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    FAQ/Walkthrough by knuckles_sonic8

    Version: 0.92 | Updated: 06/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         Happy Feet - Walkthrough
              Version 0.92
        Created by: knuckles_sonic8 
            TABLE OF CONTENTS:
    1. Disclaimer
    2. FAQ Information
    3. Game Information
    4. Version History
    5. Main Menu
    6. Story Mode
    (6a) Dancing Stages
    (6b) Collection Stages
    (6c) Race Stages
    (6d) Checkpoint Stages
    (6e) Flee Stages
    7. Family Mode
    8. Extras/Unlockables
    9. My Impressions
    10. FAQ
    11. Acknowledgements/Final Statements 
              1. DISCLAIMER
    I give permission to the following sites to use my FAQ on 
    their site. No other site, nor individual person, may use 
    my FAQ in its entirety, or part of it, by ripping off, 
    copying and pasting, selling, rewriting, redistributing 
    or in any way shape or form duplicating or taking part of 
    this FAQ without documented permission from me. To violate
    any of the above is a serious crime and you will be dealt 
    with by the law. 
    *GameFAQS (www.gamefaqs.com) <- All updates will be sent here.
    *Super Cheats (www.supercheats.com)
            2. FAQ INFORMATION
    I made this FAQ simply because there was no Walkthrough for it
    anywhere at the time this is being made and it's a game I
    have in my Wii Collection (it's in my collection, but it's
    not mine exactly). Be aware that this guide contains SPOILERS 
    about the unlockables in the game. If you do not want to spoil 
    things for yourself, you are reading this guide at your own risk! 
    Be aware of this.
    NOTE: Before we begin, note that this walkthrough was made for the
    WII VERSION of the game.
           3. GAME INFORMATION
    Title: Happy Feet
    Platform: Multi-platform
    My Rating: 6.2/10
    Number of Players: 1 (2 Simultaneous for Multiplayer)
    Requirements for Multiplayer: 2 Wii-Remotes
    Blocks: 1
            4. VERSION HISTORY
    Version 0.5 - The guide meets GameFAQS standards, however,
    details in some of the sections could be added in a later
    version. All silver and gold medal requirements recorded. FAQ
    well on its way to completion. Main format created.
    Version 0.6 - Touch-ups here and there. Two new high-scores.
    Strategy tips and Walkthrough for select missions. Edited controls
    for one of the gameplay elements.
    Version 0.61 - Super Cheats now allowed to host my FAQ.
    Version 0.92 - Removed introductory note; FAQ edited; Family Mode 
    edited; Table of Contents edited; "Backlog" removed; formatting
    edits; minor edits to Main Menu section; minor fix-ups here
    and there; added to all the Dancing Stages - about the songs in
    the stages; added to Amigo Racing, Getting Away from It All, 
    Mumble Meets his Mama, Racing Into Exile, Orca Attack and 
    others; typos fixed.
              5. MAIN MENU
    Okay, welcome to my guide for Happy Feet (Wii version is the one
    this guide is geared towards). First thing's first, the modes. We have:
    -New Game
    -Load Game
    -Family Mode (I always laugh at the name...)
    Not a wide selection, I know but anyway...
    > New Game: Simply start a new game in the game's main mode: Story
    Mode. Progress through the stages to advance the story and earn gold
    medals to earn unlockable movies.
    > Load Game: Continue a game previously started in Story Mode. So you
    know, you can save up to 3 different files for the game. 
    Each save file will appear like this:
    |                                       |
    |    ________                           |
    |   |        |                          |
    |   |   1    |    XXXXXXXX     XXX   X  |
    |    ________         2         3    4  |
    |                                       |
    1. Screenshot of the last completed stage.
    2. The name of the last completed stage.
    3. The time/score/percentage you completed the stage with. Do not
    be confused, though, as the last thing you'll see is a % as the
    last stage is a Dancing Stage. This is NOT the % how much you've
    completed the game, but the accuracy rate you earned on that stage.
    4. The medal you earned on the last stage you completed.
    > Family Mode: The game's multiplayer mode. Although I've never
    tried it, it was a smart move for Midway to add this to the game as
    once you're done Story Mode, there's not much else to do in the game...
