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"If you're a fan of the movie, you will love this game."

Monster House Picks up after they've been swallowed by the house by a carpet tongue. And once you're in the house it's your job to get out. There are Nine Chapters to the game, and you play by switching off characters From DJ to Chowder, and Jenny as you play through the game. As you play through the game you solve puzzles, and shoot down a lot of baddies with your "super soaker" like the one in the movie trying to discover why the house is alive.

The basic moves for all three characters are your squirt gun, melee attack, and a secondary attack which consists of a bomb type throw. The puzzle elements are not that hard but you may have to think a little, they seem mainly geared towards kids and the enemies become redundant throughout the game fighting the same type over and over.

However the game play mechanics control just like resident evil 4, so if you enjoyed the way that game controlled you won't have a problem here. The over all length of the game is not very long and can be completed in 8 hours or so. There is not much in the area of re-playability once you beat the game. But there are two extras to the game, one is as you play through the game you find little drumming monkeys hidden in corners that unlock concept art from the movie. But the 2nd extra is really something special, as you play through the game you find game tokens which can be used to play Thou Art Dead, a side-scrolling 2D action title that pays homage to Castlevania's level design and monsters, Thou Art Dead should provide some interest for gamers who've finished the main quest it's quite fun.

Graphics 8/10 - Quite good for a movie based game, Environments are nice, and character models are quite good. It really gives you the sense you're in the house, and it seems like they took the time to make sure the game has the look right.

Game Play 7.5/10 - It can get repetitive fighting the enemies, but they try to balance that with the puzzles thrown in. Resident Evil 4 type mechanics work real well.

Sound 9/10 - All the actors voices are excellent, sound track is very good and makes you feel like you're there.

Replay 6/10 - Once you beat it you're not coming back for the main quest, but the Thou Art Dead mini-game will keep you coming back for a little while as it's quite fun.

Review By - Dix Steele

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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