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    2007 Pre-Season Transfers List by quiquerivera

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    "Welcome to 90 minutes of the most beautiful sport in the world..." - L.O.T
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               FIFA 07 SOCCER - Players Transfers List (Mid-Season 2007)
                       Designed for PlayStation 2 Gaming Console
               Written by: quiquerivera [quiquerivera(at)hotmail(dot)com]
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    001.Version History
    --- 001.VERSION HISTORY ---
    20/Jul/07 -- Search online for recent updates
    21/Jul/07 -- Finished ENGLAND Transfers
              -- Finished ITALY Transfers
    22/Jul/07 -- Finished SPAIN Transfers
              -- Finished GERMANY Transfers
              -- Finished FRANCE Transfers
              -- Finished HOLLAND Transfers
              -- Finished PORTUGAL Transfers
    29/Jul/07 -- Change title from Players Transfers List (Pre-Season 2007)
                 to Players Transfers List (Mid-Season 2007)
    04/Aug/07 -- Transfers added: England(x5), Italy(x5), Spain(x4), Germany(x3),
                 France(x7), Holland(x2), Portugal(x9)
    --- 002.INTRODUCTION ---
    We actually do use our feet to play...
    We don't stop play every six seconds...
    We are not covered head to toe in pads...
    We don't suck oxygen on the sidelines...
    We play more than one game a week...
    And have a REAL World Championship...
    So if you can't handle that, go play that sorry excuse for a sport they call
    --- 003.TRANSFERS ---
    ** indicates an update since last version
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Da Silva                      Dinamo Zagreb                             Arsenal
    Fabianski                     Legia Warsaw                              Arsenal
    Sagna                         Auxerre                                   Arsenal
    Reo Coker                     West Ham                              Aston Villa
    De Ridder                     Celta Vigo                             Birmingham
    **Ghaly                       Tottenham                              Birmingham
    Kapo                          Juventus                               Birmingham
    Mido                          Tottenham                              Birmingham
    Muamba                        Arsenal                                Birmingham
    O'Conner                      Lokomotiv Moscow                       Birmingham
    Parnaby                       Middlesbrough                          Birmingham
    Schmitz                       Lille                                  Birmingham
    Rigters                       NAC Breda                               Blackburn
    **Santa Cruz                  Bayern Munich                           Blackburn
    Guthrie                       Liverpool                                  Bolton
    Helguson                      Fulham                                     Bolton
    Cid                           Bordeaux                                   Bolton
    Dzemaili                      Zurich                                     Bolton
    Samuel                        Aston Villa                                Bolton
    **Wilhelmsson                 Nantes                                     Bolton
    Alex                          PSV                                       Chelsea
    Ben Haim                      Bolton                                    Chelsea
    Malouda                       Lyon                                      Chelsea
    Philliskirk                   Oldham                                    Chelsea
    Pizarro                       Bayern Munich                             Chelsea
    Sidwell                       Reading                                   Chelsea
    Davis                         Sheffield United                            Derby
    Earnshaw                      Norwich                                     Derby
    Jagielka                      Sheffield United                          Everton
    Pienaar                       Dortmund                                  Everton
    Baird                         Southampton                                Fulham
    Davis                         Aston Villa                                Fulham
    Healy                         Leeds                                      Fulham
    Kamara                        West Brom                                  Fulham
    Konchesky                     West Ham                                   Fulham
    Babel                         Ajax                                    Liverpool
    Benayoun                      West Ham                                Liverpool
    Crowther                      Stockport                               Liverpool
    Leiva                         Gremio                                  Liverpool
    Mihaylov                      Levski Sofia                            Liverpool
    Nemeth                        MTK Budapest                            Liverpool
    Simon                         MTK Budapest                            Liverpool
    Torres                        Atletico Madrid                         Liverpool
    Voronin                       Leverkusen                              Liverpool
    Bianchi                       Reggina                           Manchester City
    Geovanni                      Cruzeiro                          Manchester City
    **Petrov                      Atletico Madrid                   Manchester City
    Anderson                      Porto                           Manchester United
    Hargreaves                    Bayern Munich                   Manchester United
    Nani                          Sporting                        Manchester United
    Aliadiere                     Arsenal                             Middlesbrough
    Woodgate                      Real Madrid                         Middlesbrough
    Young                         Charlton                            Middlesbrough
    Barton                        Manchester City                         Newcastle
    Geremi                        Chelsea                                 Newcastle
    Viduka                        Middlesbrough                           Newcastle
    Rozenhal                      PSG                                     Newcastle
    Distin                        Manchester City                        Portsmouth
    Hreidarsson                   Charlton                               Portsmouth
    Muntari                       Udinese                                Portsmouth
    Nugent                        Preston North End                      Portsmouth
    Utaka                         Rennes                                 Portsmouth
