he is also Tai the blacksmith’s grandson!  This gives him 
    six locations to be at!  He is either outside the barn in the back, 
    inside the barn, tool shed, chicken coop, Blue sky ranch, or at Tai’s 
    Quick reminder:
    	If you go into the tool shed, chicken coop, or barn at the back 
    of the Blue sky ranch, 90 percent of the time, Bob will be there, but 
    when you go out of the barn or wherever, Bob, 90 percent of the time 
    will be outside as well!  This is a very interesting aspect of Bob as 
    he has the most possible places and locations that he can be at, at the 
    exact same time!  This is very strange and is not exclusive to Bob. It 
    is not unusual for someone to be inside their shop at one moment, and 
    outside a mile away at the same time!
    	Another “plot hole” is the most interesting one in the game.  
    Apparently all the additional stuff that you can buy like the couch, 
    chair, or wood or kerosene stove and any other thing for your home, you 
    can spend tens of thousands of dollars on things that do absolutely 
    nothing!  You cannot sit on the chairs or couches; you cannot cook on 
    the wood and kerosene stoves either!  That was a big disappointer for 
    me, as I had squandered all my money on junk!   
    	If any of you have bought the spring seed pack, you might notice 
    that about one out of every ten or so spaces will have strawberries.  
    However, there is a way to get individual strawberry seeds.  All you 
    must do is ship 50 cabbages to unlock the most expensive plant in the 
    game, which is restricted to spring only.  They can be harvested more 
    than once and when planted in the “U” formation and in normal soil; one 
    harvest will be worth 1600g!  As well, if on fertilized soil, it will 
    be worth 3200g, or 400g each for every harvest!  However, the seeds 
    cost 300g as the most expensive crop in the game!
    	Fertilizer is very important if you want to buy the ocean side 
    property, and you must find ten limestone, a completely worthless rock 
    that ships for 5g apiece, if you want fertilizer early in the game.  
    Fertilizer is worth 150g per bag.  While expensive, it is smart to 
    always have some on hand for maximum profit.  A full section is devoted 
    to fertilizer later in the guide.
    	(unverified)  Blue mist flowers are one of the rarest in the game 
    due to their very seasonal growth period.  Shipping fifty pumpkins will 
    unlock the blue mist flower seeds?
    Walk through:
    	This will give you not a day by day walkthrough, but a bit of 
    advice through about the first year.  
    	On the first day of spring, which you will have no control, you 
    will choose your property, and ultimately the next morning, see a 
    vision of the harvest goddess bidding farewell to her unhappy sprites, 
    three tiny men who must have a hard time getting their comparatively 
    large head around.  After a short farewell speech, she will turn into a 
    stone statue.  A short time later, Jamie, not either a boy or a girl, 
    but always the opposite gender, will be shocked at what his eyes see, 
    and promise to free the harvest goddess.  Afterwards, you will wake up 
    and comment on the strange dream.  You will hear a scratch on the door 
    and the harvest sprites will invite you to the spring and you will gaze 
    upon the statue of the harvest goddess.  It is a short time after you 
    will meet a furious Jamie, who will scold the sprites for picking 
    someone else, and will walk away.  Arthur will give you the pedometer 
    and you will gain your first musical note, and he will say that you 
    need ninety-nine more of these to free the harvest goddess.  The next 
    day, Ellen, a girl who works at the Blue sky ranch will come with a 
    puppy and ask you to take and name it.  Afterwards, you’re on your own.  
    As you have a very small rucksack, five spaces, it is necessary to mine 
    for ore as you will have no other source of income at the first day, 
    unless you take the cheaper alternative and fish.
    Quick reminder:
    	If you took my advice and bought the Oceanside property, it is 
    smartest to mine for at least one limestone a day.  In about eleven 
    days, you should have unlocked fertilizer and begin making crops that 
    	At the third day, it is good to start clearing the land of weeds, 
    stumps and trees to make room for crops and buildings.  Also by this 
    time, you should have shipped at least 2 limestone.  If not, than I 
    would suggest doing so.  Also, you might want to get the large 
    rucksack.  Also, a mistake that I made at my first try was not taking 
    meals for the first season.  This was a major set back and it took a 
    full season to catch up to the normal standards.  
    	Also, watch your shipping percentage with Jamie.  It is good to 
    have at least a 20 daily percent by fall of the first year.  Any less 
    than this means that you must do more in order to get new characters 
    and keep the old ones.  If you have a ranch, ship milk products to keep 
    Carl, Katie and Eve in business.  Also, ship plenty of ore to keep Tim 
    and Louis in.  Sell yarn and fruits to keep Lyla, Dan and Ronald.  As 
    well, ship herbs to get and keep Gina and Dia.  Another way to keep 
    this wide assortment of characters is to make friends with everyone.  
    Talk to everyone along the way, even if you don’t like them as much.  
    This is useful as everyone will give you a gift eventually if you 
    increase their heart level.  Getting at least one heart with a person 
    will help though not guarantee everyone’s stay.  You must still busily 
    ship a wide assortment of items to keep your friends or your future 
    spouse.  Even if you have ten hearts with someone, they will still come 
    to your door and say that they will leave if you ignore them for some 
    time, so say hi to everyone, especially Louis as he is harder to find.
    	Also, you will find the need for more working space for both 
    crops and buildings later in the game.  At about fall in the first 
    year, when you’ve raised a steady income for your products, you will 
    need both different locations to save and rest, and also to make more 
    crops.  Just the same, you might want to build some nearby houses to 
    ship your products in, as you might know, if you have a large, 
    successful ranch, it is a pain and may take hours to get all your stuff 
    shipped, leaving little gift-giving, socializing-you time.  If this 
    still doesn’t solve your problem, build or relocate a barn or a chicken 
    coop on a nearby property.  Then you can ship all of your goods inside 
    the building, as time is frozen when you’re inside, without using up 
    all of that time that could be directed to making friends and courting 
    your future spouse. 
    	When making friends, just by talking to them will increase their 
    heart level.  But if you want to insert a little extra time and 
    research, you can give them gifts.  Some of their favorites are pretty 
    easy to figure out, and not all of them are expensive.  For instance, 
    while Dr. Alex, being a doctor, likes herbs and roots from the mines, 
    he also loves the nutritious veggie juice.  This is made out of spinach 
    and carrots in a mixer.  Another one of his favorites is a fertilized 
    turnip.  Some people have mixed up fertilized and non-fertilized turnip 
    and got two very different responses.  However, Ellen likes both normal 
    and fertilized cocoa!  This gives you a little bit more variety, as it 
    can be a fertilized or non-fertilized as you choose.  Obviously, it is 
    smartest to give the least expensive gift out of them all, so 
    experiment on their profession and interests.  
    Quick reminder:
    	If you play as a boy, you might want to either marry Ann or Lyla.  
    Ann, while her favorites are slim, she likes any kind of corn, and one 
    of Lyla’s favorites are pinkcat flowers.  Of course, some spouses might 
    drain you dry if you try to find their most favorite items, and may 
    take a few games before you stumble upon something!  Eve likes 
    fertilized strawberries but that would make you lose 400g!  This will 
    make it very hard to court her quickly.