    And, bonus, the game only requires two Wii Remotes. Score! Yeah...
    > Options: Configure settings.
    > Extras: View the Credit Roll and see how worked on the game or view 
    hidden movies you've unlocked from the game's Story Mode.
              6. STORY MODE
    The game's main mode whereby completing stages advances the storyline.
    Before we get into the stages, let's talk controls for a sec, shall we?
    *** Dancing ***
    Somewhat like DDR, move the controller Up, Down, Left or Right in the 
    direction that the arrows indicate once they reach the top of the 
    Two notes indicate that you must swing the Wii Remote in that direction 
    twice in a row.
    EASY, MEDIUM or HARD difficulties available. Unless you're below the 
    age of 10, stick with Hard. Earning a Gold Medal on the last stage can 
    so easily be earned with difficulty set to Easy. 
    *** Belly-Sledding ***
    Since you're going downhill, no button input is required for 
    This gameplay feature requires you hold the game like you're playing 
    Super Paper Mario or Sonic/Secret Rings. Hold it sideways.
    - Tilt the control Left/Right to move in the desired direction.
    - Rocks will slow you down and cause you to fumble. Watch out.
    - Ice will allow you to go a little faster.
    - Press '1 Button' to jump.
    - Hold the '1 Button' and swing/tilt the Remote around to perform a 
    trick and increase speed. Failure to land properly will cost a bit 
    of time and speed as you fumble.
    Best feature IMO.
    *** Swimming ***
    Again, hold the controller sideways. These stages are, for the most 
    part, "on rails".
    - Tilt the control Up/Down/Left/Right to move in the desired direction.
    - Bubbles will replenish air (although you'll very rarely come close to 
    running out unless you're doing the Flee missions)
    - Whirlpools will give you a very quick speed boost. Get three in a row 
    and each boost after that will be at a consistent, face paced-speed. If 
    you miss one, though, you'll go back to 0 (normal speed) and start over 
    again to increase your speed. The boosts have after-effects for when 
    you're swimming without any boosts in the area.
    This fast-paced system is very difficult to master in later stages for 
    a child. I really don't know how a child could get Gold Medals on some 
    of the stages on their own...
    All stages have been splitted by categories depending on their main 
    gameplay element. 
    Swimming stages fall under Race, or Checkpoint, Collection stages 
    depending on the game's major element. 
    No belly-sledding or dancing stages are underwater; all Flee stages are 
    Each of the below categories will elaborate regarding the controls
    for each of the varying gameplay elements.
    All difficulty ratings are out of 5 stars (*) and represent the 
    difficulty ratings for earning a Gold Medal.
        6A. Dancing Stages
    For the Dancing stages, there really aren't many tips except that you
    should keep trying if you can't earn the Gold Medal. It's kinda sad, 
    though, as it
    is easy to get on most of the stages. I'll tell you how:
    First of all, if you're aiming for the Gold Medal, always set the 
    difficulty to Easy as this will probably make things easier for you I 
    Second, you should know that even on Hard the game is relatively 
    easy... If the notes indicate a Left or Right arrow, simply rapidly 
    shake your controller left and right, back and forth and you'll get it. 
    If the notes indicate an Upwards or Downwards movement, rapidly shake 
    the controller up and down and you should get it too. Would you believe 
    this trick so easily works on the so-called "Hard" difficulty as well. 
    No, not surprising at all...