    Anderson                      Aberdeen                               Sunderland
    Baird                         Southampton                            Sunderland
    Chopra                        Cardiff                                Sunderland
    Halford                       Reading                                Sunderland
    Richardson                    Manchester United                      Sunderland
    Bale                          Southampton                             Tottenham
    Bent                          Charlton                                Tottenham
    Kaboul                        Auxerre                                 Tottenham
    Taarabt                       Lens                                    Tottenham
    Bellamy                       Liverpool                                West Ham
    Faubert                       Bordeaux                                 West Ham
    **Ljungberg                   Arsenal                                  West Ham
    Parker                        Newcastle                                West Ham
    Koumas                        West Brom                                   Wigan
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Langella                      Cagliari                                 Atalanta
    Biondini                      Reggina                                  Cagliari
    D'Agostino                    Atalanta                                 Cagliari
    Babu                          Lecce                                     Catania
    Edusei                        Sampdoria                                 Catania
    Tedesco                       Reggina                                   Catania
    Giacomazzi                    Lecce                                      Empoli
    Giovinco                      Juventus                                   Empoli
    Paro                          Juventus                                   Empoli
    Volpato                       Juventus                                   Empoli
    **Marchisio                   Juventus                                   Empoli
    **Piccolo                     Juventus                                   Empoli
    Balzatetti                    Juventus                               Fiorentina
    Cigarini                      Parma                                  Fiorentina
    Hable                         Hradec                                 Fiorentina
    Mazuch                        Brno                                   Fiorentina
    Semioli                       Chievo                                 Fiorentina
    Vanden Borre                  Anderlecht                             Fiorentina
    Vieri                         Atalanta                               Fiorentina
    Paro                          Juventus                                    Genoa
    **Chivu                       Roma                                        Inter
    Crespo                        Chelsea                                     Inter
    Jimenez                       Ternana                                     Inter
    Rivas                         River Plate                                 Inter
    Suazo                         Cagliari                                    Inter
    Almiron                       Empoli                                   Juventus
    Andrade                       Deportivo                                Juventus
    Iaquinta                      Udinese                                  Juventus
    Molinaro                      Siena                                    Juventus
    Nocerino                      Piacenza                                 Juventus
    Salihamidzic                  Bayern Munich                            Juventus
    Tiago                         Lyon                                     Juventus
    Del Nero                      Brescia                                     Lazio
    Kolarov                       OFK Belgrade                                Lazio
    Meghni                        Bologna                                     Lazio
    Scaloni                       Santander                                   Lazio
    De Lucia                      Parma                                     Livorno
    Dhorasoo                      Out of contract                           Livorno
    Filippini                     Bologna                                   Livorno
    Loviso                        Bologna                                   Livorno
    Rossini                       Catania                                   Livorno
    Tavano                        Roma                                      Livorno
    Tristain                      Mallorca                                  Livorno
    Antonini                      Sampdoria                                   Milan
    Ba                            Varese                                      Milan
    **Novinic                     Nafta                                       Milan
    Gargano                       Danubio                                    Napoli
    Hamsyk                        Brescia                                    Napoli
    Jankovic                      Mallorca                                  Palermo
    Matteini                      Empoli                                    Palermo
    Miccoli                       Juventus                                  Palermo
    Migliaccio                    Atalanta                                  Palermo
    Ujkani                        Anderlecht                                Palermo
    Morrone                       Livorno                                     Parma
    Reginaldo                     Fiorentina                                  Parma
    Bianco                        Catania                                   Reggina
    Montiel                       Udinese                                   Reggina
    **Andreolli                   Inter                                        Roma
    Barusso                       Rimini                                       Roma
    Brighi                        Chievo                                       Roma
    Giuly                         Barcelona                                    Roma
    Esposito                      Cagliari                                     Roma
    Juan                          Leverkusen                                   Roma
    Pit                           Bellinzona                                   Roma
    Pizarro                       Inter                                        Roma
    Vucinic                       Lecce                                        Roma
    Campagnaro                    Piacenza                                Sampdoria
    Caracciolo                    Palermo                                 Sampdoria
    Gastaldello                   Juventus                                Sampdoria
