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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mrstickball

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    X-Men: The Offical Game Walkthrough (X360)X
    MVersion 1.00	      M
    MGuide by Mr. Stickball M
    MAKA Mr Killemgood (XBL)M
    ETable of ContentsE
    N1.0~1.28 - Level Walkthroughs              N
    N 1.1 - Lady Liberty (Wolverine)            N
    N 1.2 - Liberty Island (Iceman)             N
    N 1.3 - Alkali Lake (Nightcrawler)          N
    N 1.4 - Generator Room (Nightcrawler)       N
    N 1.5 - Launching Bay (Nightcrawler)        N
    N 1.6 - Dark Cerebro (Nightcrawler)         N
    N 1.7 - Alkali Lab (Wolverine)              N
    N 1.8 - Holding Pens (Wolverine)            N  
    N 1.9 - Testing Chamber (Wolverine)         N
    N 1.10 - Hangar (Wolverine)                 N
    N 1.11 - Fission Plant (Iceman)             N
    N 1.12 - Coolant Tunnels (Iceman)           N
    N 1.13 - Fire Serpent (Iceman)              N
    N 1.14 - Castle Gatehouse (Wolverine)       N
    N 1.15 - Zen Garden (Wolverine)             N
    N 1.16 - Brooklyn Bridge (Nightcrawler)     N
    N 1.17 - Multiple Man (Nightcrawler)        N
    N 1.18 - Warrior's Dojo (Wolverine)         N
    N 1.19 - Lady Deathstrike (Wolverine)       N
    N 1.20 - Silver Samurai (Wolverine)         N
    N 1.21 - Kolwoon Highway (Iceman)           N
    N 1.22 - Downtown Kolwoon (Iceman)          N
    N 1.23 - Giant Sentinel (Iceman)            N
    N 1.24 - Augmentation Room (Wolverine)      N
    N 1.25 - Master Mold Interior (Nightcrawler)N
    N 1.26 - Master Mold Reactor (Iceman)       N
    N 1.27 - Telepurgatory (Nightcrawler)       N
    N 1.28 - Sabertooth (Wolverine)             N
    N							  N
    N2.0 - FAQ & Answers                        N
    N3.0 - Achievement Guide                    N
    N4.0 - Thanks                               N
    1.1 - Lady Liberty (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 1 Mutation
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    This is the first level for the game. Obviously, it's a level to show 
    you the ins and outs of how to play as one of the 3 characters playable 
    in the game. You'll begin the level by facing opposite Sabertooth,
    Wolverine's arch-rival for the game. You'll then be prompted how to do 
    various commands. X is for quick attack, Y is for hard/powerful attack, 
    R trigger is for block, and by holding R trigger, then moving with 
    the left stick executes a rolling dodge. Beat up on Sabertooth for 
    a while, work the block button a little, and pound away. He's very 
    easy at this stage of the game. 
    Once you complete knocking the crap out of him, he will fall off 
    the ledge, leaving Wolverine without enemies. It then shows you
    how to heal - Left Bumper executes his healing move, when no one 
    is around. Wolverine automatically heals even in battle, but at
    a much slower rate.
    After healing, jump down to the bottom of Lady Liberty. Upon
    doing so, you will be attacked by various HYDRA soldiers with 
    guns. Simply dodge their attacks by jumping (A), blocking (R trigger),
    or fearlessly run and slice. Go around the entirety of the tower to 
    find Sabertooth yet again.
    You'll then have to beat Sabertooth yet again, using all the moves
    you just learned. He's still very easy, but now has a handy-dandy 
    health bar to show when he's going to die. Beat him up, dodging his 
    attacks, and retaliating with powerful attacks (Y button), or aerial
    assaults (A then X or Y, followed by a combo of XY, or XXY). The final 
    Wolverine move is the Fury attack. The most important move in Wolvie's
    arsenal. Near the health bar is an orange meter, once it's full and 
    flashing, you can execute Wolverine's Fury Attack. This regenerates
    his health, and provides extra power to all attacks. Build up your
    meter, and as Malmsteen put it "Unleash the F'in Fury" on Sabertooth.
    Later in the game, using the Fury properly in battle to recharge 
    your health in the middle of battle proves important, so use the Fury
    attack when surrounded by enemies.
    Once you beat Sabertooth, LEVEL COMPLETE.
    You can then upgrade Wolverines 5 statistics
    Health - Increases Health Gauge
    Strength - Increases Damage 
    Blocking - Increase Blocking Strength (less damage taken)
    Healing Factor - Decreases Recovery Time
    Fury - Decreases Fury Decay Rate
    Upgrading statistics is your call. I upgraded everything BUT blocking, 
    as I never used it in the game.
    1.2 - Liberty Island (Iceman)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 1 Mutation
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    This time the walkthrough is for Iceman, the premier fly-guy for the 
    game. The controls are standard flying fare, you'll get used the the 
    controls quickly, having to fly through various checkpoints on
    Liberty Island. A button boosts the speed of Iceman. Right Trigger 
    slows him down to a near standstill - both are critical later in the
    game. Fly through the checkpoints, then the final one near the top 
    of Lady Liberty. Once done, you'll then learn Iceman's attacking and 
    defensive moves. X button uses your Ice Beam, an effective weapon for 
    putting out fires, and dealing steady damage to long range targets. 
    You'll need to extinguish some boat fires, so find them using your 
    radar (grey dots), and put them out. When extinguishing fires, slow 
    down using R Trigger, and then put them out, you'll never have to make
    extra passes.
    Once you get the fires put out, flying HYDRA soldiers attack you. 
    You'll learn to use your Hailstorm. It does more damage than the Ice 
    Beam, but at much shorter ranges. In addition to doing more damage, 
    using the Left Trigger allows you to lock-on enemies, or objects, 
    increasing the accuracy of the Hailstorm. It's great for moving
    targets. Simply shoot a few of the HYDRA soldiers out of the air to 
    then learn how to block attacks. Y button activates the Ice Shield,
    it's impervious to attacks - or atleast that's the impression I get.
    It doesn't work too great for rockets and such, but works great later
    in the game for electric fields, and laser beams.
    Once you finish a few more HYDRA soldiers off, you'll complete get
    You can then upgrade Icemans 5 statistics
    Health - Increase Health Gauge
    Icebeam - Increase Attack Damage
    Hailstorm - Increase Attack Damage
    Ice Healing - Increase Health Recovery
    Balance - Prevents Falling Off Ice Slide (incase of quick maneuver)
    Typically, I worked on Health, and Hailstorm. Balance really isn't
    needed, just like Wolverines blocking. Any offensive mutation is
    the best, as it allows you to kill quicker.
    1.3 - Alkali Lake (Nightcrawler)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 1 Mutation
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    This is the final walkthrough level, and for the best character in
    the game - Nightcrawler. You'll start this level, yet again, learning
    how to use his various commands, going through a large tunnel.
    A button allows him to jump. You'll go over obstacles, then you'll 
    learn Nightcrawler can use loose pipes to swing on ala-Tomb Raider
    Legends, very cool, but Lara does a much better job at least at swinging ;)
    Work your way through the obstacles, and up to the next level. You'll
    walk on some steam pipes - don't worry about falling off. Nightcrawler
    can't fall off unless you jump off. You'll then learn how to teleport, 
    which is his most important ability. Right Trigger allows you to 
    teleport from place to place, as long as a blue flame is protruding 
    from the area you can teleport to. Teleporting slows time down greatly,
    even to a standstill. It's very important to use during timed missions.
    Warp through the pipe area, and to the doorway. Activate the door by
    using the X button (nightcrawlers action button). You'll be prompted
    by such in the upper left corner. Once inside the room, HYDRA soldiers
    will pour out, allowing you to learn Nightcrawlers brutal combo system.
    Nightcrawler is by far the best character, as his attacks are stealthy,
    yet deadly and cool. You'll learn to punch (X) and kick (Y) on the
    first few soldiers. His real attacks, however, lie in the fact he can
    teleport around the room. Target an enemy by pressing Left Trigger, the
    arrow will pop up on him. Then use Right Trigger to teleport to him, and
    unleash a combo (XXX or YYY). Most enemies aren't fast enough to dodge 
    his attacks, allowing you to wipe out whole areas in a matter of seconds.
    You can also jump in the air (A), and then teleport and attack, provided
    the enemy is locked on. 
    If your damaged, you'll be prompted to use Nightcrawlers Shadow Aura.
    Left Bumper allows you to go into Shadow Aura mode. This can be done with
    enemies on screen. However, using it still lets them see you, but typically
    won't react. Always find some ledge to teleport to before using this, as
    they might be able to attack you w/o using it. Once you clear the room, 
    use the control panel to open the next door (its on your radar).
