Review by Zimmygunnar

Reviewed: 04/02/07

This game made me realize just how bad A Wonderful Life is.

I've had this game for about a month now. Being born in 1993, I didn't get a chance to experience Harvest Moon 64 due to the fact that I was 5 and didn't own an N64. I was always hearing about how revolutionary and how well-made the game was. Then in 2004, I got my first taste of Harvest Moon when a friend let me borrow A Wonderful Life. It was fun for the first in-game year. Then I got bored with it and gave it back a week later. Then in 2006 I went to my local game store and saw a new copy of Magical Melody priced at $20. An hour later, it was sitting open on my floor with the disk in my Gamecube .

Graphics: Graphics look like a middle life N64 game. All of the characters have 3 basic facial expressions and most of the male characters look kind of...fat. Good news is, the framerate never slows down unless you're in the mine with more than 3 clouds of gas out at once.

Sound: The game has 5 themes and some sound effects are used for more than one thing (like the sound of a mole and the sound of pulling an item out). There are 4 themes for each season and a festival theme. Not much in the way of sound.

Gameplay: This is where the game really shines. Yes, it's a farming simulator. Yes, you get your fun out of doing menial tasks. If this sounds like a turn-off to you, you would be surprised at how addictive the game makes it. You think watering your crops and harvesting them every few days is boring? Go on, try it. Betcha can't do it just once and walk away. Same goes for most of the other activities in the game except for the minigames, which are more frustrating than fun.

Additions: In A Wonderful Life, there were only three potential spouses and there were very few villagers. In Magical Melody, you get over 30 villagers, with 21 potential spouses, and the ability to choose your gender. There are 10 spouses for each gender. You might ask why I said there were 21 people to marry. Well, there is an androgenous rival farmer in the game that you have to meet special conditions to marry and once you marry him/her, the game automatically ends and you have to start a new file. Can't see why you would want to marry him/her anyways unless you wanted a real challenge.

Variety: This is another of the game's strong points. You want to go fishing or dig for clams? Go right ahead. You want to go mining for various jewels in the deepest parts of the local mine? Nothing's stopping you. You want to woo a person, forage for food, buy land, get products from your animals, befriend the local wildlife, gain musical notes to advance the game's plot, and clear out your land all in the same day? Knock yourself out.

I could go on to list the different tools, crops, recipes, fish, ores, gems, herbs, villagers, wild animals, furniture, house upgrades and many other things but because I need to go harvest my cocoa and breadfruit I'll end the review here.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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