    Anyway, here are all the stages:
    Out of the Egg 
    Silver Medal Requirement: 60% - 79%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 80%
    Difficulty: *
    Song: Shake Your Booty
    Song Rating: **
    Mumble the Outsider
    Silver Medal Requirement: 60% - 79%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 80%
    Difficulty: *
    Song: That's The Way I Like It
    Song Rating: **
    Somebody to Love
    Silver Medal Requirement: 65% - 84%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 85%
    Difficulty: *
    Song: Somebody to Love
    Song Rating: **
    Amigo Party
    Silver Medal Requirement: 70% - 89%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 99%
    Difficulty: *
    Song: Jump 'n Move
    Song Rating: ****
    Boogie Wonderland
    Silver Medal Requirement: 70% - 89%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 90%
    Difficulty: **
    Song: Boogie Wonderland
    Song Rating: ****
    Driving Gloria Away
    Silver Medal Requirement: 75% - 94%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 95%
    Difficulty: **
    Song: I Will Survive
    Song Rating: *
    The Zoo
    Silver Medal Requirement: 75% - 94%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 95%
    Difficulty: **
    Song: I Couldn't Ask for Another
    Song Rating: ****
    All Together Now
    Silver Medal Requirement: 80% - 99%
    Gold Medal Requirement: 100%
    Difficulty: *** (**** for a smaller child)
    Song: I Wish
    Song Rating: ***
      6B. Collection Stages
    In these stages, you need to collect as many of the collectibles in
    the given stages as possible. One little movement off may cause you to 
    miss the collectible, especially when underwater, so be sure to set 
    yourself as straight on with the collectible as possible.
    Mumble Meets His Mama
    Silver Medal Requirement: 25 - 34
    Gold Medal Requirement: 35
    My Best: 43
    Difficulty: **
    - Very easy. Don't worry too much about your air. Focus on getting the
    collectibles Mumble's mother lays out and these will lead you towards
    air bubbles, anyway.
    Miss Viola's Class
    Silver Medal Requirement: 30 - 39
    Gold Medal Requirement: 40
    My Best: 48
    Difficulty: **
    Strategy Tip:
    - Should be easy enough to do if you follow the main paths. Even the 
    supposed shortcut about 2/3 into the stage won't be necessary. 
    Taking the lower path inside the cave-like area will suffice.
    Graduation Swim
    Silver Medal Requirement: 25 - 34
    Gold Medal Requirement: 35
    My Best: 42
    Difficulty: **
    Strategy Tip:
    - The Shrimp move in a small circle so this makes it a BIT harder but
    this mission is fairly easy.
    Follow that Skua!
    Silver Medal Requirement: 45 - 59
    Gold Medal Requirement: 60
    My Best: 71
    Difficulty: ***
    Sled to Adelie Land
    Silver Medal Requirement: 30 - 39
    Gold Medal Requirement: 40
    My Best: 46
    Difficulty: ***
    "Get them Lovestones!" (Underwater)
    Silver Medal Requirement: 35 - 44
    Gold Medal Requirement: 45
    My Best: 45
    Difficulty: ****
    Strategy Tip:
    - There's only about 48 or so Lovestones so there's
    little room for error when going for the Gold Medal.
    Lovestones for Lovelace
    Silver Medal Requirement: 55 - 69
    Gold Medal Requirement: 70
    My Best: 73
    Difficulty: ****
    Land of the Elephant Seals
    Silver Medal Requirement: 50 - 59
    Gold Medal Requirement: 60
    My Best: 64
    Difficulty: ****
    Sledding Thru Blizzard Country
    Silver Medal Requirement: 70 - 79
    Gold Medal Requirement: 80
    My Best: 89
    Difficulty: ****
         6C. Race Stages
    Straightforward for the most part. You shouldn't have too much trouble
    actually beating your opponent down the hill but failure to beat them 
    will cause you to fail your mission.
    Race Gloria to Penguin Elementary
    Silver Medal Requirement: 2:55 - 2:51
    Gold Medal Requirement: 2:50
    My Best: 2:38
    Difficulty: *
    Graduation Day
    Silver Medal Requirement: 2:20 - 2:09
    Gold Medal Requirement: 2:10
    My Best: 2:03
    Difficulty: ***
    Amigo Racing
    Silver Medal Requirement: 3:10 - 3:09
    Gold Medal Requirement: 3:00
    My Best: 2:46
    Difficulty: ***
    Strategy Tips:
    - At the start, stay along the left-hand side where there is a 
    hill. After doing a trick, head up the hill on the right-hand 
    side, and then head back to the left-hand side and stay there.
    Eventually, you'll find a boost that'll give you more speed.
    - Right after the first cave, staying on the left again and keep 
    jumping off noticeable cliffs as there is an underpass that is a 
    slower path than the one straight ahead. You'll notice a boost
    along this overhead path.
    - If you stay along this overhead pass, you'll reach another
    Cave. Once you do, stay on the right for another boost.