    Once in the next room, you learn more of Nightcrawler's Relocation 
    Attacks. I didn't even realize you could do a 3rd-tier of attacks 'till
    writing this guide. Target an enemy (Left Trigger), then press B to
    warp behind the enemy, while warping, hit X or Y to do a behind-the-
    baddie combo. This move can kill an enemy in ONE COMBO. Use it wisely,
    and often. 
    Beat the soldiers to a bloody pulp and get LEVEL COMPLETE.
    You can then upgrade the final statistics for Nightcrawler
    Health - Increases Health bar
    Brawling - Increases Ground Attack Damage
    Precision - Increases Jump Attack Damage
    Relocation - Increases Relocation Attack Chain
    Shadow Aura - Decreases Aura Cooldown
    Any Mutation Upgrade works well. Shadow Aura is the only one that
    might not be the best, as typically you don't need to heal too often 
    in battles. 
    (Side Note)
    I prefer to upgrade attack damage first, as it allows for quicker 
    victories, followed by health. You can only upgrade to level 3 through
    the first act, 4 for the second, and then all 5 when your on the 3rd act.
    Take that into consideration as to what you upgrade. Also spend your 
    points wisely, as you can't take them back.
    <Non Walkthrough Guide Notes>
    The game is incredibly easy, for the most part. The level guides will
    be pretty quickly, as the focus is on the Sentiniel Tech and Weapon
    X Locations. At the end of each level will be a re-cap of all locations,
    as well as the end of the guide.
    1.4 Generator Room (Nightcrawler)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    Start the level by staying up high, teleporting and jumping from pipe
    to pipe, avoiding the laser detectors at the bottom of the tunnel.
    Once you get to the end of the hall, you'll find SENTINEL TECH #1.
    Continue on the pipes, avoiding the detectors and go into the large
    room. There are 2 guards in the entire room (on Hero difficulty) on 2
    ledges, guarding other SENTINEL TECH pieces. Defeat them and
    pick up the other SENTINEL TECH pieces in the room (check the list
    to make sure you have them all.) before opening the door.
    Open the door, and beat the guards using various attacks. Once done,
    access the Main Control Panel. This alerts a few guards to your 
    presence, making the rest of the mission more difficult, but still
    very easy. Make your way through the large room, defeating the guards
    and disabling the 2 generators. They're marked on your map. Note their
    locations on the radar.
    Once done, make your way back through the initial tunnel, defeating 
    a few more guards. You *could* teleport past them via the pipes, and
    then defeat the last guard, open the door, and finish without going
    through all 3-4 enemies.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Ontop of pipes at beginning of level, before first turn.
    #2 - From beginning on large room, walk up the pipe, teleport
    to ledge, then look down and jump to piece #2
    #3 - From beginning of large room, look forward to a ledge
    with an enemy on it. The piece is near the door
    #4 - Near door that you must open to continue with the level
    #5 - From piece #4, there is a small pipe facing right (if you
    were looking at the door). Take pipe, walk on it until you see
    a ledge overhead. The last piece is there.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 Inside door, where Main Control Panel is, near the end of the room.
    <                                                     >
    <                         Act 1                       >
    <                                                     >
    In each act, you will typically be allowed to pick your character, Act
    1 allows you to pick 2 characters first - Wolverine and Nightcrawler.
    Since the last mission was Nightcrawlers, I am starting the guide by 
    playing through Nightcrawler's 2 missions, then Wolverines. 
    Act One looks like this....
    		  X     W      X
    		  X     W      X
     		  X     W      N
     	 	  X     W      N
    So, 2 Nightcrawler levels and 4 Wolverine levels. 
    1.5 - Launching Bay (Nightcrawler)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    You'll begin the level on the bottom of a very long, circling hallway.
    In front of your start is SENTINEL TECH piece #1. The hallway has 
    depressions every so often with rooms for shield control panels, but
    nothing more at this point. Make your way through the hall, by ground
    or air. The ground has a few HYDRA soldiers, so be wary of them. Yet
    again, they're easy, even easier since you have a few more upgrades.
    At the end of the hall, you will have to get ontop of the walkway above
    you. Do this by either climbing the pipes, or walking to the end of the 
    hall, jumping on the final ledge, then using the light post to warp upto
    the walkway. Defeat the guard infront of the control panel. Once done,
    go down into the generator room, collecting the rest of the SENTINEL TECH
    pieces and WEAPON X FILE.
    Once you activate the Security Override Panel, Colossus will enter the
    central room. Your next objective is to deactivate each shield guarding
    the generators. Check the radar for their locations - they are all on
    the outside of the central room, in the rooms near the beginning of the 
    level. Every time you deactivate a shield, HYDRA soldiers will pour 
    in the room. You must defend Colossus from them. He can fight them, but
    there will be too many for him to beat. Use your warp as fast as possible,
    as it slows down/stops time, allowing you to get to him before they have
    much of a chance to attack him. Note his health bar in the lower left
    portion of the screen. Go around the outer rooms, disabling shield after
    shield, and returning to defend him. If you allow him to die, you'll get
    to restart AFTER you destroy generator 2, so make sure you do that much.
    If your having trouble getting to the walkway quick enough, make sure 
    you use your camera angles to view where the blue flames are, as it doesn't
    warp often if you can't see the flame. 
    Once Colossus destroys every generator, LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Right in front of you when you start the level. 
    #2 - Inside circular generator room, on the ledge on the outside of the 
    room. Drop down from the walkway to get to ledge for this one.
    #3 - From piece #2, continue warping around the ledges, it's the first major
    ledge from #2's ledge.
    #4 - From #2, travel opposite of #3, and it's the first ledge (on the left 
    if you just walked out of the walkway, into the room).
    #5 - On the walkway at the top of the central room, near the Security 
    Override Panel. Teleport around the walkways, it's 2 ledges from there.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - On walkway, at core of main room, at the end of the walkway.
    1.6 - Dark Cerebro (Nightcrawler)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    Time for your first "real" boss battle. Upon the start of the level, you
    will learn how to deal with, and beat, Sentinels, Nightcrawlers premier
    uber-baddie. Fortunately, they are incredibly easy to beat, especially
    when you only have to fight them one at a time. As with every boss battle,
    collect the SENTINEL TECH and WEAPON X pieces before dealing with the boss,
    as you can't collect the pieces outside of dealing with the boss. 
    Once you finish collecting the easy pieces, it's time to deal with the 
    Sentinel. To beat them, find the seeker bots, have them engage you by
    following you. Once they engage you, target the Sentinel (Left Trigger), 
    and relocate (Right Trigger, then X or Y) ontop of the Sentinel's shoulder.
    The Sentinel will then attempt to remove you from him by emitting lasers 
    after 6-7 seconds of you being on him. This should allow for the seeker
    bots to close in on you and the Sentinel. Once you hear a beep from the 
    bots, jump off (or if 6 seconds have passed from the Sentinel's laser
    charge), or warp onto another object. If done properly, the Sentinel's
    laser will nail the bots, causing them and the Sentinel to explode.
    Depending on difficulty, it will take 2-4 explosions to destroy the Sentinel.
    After the first Sentinel is destroyed, another one will fly down. Defeat it
    in the same manner. If you have to recharge your life, hide underneath the
    platform you started at, it will deflect the Sentinel's lasers, but the
    Seeker Bots can still find you.
    Destroying the second Sentinel will then release 2 Sentinels at the same time.
    Lure the bots to one Sentinel at a time, making sure that the second Sentinel
    isn't shooting lasers at you, while your on the other one. Again, each one
    takes 2-4 Seeker Bot explosions. Be careful not to allow the Sentinel's charge
    attack to hit you, as it does a decent bit of damage. 
    Destroy the last 2 Sentinels to get LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Directly above your starting position, on the platform
    #2, #3, # 4 - On the row of platforms as piece #1 is
    #5 - Directly below the platform that you start on, on the ground.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In the middle of the room, on the ground. Just below the platform that 
    you start on (Near Sentinel Tech piece #5)
    1.7 - Alkali Lab  (Wolverine)
    Novice    - 1 Mutations
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    Similar to Nightcrawlers final Act 1 mission, this level, like other's of 
    Wolverines, are very close-in. You'll begin this mission with Storm as 
    your companion. Your objective is to disable 4 Transformers to overload
    the Sentinel in the middle of the room. HYRDA soldiers will pour out from
    1 doors to attack Wolverine. Use all your skills to defeat the soldiers,
    combos and aerial assaults work the best, saving up to unleash Wolverine's
    Fury Attacks. If you get overwhelmed by HYDRA soldiers, use Storm's attack
    (click Left Thumbstick). Her charge meter is in the lower-lefthand corner.
    If her meter is fully charged, her lightning will kill ALL enemies onscreen.
    Very handy if there are 5+ enemies on screen.