    	By the end of fall, it would be wise to upgrade your hammer as 
    far as it can before winter.  At winter, the sunny lake freezes over, 
    and unlocks the entrance to the lake mine, the best mine you will find 
    in the game.  Even on the first level, you can find some of the most 
    valuable gems in the whole game, even diamonds, which are worth 500g 
    each!  If you reach the bottom you will be able to fish for the squid 
    prince and get a musical note.  However, should you run into the tenth 
    level, you will be forced to either go back up, or hoe for the stairs, 
    which is very hard to find.  Also, if you reach the tenth level of the 
    moonlight mine, don’t waist your energy, as it will be futile since 
    there is not a junk ore down here.  However, in the lake mine, at the 
    tenth floor, there is a nearly inexhaustible amount of roots to keep 
    your strength while searching for the stairs. 
    Quick reminder:
    	If you go to any mine for the sole purpose of hoeing for roots 
    and clay, keep in mind that you must bring a hammer to go into the 
    lower floors.  The sign at the entrance will say:  “Don’t forget to 
    bring your hammer in your rucksack!”  Obviously, if you come with just 
    your hoe, you will only turn back to get your hammer from your nearest 
    tool box.
    	As well, you may find that you don’t have the funds or time to go 
    fishing or eat at a café.  You will then be forced to forage for food.  
    Fruits and herbs like very berries and honey can be found just about 
    anywhere, but if you want to save time searching, just go up into the 
    mountains where wild plants and fruits grow in abundance.  When you 
    have the money, go to the Callaway café for some cakes and tea.  When 
    you first speak to Katie, she will say:  “Sweets are great when you’re 
    tired!”  And truer words were never spoken.  One piece of cake will 
    fully restore your stamina bar and herb tea will dissipate your 
    fatigue.  At night, you can go to the moonlight café for some small 
    talk and some food.  But sodas will actually make you tired so be 
    careful.  However, drinking 10 sodas in one sitting at the moonlight 
    café will give you a musical note, and staying up until dawn will give 
    you another.  At the perch inn, you will meet Doug and his dog.  His 
    helper, Gwen also stays there.  At certain seasons, several different 
    characters will stay at the Perch inn.  Nami, the red-headed weather 
    girl that you always see on the TV, stays on the top floor in the 
    summer.  As well, Gourmet will stay on the top floor in the fall.  He 
    will only show up out of the perch inn at festivals when there is good 
    food, unlike Nami, who can be found outside of the inn every now and 
    then.  Henry the artist can be found there too when you get him.
    	The spring farm, if you don’t want to fish or buy cake or other 
    foods at the cafés, as well as seasonal seeds for your crops, also 
    sells fresh cooking ingredients for all of the recipes that you need.  
    However, it is most unusual that they sell potatoes and veggies in the 
    dead of winter!  Buying this fresh produce is essential for making 
    thanksgiving cakes, as well as stewed spuds for Theodore:).  However, 
    the produce at the spring farm’s prices will change from season to 
    season.  In summer, corn costs 235g per unit, but in spring, it costs 
    275g per unit.
    Quick reminder:
    	At the start of the game, you will find that the properties at 
    Woody’s are very small selection-wise.  This is because your heart 
    level with Theodore is very low.  You will have unlocked all of the 
    properties when you get three hearts with him.  He likes his spuds 
    	Once you collect fifty notes and turn them into instruments, you 
    will leave the place as usual.  But instead of your normal intention to 
    leave the place, go back in and you experience the scene of which the 
    harvest goddess comes back to life.  Without a word, the final credits 
    will roll.  But afterwards, the harvest goddess will say for you to 
    collect the final fifty notes.
    	  When I said to talk to everyone that you see, I wasn’t just 
    flapping my lip to make unnecessary friends.  All of the eligible 
    bachelors and girls are required for at least one note.  Therefore, 
    should Carl and/or Katie leave, you should ship more ingredients for 
    sweets like eggs and milk to get them back as it is impossible to beat 
    the game without gaining at least two hearts with each eligible spouse 
    whether boy or girl. Giving everyone a gift is vital to achieving this 
    goal.  If you get five hearts with someone the opposite gender, then 
    you will receive a more expensive gift:).  If you get five hearts with 
    the same gender, you will, instead, receive a note in the mail.
    	If you want some big, easy money the next day without much work, 
    crops are your only option.  As you might know, crops that are 
    harvested more than once are most profitable.  A crop of a total of 
    about 45 decent squares of the most fertile ground will yield a profit 
    of about 9000g every two to three days!  Also, comparing prices is a 
    good thing to do too.  While eggplant and bell pepper seeds are worth 
    40g a bag, eggplant is worth almost twice as much!  There is a section 
    about the costs and benefits of different crops and getting the largest 
    amount for your efforts.  Of course, the best way to raise your bottom 
    dollar by far is raising horses for the first few years and getting 
    other livestock later in the game. 
    	If you enter Jamie’s ranch for the first time, you will get the 
    picture that he doesn’t like you very much.  As all Sim games, there is 
    always a rival and Jamie is one of the most determined farmers I have 
    seen.  But while you would expect him to be best at everything, there 
    are some exceptions.  For instance, in the horse race, Jamie, if you 
    have a decent horse entered in the race, he will come in third.  
    Instead of Gwen coming in first or second, it is Bob who will be most 
    likely to win, and Gwen will most likely come in last!  Also, while 
    Jamie will win the animal festivals every time the first year unless 
    you work really hard, you will win if you enter an animal with a heart 
    level above eight.      
    	The different seasons are also vital for getting notes and 
    success.  At the beginning of spring, planting turnips in fertilized 
    ground will take only three days to grow.  It will be cloudy and rainy 
    for most of the days.  Summer is the season to plant, as some of the 
    most valuable crops will be sold at the spring farm.  In an earlier 
    section, it showed that cocoa was the most valuable multi-harvested 
    crop in the game when fertilized.  Also, at ten-o-clock, your vision 
    will be replaced by the “desert” view, where everything looks like 
    you’re seeing through smoke.  You can also get notes from staying out 
    in the sun for ten hours.  This is the same with rain and other 
    different weather.   
    	When you see a wild animal, don’t just pass it by, but take the 
    three seconds to pick it up.  Cuddle time is important in this game, 
    and since the animals are hard to track down, just wait awhile and 
    you’ll run into one.  Picking an animal up will display three pink 
    hearts.  At the library, they will have a book in spring on weeds.  It 
    will say that wild animals like weeds.  The squirrel likes weeds as 
    well as many other animals.  But not all of the animals like weeds.  
    The sparrow and the duck enjoy bird seed from your chicken coop.  Also, 
    the bunny will most likely like carrots!  The raccoon likes fruits and 
    maybe fish, which I haven’t tried on him yet.  The dolphin, not 
    necessarily a wild animal, but considered one, loves fish.  He likes 
    more fish than others, but wave to it and feed it fish every day until 
    you are given the option: Ride, Don’t ride.  He will take you to the 
    island where the fishing there is superb.  If you get six hearts with 
    any animal besides the dolphin, you will receive a visit from that wild 
    animal like any visitor, and you will receive a note for befriending a 
    wild animal.  If you find a squirrel and you want to feed it a weed, be 
    careful, for the squirrel will be startled and will run faster than any 
    other animal.  If you are trying to feed him, be especially careful not 
    to drop the weed by mistake if you are on the road or on another 
    person’s property!  Dropping the weed on any property that isn’t public 
    or yours will result in you lowering your heart level with everyone!  
