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"Farming With Style"

When I picked up Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, I was just looking for something to play. Not having played any other games in the series, I was concerned how hard it would be for me to get into the game. To my great surprise and enjoyment, this game was not only very easy to get into, it's extremely addicting. The entire aspect of this game is that you are a farmer who is looking to make his or her way in life. You can do anything from ranching, to growing crops, to fishing, to mining, and much more. So, let's break down the game into its various aspects.

Gameplay- 10: Incredible. This is the only word I can think of to describe this game. You can virtually do anything in this game. Like I said before, mining, fishing, raising animals, anything you can think of. As you continue in the game, you send products by placing them in your shipment box. In the morning, you're paid for what you placed in there the previous day. There's a catch, however. In order to make money, you need to get products to ship. In order to get products to ship, you need to do a hard days work. So you have a stamina bar that limits how much work you can do at a given time. But what if your stamina is depleted at the beginning of the day? Eat something! Every time you eat something good for you, your stamina goes back up. And every time you sleep, your stamina is full in the morning. There are also various stores that you can go to in the game to buy your necessary products, and also some other neat things you may not need, but stuff you want to have. There's also the element of your rival farmer. Jamie, who is your rival and always the opposite gender of the gender you choose, will be in constant competition with you. However, if you charm Jamie, you may, just may be able to get along with him or her. You can also develop a relationship with all people in the game and also any and all animals. Basically what it sums to is the fact that this game has just about anything and everything you could possibly think of in a game of this genre.

Sounds-10: Really solid sounds. When you fish, you hear the splashing of the water and the struggle of the little bugger in the water. The animal sounds are also really well done. I can't think of anything in this game to complain about sound-wise. It adds a nice atmosphere to the game.

Graphics-10: Some people would say that the graphics in this game aren't up to par. Guess what?! This game isn't about its graphics! This game is all about gameplay. On top of that, I find the graphics in this game to be quite good. The graphics are a little cartoony. Pretty much everyone is a caricature, which is the way it's meant to be. The animals are really well done, the animations are all really nice, and as far as the statement that there's a frame-rate problem, I have yet to see anything.

Replayablity-10: Why is this a 10? Simple: The game never ends! Well, I shouldn't say that. There is a way to make the game end but I won't spoil the neat aspect of this game, which you probably already know.

Overall, a wonderful game that deserves as much praise as can be given to a game. If you liked Animal Crossing, then you'll absolutely love this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/06/06

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