    Once you defeat a few waves, healing in between each wave, Storm will disable
    a transformer's lightning field around it, allowing you to destory it. You
    cannot attack or damage the transformers before this, as it'll shock you.
    However, you can use that to your advantage by knocking enemies back using
    the headbutt combo (X then Y), or B button into the transformers, instantly
    killing any enemy. 
    After every successful wave of soldiers, and destruction of the transformer,
    the soldiers will pour in higher concentrations.
    			<Glitch Info!>
    One major glitch I found out on Wolverine's levels. When enemies are coming
    through various doors, if you get close to the doors, the enemies will
    engage you before they come through the door. Should they do this, the doors
    will soon close, leaving them stuck inside, and dead. This can be used to
    your advantage in quite a few early levels, this can help you in some of 
    the later waves.
    Once you destroy all the waves and transformers, LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Immediately to the right of your starting position, in the corner of
    the wall.
    #2 - On the same wall of piece #1, but other corner of the wall. 
    #3 - This one will be revealed ONLY if you destroy Transformer #1, near the
    Sentinel's head.
    #4 - Same location as #3, but revealed ONLY after you destroy Transformer #2.
    #5 - Same location as #3 and #4, but revealed ONLY after you destroy 
    Transformer 3.
    <Weapon X File Locations>
    #1 - Directly left of your starting position, parallel to Sentinel Piece #1.
    1.8 - Holding Pens (Wolverine)
    Novice    - 1 Mutations
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    In this mission, your goal is to battle through the holding pens, defeating
    the HYDRA soldiers. This mission is easier done than said, really. Start the
    level by dispatching 2 HYDRA soldiers. Once done, you will need to destroy
    a door panel in a nearby room. Once this is done, soldiers will come through
    the new doorway. Fight your way through the new hall, avoiding the gunfire 
    from the nearby room that is currently unreachable. Once you get near the
    door, it'll open, taking you to Holding Pen 1.
    Once inside the middle of the Pen, HYDRA soldiers will pour in from 2 or 3
    different doors. Use combos, Fury Attacks, and everything else to beat them.
    There will be atleast 3 waves before the door opens up. Go through the door
    to the upper level. After climbing the stairs, defeat a few more HYDRA 
    soldiers. You'll need to take the first right, near the windows to get 
    a SENTINEL TECH piece, but otherwise go the the end of the hall, and 
    downstairs again to get to Holding Pen 2. More HYDRA soldiers will pour in,
    even more than the first time. This can be tricky if your a newbie on
    Superhero settings - use lots of Aerial attacks. Do NOT go in any doors, as
    a few more Hydra soldiers will be waiting inside some rooms. 4 waves of 
    soldiers need to be demolished before the final door and tunnel open up.
    Go through the door, into the tunnel and make your way to the grey dot on
    the radar where the access control panel is. 
    Blow up the panel and go through the door to get LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - At the end of Holding Pen 1. Inside a wooden crate.
    #2 - Near the windows, in a wooden crate at the top of the stairs after
    Holding Pen 1.
    #3 - Go through the door near the windows (and piece #2). Go down the
    stairs into Security Tunnel 1 (a new objective will pop up), defeat the
    HYDRA soldiers inside, the piece is at the end of the hallway.
    #4 - Right at the start of Holding Pen 2, a metal barrel and 3 wooden 
    crates will contain this piece.
    #5 - Before destroying the access panel, and finishing the level, a 
    door will be right beside the panel - enter the door to access the room 
    where a few HYDRA gunners are. Defeat them and get the piece at the end 
    of the hall.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In Holding Pen 1. Once inside, go through the first door to
    the left. Inside will be a cracked wall - attack it, and break through.
    3 HYDRA soldiers will attack. The piece is at the end of the room.
    1.9 - Testing Center (Wolverine)
    You get dropped into this mission without any backstory (which I haven't
    mentioned, there aren't any spoilers in this walkthrough). You'll be
    inside yet ANOTHER large room. This one is full of wonderful traps. 
    You'll note them by the Stryper-colored yellow and black paint around
    them. Wave after wave of HYDRA soldiers will pour in. This can get
    difficult due to the HYDRA lancers, with the shock-spears. They have 
    more range than Wolverine does, so use Aerial attacks against them.
    Upon beating the first wave, Deathstrike will notify you that the
    danger level has increased, meaning the Stryper-colored danger zones
    will be, well, dangerous. The next waves will feature the same enemies,
    but more of them, and the hazardous areas that will release alot of
    fire if you step on them - use this to your advantage. Knocking the
    enemies back onto them will fire them up, typically killing them. 
    Defeating the next few waves will then take you to last danger level.
    This time the danger zones will not only fire up, but cages will lock
    you (and the bad guys) into the zone. If you get trapped in them, you
    can easily slice your way through the cage, but not without taking 
    some damage. The enemies, however, are not so smart. Knocking them onto
    the zones using headbutts or knock-back attacks (B Button) will launch
    them into the zones, killing them. Defeat the last few waves to finish
    this area and achieve a checkpoint.
    Go through the next few corridors, defeating enemies along the way and
    obtaining SENTINEL TECHs. Once you defeat the second batch of HYDRA 
    soldiers, a cutscene plays, showing a door opening and a turret.
    Once inside the turret room, use the "nooks" in the wall for cover from the
    turret. About halfway into the room, 2 HYDRA soldiers will join in the
    attempt to gun you down, going from side to side, pick off one HYDRA soldier
    at a time, recharging as needed. Once both are defeated, run behind the
    turret, slicing it to destroy it. Don't forget the SENTINEL TECH piece in
    the left corner, near the turret.
    Going into the next, final, room, you'll find a few HYDRA soldiers holed
    up behind some objects, attack them as you would anyone else. By the time
    you finish fighting them, more and more HYDRA soldiers will attack. This
    battle is very difficult, as the HYDRA lancers are in full force, and can
    deal massive damage on Superhero difficulty. Use Aerial attacks to beat
    them, and use Fury attacks on the gunners, rocket launchers, and fighters.
    Once you finish a few waves of them, healing in between waves, you'll get
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - To your immediate right, behind 2 metal barrels and a wooden crate.
    #2 -  After the testing chamber, there will be a few metal barrels near
    a huge metal "X" - One contains this piece.
    #3 - Near piece #2, right down the hallway with the next HYDRA soldiers.
    It's inside a barrel in the corner (before the turret hallway)
    #4 - Inside the turret hallway, on the left side, right before the exit
    of the room. You cannot see it, as it's inside the last "nook".
    #5 - Upon entering the last large room, goto the right, there will be
    5 barrels stacked ontop of each other. The piece is inside of them.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In the large room with Sentinel Tech piece #5. It's in the large
    gray metal crate near the door HYDRA soldiers come out of.
    1.10 - Hangar (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 1 Mutation
    Superhero - 2 Mutations
    You'll finally get the chance to do battle with the female version of
    Wolverine in this level. You'll start out viewing a large storm in the
    middle of the room. Make SURE you get the Sentinel Tech pieces before
    heading into the storm, as you can't get them when your inside the storm.
    Head into the storm to get thrown into the middle of it, to fight Lady
    Deathstrike. She isn't too tough, but is somewhat quick, and can block
    some attacks. The easiest way to beat her, like Wolverine's other bosses
    is to run close to her, get her to commit to attack, then block/run.
    She'll miss, provided you've cleared enough room between her. Follow
    that up with 2 hard strikes, or a hard Aerial attack, then 
    hard strikes. The other thing to do is just run upto her and
    slice away. If she doesn't flinch from the attack, you know
    she has a counter ready - just run or dodge it. Build up your
    Fury meter, and punish her with it. If you get low on life,
    use your headbutt combo (X then Y) when she's close to the
    storm, to knock her in. This gives you a few seconds to
    recover some life. Remember, she can regenerate health slowly, 
    just like Wolverine, so don't lay off her too often. 
    Keep repeating the run-dodge-attack cycle until she is dead.
    and you get LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Directly to your left, along the wall
    #2, #3 #4 - Before entering the storm, turn to your right,
    go into the large corridor. #2 is on the right, just as
    you enter the room. #3 is hiding on the right side, just
    behind a large pillar. It's very difficult to see, use
    the camera to find it. #4 is on the left, at the end of the
    You cannot get piece #1~4 after entering the
    hurricane to fight Deathstrike.
    #5 - Near the bottom of the screen, as you enter the 
    hurricane, underneath a scuba tank holder. You'll get
    knocked into the storm if you get too close. Try to 
    hit it open, fly in the storm, then go back and run 
    to the same location to get the piece. 
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - As you enter the hurricane, and get thrown to the 
    ground, it is "north" of you (or whatever way is up on
    the left thumbstick), it's under a scuba tank holder.
    <---------Act 1 Completed-------->
    Act 2 looks like this, as it's chock-full of levels.