    Also, watch for the mole, as you also don’t see it very often, and 
    whack it right on the head with your hammer!  Doing this ten times will 
    give you the mole-whacking note.
    Managing money:
    	If you are at the beginning of the game, I painfully discovered 
    on my first try that spending money willy nilly is a big no no.  
    Therefore, it is necessary that you make a goal, save up, spending only 
    when mandatory.  For instance, when I was eyeing my future chicken 
    coop, it was floored at the price.  Immediately, I was saving up, 
    buying only seeds and the occasional gift.  But I knew that even if I 
    did have a chicken coop, it would be useless without a chicken!  So, I 
    factored that detail in and found myself saving for 5400g, for the 
    chickens were 1200g each, and I wanted at lest two chickens to start 
    out with.  Then came chicken feed...  At 20g each serving, I knew that 
    I would have to buy that too, and wait till summer to buy a mill.  I 
    was going to buy fifty-bird-feed, so I was now saving 6400g!  This 
    didn’t require much planning, but I was struck by it at the first game 
    as well.  This is the same as a barn, which is more expensive, and the 
    animals are more costly, when you factor in the animal, the barn and 
    the grass or feed required, along with the proper tools for gaining 
    profit out of it, you could be looking at a 10000g investment!  Plus 
    the time that you have to take to care for it and get your daily or 
    weekly profit can be time consuming, but after a while, it pays off. 
    Time management:
    	In this game, time passes very quickly, and for you to waist any 
    of it is vital.  It takes about 40 seconds for an hour to pass.  One of 
    the first mistakes I made was just doing my chores and going to bed.  
    After a few days of this, I got the lone wolf note, but this wasted 
    valuable time that could’ve been used for socializing, gift-giving, or 
    even using the extra stamina for mining or collecting wood.  If there’s 
    a festival coming up, brush and milk your cow everyday as well as 
    talking and hand-feeding it.  All you have to do is take the extra five 
    seconds to brush it and love it.  Same with the sheep.  This game isn’t 
    about rushing, but making the most out of your time.  Even though there 
    isn’t a time limit, it is smart to do everything at one time instead of 
    rushing through for an event that gives you something.  It will always 
    come, but you can’t gain back the time that you slept through.  The 
    only time that you should go to bed without doing anything what so ever 
    is when there is a storm outside and you can’t go out.  Even still, you 
    should pick up you pets and prepare your rucksack for the next day, or 
    prepare any gifts.  
    	Fertilizer is something that is needed in every point of the 
    game.  It will not be needed as much for certain properties, but get it 
    as soon as possible as to be prepared for anything.  You must have this 
    if you are a crop person and you will get the maximum profit for every 
    crop you have.  This is essential especially for the fall season where 
    the available crops are not nearly as worth the trouble as in the 
    spring and summer.  In fertilized ground, things grow at the maximum 
    speed.  A turnip will grow at a rate of three days for each.  One unit 
    of turnips, a full tilled lot of a 3x3 would yield a profit of 1620g 
    per unit.  If you upgraded your watering can, it will make this 
    possible and if upgraded to the goddess level and you have planted a 
    full tilled lot of four 3x3 lots, you will get 4860g every three days 
    with only a few seconds of work per day!  You will rarely find enough 
    room for this with the needed fertilized soil to make this possible.  
    Even in the next best soil, it would reduce the product’s value down to 
    2430g for each instead of the former.  A lot of money is needed for 
    many notes like the animal kingdom notes.  Filling an upgraded barn 
    with all eight animals and filling a chicken coop with all five birds 
    at the same time will give you the animal kingdom note.  The chicken 
    coop will cost about 10000g to fill and build and the barn and all of 
    the animals will equal about a total of over 30000g!  That’s a lot of 
    money to burn!  You could be looking at a 50000g investment!  Wheeeew 
    	Fertility not only affects the price of the item, but the rate of 
    growth as well.  For instance, strawberries, which are unlocked by 
    shipping fifty cabbages(see the priorities section), take seven days to 
    grow and produce fruit, as Liz will say in the description.  If you 
    plant them in normal soil, this will be true; however, if planted in 
    the best dark soil, they will take only six days to fully grow.  If in 
    the worst light soil, they will take eight days to be fully grown.  
    Also, for instance, breadfruit, which is planted in spring, the normal 
    value for breadfruit when shipped is 150g, a decent profit.  But in 
    worst light soil, one breadfruit is worth only 105g!  In fertile dark 
    soil, it is worth 300g, almost three times as much as the worst light 
    soil, and twice as much as in normal soil!  This is why fertilizer is 
    important and should be unlocked as quickly as possible if you have the 
    Oceanside property.  While in the short run, the Oceanside will be a 
    lot of work in the beginning, it will be worth it as the space is 
    incredible for growing crops, and it will take very little time for the 
    money for the fertilizer to pay off.
    	If you aren’t done with the day and there are still things to do, 
    go to the mountain properties where foraging is the best.  Herbs and 
    berries and honey and even flowers if you need some for the festival. 
    Weeding just before the next season in the mountains will increase the 
    odds of wild items appearing.  Don’t drop weeds on the road though, 
    unless you want to lower the heart levels with everyone.  While you can 
    plant two herbs in two different seasons, there are some rare herbs 
    exclusive to certain seasons like the purple herb and the red herb, the 
    pink one.  It is plants like these that make Basil happy, the rarer the 
    better for him.  But don’t give him blue mist flowers!
    Rare items:
    	Of all the items for you to find, only two of them give you a 
    very hard to find note.  Here are a few strategies on how to get these.  
    Be careful, because both of these items are found in the fall.  I gave 
    a short description of one of them in the guide.  One of the notes that 
    you will have to find by finding rare items is the gardening note.  
    This will require you the find the rarest flower in the game.  Just 
    before fall, summer 30, go out into the mountains and weed every weed 
    that you can find.  This will clear space for the blue mist flower, the 
    rarest flower in the game, allowing it to be loaded into the game.  The 
    more spaces that are available, the more blue mist flowers there will 
    be, and most likely to be.  The blue mist flower is worth 500g, and you 
    should ship at least one before you turn it into a balm or use it to 
    dye.  If you ship all three types of flowers, you will get the flower 
    garden note.  The next rare item is the truffle, which is found by the 
    pig.  This is also found in fall.  Talk to Gourmet at the egg festival 
    and get a barn.  In the morning, you will experience a cut-scene when 
    Gourmet will give you his pig.  Also, just like the blue mist flower, 
    go out and weed around areas with lots of trees, giving the truffle a 
    higher chance of being loaded into the game and a higher chance of your 
    pig finding a truffle.  Drop your pig in an available spot.  If you 
    don’t weed, he will take most of his time eating.  Keep an eye on him, 
    for if he does find a truffle, he will eat it if you don’t gather them 
    quickly, as Gourmet will say if you raise his heart level.  Ship your 
    first truffle for 1000g.  This will give you the oink-oink note.  These 
    are the hardest notes to get.
    D’ characters:
    	For those of you who want a description of your possible spouse, 
    here they are!