    - After exiting the cavern, stay on the left for another boost.
    shortly after this boost, there is another underpass here that
    contains a few boosts and may be faster than the above path. 
    Avoid jumping so you wont miss it.
    Racing into Exile
    Silver Medal Requirement: 3:05 - 2:49
    Gold Medal Requirement: 2:50
    My Best: 2:39
    Difficulty: ***
    Strategy Tips: 
    - After getting the easy-to-spot boost after the start, there will be 
    a bunch of branching paths you can follow. Take the left path and
    head into the boost as it'll shoot you upwards up onto a cliff.
    - There is a big shortcut at the end of a cliff: there is a boost in 
    the air that will rocket you to two other boosts that will lead you
    to another path. Be sure not to miss it. It's almost halfway into
    the stage. If you manage to get here, stay straight as there is 
    another boost that awaits you: jump into this boost and you'll be
    rocketed to another boost in the air that will send you back down
    to the main path. Continue from there.
    - Eventually after some winding turns, about 3-and-a-half quarters 
    Into the stage, you'll find more branching paths. Head straight for
    an underground passageway with three ice crystals in front of it.
    This will lead you down a path with more boosts that will rocket
    you up onto another cliff. Once you land here. Head left for another
    boost and use the air time to perform a trick. Continue from here and 
    you should arrive at the goal between 2:42 and around the Gold Medal
    requirement, 2:50.
      6D. Checkpoint Stages 
    Remember, the key in these stages is to get the highest time you can. 
    Passing a checkpoint will always earn you a time bonus to add to the 
    timer (ranging in values from 35 to 15 seconds, in intervals of 5).
    Cooling the Pipes (Underwater)
    Silver Medal Requirement:
    Gold Medal Requirement:
    Difficulty: ***
    Strategy Tip:
    - You'll need to get pretty much all the boosts here and after going 
    down to Normal Speed (because of missing Speed Boosts) like 3 times or 
    more, I guarantee you won't make the Gold Medal. You'll need to 
    maintain a consistent Speed to reach the end in time for the Gold 
    Escape from the Skua
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:10 - 0:19
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:20
    My Best: 0:31
    Difficulty: *** (**** for a younger player)
    Strategy Tips:
    - Tricks are somewhat key here. Be sure to do multiple tricks when 
    given the opportunity and try to jump over large hills and get a trick 
    in or two.
    - Keep proceeding straight as the mission starts and after the first 
    left turn, on the next right turn, stick towards the right to avoid the 
    rocks, then head left to avoid the next set of rocks as well. After 
    this, you'll come to a large area with tons of speed boosts. Head 
    straight towards the ones on the right, using as little movement
    as possible that may decrease your speed a bit. Continue to the next 
    checkpoint and you should get there with about 0:45 left on your time 
    (with the bonus). Stick right and be ready for the boosts after the 
    drop; Stick hard left to get the next set of boosts and do 2 or 3 
    tricks in the air as it is a long jump. After, stick to the left to 
    pick up the next set of boosts. You should cross the checkpoint with 
    about 0:44 seconds left on your timer (with the bonus). After this, 
    stick to the right to get the next set of boosts. Continue down the 
    paths that follow and you should be able to reach the second checkpoint 
    after the one up ahead in like 0:58 or so. You'll eventually reach a 
    crossroad of two paths. Stick to the boosts on the right and head down 
    the right path. Continue and you should cross the goal with 0:30 left 
    on the timer, more than enough for the Gold Medal requirement.
    Get that Fish! (Underwater)
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:25 - 0:39
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:40
    Difficulty: ****
    Alien Encounter (Underwater)
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:40 - 0:49
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:50
    My Best: 0:52
    Difficulty: *****
    Strategy Tips:
    - Hardest mission in the game. Be prepared to spend a lot of time here 
    going for the Gold Medal. There's very little room for error. There's 
    almost no way a small child could do this successfully in the required 
    time, IMO. Prepare to be frustrated when you're swimming towards the 
    goal at the end and you miss the Gold Medal by a couple of seconds... 
    >_< I've had to do this mission like 5 times before getting the Gold 
    - If you don't have Level 3 speed for the majority of the stage, you 
    won't have a chance. If you also run out near the end, your chances of 
    making it are very low as there are a lot of boosts here and Level 3 
    speed is a requirement. 