    Lucchini                      Empoli                                  Sampdoria
    Mirante                       Juventus                                Sampdoria
    Montella                      Roma                                    Sampdoria
    Ziegler                       Tottenham                               Sampdoria
    Bjelanovic                    Ascoli                                     Torino
    Corini                        Palermo                                    Torino
    Di Michele                    Palermo                                    Torino
    Grella                        Parma                                      Torino
    Sereni                        Lazio                                      Torino
    Ventola                       Atalanta                                   Torino
    Zanetti                       Ascoli                                     Torino
    Inler                         Zurich                                    Udinese
    Mesto                         Reggina                                   Udinese
    Quagliarella                  Sampdoria                                 Udinese
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Lopez                         Osasuna                           Athletic Bilbao
    Abbiati                       Milan                             Atletico Madrid
    Forlan                        Villarreal                        Atletico Madrid
    Diego                         Braga                             Atletico Madrid
    Garcia L                      Liverpool                         Atletico Madrid
    Garcia R                      Osasuna                           Atletico Madrid
    Simao                         Benfica                           Atletico Madrid
    **Reyes                       Arsenal                           Atletico Madrid
    Abidal                        Lyon                                    Barcelona
    Henry                         Arsenal                                 Barcelona
    Milito G                      Zaragoza                                Barcelona
    Yaya Toure                    Monaco                                  Barcelona
    Ricardo                       Sporting                                    Betis
    Guardado                      Atlas                                   Deportivo
    Alvarez                       Recreativo                                 Getafe
    Blanco                        Sevilla                                    Getafe
    Hernandez                     Valencia                                   Getafe
    Pallardo                      Valencia                                   Getafe
    Utsari                        Independiente                              Getafe
    **Diaz                        Boca Juniors                               Getafe
    Arveladze                     AZ Alkmaar                                Levante
    Castedo                       Sevilla                                   Levante
    Cirillo                       AEK Athens                                Levante
    Geijo                         Xerez                                     Levante
    Kujovic                       Roda                                      Levante
    Savio                         Sociedad                                  Levante
    Viqueira                      Recreativo                                Levante
    Margairaz                     Zurich                                    Osasuna
    Pandiani                      Espanyol                                  Osasuna
    Portillo                      Tarragona                                 Osasuna
    Vela                          Arsenal                                   Osasuna
    Dudek                         Liverpool                             Real Madrid
    Pepe                          Porto                                 Real Madrid
    Metzelder                     Dortmund                              Real Madrid
    Saviola                       Barcelona                             Real Madrid
    Martins                       Sporting                               Recreativo
    Pongolle                      Liverpool                              Recreativo
    Varela                        Sporting                               Recreativo
    Boulahrouz                    Chelsea                                   Sevilla
    De Mul                        Ajax                                      Sevilla
    De Sanctis                    Udinese                                   Sevilla
    Keita                         Lens                                      Sevilla
    Helguera                      Real Madrid                              Vaelncia
    Arizmendi                     Atletico Madrid                          Valencia
    Hildebrand                    Stuttgart                                Valencia
    **Camacho                     Levante                                Valladolid	
    **Estoyanoff                  Levante                                Valladolid
    Ayala                         Valencia                               Villarreal
    Caceres                       Defensor                               Villarreal
    Capdevila                     Deportivo                              Villarreal
    Cazorla                       Recreativo                             Villarreal
    Lopez                         Real Madrid                            Villarreal
    Mavuba                        Bordeaux                               Villarreal
    Tomasson                      Stuttgart                              Villarreal
    D'Alessandro                  Wolfsburg                                Zaragoza
    Diogo                         Real Madrid                              Zaragoza
    Gabi                          Atletico Madrid                          Zaragoza
    Matuzalem                     Shakhtar Donetsk                         Zaragoza
    Oliveira                      Milan                                    Zaragoza
    Paredes                       Getafe                                   Zaragoza
    Pavon                         Real Madrid                              Zaragoza
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Kampantais                    AEK Athens                      Arminia Bielefeld
    Altintop                      Schalke                             Bayern Munich
    Jansen                        Moenchengladbach                    Bayern Munich
    Klose                         Bremen                              Bayern Munich
    Ribery                        Marseille                           Bayern Munich
    Schlaudraff                   Aachen                              Bayern Munich
