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"Magical Melody May Just Be The Best Harvest Moon Game- Opinions From A Critic"

Wow. I've played the Harvest Moon games since the 64 game (And heard a lot about the SNES version). and I must say this, Magical Melody very well may surpass The 64 game itself! Yes, thats right, the 64 game! I loved Magical Melody! And I'm usually very hard on games!

GamePlay- 9

The gameplay is simply awesome. The best even! You can befriend anybody in the game, and all the animals as well. Theres 11 eligible spouses each gender! Altogether, theres 22! Plenty and plenty of characters to marry, and plenty to just befriend (some with good reasons *wink*)! Each have a personality (Though, some more then others...) and each are pretty near unique (Except some). I must admit, there isn't much character depth, and I wish you could learn more about each person after you befriend or marry them. But sadly, the game isn't perfect, and thats the worst part of the game. But I must say, I had a hard time deciding who to marry, when usually, I know right away!

The mines were quite fun as well. Sometimes very annoying when I had a bad trip and kept going up further and not down to the better levels. But for the most part, the mines were very good! And I don't see what much they could add (But I'm sure they could add something!). I liked how many gems and ores there were, and even better when winter came around (Everyone knows what that means!)!

Raising animals was challenging. Because, first, you must purchase a barn and a chicken coop, and most the time, more land so the barn and coop can fit! Of course, first you had to wait for a while for your horse(s), cow(s), or sheep(s) to grow up until you can ride/milk/sheer them. But it wasn't really that hard to get a barn/coop if you knew how to get good money. And there was other ways to gain food besides buying it, but buying it wasn't that hard either.

Lets turn to the worst part of the game. The fact that, if you don't have any or few power-nuts, you can chop a few times on the stump, and then you faint. It was so annoying! And then you had to listen to the doctor jabber on about staying health, and pop up into your house. Each time I fainted (witch was, by the way, too much) I really just wanted to grab the doctors neck and.... well, you know the rest. But, you can gain more power-nuts and upgrade your tools so that you can work and not faint.

What I loved about this game, was the fact that you could be whoever you want! You can either be the poor guy with one house, or own the almost the whole town with 10 houses if you feel the need! Hah! You could be loved by everyone and still own more then half the town! Or you could very well be the town grump and own nothing! You could be the poor guy but have everyone love you! You could be strict to farming and own all three barns or whatever and have a bunch of animals and crops! You could be the plant guy and have a bunch of property full of crops! Or just be a miner and have lots of diamonds, rings, and broaches to sell or win over anyones friendship. You could be whoever you want!

Another thing, you can now buy land! Thats right! Go ahead and buy almost all the town! Build houses (and even upgrade and design those houses) and barns and chicken coops, and whatever you want on a bunch of properties! Basically, you can buy the town, have a bunch of houses, and too much space you can take.

Graphics- 5/10

To tell you the truth, I didn't like the new chibi characters. All the heads were as big (or bigger) then the body's. Just look at Bob, your shipper, his head is bigger then his humongous body! Some of the characters look like babies, some look like 5 year-old children, and one even looks like a drunk weirdo. Only a few look remotely normal. But chibi characters was what they were aiming for, and they succeeded. I may not like it, but a few friends think it looks cute and enjoyable. So this very well may just me, you may like it. But I personally don't.

Sounds- 3/10

I'm going to try hard not to start yelling and pulling out my hair. The sounds hurt my ears! I'm surprised they're not bleeding by now! The music is not what I'm talking about, the music is fine. But every time you talk to someone or give them a gift they like, they make a strange and ANNOYING sound. I started to whack Dan with my ax just because his voice was so annoying! There's a few people who have normal voices and therefor, not painful to talk to. But a lot of them force me to mute my TV. If you plan to play the game (Witch you should!) mute it and get a radio to listen to your personal music. Not to this game.

I'm giving some low scores aren't I? And you must be asking "then why is the game over all score so good?" Its because these ones dont count to how good the game really is, only how it looks and how it sounds, witch arent too important.


The story is that you need to collect notes so the Harvest Goddess restores here power. Unlike in most Harvest Moon games, the story actually plays a role in the game. And it makes it so theres one more thing to do. Sometimes the notes are just plain dumb, like getting a note for fainting or standing still for a few minutes, but some or actually challenging to get. It may not be the best story they could come up with, but its better then most the Harvest Moon games.

Replay Ability- 9/10

You can play this game over and over and over and over and never get bored. Its so addicting and fun! I stayed up all night many times playing this game and practically living off chocolate and milk. This game will MAKE you play it! You will feel like its a part of you in no time!

Buy or Rent?

At first, just rent, because some people may not like it. But if you enjoyed the 64 game and are a fan of Harvest Moon, don't waste your time renting ans just go ahead and buy! If you havnt ever played the Harvest Moon game series, try renting, just in case you don't like the series, but get your wallet out, because you will probably end up buying it anyways!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/23/07

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