Review by dwarflord267

Reviewed: 01/02/07

Awesome game

This game is awesome because you get to manage your players life like you would your own. Keep him or her healthy and in good shape. You must also keep your animals in good shape. And you make friends just like real life, and I think that, that is awesome. The story is you gat notes from doing random tasks to save the Harvest Goddess. As if we care about the Harvest Goddess. These tasks include ship an item, faint, buy a bar, save the game, and 96 more. I have no idea why we get rewarded for fainting. This and many others were dumb reasons for a reward by Natsume.

The controls are pretty simple. If you can't remember, just look at the screen. The control diagram is optional, but there is no reason to turn it down. The music is great, and makes the game play feel better.

There is another part to this game : mining. This can be fun and annoying. You can find junk ores ( useless ), copper ores ( useful ), silver ores ( very useful ), gold ores ( ultra useful ), and many more. Some of the items are good for the ladies if you are a boy. There is a flaw: it takes up a lot of energy. You often faint sooner than you think

Stones aren't the only thing in the mine. There are some food items to help you go farther. Beat of all, there is cash!

This game includes love. This is used for who you want to marry and for others. You can befriend all boys, all girls, an animals.

There are various animals you find going around. Good things happen when you befriend them.

There are various festivals. Some useless and some cool.

Don't worry the bar is kid friendly, there are no real alcohol names in there. Also, this game has no reference to tobacco or drugs.

Outside the main game, there are mini-games. Some are unlocked from playing in the main game. These are kinda dumb, but can be fun.

Time for the big question, buy, rent, or leave alone. I say rent, if you like it buy. If you don't give it back. This is not a very expensive game

Let me just say that this is a Harvest Moon game and that an extraordinary story line CANNOT be expected. The basic premise of this game is that you are trying to revive the Harvest Goddess, which is easily obtainable by the end of your first year.

The general dialogue is a little weak as well. There are some characters that do say appropriate things, or even something that is a little interesting and speaks of their personality. However, most of the towns people suffer being a glorified tutorial for the beginning of the game, and then only progress into being 2-dimensional people that only talk about what their work is, or something else just as shallow. Get used to hearing the same thing over and over again. I wish that Natsume would pay the writers to come up with a LOT more dialogue for the characters.

Refreshingly though, the cut scenes with the characters are all decently written, so they stand out as tiny jewels of story.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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