    The ladies:
    	Works at the Junk shop with her dad, Michael.  She is always 
    trying to invent a new product for the shop with Louis in the backroom.  
    She can be found at the moonlight mine on off hours and days.  She 
    loves corn.  You first meet her when you enter the shop.  Get three 
    hearts with her to get the explosive girl note.
    	Moves in after Alex expands his place to the Sanatorium, a 
    building north the clinic.  You get her when you make friends with Alex 
    and have shipped thirty herbs.  She is usually on the top floor of the 
    Sanatorium with Gina, her care taker who moves in along with her.  She 
    can be found outside of the workshop too.  Ship plenty of herbs after 
    you get her so that she can get her medicine or else she will leave.  
    She is terrified of strangers, but you will win her over by giving her 
    blueberry juice or jam.  It is best to give her juice, as it is less 
    expensive.  Get three hearts with her and get the princess note.
    	She works at the Blue sky ranch as an only child with her dad, 
    Henry, the owner of the Blue sky ranch.  You meet her when you first 
    enter the shop.  You will usually find her in the back in one of the 
    buildings or outside.  Every now and then on her day off you will find 
    her by the river near the ranch or at the square.  She likes any kind 
    of cocoa, so if you want to marry her, give her her favorite item!  
    Getting three hearts with her will give you the apron-girl note.
    Quick reminder:
    	By this time, you should have figured out that getting three 
    hearts with anyone who is an eligible spouse, whether boy or girl, will 
    give you a musical note.  I have mentioned this in another part of this 
    guide, and will continue to mention as a fifth of the notes required 
    are found by making friends with all of these people!  
    	She moves in when Doug opens the moonlight café.  Doug is her 
    uncle, and Terry is her grandpa.  She likes flowers, but if you want a 
    less expensive gift, you can give her moonstone.   She can be found 
    about any where in the village on the off hours. 
    	A girl who looks after Dia after she moves in.  She is very 
    quiet, and asks that you say hello to Dia when ever in the area.  She 
    loves shiny wool.  She comes expensive.  Getting three hearts will 
    result in the girl with glasses note.  You can find her inside and 
    outside of the clinic as well on both floors of the sanatorium as well.  
    Visit her and Dia often.
    	You first meet her at your first horse race, hopefully the spring 
    race.  Her uncle will run the Perch inn at about the first summer if 
    you go to the race and ship any goods.  They sell foods and a few 
    drinks.  Gwen works there as a cook.  Getting two hearts with her will 
    result in the pony-tail note.  Giving her fertilized carrots frequently 
    will make this easy.  Find her outside of the workshop, as Woody is her 
    	A loud and spunky girl who works as waitress and cook at Carl’s 
    Callaway café.  Here they serve tea and cake that will serve to be very 
    useful.  She likes special eggs and diamond rings, but the best thing 
    to give her is yams, an inexpensive pleasure that you can easily win 
    her over with.
    	You first meet this character at the flower festival in spring.  
    After you ship enough flowers, she will open up her “Hearty Lyla’s gift 
    shop,” at which you can buy yarn, jams and vases for decoration.  
    Giving her her favorite pink-cat flowers will win her heart:).  She can 
    be found at her shop when it opens and at the moonlight café at night.  
    Every now and then she is at the square on the off hours.
    	A girl who works at the library right near the square.  Her books 
    change from season to season.  Most of them say things that you can 
    hear from almost anyone, but some of them contain some good 
    information.  Going there every season to read or just look at all the 
    books as well as all of the note books that people give you at the 
    start of the game will result in a musical note.  Like her dad, 
    Theodore, she love her spuds stewed.  She can be found anywhere, but 
    she is usually at her dad’s or at the library.
    The guys:
    	A serious doctor who is always pressing to keep yourself in 
    shape.  You first meet him at the clinic.  Befriending him will get 
    Martha to move in, and shipping thirty herbs will cause him to build 
    the Sanatorium.  Giving him veggie juice and turnips will brighten his 
    day.  He will be at the mines or outside the clinic on the off days and 
    hours.  He is also found at the river every now and then.
    	Blue works on the farm behind the Blue sky ranch.  He is a very 
    serious man, but takes his work seriously.  He isn’t the friendliest 
    character you meet in this game.  On occasion, you’ll find him in the 
    shop that Hank owns.  You never see him smile.  However, giving him 
    cheese might bring the rare smile on his face.  Priceless:).
    	A wandering observer who likes plants and nature.  You first meet 
    him at sunny lake looking at an invisible plant near the lake where Ray 
    usually fishes.  He will like pretty much any type of plant, but don’t 
    take a chance on giving him a weed, he might not like it.  Giving him 
    the most delicate and rare plants are his favorite, and tomato juice 
    just tickles his taste buds!  Red herbs are one of his favorites.  Find 
    him staring at the spring farm’s plants, the sunny lake or just outside 
    of the entrance of sunny lake.  Ever now and then in the mountains.  
    	Bob the shipper spends most of his hours at the Blue sky ranch.  
    When his grandfather, Tai and his brother, Tim, move in, you might 
    occasionally find him at the blacksmith.  His true dream is to raise 
    horses.  He is a fun, hearty man.  His favorites are cakes, but if you 
    want to win him over quickly, give him a few special eggs.  It’ll make 
    him feel just as special.  He can be found just about anywhere, so look 
    inside buildings if is face isn’t on the map.
    	Tends the bar at the moonlight café, but his true dream is to 
    open his own café full of sweets and tea.  When he accomplishes this 
    goal, Katie will move in as well as a waitress and a cook.  On his off 
    days, you will most likely see him at the flower bud square.   Giving 
    him herb tea will make him even happier.  He can be found at the square 
    on his off days and hours and can be occasionally found outside of the 
    Blue sky ranch’s ranch.
    	Dan is a cool, easy going drifter who goes wherever.  You will 
    first be introduced to him at the first horse race, where he asks you 
    to lend him a thousand smackers.  You will have two choices, but both 
    of them are the same, except for the way you turn down his offer, money 
    for nothing?  After Ronald opens up his Paradise Orchard, he will 
    employ Dan, making him easier to find.  Giving him gold is obviously 
    the choice, but giving him soda will make him feel a bit better after 
    gambling away all of his money!  Find him outside of the orchard at the 
    off times, but he also likes to hang out at the beach.  He might be at 
    the square,
    	And easy going, fun loving fisher man who works as an apprentice 
    for Woody with his brother, Kurt.  At lunch time, he can be found at a 
    café, but on his off hours, he will be eagerly fishing at the rivers as 
    a pastime.  He is his brother’s antonym.  He likes fish, but corn is 
    his greatest preference.  
    	Kurt is a no-nonsense, get-this-done-properly kind of guy.  On 
    his off days, you will find him at the mines, walking around.  He will 
    tell you at the mines: “You’ll find nothing but clay near the stairs.”  
    When it’s true it’s true, the good clay that Saibara needs to open and 
    stay open can be found more than any where else near the stairs.  He 
    can be found with his brother at lunch, and you first meet them 
    together at Woody’s the first time you enter.  He loves the rare Blue 
    mist flowers, but if you cannot afford to give it to him, instead, 
    present to him herb tea if you need to give him a cheaper gift.  He can 
    be found at the sanatorium most of the time.  He might be at the mines, 
    	Not very much is known about him as he is very hard to find.  
