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"Don't waste your time on AC, this is a perfect SIM game!"

So, you want to know whether to buy or rent this game? I'll tell you. First of all, Nintendo, I have absolutely NO IDEA why you like AC better than this. You really do? It's almost funny! That game sucks (actually Wild World does, the first one isn't that bad, just repetitive) and this is MUCH different. Here, listen to this.

The controls aren't that bad, only at first they can be a bit confusing. After a while, once you've played for a few days, they are very simple.

The story is beautiful. Instead of that old, tiring, and worn out storyline, "Your father/grandfather died and now clean up his farm...", the storyline is that the people of Flower Bud village stopped believing in the Harvest Goddess so she turned to stone. A year before your character arrives, a selfish pig (not literally) named Jamie decides to help. But still he is not helping, so that's where you come in! You have to help that big selfish brat collect all the 100 notes in the game. Of course, he barely helps, so basically just you are collecting the notes. You get them by farming, being friends with the villagers, mining, fishing, and more.

The game play is excellent, a pure work of art. You can farm, but on the other hand, you don't have to! If you want to, you can spend your days making money by farming, or you can make money by shipping items, mining, fishing, and more. Or you can just watch the days go by and be poor, or you can be a social butterfly and go out to cafes and places where people might be and socialize. You literally can't save the harvest goddess unless you're friends with everybody. You can also get married and have a kid, but you actually (yes, actually) don't have to! Another upside on the game is that you can play as a boy or girl on the same game instead of wasting your money on a different game just to play as a girl/boy. Also, instead of just 3 girls/boys to marry, there are 21 spouses total! Yes, you heard me, 21 spouses. 11 girls and boys to marry. And if you want to marry Jamie (why, oh why would you want to marry Jamie?) that's 22! Jamie is always the opposite gender of you, just so you know.

Oops, did I mention that this game NEVER (yes, NEVER) ends? Yes, it never ends! Instead of living a 30 game year life, you can live for 100 game years if you want to! Also, if you were wondering, the game still continues after you collect all 100 notes. But, one little downside, if you choose to marry the big selfish bratty pig Jamie, the game ends. But you wouldn't, right? Think of all the other 21 spouses.

So let's see...39/40 would be...9/10? Oh, who cares?!?

OVERALL-10/10!!! (not average)
So back to the question...Buy or rent? Well, depends. If you love SIM games and AC or HM:AWL left bitter tastes in your mouth (they did me, trust me) or if you just like the harvest moon series, BUY this game! If you do not like SIM games or if you liked AC or other harvest moon games, don't get this, maybe rent? Or if you hate SIM games and do not like games such as AC, The Sims, or other HM games, then DO NOT get this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/01/06

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