    		I  W  
                I  W  N
    		I  W  N
    So 3 Iceman levels, 6 Wolverine levels, and 2 Nightcrawler 
    1.11 - Fission Plant
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice     - 1 Mutation
    Hero       - 2 Mutations
    Superhero  - 3 Mutations
    Ah, Iceman's first real levels. This is why I made the walkthrough - 
    so everyone could figure out where his darned Sentinel Tech and
    Weapon X pieces are. Iceman's levels are very easy, in my opinion, 
    but the hardest when it comes to finding the items.
    Anyways, in this level, your mission is to stop pyro from blowing 
    up the nuke plant via Fire raptors. First off, get the Sentinel
    Tech pieces, as well as the Weapon X File. You should be able to
    get them without the Fire Raptors doing much damage. Once done, 
    begin to extinguish the fires by using the Ice Beam, combined with
    holding the Right Trigger to slow Iceman down. This should position
    you with easy access to attack the Fire Raptor's spawn point (Near 
    the top of the 2 smokestacks, where Pyro is). Every time you extinguish
    a fire, more Raptors will start flying around, targeting various areas.
    Target them (Left Trigger), and use Hailstorm. If they're too far away,
    use the Ice Beam. You have to extinguish 3 "waves" of fire to complete
    the level. If you find a good vantage point, this level is incredibly
    easy, even on Superhero. Each wave brings more and/or smarter Fire 
    Raptors to attack the Nuke Plant. 
    Once you finish wave 3, LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Directly behind you at the start of the level, in a small
    enclave at the bottom of the huge building.
    #2 - From piece #1, continue toward the water, and the power lines.
    The piece is at the bottom of the powerline that's facing the middle
    of the island.
    #3 - Below the bridge, in between the 2 concrete pillars (but near
    the top of the pillars)
    #4 - Ontop of the lighthouse
    #5 - Between 2 very short buildings, near the bridge.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In between the 2 large smokestacks, underneath the piping at 
    the bottom of the area. 
    1.12 Coolant Tunnels
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    Following the last mission, Iceman now makes his way through the depths
    of the Nuclear Plant, preventing a meltdown of the plant. The majority
    of this level is played in the small tunnels, hopefully you aren't 
    There are a few traps in the tunnels - electric fences (moving and fixed),
    Fire Raptors, and pipes and such that will knock you off your ice slide, 
    should you hit them.
    Make your way through the first tunnel, the Fire Raptors your chasing
    aren't critical to be destroyed, just annoying. Once you get to the end
    of the tunnel, you'll enter a large coolant chamber. Fire Raptors will
    slam into the coolant tubes, causing them to blow open and leak coolant
    everywhere. You'll need to use your Ice Beam to freeze the pipes shut
    before all of the coolant leaks out. The pipes will burst in pairs 
    typically, but they shouldn't give you a problem.
    Once you freeze all the pipes, make your way through the next tunnel.
    This tunnel features the moving electric fences to try to ward you off.
    Use your Ice Shield to run straight through the fences, or maneuver into
    the small moving hole to go through.
    At the end of the tunnel, you will enter the Freeon/Bulkhead area. Fire
    Raptors are attempting to breach the bulkhead by sending wave after wave,
    heating it up till it melts. Since your Iceman, use your Ice Beam to
    freeze the bulkhead shut every so often. Your main goal in the room is to
    use your Ice Beam on the Freeon tubes (the blue ones), then use Hailstorm
    to blow up the freeon pipes, thereby slowing the Fire Raptors down, then
    destroying them completely once the tubes are destroyed. The tubes are
    everywhere, so check your map for their locations.
    After all the freeon pipes are destroyed, a timer will start, and the
    last door will open at the end of the room. You will have to make your
    way through the final tunnel in time to complete the level. You'll have
    about 2 minutes to finish it - more than enough time, provided you don't
    hit a whole bunch of stuff, or take too much time finding the Sentinel
    Tech pieces, or Weapon X File.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 -  In the middle of the 2 vertical bars, right before you enter
    the Coolant Pipe area
    #2 - In the Coolant Pipe area. From the entrance, goto the other wall.
    It's in the upper-left corner, near some pipes.
    #3 - Inside the tunnels between the Coolant Pipe area and the Freeon/
    Bulkhead area. It's between 2 moving electrical traps. The traps will
    keep you low to the ground, but the Sentinel Tech is in the middle. 
    Slow down and then fly up to get it, or use Ice Shield to go through
    the electric fence. Right before you'll hear "Warning, outer bulkhead
    #4 - Behind the downed platform in the Freeon/Bulkhead area. The 
    platform is to the right, when you enter the area.
    #5 - Right after the Freeon/Bulkhead area, when the timer starts.
    Once you enter the tunnel, it's on the left side of the 2nd vertical
    bar on the left. 
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In the tunnel after the Freeon/Bulkhead area. It's between 2
    non-moving vertical electric fences that are aimed to the right.
    The Weapon X File is located near the bottom of the 2 fences.
    The computer voice will say "Warning, massive fire disturbance 
    localized on the surface" right BEFORE you get to the area containing
    the file. 
    1.13 - Fire Serpent (Iceman)
    Exiting the Coolant Tunnels, you will find your new pal - a Legend
    of Zelda, Ocarina of TimeĀ© monster-sized monster. The Fire Serpent
    is massive, taking up the whole size of the Nuclear Smokestack.
    Despite this, he is, by far, the easiest boss in the game.
    He will launch Fire Raptors from his mouth, that will try to blow
    up various places, causing lots of radiation to leak out, failing
    the mission. Make sure you note the green bar in the lower-left 
    corner. If it gets maxed out, mission failed.
    The easiest way to beat him that takes 20 seconds or less is as 
    follows: Immediately use your Ice Beam from long range on his 
    head, slowly advancing closer. When he throws out Fire Raptors, 
    manually target them with the Ice Beam. Once you get within Hailstorm
    range, lock him on, and shoot away. The Hailstorm bolts will almost
    always destroy the Raptors before they get away from you. Keep doing 
    this, and he'll be dead before you know it and you will get.......
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Near the top of the powerline that is directly to your left at
    the starting of the level. 
    #2 - In front of the slanted concrete building that you entered/exited
    from the Coolant Tunnels, in the middle of the air (its near the Fire 
    #3 - On the right side (if you were facing the Fire Serpent) of the 
    building Pyro is on, in a "nook".
    #4 - Behind the Fire Serpent, on top of a water pump, very close to the
    #5 - Near the top of the domed building, facing the water (opposite end
    of the Fire Serpent, on the island.)
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - On top of the very large building, directly behind you at the start
    of the level.
    1.14 - Castle Gatehouse (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    Similar to the Testing Chambers starting, this level is best described
    as being an all out frag fest. The whole objective is to kill wave
    after wave of HYDRA soldier. By now, you are familiar with how to 
    dispatch the soldeirs in the best ways - heavy attacks on the axemen,
    air assaults on the lancers, and quick attacks on the ones with two 
    claws. They will spawn from teleportation points in the courtyard 
    and gatehouse by the barrel full. Keep fighting them, as the game will
    tell you when they switch spawning locations. Heal in between waves,
    using the large statue in the courtyard for cover, as it takes enemies
    a few precious seconds to navigate around it. Use your Fury Attacks
    to dispatch large groups of HYDRA soldiers, as well as heal Wolverine
    a little bit. Once about 10 waves are defeated, the next area will 
    open up. 
    HYDRA gunners will be ready for you, go inside and dispatch them, 
    making sure to avoid the square tiles in the middle of the hall, as 
    they contain flame throwers. 
    Defeat about 6 soldiers, and get to the end of the hall for 
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - On the left side of the first room and near the stairs, behind
    a breakable barrier. 
    #2 - Directly infront of you, at the start of level, inside a 
    fenced in (yet destroyable) area.
    #3 - On the opposite wall of piece #1, near the stairs. 
    #4 - At the end of the gatehouse, in the open (close to the HYDRA 
    soldier teleportation point)
    #5 - Inside the gatehouse, on the wall paralell to the Weapon X File,
    inside a wooden drawer. 
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - Inside gatehouse, inside a wooden container, at the end of the 
    1.15 - Zen Garden (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    Continuing with the frag fest from the last level, Wolverine has more
    baddies to take out - sound familiar? Your objective is to go through
    the Zen Garden, dealing death to the HYDRA soldiers, and getting into
    the next series of levels. The Garden one large room after another, 
    chock full of teleporters. Make your way through the first large area,
    defeating the HYDRA soldiers. You must beat them all to open the next
    door and proceed to the first Teleportation Nexus.
    Once inside the room with the Teleportation Nexus, HYDRA soldiers will
    pour out of various areas - and they're never ending. The key is to
    destroy the 8 boxes on each pillar of the Nexus. After each box is 
    destroyed, the Nexus will have a surge of electricity, rendering you
    destroying the rest of the boxes, delayed. You can't blow up another
    box until it stops zapping electricity, which is about 10 seconds.