    When you first meet him, it will be at the fireworks festival.  Later, 
    you might find him in the square or at the Junk shop when it is 
    expanded.  Be sure to talk to him when he is out, and if you happen to 
    have a moonstone with you, dump the extra 50g and give it to him.  
    	And lastly, but certainly not least is Ray the angler.  You will 
    see him either near the river or at sunny lake, which is where you also 
    will first meet him.  Not so much is known about him, but his main base 
    is at the lake fishing his life away.  While he is partial to fish, 
    giving him a moonstone will make him forget all about fish.  He also 
    has a taste for the best onions in the crop.
    	Festivals are a big part of this game, and you get quite a few of 
    your notes from them.  Be sure to check your calendar every day or so 
    to keep up with the festivals.  Be sure to place into the shipping box 
    the required item before the festival.  There is no time limit as to 
    how soon you have to place your item into the box as long it is before 
    the day of the festival.  However, it is advised to put it in when you 
    have it unless you have an impeccable memory.  You cannot put your item 
    in the day of the festival.  Also, Carl will only supply the eggs for 
    the spring egg festival the first year, so you should take into 
    consideration about shipping your egg the second year and so on if you 
    want it to exist.  Also, for whatever event at the festival to happen, 
    you must talk to everyone except the mayor; this includes Jamie, who 
    will most likely say something very nasty to or about you or people.  
    You also must talk to everyone to end the festival like the Flower 
    festival, where there are no special events but just a time to talk and 
    socialize.  Also, for instance the sheep festival will require you to 
    talk to everyone before Theodore will announce the winner.
    Animal festivals:
    	In animal festivals, everyone will gather at the square, as well 
    with the top five people with hearts.  Jamie will always be there, as 
    well as the mayor.  The animal you enter must have nine or more hearts 
    in order to guarantee a win.  Winning these festivals will give you a 
    note for the first time your animal wins.  The animal that wins will 
    gain fame and a crown, which you will see right next to their name in 
    the menu.  This both raises their sell back value, and increases the 
    chances of getting a superior product form them.  If a cow gets a 
    crown, you probably won’t see normal milk from him ever again.  
    However, for a sheep festival, there is a restriction.  To enter a 
    sheep, it must:
    1)	Have a full coat of wool
    2)	Be healthy, not sick
    3)	Must not be pregnant and grown up
    	As you might see, you must plan carefully if you want to enter 
    your sheep.  Making sure that your sheep has a full coat of wool is 
    very hard, especially for me, which is why I check the calendar about 
    every other day.  Your cow must not be pregnant or sick, same with your 
    Harvest spring:
    	The harvest spring is across the bridge in the mountain echo 
    area.  At about the second or third year, you might want to consider 
    buying one of those properties and building a house there.  This is 
    primo real-estate as foraging will allow you to stuff your fridge 
    quickly and allow you to save your game at one of the most important 
    places in the game.  When you enter the harvest springs, you will be 
    greeted by the sprites.  If you have five notes, they will form an 
    instrument in a very ceremonial and time consuming way.  However, when 
    you have collected the fifty required notes, the sprites will stop 
    making the instruments.  Collecting fifty notes will free the harvest 
    goddess and the need for instruments will no longer be there.  After 
    the closing credits, Jamie will enter the spring, and say: “I- I 
    couldn’t help you!”  He will then turn and exit.  Then the harvest 
    goddess will tell you to collect the remaining notes.  This was a 
    relief to me as I thought the game was over and I wasn’t even married.  
    It’s that feeling that you get after you beat a really good game and 
    feel sorry that it ended.  
    Strange notes:
    	Of all of the serious notes that require for you to be 
    sophisticated and smart, there are some that require you to be a little 
    crazy and strange, and not to mention having a lot of money.  For 
    instance, the very rich note can be obtained by having 100,000g!  This 
    is very difficult.  However, you can get half of this by selling a 
    horse with a crown, which is worth 50,000g.  If you have a lot of 
    fertilized land and a lot of land tilled, you should be able to get the 
    other half in about a season if you go on a controlled budget.  This 
    will require very careful planning, and it is satisfying to have that 
    100,000g after you get the note!  This will be a huge accomplishment 
    financially and will help with those trigger happy spending needs.  
    This will allow you to take a long break from the pressures of having 
    to work your tail off trying to make a living, and will last you a few 
    weeks.  This will also give you the sufficient funds to get a crazy 
    note that requires you to drink ten sodas in one sitting!  It is best 
    to do this at the moonlight café, as, since it makes you tired, and the 
    café is only open at night.  It is good to do after all of your chores 
    ahead of time, as it will take a seemingly Herculean effort to even 
    water a single plant!  This note is quite costly.  Another strange note 
    is the stationary note.  Do this if you are waiting for a late store to 
    open.  Just set the controller down and wait.  It will take about two 
    and a half virtual hours for you to get this note.  Don’t kick the 
    controller accidentally or else you might have to wait an extra two and 
    a half hours!  These next notes aren’t necessarily strange, but they 
    can be frustrating, as this will require you to get only the minimum 
    profit.  You will basically have to ship unimproved products.  For 
    instance, if you have a cheese maker, you will have to go through the 
    pains of shipping ten plain jugs of milk in order to get the milking 
    note!  This is the same with the shearing note, which is a real pain as 
    yarn is way more expensive than plain yarn!  It is also advised, 
    assuming that you have the 100,000g note, that you do the shearing note 
    after the very rich note as maximum profit will not be quite as 
    necessary.  You do, however, get the same for your chickens, as eggs 
    are not as expensive as all of the other products, and it is not as 
    painful as a 200g difference!  But perhaps the most tedious note is the 
    oink-oink note, where you must get a truffle and ship it.  The best 
    place to look is probably the Mora tree, the pink ones in the spring 
    that turn darker in the fall.  Also, the whack-a-mole note is the most 
    frustrating, so keep a hammer with you wherever you go.  You can hit a 
    mole with any swing-able tool, however, so keep one, walk around the 
    village on a daily basis and you’ll run into a few.  However, the 
    property that the blacksmith moves in on will have the most moles for 
    some odd reason.
    Conserving energy:
    	Conserving energy is one of the most difficult things to do at 
    the beginning of the game and still make a respectable income.  For 
    instance, if you have a gold watering can and you planted in the “U” 
    formation earlier in the guide, you might find that is an unnecessary 
    waist of water and energy to charge it up to the gold level.  Instead, 
    only charge up to the silver level as watering will not take as much 
    energy and it will conserve water.  When you get to the later stages of 
    the game, you might want to buy a well from Woody’s, as later in the 
    game, you should make more crops, probably requiring you to fill your 
    watering can more than once a day.  Your watering hole can hold up to 
    about ten re-fills.  If it doesn’t rain, then you might have a problem 
    on your hands as it collects rain water, as opposed to the well where 
    it collects ground water.  Also, if you have any spare energy, use it 
    instead of waiting for tomorrow to waist it on something that you 
    could’ve done the previous day.  If you have the energy and you need to 
    chop down a tree, chop it even if you can’t cut it down in one sitting.  
