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"Carrots, Cabbage, and Corn...oh yes!"

Who would have thought that a game about farming would touch the hearts of so many gamers? Natsume did, and thats how the Harvest Moon series came into play. A simple farmer grows crops, gets married, and has a child. We all know the story line. Magical Melody is the number one Harvest Moon game to date.

-Graphics 10/10-

The graphics in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life were top notch. We now take a step down...but its two steps back up! Magical Melody's graphics are absolutely ADORABLE! When I hatched my first chicken and the little chick came out, I almost wanted to hug the TV! Cel-shaded goodness is all around. It may feel childish, but the environment is lush and the townsfolk all have their own sense of appeal. The house designs are a little "cookie-cutter" but everything is so fresh.

-Audio 9/10-

Clucks, Moos, and Baas oh my! The animal sounds are very well done. When a chicken is in distress, the clucking is as if the chicken is about to be cooked. The music changes along with the seasons, bringing new tunes into play. the watering can pouring sounds so realistic. some of the characters voices are a bit...much. For example, the blacksmith's son's voice is a bit loud and un-enjoyable. Did anyone else notice the Summer music sounds alot like "Limbo" music?

-Gameplay 10/10-

When you get into the game at first, you think "Ok...whats first? Do I buy seeds? Meet people? Go fishing?" It is a bit hectic at first. The gameplay evens out when you find out "Well,ok...I have to get 10 limestones for fertilizer!"and then you go do it. You take one event at a time. It is a bit intimidating how much choice you have. You can marry one of 10 girls/guys, each of which have their own personality. Sometimes you do feel like you want to stop playing due to the repetitive gameplay, but then you see a fight between two townspeople. You get addicted to this game so fast.

-Originality 9/10-

Although the same storyline, Magical Melody introduces a lot more choices. No other game would come close to how Harvest Moon has developed an enjoyable farming experience. Don't even try to plan your days, an event will occur and you'll get sucked in to it. Festivals don't occur unless you donate he item of choice (i.e. a Pumpkin and the Pumpkin Festival). you are constantly working

-Overall 9/10-

Magical Melody does everything right. Nothing about this game will upset you. The appeal of this game is remarkable.It may seem childish, but you'll be surprised how much you come to love your town. It will take you about an hour to get used to this game, but it is well worth it! Magical Melody never gets old, and also never ends.

-Buy or Rent-

Buy,buy,buy! This game is too long for a rental! Renting this game is like planning to walk your dog and only getting to the front porch! You must buy this game, and for 39.99, you will get your moneys worth!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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