    You won't have much of a chance to regain your health, so focus
    on the Nexus' boxes. Attack the soldiers only when the Nexus' is full
    of electricity. Blast all 8 boxes to proceed to the next area. 
    You'll walk through a peaceful garden, so recover all your health, 
    as the next area has another Teleport Nexus. Unlike the last one,
    however, the electricity is timed, so you can only attack when the
    electricity is not surging through it. The enemies that spawn in this
    room are deadlier than the last, so make sure you deal with them as
    needed, in between the electric field on the Nexus. Once the Nexus
    is down, defeat the rest of the HYDRA soldiers to go to the next, and
    final area on the walkway.
    Make your way through the walkway, slicing through the HYDRA soldiers
    in the walkway. At the end of the hall, new HYDRA Wind Unit soldiers
    will attack. Despite them being the "hardest" enemy in the game, they
    are easy. They do, however, tend to block alot, so use some aerial 
    attacks, followed up by heavy (Y) attacks.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Along the wall that is "north" (up on the Left Thumbstick), 
    behind a bamboo tree. 
    #2 - Inside the middle of the first Teleport Nexus. 
    #3 - On the left side (once you walk in) of the garden right after
    the 1st Teleport Nexus, behind some rocks and bushes.
    #4 - In 2nd Teleport Nexus garden, in the corner of the room near
    the stairs (opposite corner of stairs).
    #5 - At the end of the final hallway, in the open (where the
    Wind Soldiers attack you at).
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - Inside garden where 2nd Teleport Nexus is. As you enter, head
    "north" (up on Left Thumbstick), it's inside an area with 4 or 5
    1.16 - Brooklyn Bridge (Nightcrawler)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    By now, your realizing that Nightcrawler is the coolest character
    in the game, since his combat skills are the best. This level will
    put them to the test, as you'll be facing Multiple Man. However,
    your teaming up with Storm for this level, making it incredibly easy,
    if you know how to use her to your advantage. Your first
    objective is to find Multiple Man, and beat up his clones. Before
    doing that, however, go around the level and find the SENTINEL TECH
    Pieces and the WEAPON X FILE, since Multiple Man stays on the ground,
    you can do it without getting harmed.
    Once you get that done, proceed to find and beat up the Multiple
    Man clones. There are 12 of them in all, and they'll slowly come
    out to fight you. Use your relocation attacks (R Trigger, then B),
    and Storm's powered up lightning attack (click Left Thumbstick), at
    full charge, it will destroy all Multiple Man clones on screen,
    keep that in mind. Once you get rid of all the clones, more will be
    created that are planting bombs around the bridge, to destroy it.
    You will need to diffuse bombs at 2 locations, and defeat the 5
    or so Multiple Man clones around each bomb. This is very easy if
    you know what to do. ALWAYS teleport to the location, this stops
    time as you travel (you have 1 minute to diffuse each location
    on Superhero, 1:10 for Hero, and 1:20 on Novice). Once at the 
    first location, use Storm's charged lightning attack. This will
    wipe out every clone. Diffuse the box, then goto the next bomb.
    Beat up the clones, and prepare but DO NOT DIFFUSE THE LAST BOMB.
    Heal yourself, and let Storm's lightning attack charge, provided
    you have time to. It takes about 3 seconds to diffuse the bomb, so
    make sure you leave 5 seconds on the clock. Once you diffuse the
    last one, more bombs will be placed. Keep repeating this step 2-3
    times. After that, one final group of 3 bombs will be placed. 
    You'll get 1:30 seconds or so to finish the last group. If you
    do everything correctly, you'll always have 30 seconds or more to
    heal and charge up Storm's attack.
    Once you diffuse the last of the 3 bombs, MISSION COMPLETE. 
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Directly behind you at the start of the level, on the scaffolding. 
    #2 - Ontop of the pipes of the middle part of the bridge (above the 
    bridge itself), very close to the Weapon X File and Sentinel Tech 
    piece #1.
    #3 - Walk along the top part of the bridge (middle area), it's about
    the middle of the level.
    #4 - Very close to piece #3, on top of a light post (if your facing
    where Weapon X File is, it's on the left)
    #5 - At the very end of the level, on a pipe (on the left side, if
    your facing the end) - End meaning where the Multiple Man Clones
    are, and the very other end of the Weapon X File location.  
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 From Sentinel Tech Piece #1, it's on the top of the middle part of
    the bridge - at the end of the bridge. 
    1.17 - Multiple Man (Nightcrawler)
    After dealing with the clones, you finally get to take the fight
    to the real Multiple Man. You begin the level, like every other
    boss fight, in an arena. This one is incredibly small, however.
    The SENTINEL TECH pieces and WEAPON X FILE are very easy to spot.
    Fighting Multiple Man is a tricky business, as his attacks are 
    fairly powerful, and unless you beat every level beforehand on
    Superhero, your attacks don't do much damage to him. If you need
    to come back to this level later with more power to beat him on
    Hero or Superhero, don't feel ashamed. You will start the fight
    with just the real Multiple Man, use all your tricks, but only
    from long range, as he likes to do alot of damage if you stay real 
    close to him alot. Once you deal a little damage to him, he will
    make 5 copies of himself. Stay away from him while the he has
    his clones - they go away after awhile. Check the upper-right
    corner, and his orange gauge to see how long they last, or when
    they'll come next. If your having trouble spotting the real one,
    incase you wanna beat him up, he's always the one with the light
    above him. 
    Shortly after the multiple clones of Multiple Man come onto the
    scene, the real one will plant a 30 second bomb. Lure him and the
    clones to the other side of the arena, and quickly warp to the
    bomb and diffuse it. He does this once or twice during the entire
    Once diffused, begin to fight him again. If your low on health, 
    find a light pole to teleport to, and use Shadow Aura. If the
    real Multiple Man spots you, he usually makes clones that have
    a gun, to shoot you down. Make sure you warp outta there before
    he does any damage to you. Having a leveled-up Shadow Aura can
    help here.
    Keep doing damage to him, staying away from his attacks, and then
    going in using relocation/teleporting attacks. This fight will
    take awhile, but be patient, healing as needed. Sooner or later
    you'll finish him off getting the wonderful LEVEL COMPLETE
    symbol, showing that your excellent at this game. 
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Directly above you, on a light post, at the start of the level. 
    #2 - To your right, from the very start of the level
    #3 - Behind you, from piece #2, on the outside wall in the middle.
    #4 - To your slight right, at the start of the level, in the corner.
    It's the opposite metal barrel the Weapon X File is on.
    #5 - Near the Weapon X File, in the middle of the outside wall. 
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - From the start of the level, go forward, and take a left. The 
    file is ontop of a large barrel, near the corner. 
    1.18 - Warriors Dojo (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 3 Mutations
    Following Zen Garden, your now inside the dojo, on the way to cause
    more havoc. Like the other Wolverine missions, you now realize his 
    main goal is to just clear wave after wave of enemy, without any 
    rhyme or reason. The HYDRA soldiers in the dojo are glad to allow 
    it, as the best HYDRA troops are massed for this confrontation.
    Like the Castle Gatehouse, its a simple room-clearning mission.
    In addition to clearing the area, you have a large shielded door
    blocking the way out, which automatically regenerates life very
    Start by finding the various SENTINEL TECHs and WEAPON X FILE.
    Then work up your Fury meter by demolishing lots of HYDRA soldiers.
    Once your Fury meter is up, use it slashing the Force Field door. 
    The soldiers are very tough, as all of them are the highest level, 
    so play it smart and don't get trapped in a corner. You'll have to
    take out about 5 waves of enemies. Use the time in between waves
    to heal, as you'll need it. By the end, you'll get a break as 
    HYDRA Wind Units attack, which are easily defeated with aerial
    Once you take out the door and the soldiers, MISSION COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 & 2 - In the corner(s) of the dojo, not very hard to find.
    #3 & 4 - Behind the wooden pillars, near the middle of the wall.
    #5 - The very middle of the room. Easy enough, eh?
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In the one corner that DOESN'T have the Sentinel Tech pieces.
    1.19 - Lady Deathstrike (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 1 Mutations
    Hero      - 2 Mutations
    Superhero - 2 Mutations
    Ah, your second, and final, confrontation with Lady Deathstrike.
    Like most other boss fights, this one is in an arena, but a large
    and cooler one at that. You'll begin the fight in the middle of a
    dojo. Lady Deathstrike hasn't really learned anything new this fight,
    so take her down the same way you did - aerial assaults, avoiding
    her long range quick attacks, and retaliating with heavy attacks.