    Collapsing Caverns (Underwater)
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:30 - 0:49
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:50
    My Best: 0:54
    Difficulty: ****
    Getting Away From It All
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:20 - 0:44
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:45
    My Best: 0:57
    Difficulty: ****
    - The first boost near the start is easy to spot. Jump into it.
    When you land, jump immediately and perform a quick trick - you
    should land perfectly. After this, head left and head up the 
    bottom of the cliff, jump, and perform a trick to reach the top of
    a cliff on the opposite side which contains a boost to the 1st
    - After the 1st Checkpoint, stay on the right and you'll notice
    a boost straight ahead. Jump into it and as you land, jump off the 
    hill and, you guess it, do a trick. Stay on the left whilst in
    the air, and then as soon as you pass the rocks, head on the 
    right for a boost that you could easily miss. 
    - The boost leads you into a cavern. After this, stay on the left 
    for yet another boost.
    - After the 2nd Checkpoint, there are a bunch of cliffs. Stay
    along the left hand-side of all the cliffs.
    You should be fine the rest of the way.
    Still Racing Away
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:50 - 1:09
    Gold Medal Requirement: 1:10
    My Best: 1:12
    Difficulty: ****
    Into the Unknown
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:20 - 0:39
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:40
    My Best: 0:48
    Difficulty: *
    Home at Last
    Silver Medal Requirement: 0:10 - 0:14
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0:15
    My Best: 0:29
    Difficulty: ****
         6E. Flee Stages
    For these stages, there's no way I can help you here except
    to tell you that practice may be key if you're aiming for a Gold
    Medal, especially on the last one. Where the bosses attack are
    generally quite random.
    Escape the Leopard Seal 
    Silver Medal Requirement: 5, 4, 3
    Gold Medal Requirement: 2
    My Best: 0
    Difficulty: ***
    Strategy Tips:
    - This boss actually has a somewhat predictable pattern. It's like a 
    "left, right, bottom, bottom, top, top, left, left, right, right" type 
    of sequence. Not exactly like that per se but you get the idea.
    - After 9 attempts at biting you, you'll view a quick cutscene and 
    you'll be in the clear for a minute or so as you collect bubble to 
    refill your air in a cavern that the boss cannot reach. After that, the 
    boss will attack you about 12 more times.
    Return of the Leopard Seal
    Silver Medal Requirement: 3, 2
    Gold Medal Requirement: 1
    My Best: 1
    Difficulty: ****
    Orca Attack
    Silver Medal Requirement: 1
    Gold Medal Requirement: 0
    My Best: 0 
    Difficulty: **** (***** for a smaller child)
    Strategy Tip:
    - This boss' attack pattern is less predictable and a little more
    quicker than the other bosses. You'll have to be really careful to
    get a perfect total of no bites.
         6F. All Stages
    > Reference List: <
    This section lists all the stages by the order you'll find them in 
    Story Mode.
    Out of the Egg 
    Mumble Meets His Mama
    Race Gloria to Penguin Elementary
    Miss Viola's Class
    Cooling the Pipes
    Mumble the Outsider
    Escape from the Skua
    Graduation Day
    Graduation Swim
    Get that Fish!
    Follow that Skua!
    Somebody to Love
    Escape the Leopard Seal
    Sled to Adelie Land
    Amigo Party
    "Get them Lovestones!"
    Amigo Racing
    Alien Encounter
    Collapsing Caverns
    Lovestones for Lovelace
    Boogie Wonderland
    Racing into Exile
    Return of the Leopard Seal
    Getting Away From It All
    Still Racing Away
    Driving Gloria Away
    Land of the Elephant Seals
    Sledding Thru Blizzard County
    Orca Attack
    Into the Unknown
    The Zoo
    Home at Last
    All Together Now
             7. FAMILY MODE
    This mode contains three different mini-games for you to participate in 
    with your "family". I got the chance to play this for 7 minutes or
    so, so now I know what this mode is really all about.
