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    Power Brick Locations Guide by Mikey812

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 01/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                 LEGO Star Wars II
                            Power Brick Locations Guide
                                 For Playstation 2
                                   Version 2.2
                             Date Started Oct 22 2006
                              Last Update Jan 12 2007
    Copyright 2006-2007 Michael Conklin. This guide may not be sold or stolen in 
    any way, shape or form. This guide is for use on GameFAQs only 
    (www.gamefaqs.com). This is for personal use only. NO PLAGIARISM!!!
    1. Power Brick Locations
       -EPISODE IV-A New Hope
       -EPISODE V-The Empire Strikes Back
       -EPISODE VI-The Return of the Jedi
    2. Version History
    3. Contact
    1. Power Brick Locations
    EPISODE IV-A New Hope
    Go into the first stormtrooper door. After the corridors, there will be a room
    with sprinklers. Use the force on the sprinklers and flowers will grow. The 
    flowers closest to the door can be destroyed for the power brick.
    Go left towards a big gap. If you look right, you'll see some metal pipes.
    Switch to R2-D2 and fly to these pipes. Now switch to a bounty hunter and
    destroy these pipes with a mine. Go forward to the hill and push the car down.
    Go a little more and you'll see a cave with the power brick in it.
    In the opening area, there are some garbage cans on the left side past the 2nd
    carrot. That's also near the ramp that you can use the force on. Instead
    of destroying the cans, use the force on them. Build the lego bricks that come
    out of all of them to make a doorway and a R2-D2 panel. Use R2 to open the
    door, and the power brick will be there.
    Early in the level, the hallway will split in two. Take the left hallway to an
    R2-D2 door. Inside it, you'll find 3 platforms and a red brick on top. R2 can
    fly across the breach, and then switch to a blaster character to grapple over
    to the power brick.
    After you get out of the garbage compactor, go left and you'll find a C-3PO
    panel on a 2nd garbage compactor. Enter through there and build a fridge out 
    of lego pieces. Use the force on the fridge and get the power brick inside.
    Near the last part of the level after being chased by Darth Vadar and his
    goons in the narrow corridor of the Death Star, go to the back right corner.
    You'll find a hidden little niche in the wall with the power brick in it.
    EPISODE V-The Empire Strikes Back
    Go through the TIE door in Area B. Take the drag bomb through the tunnel and
    blow up the wall at the end. Behind the wall is the power brick.
    In the room with the Millennium Falcon, go to the gate on the far right. To
    unlock this door, go up the hallway just before the Falcon that you need to 
    use the sith force to open and pull a switch. Backtrack and get the power
    Fly behind the second Star Destroyer on the right. You'll need to fly close
    before the power brick is visible.
    In Area A, use the sith force to explode the fence on your right near the 
    beginning of the level. Jump over the gap to the race track. You'll find a
    place where you can build a tractor out of lego bricks. Build it and take the
    tractor 1 lap around the track. You'll then receive the power brick.
    The power brick is behind the X-Wing at the very beginning of the level.
    The power brick is on to of the Slave I, Boba Fett's ship.
    EPISODE VI-The Return of the Jedi
    Go into the big hexagonal-shaped room - the one where Leila and Chewbacca meet
    up with Luke. Build a push block out of lego bricks and push it on top of the
    red button. This will reveal a nearby grapple point. Use a blaster character
    to grapple up to the upper balcony for the power brick.
    Near the end of the level you'll be on top of the Sail Barge. Travel to the
    back of the Barge, and destroy the box near to the sail pillars to open up a
    grapple pad. Grapple to the platform up, and then use R2-D2 to fly across the
    next 2 platforms. The power brick will be there
    In the last area that includes the AT-AT, on the ground in front of the AT-AT
    platform is a block. Push it to the left into the wall. This will make an
    Ewok door. Switch to an Ewok and head in and up to the second floor for the
    power brick.
    This is kind of long. Head into the left room of the shield bunker and use the
    sith force to lift the block up from the floor in front of a window that looks
    over the stormtrooper. Blow up the barrier at the end of the push blocks, then
    push the block into the alcove up ahead. Use either Darth Vadar or a
    stormtrooper and stand in front of the security camera. That'll make the other
    stormtrooper go to the control panel. Next, build the ramp in the room by
    standing on the 3 buttons. Now, head to the upper platform. Change to R2-D2
    and use him to fly across the room to the platform above the window. C-3PO can
    activate the panel now to drop a block on the stormtrooper. This will create a
    new Ewok door. Use an Ewok and head through the door. Move the push block to
    the end of the catwalk where the power brick is located. The block will lock
    into place and turn off a barrier. Jump onto the block and get the power
    At the beginning of the level in the Emperor's throne room you'll find 4 red
    panels on the walls on each side. Use the sith force on these and that'll
    light them up. When there all lit the power brick will appear above the
    Emperor's throne.
    Once you get the core of the Death Star 2, use the torpedoes on the 2 wall
    targets. This will open the door you need to get the power brick.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.0 (10/22/06): Put in all the locations of the power bricks in the
    game. Sent to GameFAQs.
    Version 2.0 (1/11/07): Completely reformatted guide. Added table of contents
    and my email address.
    Version 2.1 (1/12/07): Ran the guide through Microsoft Word's spellcheck and 
    fixed some typos.
    Version 2.2 (1/12/07): Added section 3 to the guide, "Contact". Explains what
    emails I will read and what I would won't accept, etc. Also fixed some more
    typos. Especially the typo at the top of the guide that said "Power Brock 
    Locations Guide". :)
    3. Contact
    EMAIL ADDRESS: Mikey812@email.com
    First of all, I will only open all emails with the words "lego star wars 2"
    somewhere in the subject line.
    -Has the words "lego star wars 2" somewhere in the subject line.
    -Any questions NOT ANSWERED in the guide.
    -Any typos, grammar errors or something in here that does not make sence.
    -Something you would like to add to the guide (secondary strategies, etc.)
    -Does NOT have the words "lego star wars 2" somewhere in the subject line.
    -1337 speak
    -Liek guyz i cnat undrestadn wat u typing zomgwtfbbqtoysrus
    -death threats
    -questions ANSWERED in the guide
    The list can go on and on, I hope you can determine what isn't acceptable.

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