    After her health bar is down to about 1/2 of the red section, she
    will hide and call for HYDRA soldiers to kill you. Dispatch them,
    preferably without using your Fury Attack (save it for her).
    Use this time to run around and collect the SENTINEL TECH pieces
    and WEAPON X FILE. 
    Once you get rid of about a dozen HYDRA soldiers, Lady Deathstrike
    will rejoin the battle, but with a pretty low health bar. Hopefully,
    your rage meter is almost filled. Beat her up until it's full. Use
    the Fury Attack, slashing away at her with the X button continuously.
    If your Fury Attack is upgraded to level 3, you can easily beat her
    with just using one Fury Attack meter.
    Get her health to 0 to get LEVEL COMPLETE
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    (Note, it's best to get them after your first fight with Lady
    #1 - On the left side of the stairs, on the ground floor, in the 
    #2 and #3 - From piece #1, go around that side of the room, smashing
    the armor displays. About 2-3 cases from piece #1, you'll find the
    2 pieces in consecutive armor displays
    #4 - Go up the stairs, walk to your left up the second flight.
    Once the camera angle changes, turn and walk right, to the edge of
    the little garden. You can't see the piece, but you can hear a buzzing
    sound, its there.
    #5 - Go up the stairs, walk to the right up the second flight.
    It's in the corner, kinda hard to see, but you can hear it, and you'll 
    know it's in the corner. The camera works against you here, so be
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - On the bottom floor, in the corner near Sentinel Tech piece #2 and/or
    1.20 Silver Samurai (Wolverine)
    Novice    - 1 Mutation
    Hero      - 1 Mutations
    Superhero - 2 Mutations
    After finishing Lady Deathstrike, Silver Samurai is your next target. You'll
    meet him on the rooftop of the dojo. This guy is (IMO), harder than the final
    boss. He's big, he can teleport, use ranged attacks, and can do alot of damage
    to you. Despite this, his health bar is rather small, and it cannot regenerate.
    Keep that in mind, as you'll need to play it smart.
    There's no real "strategy" that can be used to exploit him, other than using
    lots of ranged attacks, and use the dodge roll (Right Trigger + move the Left
    Thumbstick) when he slices at you. Watch out for his charged sword attacks,
    they do quite a bit more damage than the normal attacks.
    After 1/2 of his health bar is gone, he will vanish, leaving a few HYDRA Wind 
    Units to attack you. They're easy compared to him, so get the SENTINEL TECH
    pieces and WEAPON X FILE around the arena. Dispatch the last of the Wind Units
    to bring Silver Samurai back. Hopefully, your Fury Meter is building up. Just
    like Lady Deathstrike, you'll want to save it for him and bring the full power
    of Wolvie's blades to bear on him. Repeat the earlier steps of fighting him.
    Once he has about 1/4 of his life left, he'll vanish, leaving more HYDRA
    soldiers to fight you. Defeat the wave of Wind Units. By now, your Fury Attacks
    should be ready when he returns. The second he appears, unleash the F'in fury
    on him. Provided your Fury upgrades are to 3+, the one Fury Attack chain will
    finish him off...
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - Littered throughout the level, in each corner of the room.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - In a corner of the arena, behind a fire pot. 
    1.21 - Kolwoon Highway (Iceman)
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    Iceman will be in Kolwoon the next few missions, a cheezy Hong Kong type place.
    The entire mission is either timed, or requires you to chase something.
    Similar to the Coolant Tunnels, you'll need to make your way through winding
    tunnels with objects trying to prevent you from going farther. The biggest
    obstacle, however, are the Sentinels that seem to be around every corner.
    Despite this, however, they are easily dispatched with your Ice Beam and/or
    Hailstorm. Make your way through the winding tunnels in under 2 minutes and
    30 seconds and get to the large area. Once you get there, you'll find that 
    a Sentinel carrying a very valuable item is heading in the opposite direction.
    Iceman will automatically turn around. You'll need to destroy the Sentinel 
    before it escapes. It's quite easy to do - lock him on, and use Hailstorms when
    in range, or Ice Beams if he's too far away. A few Sentinels will try to deter
    you, but focus on the Sentinel carrying the item. Your Hailstorms and Ice Beams
    will most likely destroy the Sentinels attacking you anyway. Stay high in the 
    air, to avoid the destroyed busses and the like.
    Blast the important Sentinel to smithereens and get LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - In the first large area on the right side, near a green-ish sign.
    #2 - Inside the second tunnel, in the middle, right behind a vertical
    pillar...Its almost at the end of that section of tunnel.
    #3 - In the second large area, at the very end on the left. A bus fire hides
    the ease of finding the piece, so cooling the fire with an Ice Beam can help.
    #4 - On the left side of the third large area, in the middle right beside a 
    lamp post. 
    #5 - The tunnel right after the third large area has this piece, in the middle
    of the tunnel, right out in the open.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 Right before you get to the end of the level, in the huge area. Once you
    get in the huge area, stay low to the ground, where the small metal poles are.
    It's on the ground.
    1.22 - Downtown Kolwoon (Iceman)
    Mutation Guide ~ 
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    This level is reminiscent of Wolverines levels....Just alot of mass destruction
    of Sentinels. Your objective is to simply knock 15 Sentinels out of the air.
    The "difficulty" with this level is that each kill is timed. You have between
    1 minute and 2 minutes to destroy each bot (not all 15, just one). It resets 
    each time you destroy a bot. They're pretty plentiful around the area, so 
    shooting down 15 is very very very easy. The only issue is they can fly outside 
    of the level, causing any damage to a certain bot to be negated. Even then,
    it's easy to get all 15 destroyed and get LEVEL COMPLETE.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - At the start, turn to the left, and it's in the corner of the buildings.
    #2 - From the start, goto forward, and turn onto the last road to the right.
    It's underneath the glass tunnel walkway, nearest the buildings.
    #3 - From #2, continue down the same road, to the highway. Turn to the right,
    the building nearest the highway, at the bottom, has this piece.
    #4 - Take a right at the start of the level, you'll see a glass walkway tunnel.
    It's below it, nearest the buildings.
    #5 - From #4, continue into the large area. The piece is on the left corner of
    the farthest wall. 
    large area, its in the left corner, furthest from any road.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 Directly in front of you, on the ground near the 1st intersection.
    1.23 - Giant Sentinel (Iceman)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    Iceman's second to final level. Things are wrapping up, and you've probably
    got most of your upgrades by now - you'll need them for this level. Giant
    Sentinels are "racing" toward the downed X-wing with your friends inside it.
    This level takes most people quite some time to beat, but it's not that hard
    if you know how to deal with the Sentinels.
    Each Sentinel has 6 yellow hardpoints on it. To destroy a Sentinel, you must
    destroy each of the 6 points. Hailstorm barely works, and will do very little
    to slow them down. The Ice Beam is the key here. It will dispatch the yellow
    points incredibly quickly. You can take each robot down in 2 swipes. The first
    one needs to disable either the front 3, or back 3 points, then the other one
    to follow up with the other 3. If your having any difficulty knowing where the
    last few are, hit the Left Trigger to find out.
    One Sentinel will be on each side of the highway at a time, and will be
    constantly replenished each time you destroy one. NOTE that sometimes when
    you blow one up, the new one that lands can be closer to the X-wing than the
    one you just blew up was. Make sure you destroy the ones closest to the X-Wing,
    and not the closest to you.
    You'll need to destroy about 10 of these monstrosities. Make sure you use your
    Ice Shield often when they are charging up, and fire, their lasers at you. 
    Destroy the 10 or so to get LEVEL COMPLETE
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1, 2 and 3 - on the right side of the highway (if your facing where the
    Sentinels land from)
    #4 - Underneath the highway, on the slight right side of the highway (if 
    you were facing where the Sentinels land from)
    #5 - Underneath the highway, near the top of it, about halfway in the
    middle of the level.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - On the highway, in the middle of the level. 
    1.24 - Augmentation Room (Wolverine)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - No Mutations
    Hero      - No Mutations
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    Wolverine ventures into the Master Mold Reactor in search of 
    Sabertooth, but before he finds them, he runs into some "friends".
    Yet again, this is an all out frag-fest. However, your targets
    are copies of yourself, and not HYDRA soldiers.
    The Wolverine copies can deal quite a bit of damage, so be quick
    about beating them. They can block quick attacks (X), so use
    heavy attacks (Y). Keep fighting them, building up your Fury Attack
    meter. Once it's to the top, unleash the Fury, attacking them with
    quick Fury strikes (X button), as it seems to be the quickest
    way to dispatch them.
    There are absolute droves of these copies - you will have to fight
    about 100. Although that sounds like alot, each Fury Attack set
    can dispatch 20+ if you have it at level 4 or 5. Remember to use
    lots of heavy attacks, as they can get them killed the quickest.