    Also, buy other kitchen utensils as more complicated foods restore more 
    energy.  If you chose the Oceanside property, collect clams and cook 
    them in a bonfire for a quick and non-costly snack.  If you chose the 
    riverside, catch a fish and chop it up for sashimi or cook it in your 
    bonfire.  Or you could cook it in the oven with an herb.  If you chose 
    the village center, go to the mountain and forage for herbs, honey and 
    berries.  Foraging, fishing and hunting for clams are one of the most 
    affordable ways to restore stamina.  Also, if you have some money to 
    burn, and you have chores to do but you don’t have the energy, stop by 
    the Callaway café for some cakes.  It is always best to get a fresh 
    start when starting a vital chore.  Or, if you want to, get some cheese 
    or milk from your cow, or a boiled egg from your chicken(s).  Another 
    way to save energy and money is to do all of your chores first as you 
    won’t panic when you find out that you don’t have the energy when you 
    goofed off and found that you used up to much energy.  Use your bonfire 
    set and bring a fishing pole for a quick bite to eat.  This is a both 
    cheap and efficient way to regain any energy when needed.  Also you can 
    go to a café, preferably the perch inn if you really need a lot of 
    health restored, for they sell stew, which will restore all of the 
    health that you need.
    Quick reminder:
    	While mostly all of the cooked or chopped up fish are worth at 
    least 10g more, like sashimi, there is one exception, the strangest 
    shellfish in the game, the clam.  It is advised by common sense to cook 
    your fish on the spot right before shipping them to raise the value and 
    get a total of about 100g extra.  This is vital at the beginning of the 
    game as maximum profit is the key to success.  But when you ship your 
    clams, don’t even consider cooking them over the bonfire as this will 
    decrease the value of the clam by 20g, giving you 60g instead of 80g!  
    If you broil all of them before checking out the price, this could 
    result in over a 100g set-back!  However, cooking clams inside the 
    frying pan from your local Junk Shop, along with a little butter, 
    preferably the worst butter for max profit, you will get a gross profit 
    of about 160g, doubling the clams value with the help of butter,  a net 
    profit of 400g, another reason to first get a butter machine along with 
    your cow.  
    The two mines:
    	In this game, only one mine is accessible all year round, but one 
    mine is open only in winter, the sunny lake mine.  When the river 
    freezes over, walk across it to get to the lake mine.  The moonlight 
    mine is where a majority of people hang out on their off days and 
    hours.  Here, good clay, money and roots abound.  Going deeper and 
    deeper into the mine will give you more chance to find rarer things.  
    If you need moonstone, go to the fourth floor.  Carrying one at all 
    times as well as a good egg will allow you to be prepared for anything 
    and anyone that you pass by and you would like to give a gift.  If you 
    find Louis at the square, you can give him a moonstone as it is one of 
    his favorites.  You can wait for the junk shop to expand when you get 
    five hearts with Michael, but it is best to get a head start.  The 
    tenth floor has rocks to split, but only one of them have something 
    worth keeping.  If you are feeling lucky, hammer here for a rare ore.  
    Be aware that only one rock has one, so come with an upgraded hammer to 
    at least the gold level.  The lake mine has its special floors too.    
    On the tenth floor, however, you will hit a dead end and be forced to 
    either hoe for the stairs down or go back up and start again.  After a 
    while you will manage to get past the tenth floor, but it is advised 
    that you hoe instead of start over again.  If you have and upgraded hoe 
    to at least the silver level and you charge it a few times, you should 
    have no problem finding the stairs, and you can regain your energy 
    using all of the roots that you find.  For some odd reason, roots are 
    found more on the tenth floor of the lake mine than anything else.  
    Hoeing at least three squares distance from the stairs will give you 
    the stairs down.  If you go on a crack and your character reacts, you 
    can tell whether or not he is falling or ascending by his reaction.  If 
    he has a question mark over his head, he is going up; but if he has an 
    exclamation point above his head, he is going down.  Reaching the 
    bottom of either of these mines will give you a reward.  If you reach 
    the bottom of the lake mine, you will get a note and a chance for the 
    squid prince the jamasquid, so bring your fishing pole and a lot of 
    food as well as your hammer and hoe.  If you reach the bottom of the 
    moonlight mine, you will get a power berry from Tim provided that the 
    blacksmith has moved into town as well as the chance to dig for gold.  
    Using your hoe around the monument in the center of the hundredth floor 
    will get you at least a thousand and enough to get you a note and some 
    extra cash!   
    Local businesses:
    	All of the local businesses have something to do with obtaining 
    at least one musical note or a power berry.  I will give a description 
    of all of these businesses and what their use is and how to get them.  
    	The only business that doesn’t really impact your life as much.  
    When you first go there, you will meet Dr. Alex.  When you get a heart 
    with him, Martha will move in.  Getting two hearts with her will result 
    in her giving you a new and largest rucksack in the game.  The notes 
    that the clinic is responsible for is:
    1)	Limitation note: obtained when you first faint and end up at 
    the clinic the next day.
    2)	Doctor note: received when you receive a gift from Dr. Alex.
    3)	Princess note: while the clinic isn’t actually responsible for 
    this note, it does play a small role.  Received when you 
    receive a gift from Dia.
    4)	Girl with glasses note: received when you obtain a gift from 
    	The blacksmith moves in when you have shipped enough ore for them 
    to consider establshing a business here.  They will upgrade your tools 
    for a price.  Tai lives there and on occasion you will see Bob there.  
    Tim will give you a power berry when you reach the lowest level of the 
    moonlight mine, the 100th level.  They are not really responsible for 
    any notes, just for upgrading your tools and for one power berry.  
    	1) Lost child note: received when you rescue Tim and Meyrl from 
    the wild dog.
    Spring farm:
    	This business is probably one of the most important businesses.  
    They are the ones who sell you produce, tree and vine seedlings, and 
    seeds for crops.  Liz and Nina, her daughter, live there.  You might 
    find Liz outside of the building at off days.  You will find Nina at 
    either around the crops or inside.
    1)	Flower girl note: received when you get a gift from Nina.
    2)	Harvest note: received when you attend the harvest festival.  
    3)	Pumpkin note: received when you attend the pumpkin festival.
    4)	Flower note: received when you go to the flower festival.  
    5)	Forest note: received when you plant your first tree.
    6)	Fodder note: received when you cut twenty squares of grass.
    7)	Garden note: received when you have five or more flowers 
    blooming at once.
    Junk shop:
    	A business that sells additional decorative stuff that lies 
    around the house.  Michael owns the place and his daughter Ann invents 
    things in the back room.  However, they never really invent anything.  
    1)	Explosive girl note:  received when you get a gift from Ann.
    2)	Yarn note: received when you ship your first dyed yarn.
    3)	Super chef note: received for collecting over 100 recipes.    
    Blue Sky Ranch:	
    	A business right across the street from the riverside property at 
    the start of the game.  Bob works there and can be found there almost 
    all day.  Ellen, an only child who works there can also be found either 
    in the building or outside, along with Blue, a distant relative.  Henry 
    owns the place.
    1)	Apron girl note: received when Ellen gives you a gift.
    2)	Farmer note: received when Blue gives you a gift.
    3)	Male note: received when Bob gives you a gift.