    * Belly-Sledding: Although you'd think that two players would race down 
    a mountain, two players must co-operatively head down the mountain. One 
    manoeuvring down the mountain and the other pressing sequences of 
    buttons to avoid large obstacles. It would've been better if they let 
    you race, though... There are 2 stages you can choose from, neither
    of which present a huge challenge to players.
    * Dancing: Yep, you guessed it, two players battle it out to see who 
    can get the highest accuracy rate (%) of properly executed notes. There
    are 3 songs you can dance to: Boogie Wonderland, Shake Your Booty, and
    I Wish. 
    * Swimming: Two players race to collect scattered collectables 
    underwater. The player that finds the most collectables at the end
    wins. Imagine all the fun you'll have in this mode!! (note the 
    sarcasm...) >_< Anyway, there are 2 stages you can choose from 
    This mode is particularly good for younger children, the audience the
    Game is targeted towards, but I can't see myself playing this ever 
    again unless with a cousin or something.
    Collecting gold medals will earn you unlockable movies (no, not
    from the film but) from the game. The following are all the
    unlockable movies in the game and the conditions that 
    must be met in order to unlock them (i.e, how many Gold Medals
    you must obtain):
    -Out of the Egg (1)
    -Mumble the Outsider (6)
    -Somebody to Love (12)
    -Amigo Racing (15)
    -Boogie Wonderland (21)
    -Driving Gloria Away (26)
    -The Zoo (31)
    -All Together Now (33)
           9. MY IMPRESSIONS
    This section lists both my thoughts of the game and the film:
                COMING SOON.
     10. FAQ [Frequently-asked-Questions]
    Q: Are you done the game?
    A: Yes I am completely done the game. I completed the game
    mainly because I wanted to see if the unlockables were worth
    striving for and if earning all Gold Medals would be a daunting
    Q: What was your favourite type of gameplay?
    A: I'd have to say the Racing ones, for sure. Swimming ones got me 
    frustrated at times and the way they made the game, I can't imagine a 
    younger child getting a Gold Medal on those stages. Flee stages were 
    kind of annoying, and the Dancing ones were just plain easy - even on 
    the Hard difficulty.
    Q: Who would you recommend this game to? I'm currently wondering if
    I should purchase it.
    A: I would only recommend this to the following people: (a) a HUGE 
    fan of Happy Feet, or, (b) a parent looking for a game that their child
    can play to get used to the Wii Remote's controls. Otherwise, I 
    wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. I have to admit maybe the 
    Multiplayer modes add a bit of replay value but you'll get tired of
    these VERY quickly. Also, once you're done with Story Mode (the only
    other playable mode), there's not much else to do other than going for
    Q: Was it hard to unlock everything?
    A: Actually, it WAS surprisingly and I'm over the Target Audience 
    the game is geared towards. It was only the Swimming stages that
    really gave me trouble since you need to be quick and use like
    every speed boost to get a gold medal on that stage. Other than maybe
    the Flee stages, no other gameplay-type should give you a lot of
    Q: Can you work on a guide with me?
    A: Sure, I'd love to, just email me and let me know the specifics. But
    this doesn't really relate to the game (much less this guide) now does 
    Q: Can I work on this guide with you? Pretty please!!!
    A: Well, you can certainly contribute comments to my guide to help me
    improve it but this is probably my best guide on the site thus far
    and I'd like to keep this as an individual project. Sorry, but thanks
    in advance.
    Q: Can you help me with the ____ stage? I'm having trouble!
    A: I am trying my best to update the stages and go as much detail
    as I can but if you're really stuck, just e-mail me and I'll
    see what I can do. But please make the subject "Happy Feet 
    Walkthrough". And please don't send me messages I can't even 
    read... <_<
    Q: What's in YOUR Wii Collection?
    A: I currently own Monkey Ball, Rayman and Wii Sports (and this, but 
    it's not mine exactly). I've rented quite a few games, though, like 
    Barnyard, Elebits, SSX Blur, and Sonic and the Secret Rings. I just 
    don't have the money, that's all. 
    Q: What are your opinions on (insert game name here)?