    Keep doing battle with them until you get LEVEL COMPLETE, leaving
    only Sabertooth to fight. 
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1, 2, 3 & 4 - In the four corners of the Augmentation room itself.
    #5 - Near the door, north of where you start out.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - Behind the vat you fall into during the movie that plays at
    the start of the level. The camera somewhat hides it, but it's 
    1.25 - Master Mold Interior (Nightcrawler)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - 2 Mutations
    Hero      - 3 Mutations
    Superhero - 4 Mutations
    This one is a dandy, just like the next Nightcrawler mission.
    You'll have to use (like all the last levels) all of his skills
    to get through this mission. 
    You will start out in a remote area of the facility, and you 
    will need to traverse poles, power conduits (with lots of 
    electricity going through them), and dodge seeker bots along
    the way.
    Your first goal is to rewire 2 Bulkhead Control Panels. They
    are located on your map, and are always in front of where you
    typically are, so keep that in mind. The first one will be
    on your right, as you leave the first "door". Watch out for
    the electric balls that surge through the conduits, as they
    can do lots of damage. Time your jump and teleport correctly,
    right after the last surge goes through where the box is.
    Once the first one is rewired, continue on a little ways,
    and rewire the second one, avoiding the seeker bots and the
    power surges. Once rewired, a door will open up, taking you
    into a large room.
    This next room contains a Sentinel in it - fun fun fun.
    Use the same strategy as always, luring the Seeker Bots 
    onto the Sentinel, and teleport away from them. Unlike
    previous encounters, there's no floor where these Sentinels
    are, so if you get knocked off, and don't manage to teleport
    to a power line or pole, your dead.
    Defeat the Sentinel, and go through the next tunnel. You need
    to rewire 2 more panels to proceed. The first one is in the
    lower level, and power is surging through the line, so avoid
    it cautiously. Seeker bots now become a real pain, as they 
    can prevent you from rewiring the panel when the power isn't
    Continue on through the next door, and locate the final
    panel on a pole. There's no power surging nearby, but Seeker
    Bots are close enough to spot you and try to blow you up.
    Remember the SENTINEL TECH piece behind the panel. Once
    rewired, go through the next door to the huge Power Node
    This room is very tough. You'll have to leap from pipe to
    pipe, avoiding the power surges (which is near impossible), 
    as well as a few seeker bots. Teleport from pipe to pipe,
    on the 3rd pipe, turn left, jump onto the next pipe, then
    onto the vertical posts. These will take you to Power Node #1.
    To destroy the Power Nodes, you'll need to lure the Seeker Bots
    to the location of the Node, and let them detonate near the
    node. You can't get them super close to this Node, but its
    good enough for it to blow.
    Once done, spot the 'lil blue guy on the pipes that you need
    to take to Node #2. Travel up the pipes, and up the vertical
    pole. Take the pipe and the WEAPON X FILE, and then travel down
    to Power Node 2. If you thought so far was hard, think again.
    You now will have 2 Sentinels drop from the ceiling, and attack
    you. Lure the Seeker Bots yet again to destroy the Sentinels.
    They are around the edges of the room, and aren't the easiest
    ones to spot. KEEP MOVING, the Sentinels have alot of firepower
    to bear, and if you keep moving, they cannot hit you easily.
    Destroy the 2 Sentinels, and the finish off Power Node #2.
    Now you'll have to travel to the very top of the Interior
    via more pipes with power surges going through them. Travel
    up the first pipe, up a vertical pole, then jump and warp
    past the 3 pipes and 3 horizontal poles onto Power Node #3's
    station. It's directly above Power Node #1.
    Just like Power Node #2, you'll have more Sentinels. Use
    the Seeker Bots to detonate the 2 Sentinels. The Sentinels
    like to stay on the outside of the Node Station, so time 
    everything right with the Seeker Bots. Blast the last 2 bots
    and the Power Node. 
    Once that's done, the final door will open up. Travel through
    for LEVEL COMPLETE and Iceman's last mission.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - From the first Primary Bulkhead panel that needs rewired, 
    continue up the electrical pipe, avoiding the electric discharges,
    it's at the top of the pipe.
    #2 - Very close to the second panel of the Secondary Bulkhead 
    Panels that need rewired, on a light post that you can warp/jump 
    #3 - Near Power Node #1, on the railing to your right (if you
    were facing Power Node #2)
    #4 - Close to Power Node #2, on a walkway that's near the
    pipes that take you to Power Node #3. 
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - From Power Node 1, climb up the large pipes in preparation
    to get to Power Node 2, climb the vertical post that will get
    you to the very top pipe, the File is there. 
    1.26 Master Mold Reactor (Iceman)
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - No Mutations
    Hero      - No Mutations
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    This is Iceman's final level. Although it's the last, its also
    very easy and linear. You just need to make your way through
    the tunnel to the Reactor and blow it up. However, lasers are
    beaming in every direction, making the journey a little difficult,
    and Sentinels will continuously attack you, slowing your progress
    down. Not only that, the level is timed. You'll have plenty of
    time, however to make your journey through the tunnels.
    You will have to avoid the laser traps *or* plow through them
    using the Ice Shield. I prefer the Ice Shield, as it slows you
    down less than having to maneuver around the traps. Missiles
    will fire in volleys at you every so often, use your Ice Beam
    on the volleys, neutralizing them very quickly. 
    Continue to make your way into the Master Mold Reactor itself.
    Inside this area are 5 huge pillars with electricity running
    through them. To finish off the Sentinel factory, just blast
    the 5 with Ice Beams and Hailstorms. Blast the pillars in
    order, going around the room. You'll take some damage going
    straight through the electricity, but you should have enough
    life to make it through just fine. 
    Once you destroy the last pillar, you'll have 10 seconds or
    so to exit the level and beat Iceman's levels and get LEVEL
    COMPLETE for the last friggin' time.
    Once completed, if you got all the pieces you'll get 2 Iceman
    Achievements, and unlock new outfits for him. Now all that's
    left is Wolverine and Nightcrawler's final level. 
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 - Directly in front of the first volley of rockets, in
    the middle of the room. It's near the start of the level. 
    #2 - In the 1st larger area of the tunnel, near the ground.
    It's about where the volley of rockets curves around.
    #3 - In the 2nd larger area of the tunnel, in the air.
    It's in a very similar spot as #2 was in it's tunnel, but
    higher up. Make sure you slow down in these areas, as they
    always have a Sentinel Tech piece. 
    #4 - Like piece #2 and 3, in the middle of the 3rd large
    tunnel area. This tunnel curves left (the last 2 curve right)
    it's almost in the middle of the curve, about halfway in
    the air. 
    #5 - Inside the Master Mold Central Core, below the electric
    fields, near the Control Core, on the opposite side of the
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - Inside the Master Mold Central Core, on the ground.
    The moment you get inside the Reactor, fly to the bottom
    real quick, as it's right there.
    1.27 - Telepurgatory
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - No Mutations
    Hero      - No Mutations
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    Nightcrawlers final level involves going deep within a person's mind -
    Jason Strykers mind at that. What does a mind look like on the inside?
    Well, it looks like a poorly-done version of the inside of an Oblivion
    Gate from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Despite the cheezy rip-off 
    from such a great game, this level is not very easy, unless you know
    how to do it. A never-ending supply of Nightcrawler-like enemies will
    attack you throughout, so always be moving and teleporting around the
    Your first objective is to destroy an object located on your map,
    destroying this object will reveal a Memory Bank that needs to be
    reprogrammed to finish the level. Once the Memory Bank's shell has
    been removed, you will then need to destroy a certain number of
    Guardian Crystals. This will halt the supply of evil Nightcrawler
    clones. When the Guardian Crystals are destroyed, take aim at the
    evil Nightcrawler clones. You HAVE to use relocation attacks (Lock-On,
    B Button then XXX or YYY). Using standard attacks, or teleport attacks
    will just let them attack you first, as they are faster than you are.
    I had a very tough time with this level until I found out about
    the relocation attacks. Using them will allow you to get the drop on
    the clones, making it an easy fight.
    The best way to get all the SENTINEL TECH pieces and WEAPON X FILEs is
    to shatter the Guardian Crystals, then the clones. This will leave the
    level enemy-less until you reprogram the next Memory Bank. Use this 
    time to heal, as well as get the pieces and files.
    If you get low on life in the middle of destroying the Guardian Crystals,
    find a horizontal ledge and heal on it. Be careful, however, as the clones
    can teleport right beside you, and hit you and ruin your Shadow Aura.
    You'll need to repeat the process of exposing a memory bank, destroying
    an increasing number of Guardian Crystals, then reprogramming the
    Memory Banks. There are 3 Memory Banks total, and about 15 total Guardian
    Crystals. Keep teleporting very quickly around the area, smashing the
    Crystals, beating the clones up, and reprogram the 3 Memory Banks.
