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"Sliding, Dancing, Racing and Swimming describes this game."

I saw that this game had only one review and none for the GC version, so I decided why not review it.

Introduction When I first played it, I saw dancing, which was a rip-off from Dance Dance Revolution. After that there is one race. Later the main character grows up and the game goes downhill. Throughout the game no new obstacles are given, besides going for a Gold Medal, which is extremely simple. It was pretty fun at first, but once I learned the controls for some reason, it started making me want to turn of my GameCube.

Gameplay: 1/10 You barely are allowed to control the main character, who is of course a penguin named Mumble. The game tells you where to go, and there is no free roam whatsoever. When ever you go under water, it has to be a mission, and there is no exploring, what the game says goes. Same with races, you race against 3 or 4, but really your just going to race against one other CPU. Other than that, you slide and collect objects, which appears to be the same venue. I don't understand why games based off of movies can never succeed. All that is different about the sliding games is that you collect different things. Sometimes you don't even collect anything, so you just are timed to get out of there which most of the time, it does not even explain why you are timed. I got a medal for every obstacle, and I only failed in the beginning, since the controls are hardly explained. The only part of the game that has a difficulty is the dancing, which rips off Dance Dance Revolution. I did the first one on Easy, then I shifted to Hard, and got no less than 95%. Once you figure out the controls on your own, the rest is pretty simple.

Story: 5/10 The story could have easily been more actually. I felt as if it was thought through, but wasn't given enough explanation and changed often throughout the game. At first it is learning the "Heart Song". Then when you grow up you suddenly end up on an island, even though you are not told how you got there. Or shown for that matter. Then before you randomly get home, you start looking for "Aliens". Yeah, I'm not sure about this, or the ending. It ends with DANCING. No bosses, no fighting. Dancing. The story could have been great, which is why I gave it a 7/10, but they decided to rush it, so they could get the money faster. They don't bother clearing it up, so it can put a question mark in your head.

Graphics: 7/10 Could be a lot worse, and could be a lot better. Nothing bad at all, for the GameCube. I have seen better graphics, but they didn't worry about putting effort into the graphics. Neither do I, as long as the Gameplay is done well. Or not well, and which it is. I didn't pay attention to the graphics the whole game, but thinking back the penguins looked sharp, sort of real for the GameCube's graphic card capability.

Sound: 8/10 Smooth and Full voice overs, which is rare to see on GameCube games. Other games either have: - No Voice Overs At All or - Only Voice Overs At Important Parts. It is rare to see Voice Overs for Nintendo games, so I give them credit. Talking penguins is a little weird, but it is alright. If I was rating this game only on Graphics and Sound, then I would have given this game a high rating, but that's not the case here.

Play Time: 3/10 I completed every level, without replaying any of the levels in less than two hours. I got it at Christmas, never picked it up until yesterday. I had fun for about 30 minutes into it, but then it got way too repetitive. And I mean WAY to repetitive. It seemed like it took forever, which wouldn't have happened if they changed it up a bit, or added the ability to free roam.

Replayability: 3/10 I can't seem to bother picking it up again. The only differences are Dancing there are different songs, and in sliding sometimes it is a race, sometimes you collect things and sometimes you just have to finish in time. Right now, I don't see me re-playing it in the near future, along with all games based on movies.

Final Recommendation
Should you buy it, rent it, ignore it, or burn it?
Ignore It. See the movie, enjoy the movie, but stay away from the game. I got this as a Christmas gift, not on choice. If you get it as a gift as well, go ahead and play it. It makes for a very excellent time killer.
- Good Graphics
- Voice Overs are nice
- No Free Roam
- Repetitive
- Short Gameplay
- Rushed Story

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/28/08

Game Release: Happy Feet (US, 11/14/06)

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