    A: You'll know if I ever make an FAQ for one of the games, and 
    especially for the Wii, it's more than likely I will. But roughly, for 
    the games I've tried:
     -Rayman: 9.5/10
     -Monkey Ball: 9/10
     -Barnyard: 8/10 (One of the best games based on an animated movie)
     -Elebits: 9/10
     -SSX Blur: 9.5/10
     -Sonic and the Secret Rings: 8.5/10
     -Wii Sports: 8/10
     -Super Paper Mario: 8.5/10 (Rented it for a week; made it to 8-3. Not 
    much Replay Value.)
     -Happy Feet: 6/10
     -Wii Play: 5.5/10
     -Rapala Tournament Fishing: 2/10
     -WarioWare: 9/10
    Q: What game are you planning on getting next?
    A: Mario Party 8, then another Wii Remote, then, Elebits then 
    WarioWare, then maybe SSX Blur. 
    I would have already gotten Sonic and the Secret Rings but after I 
    rented it, I decided not to get it anymore.
    Q: Would you ever buy Super Paper Mario?
    A: You kidding me? Nah.. I'm not going to waste like 60 bucks on that, 
    considering I was near the end it the only replay value I could forsee 
    in gaining out of that game would be from the "exciting mini-games", 
    but that won't captivate my interest for too long... Don't get me 
    wrong, I enjoyed the game along the way and it's definitely a step in 
    the right direction for the series, but it's just not long enough to 
    capture my prolonged attention as I'm sure many others will agree.
    Q: What Wii games are you tracking that are in development?
    A: I'm currently awaiting Mario Party 8 with eager anticipation but I'm 
    really stoked to finally try DDR for the first time with Hottest Party. 
    It sounds really cool. I'm also stoked over Mario and Sonic at the 
    Olympic Games, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Galaxy and Brain Academy: 
    Wii Degree (never tried as I don't have a DS so it'll be interesting 
    for me to try it). I may give NiGHTS for the Wii a try but as I've only 
    played him in Sonic Riders, 
    I'm not a huge fan...
    Q: What Wii games are you really hyped up for?
    A: I'm REALLY stoked to finally try DDR for the first time with 
     Hottest Party. It sounds really cool. I'm also stoked over Mario 
     and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 
     Galaxy and Brain Academy: Wii Degree (never tried as I don't 
     have a DS so it'll be interesting for me to try it). I may give 
     NiGHTS for the Wii a try but as I've only played him in Riders, 
     I'm not a huge fan... Also, recently, my interest in Strikers
     Charged has greatly renewed after watching the video that showed
     off the online potential of the game. I'm also DYING to play
     Rayman Raving Rabbids 2! I can't wait!!! So with all these, by way
     of comparison, here's how excited I am for the following upcoming
      * NiGHTS: 7/10
      * DDR Hottest Party: 10/10
      * Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: 10/10
      * Rayman Raving Rabbids 2: 10/10
      * Animal Crossing: 8/10
      * Galaxy: 9.5/10
      * Brawl: 8/10
      * MY Sims: 8.5/10
      * Tony Hawk Proving Ground: 8/10
      * EA Playground: 8.5/10
      * Boogie: 7.5/10
      * Mario Strikers Charged: 9.5/10
    Q: What games do you want to try next? 
    A: Kororinpa and maybe Excite Truck. Otherwise, I'm going to wait
       until Strikers comes out here before I rent another game maybe. 
       Besides, Mario Party 8 will keep me occupied for a LONG time. :D
    Q: Aren't you on TSC and EliteScores?
    A: Yep! C'mon over to Sonic Center for Sonic Competition if you're   
       interested and EliteScores for Monkey Ball Competition and other
       Wii games.
    Q: What FAQ's can we look forward to soon?
    A: Dunno.
    11. Acknowledgements/Final Statements
    Thanks to:
    - My fingers, for typing this guide
    - GameFAQS, for hosting it on their site
    - The Game Manual, where I derived some of my info from
    - The developers, for making the game
    - TSC, for continuing to rock!
    - You, for reading my guide
    I hope you enjoyed my Walkthrough! For any questions and/or 
    concerns you have with this guide or if you need help with the 
    game, feel free to email me at: 
              " knucklessonic8@gmail.com "
                  "Happy Feet Walkthrough"
    Please DO NOT send me Spam, viruses, etc. and please write properly
    so I can understand what you're trying to say! 
       Otherwise, I hope you were helped from this guide.

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