    Once that's done, Nightcrawlers final level will be COMPLETE, leaving
    only Sabertooth to deal with.
    <Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 & 2 - On 2 opposing ledges in the middle of the area, close to
    some Guardian Crystals.
    #3 - Very close to #1 (or 2) on a small branch.
    #4 - In a valley near #2, look around and you can spot it from piece
    #5 - At the opposite end of Jason Stryker's mind, near the rest
    of the Sentinel Tech pieces (namely #3).
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - Near Jason Stryker's Mind, on a lone island that has a Guardian
    1.28 - Sabertooth
    Mutation Guide ~
    Novice    - No Mutations
    Hero      - No Mutations
    Superhero - 1 Mutation
    This is the final confrontation of your 6-ish hour game quest. After
    all the "hard" work you've done reading this walkthrough, and beating
    the somewhat easy, and somewhat hard levels, your final battle is 
    at-hand. This fight is like fighting with an overgrown puppy, it's 
    easier than Silver Samurai as long as you fight smart.
    You begin the fight in the middle of guess what? An arena! Whoop-de-
    friggin-do. You'll fight him one on one, so there's no real interruption
    in the battle. 
    Sabertooth has the same attacks as your first fight at the start of the
    game. However, he now has his own brand of Fury Attacks. Doing a certain
    amount of damage will cause him to use his Fury Attack, which involves
    charging at you and beating you up - when he does this attack, run like
    the wind. It only lasts a few seconds, so its not that hard to avoid.
    His real power lies in the fact he does ALOT of damage - more than 
    anyone else. Not only that, blocking doesn't work nearly as well as 
    it could in this fight, so dodge rolls are the order of the day for
    Despite his power, it's an easy fight, as the AI is incredibly stupid.
    Run very close to him and run back. This will cause him to launch
    either a ground attack (punches and such), or leap into the air and
    attack. Either way, run away from it. The moment the attack is over,
    send 2 heavy attacks his way. This will stagger him, leaving him 
    no way to counter attack.
    Typically, when he does his aerial attack, he is already preparing
    another attack, if he's doing that, you can't stagger him, but you'll
    get hit in the process, so if that happens, dodge roll away.
    If you get low on life, you probably won't be able to recharge your
    health. Your best bet is to use your Fury Attack to recharge. When
    this is going on, use a heavy attack (Y) on Sabertooth. The animation
    will show Wolverine trying to jump on Sabertooth, but it not working.
    Despite this, it causes some damage to Sabertooth, and none to you,
    allowing your health to regenerate at a decent pace. 
    The real downside to his Rage attacks is the fact that it regenerates 
    his health bar at a pretty good rate. Fortunately, he has a limited 
    amount of times he can do this attack. 
    After lowering his health bar to about 1/2, a cutscene will show him
    getting knocked back, falling down to another level in the Reactor.
    Heal up before venturing down, as this last fight might take some
    life out of you.
    Once in the new arena, watch out for falling debris - I never really
    had a problem with it, but it does exist. Keep using the same strategy
    as stated earlier on him. Once get gets down to 1/4 of his life, he will
    enter a permanent rage mode, constantly attacking you. When this happens,
    your Fury Meter will fill up VERY quickly, and stay there when your using
    your Fury Attacks. Keep using your Fury Attacks, decimating his health,
    and restoring yours. It shouldn't take more than 5 seconds to finish him
    off - finishing the last level of the game.
    <Final Sentinel Tech Locations>
    #1 & 2 - On opposite walls in the first arena encounter. One's on the left
    wall, one's on the right.
    #3, 4 and 5 - On the east, west and south sides of the second area where
    you fight Sabertooth.
    <Weapon X File Location>
    #1 - Directly north of when you land on the second arena. 
    X 2.0 - FAQ, Answers, Hints X
    Q. How long is this game?
    A. My first playthrough, without any help was about 6 hours, inclduing
    all Mutations for the characters, and 100% for Nightcrawler, and most of
    Wolverine. To totally beat everything 100%, using this walkthrough should
    take about 5~6 hours, since most of the time is taken up looking for the
    hidden items.
    Q. How difficult is this game to max the gamerscore out (1000/1000)
    A. It takes about 6-7 hours to get everything, depending on how good 
    you are. Since most of the difficult things like Iceman's hidden items
    are discribed, it shouldn't take even that long. If your very good, and
    know where the items are, you could easily do it in under 4 hours.
    To compare, this game is even easier than King Kong's Achievements -
    the easiest 1000 gamerscore for a single player only game. Not as easy
    as NBA 2k6/College Hoops 2k6/NHL 2k6, but still, very easy compared to
    other games.
    Q. I can't beat (Insert Boss or Level on any difficulty), its too hard!
    A. If you find yourself in a tough area, play it on Novice. If still then
    you can't beat the level, go back and try to get a few extra Mutations.
    I had to get plenty extra to bet a few levels on Superhero. Remember, the
    enemies and bosses DO NOT increase any abilities, even when you do. This
    makes hard levels on Superhero fairly easy when your packing a larger punch.
    Q. Despite you making this walkthrough, how come I don't that you played
    X-men on your recent played list (or at all?)
    A. I do not have broadband/DSL access where I live. I have to go to someone's
    house to upload my scores. Because if this, I cannot upload stuff as much
    as I want. Despite this, I guarentee I have beaten the game top to bottom,
    X 3.0 - Achievement Guide   X
    In order of highest to lowest Gamerscore. 
    Evolution (Wolverine) - 120 Points
    Get all of Wolverine's Mutations by beating every level on Superhero, or
    whatever difficulty is needed for all the level's mutations
    Evolution (Iceman) - 120 Points
    Get all of Iceman's Mutations by beating every level on Superhero, or
    whatever difficulty is needed for all the level's mutations
    Evolution (Wolverine) - 120 Points
    Get all of Nightcrawler's Mutations by beating every level on Superhero, or
    whatever difficulty is needed for all the level's mutations
    Champion (Wolverine) - 110 Points
    Get all of Wolverine's Sentinel Techs from every level. This also unlocks
    his classic X-men uniform that is far better than the one from the movie.
    Secret Identity (Wolverine) - 110 Points
    Find the Weapon X File in every Wolverine level. This also unlocks a 
    a new costume - a wifebeater and jeans! Heck yes!
    Secret Identity (Nightcrawler) - 80 Points
    Find the Weapon X File in every Nightcrawler level. This also unlocks a 
    a new costume - his costume from X2 when he attacks the White House.
    Secret Identity (Iceman) - 70 Points
    Find the Weapon X File in every Iceman level. This also unlocks a 
    a new costume - his street clothes.
    Champion (Nightcrawler) - 70 Points
    Get all of Nightcrawlers's Sentinel Techs from every level. This also unlocks
    his classic X-men uniform that is from the cartoon and the old arcade game, 
    which was the best arcade game EVER. 
    Champion (Iceman) - 70 Points
    Get all of Iceman's Sentinel Techs from every level. This also unlocks
    his classic look without any suit - what Iceman really was all about.
    X-Men - 50 Points
    Finish the game with 100% for everyone to get this achievement. Technically,
    you have to get 950 Gamerscore for this, but it's the same dang thing, honest.
    Danger Room (Wolverine) - 30 Points
    Beat Act 2 (I believe) to unlock the Cerebro file to open up Wolverine's 
    Danger room. 
    Danger Room (Iceman) - 20 Points
    Beat Act 1 to unlock the Cerebro file to open up Iceman's Danger room. 
    Danger Room (Nightcrawler) - 20 Points
    Beat Act 3 to unlock the Cerebro file to open up Nightcrawler's Danger room.
    Xavier Institute - 0 Points
    Get screwed over in the points by beating Wolverine's training level.
    Xavier Institute - 0 Points
    Get screwed over in the points by beating Iceman's training level.
    Xavier Institute - 0 Points
    Get screwed over in the points by beating Nightcrawler's training level.
    X 4.0 - Thanks              X
    I would like to thank the following bands for their contribution to my 
    X-Men: The Unofficial Soundtrack That's Better Than The Real One (Vol. 1)
    This Fires Embrace 
    Eternal Decision
    Demon Hunter
    My appreciation goes out to all politicians that are opposing Violent
    Videogame bills in various state senates. The laws are unfairly ledged
    toward videogame media, and not violent media in general. Most of the
    politicians that are NOT authoring these bills are Republicans. Keep
    that in mind on November 2nd.
    imoTEP1 over at Achieve360points.com for the location of the last Coolant
    Tunnel pice I missed.
    All the people on the Xbox.com X-men forums for sugguesting I do this guide.
    Moutain Dew for providing flavorful drink while playing this game far more
    than it deserved.
    BBQ Sunflower seeds.
    And finally, Activision for giving me another easy 1000 Gamerscore. 

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