    4)	Birth of life note: received when one of your animals give 
    5)	Bell ringing note: received when you ring the bell twenty 
    6)	Bow-wow note: received when you get three hearts with your 
    7)	Milking note: received when you ship ten jugs of milk.
    8)	Shearing note: received you ship ten parcels of wool.
    9)	Egg note: received when you ship ten eggs.  
    10)	Racing note: received when your horse wins the horse race.
    11)	Brushing note: received for brushing your animals twenty 
    12)	Cock-a-doodle-doo note: received when your chicken first 
    wins the chicken festival.
    13)	Moo note: received when your cow wins the cow festival.
    14)	Baa note: received when your sheep wins the sheep festival. 
    Quick reminder:
    	With quite a few notes, several businesses are responsible for 
    the same notes, so don’t be surprised when you see two or even three 
    businesses responsible for a note.  
    	The workshop is located just north of the Oceanside property at 
    the beginning of the game.  Joe and his brother Kurt are apprentices to 
    Woody, the owner of the workshop.  They are responsible for building 
    barns and play a strong second-hand part in many of the notes.
    1)	Cool crafts-man note: received when you get a gift from Kurt.
    2)	? note: received when you get a gift from Joe.
    3)	Birth of life note: received when an animal gives birth.
    4)	Milking note: received when you ship ten jugs of milk.
    5)	Shearing note: received when you ship ten parcels of wool.
    6)	Egg note: received when you have shipped ten eggs.
    7)	Racing note: received when your horse wins the horse race.
    8)	Moo note: received when your cow wins the cow festival.
    9)	Baa note: received when your sheep wins the sheep festival.  
    10)	Cock-a-doodle-doo note: received when your chicken wins the 
    chicken festival.
    11)	Wedding day note: received when you get married.
    12)	Blue bird note: received when you get the blue feather.
    13)	You can walk! Note: received when your baby take his first 
    14)	Pregnant note: received when a baby is on the way.
    15)	Birth note: received when your baby arrives.  
    16)	Second house note: received when you get a second house.
    17)	Oink-oink note: received when your pig finds a truffle and 
    you ship it. 
    	The sanatorium will open when you raise the heart level of Dr. 
    Alex and ship thirty herbs.  This will result in the arrival of Dia, 
    who is just recovering from surgery, Gina, who looks after Dia, and 
    Martha, who moves in after you raise the heart level of Dr. Alex.  
    1)	Princess note: received when you get a gift from Dia.
    2)	Girl with glasses note: received when you get a gift from 
    Paradise orchard:
    	The paradise orchard is opened by Ronald when you plant your 
    first trees and ship your first fruits.  You first meet Ronald at your 
    first horse race, who bets on the horses who win.  He will be gambling 
    with Dan, who will later become his employee.
    1)	Drifter note: received when you get a gift from Dan.
    2)	Lost child note: received when you rescue Meyrl and Tim from 
    the wild dog.
    Hearty Lyla’s gift shop:
    	This shop will not be here in the beginning and will only be 
    unlocked if you go the flower festival.  Obviously, if you don’t go to 
    the first flower festival, you will have to wait another year to get 
    her!  Shipping flowers and berries early in the game will ensure her 
    arrival before the first year has ended.  Also, you can buy the yarn 
    from her shop to give to Martha, who will later give you the largest 
    1)	? note: received when you get a gift from Lyla.
    Quick reminder:
    	If you see the ? note, it is because I have you to go to the menu 
    and actually dot them down.  Also, some of the notes may not have the 
    correct name.  This is for the same reason.  
    	As you might have guessed, Woody’s workshop plays a part in a 
    large majority of the required notes.  However, you will have to also 
    rely on your own efforts to make the money necessary and to court your 
    bride or groom, and train your animals and love them.  Also, you might 
    notice that the animals are responsible for most of the notes.
    Power berries:
    	At the beginning of the game, you will have only just enough 
    energy to get by.  Just enough for a few crops, maybe some left over to 
    go fishing or go mine for limestone or ore.  If you’re lucky, you might 
    even be able to chop some wood and clear some trees.  Also, you will be 
    equipped with heavy, iron tools that drain stamina, making efficient 
    the last word that you would use to describe your tools.  However, 
    after a few weeks of hard work, about the middle of the second season, 
    you should’ve been able to afford a few upgrades to make watering, 
    mining, hoeing and chopping for wood more efficient.  But, as you could 
    see, the beginning will be rough, no matter how good you are.  But as 
    you progress in the game, you might stumble upon the power berry, a 
    fruit that you can win or stumble upon someone that has one.  It must 
    be eaten on the spot when you get it.  What a power berry does is 
    essential to gaining the power to expand your practice and your 
    business, giving you the ability to plant multiple crops at multiple 
    locations.  That coupled with upgraded tools will make your work much 
    easier.  At about half way through the second year, maybe a bit more 
    depending on how much work you have done, you will have obtained and 
    eaten all five of the power berries.  When you eat your first power 
    berry, you will notice the difference instantly.  When you collect all 
    five, energy will hardly be an issue unless you seriously expanded your 
    business.  I have listed all of the power berries, how to get them, and 
    what to look out for in the process.
    1)	The first power berry that you will encounter is the one at 
    the third of summer, the beach festival!  Any where from 6:00 
    A.M to 12:00 P.M at them moonlight beach.  Winning the 
    swimming competition will result in Theodore giving you a 
    power berry.  Be aware that you probably won’t win the first 
    one, so prepare for the other one the next year on the mini-
    game section.
    2)	The next one that you will get the latest in the game is the 
    one that you receive from Tim, the blacksmith’s grandson.  You 
    will get this once you get to the 100th floor in the moonlight 
    mine provided that you have gotten the blacksmith.  Also, make 
    sure that Tim isn’t going on a trip when you are making this 
    attempt.  Take some boiled eggs or cake if you can get your 
    hands on some.  Boiled eggs are great for replenishing 
    stamina! Tim will say that he found the berry and gives it to 
    you.  Take some food along with your hoe, for you will be in 
    need of digging for the stairs at the 99th or the 98th floor.  
    Also, at the 100th floor, when you get the power berry, dig 
    with your hoe around the structure in the center of the area; 
    the one with the steps but not the stairs.  You will find an 
    abundance of buried coins that could make you rich if you have 
    the patience.  This is the most likely place that you will get 
    the lucky note.  This will be received when you have found 
    1000g in buried coins:)!
    3)	The last one you will most likely get is the power berry that 
    you will receive as a prize in the “Rank B” horse race cup.  
    The prize is a power berry.  Get six hearts with your horse to 
    be eligible for the “Rank B.”  
    4)	One of the first power berries that you’ll get is the one that 
    you receive from Theodore at the pumpkin festival.  Be sure to 
    ship a pumpkin after the harvest festival and before winter.  
    5)	The last power berry that will take the most time in receiving 
    depending on how you take your time.  Don’t be pushed into 
    achieving this goal so quickly.  Get thirty notes and turn 
    them into instruments and you will get a power berry from the 
    Food & cooking:
    	When it comes to stamina, nothing is more delicate, especially in 
    the beginning of the game.  Even if you collect all of the power 
    berries, you will find that keeping track of everything, your crops, 
    animals and mining, energy is still an issue.  This is why you are 
    obliged to spend a little bit of extra money for kitchen improvements.  