    Sosa                          Estudiantes                         Bayern Munich
    Toni                          Fiorentina                          Bayern Munich
    Ze Roberto                    Santos                              Bayern Munich
    Almeida                       Porto                                      Bremen
    Carlos Alberto                Fluminense                                 Bremen
    **Sanogo                      Hamburg                                    Bremen
    Blaszczykowski                Wisla Krakow                             Dortmund
    Federico                      Karlsruher                               Dortmund
    Gekas                         Bochum                                   Dortmund
    Klimowicz                     Wolfsburg                                Dortmund
    Kovac                         Juventus                                 Dortmund
    Ailton                        Red Star                                 Duisburg
    Inamoto                       Galatasaray                             Frankfurt
    **Galindo                     Grasshoppers                            Frankfurt
    **Castelen                    Feyenoord                                 Hamburg
    Langkamp                      Bayern Munich                             Hamburg
    Lauth                         Stuttgart                                 Hamburg
    Hanke                         Wolsfburg                                Hannover
    Dum                           Aachen                                 Leverkusen
    Faty                          Roma                                   Leverkusen
    Friedrich                     Mainz                                  Leverkusen
    Gresko                        Nurnberg                               Leverkusen
    Kurdov                        Levski Sofia                           Leverkusen
    Sarpei                        Wolfsburg                              Leverkusen
    Sinkiewicz                    Koln                                   Leverkusen
    Charisteas                    Feyenoord                                Nurnberg
    Jacobsen                      Copenhagen                               Nurnberg
    Misimovic                     Bochum                                   Nurnberg
    Jones                         Eintracht Frankfurt                       Schalke
    Rakitic                       Basel                                     Schalke
    Basturk                       Hertha Berlin                           Stuttgart
    Ewerthon                      Zaragoza                                Stuttgart
    Geldson                       Hansta Rostock                          Stuttgart
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Antonio                       Uniao Leiria                              Auxerre
    Chafni                        Ajaccio                                   Auxerre
    Lesage                        Le Havre                                  Auxerre
    Maoulida                      Marseille                                 Auxerre
    Riou                          Lyon                                      Auxerre
    Tomas                         Spartak Moscow                            Auxerre
    Bellion                       Nice                                     Bordeaux
    Chalme                        Lille                                    Bordeaux
    Diarra                        Lyon                                     Bordeaux
    Adnane                        Cherbourg                                    Caen
    Gomis                         Laval                                        Caen
    Nivet                         Troyes                                       Caen
    Thebaux                       Dijon                                        Caen
    Camara                        Parma                                     Le Mans
    Traore                        Ajaccio                                   Le Mans
    Akale                         Auxerre                                      Lens
    Aubey                         Toulouse                                     Lens
    Laurenti                      Ajaccio                                      Lens
    Le Crom                       Troyes                                       Lens
    Runje                         Standard Liege                               Lens
    Sabel                         Saint Etienne                                Lens
    **Kalou                       PSG                                          Lens
    Beria                         Metz                                        Lille
    Maric                         Egaleo                                      Lille
    Cantareil                     Marseille                                 Lorient
    Hogon                         Saint Etienne                             Lorient
    Hautcoeur                     Saint Etienne                             Lorient
    Marin                         Sedan                                     Lorient
    Bodmer                        Lille                                        Lyon
    Grosso                        Inter                                        Lyon
    Keita                         Lille                                        Lyon
    Belhadj                       Sedan                                        Lyon
    Bonnart                       Le Mans                                 Marseille
    Cheyrou                       Auxerre                                 Marseille
    Cisse                         Liverpool                               Marseille
    Faty                          Rennes                                  Marseille
    Gimenez                       Hertha Berlin                           Marseille
    Givet                         Monaco                                  Marseille
    Gragnic                       Libourne                                Marseille
    Zenden                        Liverpool                               Marseille
    Ziani                         Sochaux                                 Marseille
    Bessat                        Louhans Cuiseaux                             Metz
    Gygax                         Lille                                        Metz
    Mendy                         Paris                                        Metz
    Trivino                       Creteil                                      Metz
    Vivian                        Grenoble                                     Metz
    Berthod                       Lyon                                       Monaco
    **Barul                       Lens                                         Nice
    **Camara                      Saint Etienne                                 PSG
    Bourillon                     Rennes                                        PSG
