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"A good buy for the harvest moon fan"

Why buy the game?
The game is great because it has different kinds of festivals and one per week even though playing a couple of days takes like an hour fo your time. But the fishing has gotton a lot better and easier. I hardly catch any garbage. Also, there is different kinds of fish that you can catch. Overall, the farming is okay though, but I wish they would have given you more room in the beginning, but then again that ruins the fun of buying more property. There are many different women to marry which makes the game that better. I like the more differnt kinds of food, furnature you can buy the rearrangement which makes decorating all the more fun. The music is okay, but gets boring after hearing it for 30 days straight. I like the minigames which gives you a chance of practicing. The controls you have to get used to because sometimes I tend to eat the fish more when I want to store the item in the rugsack. But the controls are pertty simple once you get the hang of it and not mix things up from time to time. I like the mining part where if you can fall down the mine to the next fool instead of finding the thing.

Okay the downside is that I wish they had more of those cheezy cutscenes with the females on how they really like you like in the N64 version or playstation. Or more of those cheezy love scene events inside of them giving you a gift on the second heart or fifth. They only have cutscenes for the villagers that you do not marry. if there is a cutscenes with the females, then it would be probably something that I would not know. I wish also they bring back the basket so you can put in the vegetables, fruits instead of going back and forth and putting it in your rugsack and then into the crate. Also, I do not enjoy mixing tools and items together in the rugsack, but I like it seperate. There is no greenhouse either. Hmm what else, oh I do not like the fact that your barn can be on one side of the property and your house on the other due to the lack of space. I like it like built all on one property. I do not like the litter law because sometimes it is by accident like when you throw a fish in the fire sometimes it is to the ground and then there goes the boo sound. I miss having the opprotunity where the spites get to work for you.

I know I nagged the game a ton, but some of the features are really good and some are just annoying and since I am a big harvest moon fan, I can point out what I do not like better and what impressed me more. But overall I would buy the game if I had to choose.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/04/06

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