    Something cooked will restore more stamina than a plain food item.  If 
    you eat an egg raw, it will restore only about two-thirds of the boiled 
    egg.  If you are going to eat something raw, eat the highest quality of 
    your crop to make it worth your while.  For instance, a turnip grown in 
    the worst soil won’t even restore half of the amount that a turnip 
    grown in the best soil will.  Also, if your turnip is grown in 
    fertilized soil, your character will say that the turnip is yummy, as 
    opposed to no comment for a lesser product.  Another way to watch out 
    for maximum profit in recipes is using the least ingredients of its 
    class.  Later, Gourmet will say: “It doesn’t matter the quality of the 
    ingredients used for the recipe.”  If you start out with the Oceanside 
    property, you will want to add some new means of cooking.  This is 
    important as fertilizer will not be sold until you ship ten limestone.  
    A frying pan will make fried veggies out of your vegetables and a pot 
    will stew your potatoes.  These are only a few examples of cooking.  
    Also, if you do start out with the Oceanside property, mine until you 
    get fertilizer.  Items grown in worst soil will barely be a third of 
    the value of a fertilized item.  
    Wild animals:
    	If you see any wild animal, pick it up.  You should always make 
    time for this unless you are in a desperate rush.  Feeding them is not 
    advised by Terry, the old mountain man, but if you just do a little 
    research at the library, you can find the animal’s favorite foods.   
    The squirrel loves weeds, but giving the duck bird feed is a big no-no.  
    The sparrow likes it though.  The raccoon likes fruits and fish.  The 
    duck might like fish.  Getting six hearts with a wild animal will 
    result in getting the wild animals note when you receive a visit.  This 
    is very important.
    Planting trees:
    	Planting trees are both a profitable investment, and an essential 
    part of getting the paradise orchard.  If you devote a large plot of 
    land to an orchard of fruit trees, you can make a very large profit off 
    of this.  Devoting one piece of land to a single type fruit tree for 
    each property will be even smarter.  Chest nut trees are larger than 
    fruit trees and bear more fruit.  However, the by-products are worth 
    only 50g each.  Trees need to be in the center of a 3x3 area, and have 
    extra room next to that 3x3 space for fruit to fall.  Plant these 
    before winter to give them time to grow.  They will give as many 
    harvests as possible as long as it is in season.  Plant in a wide-open 
    area and leave your seedling plenty of room for fruits.  Use one fruit 
    in a mixer to make juice, and two fruits in a pot to make jam.  Using 
    two fruits in an aging pot will make soda.  
    1)	Remember to take your animals in after grazing.  If you leave 
    them, they’ll be attacked by the wild dog.  
    2)	On thanksgiving, talk to anyone who has three or more hearts, and 
    you will receive a cake.  Sell or give to another.  Or you could 
    keep them for a project that you are going to do like chopping 
    wood or going to the mines.    
    3)	Don’t give more than one gift per day.  To raise the heart level, 
    talk to them as well as give them a gift.  
    4)	Get at least one heart with everyone and be sure to visit their 
    business often to keep them.  The only ones that won’t leave are 
    the ones that you get at the beginning.  The blacksmith is an 
    exception as, if you don’t ship enough ore, only Tim will leave 
    for his relatives like anyone else.  
    5)	Always check the bulletin at the square as Theodore suggests.  
    They say the where, the time, and what to put in the blue 
    shipping box next to it in order to keep the festival going.  If 
    you see the mayor on the radar on any festival day except for 
    thanksgiving, which isn’t really an event but a festival but a 
    gift giving time, this will mean that the festival was cancelled.  
    If you talk to him, he will say: “Unfortunately, the ________ 
    festival was cancelled…”
    6)	Fill the largest barn and get five chickens for your chicken coop 
    and you will get the animal kingdom note.
    7)	If you cannot find the level three house, make friends with 
    someone at the workshop.
    8)	Use the least valuable items in your recipes.  Getting 100 
    recipes will give you the super chef note.
    9)	Save your game after your chores and before the horse race.  This 
    way, if you lose, you can re-load your game and try again. 
    10)	Don’t litter!  Littering anything will lower your heart 
    level with everyone.  This includes dropping things on the road 
    and the yellow lots when you push the z button.
    11)	Get three hearts with the mayor to unlock all of the 
    properties.  Stewed potatoes and yams are his favorite.
    12)	Fall is the only time you can get truffles!  Hunt for them 
    as much as possible.  Sell your first one.  
    13)	Don’t rush into marriage!  You need at least eight hearts 
    to propose.  
    14)	The blast from charged tools will affect all people and 
    animals in the blast area, so clear all of them before you do 
    your duties!  
    15)	Get five hearts with anyone to get a special gift or a 
    loving note.  Even those who you cannot marry.
    Closing statements:
    	I have given you all of the most useful information that I can 
    muster in the guide.  Ship a variety of things to keep the businesses 
    going.  Plant quickly, or you will waist time.  Get notes as much as 
    possible and collect all of the power berries.  And talk to everyone 
    and pick up all of the wild animals on the way and visit the businesses 
    every day or so.  Read the crop section of the guide to get the buzz on 
    the benefits and cost, also included in the cost/benefit section.  This 
    will give the prices for a few unique plants and the unique properties 
    of multi-harvestable plants.  Get fertilizer as soon as possible, and 
    raise the heart level with Theodore to get the properties.  Ship good 
    clay to get Saibara and ship more clay to get the ageing pot and the 
    mixing pot.  Visiting him when you have two hearts with Saibara will 
    give you the ageing pot, provided that you have at least two hearts 
    with the mayor.  Any more hearts with Saibara than two will cancel the 
    action.  Get the mixing pot in a similar way.  Five hearts with Saibara 
    and at least two with the mayor.  Give Saibara good clay to win him 
    over quickly.  Give Henry gold and herbs to raise the heart level and 
    get the picture he will paint.  You meet him at the sunny lake, as well 
    as Ray, Basil, and Terry, the old mountaineer.  Getting five hearts 
    will result in his death and he will ask you to take care of Eve, his 
    granddaughter.  Ship flowers to get Lyla and ship cake goods to open up 
    the Callaway café.  Just a few reminders and some other stuff that I 
    didn’t mention.  I hope this guide will be helpful in your success with 
    beating it.  Remember, getting fifty notes and freeing the Harvest 
    Goddess will not end the game, she will just tell you to collect all of 
    the other musical notes.  Go to the spring after you have freed her and 
    she will fill your stamina bar.  After you get 99 notes, visit the 
    springs and you will receive the final note, the meek note.  Hope I’ve 
    been helpful:)!!!!.  Good luck! 
    Can you help me?:
    	No one is perfect, and I am defiantly not an exception.  Did I 
    miss anything?  How about a section that you would like me to add?  Is 
    there any misinformation?  Are there a few typos that I missed?  Is 
    there something that I didn’t add, or isn’t clear?  Are there any tips 
    or hints that I forgot to add?  If you feel that you can help me 
    improve this guide a lot or just a little, I’m open to any suggestions!  
    Don’t be afraid to give me a ring at adam@mustardseedtech.com and give 
    me your thoughts!  Thanks!
    Legal stuff:
    	This guide is restricted to Adam and only Adam.  Contact me if 
    you want to use this guide in part or in whole.

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