    Hansson                       Heerenveen                                 Rennes
    Leroy                         Sochaux                                    Rennes
    Luzi                          Charleroi                                  Rennes
    Pagis                         Marseille                                  Rennes
    Douala                        Sporting                            Saint Etienne
    Gigliotti                     Monaco                              Saint Etienne
    Matuidi                       Troyes                              Saint Etienne
    Nivaldo                       Belenenses                          Saint Etienne
    Payet                         Nantes                              Saint Etienne
    Tavlaridis                    Lille                               Saint Etienne
    Varrault                      Nice                                Saint Etienne
    Dalmat                        Bordeaux                                  Sochaux
    Jokic                         Gorica                                    Sochaux
    Mathis                        Auxerre                                   Sochaux
    **Maurice-Belay               Monaco                                    Sochaux
    Ilunga                        Saint Etienne                            Toulouse
    Jonsson                       Elfsborg                                 Toulouse
    Riou                          Istres                                   Toulouse
    **Cetto                       Nantes                                   Toulouse
    **Gignac                      Lorient                                  Toulouse
    **Mermillod                   Saint Etienne                            Toulouse
    Docourtioux                   Sedan                                Valenciennes
    Pujol                         Sedan                                Valenciennes
    Sanchez                       River Plate                          Valenciennes
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Bakircioglu                   Twente                                       Ajax
    Delorge                       Ado Den Hag                                  Ajax
    Rommedahl                     Charlton                                     Ajax
    Urzaiz                        Athletic Bilbao                              Ajax
    **Rommedahl                   Charlton                                     Ajax
    **Urzaiz                      Athletic Bilbao                              Ajax
    Koenders                      RKC                                    AZ Alkmaar
    Pocognoli                     Genk                                   AZ Alkmaar
    Hofland                       Bremen                                  Feyenoord
    Makaay                        Bayern Munich                           Feyenoord
    Mols                          ADO Den Haag                            Feyenoord
    Nuri                          Dortmund                                Feyenoord
    van Bronckhorst               Barcelona                               Feyenoord
    da Silva                      Germinal                                Groningen
    Stenman                       Leverkusen                              Groningen
    Beerens                       PSV                                    Heerenveen
    Nielsen                       Midtjylland                            Heerenveen
    Sibon                         Nurnberg                               Heerenveen
    der Leegte                    Wolfsburg                                     PSV
    Lazovic                       Vitesse                                       PSV
    Perez                         Ajax                                          PSV
    Rajkovic                      Chelsea                                       PSV
    Roorda                        Groningen                                     PSV
    Zonneveld                     NAC Breda                                     PSV
    Huysegems                     Feyenoord                                  Twente
    Vandenbergh                   Genk                                      Utrecht
    Name                          Source Team                      Destination Team
    Corona                        Zaragoza                                  Almeria
    Dimas                         Barcelona                                 Almeria
    Melo                          Santander                                 Almeria
    Natalio                       Castellon                                 Almeria
    Ortiz                         Polideportivo Ejido                       Almeria
    Rekarte                       Sociedad                                  Almeria
    Areias                        Porto                                  Belenenses
    Bastos                        Bahia                                  Belenenses
    Devic                         Beira-Mar                              Belenenses
    Gomez                         Independiente                          Belenenses
    Leal                          Braga                                  Belenenses
    Paulo                         Gremio                                 Belenenses
    Roncatto                      Ipatinga                               Belenenses
    **Adu                         DC United                                 Benfica
    **Di Maria                    Rosario                                   Benfica
    **Diaz                        Rosario                                   Benfica
    Butt                          Leverkusen                                Benfica
    Cardozo                       Newell's Old Boys                         Benfica
    Coentrao                      Rio Ave                                   Benfica
    Zoro                          Messina                                   Benfica
    Fernandes                     Steaua Buchrest                          Boavista
    Kieszek                       Polonia Warsaw                              Braga
    Lenny                         Fluminense                                  Braga
    Peixoto                       Porto                                       Braga
    Tiago                         Gil Vicente                                 Braga
    Ze Manel                      Boavista                                    Braga
    Ezequias                      Porto                                     Leixoes
    Machado                       Porto                                     Leixoes
    Valente                       Porto                                     Leixoes
    Vieirinha                     Porto                                     Leixoes
    Anunciacao                    Aves                               Pacos Ferreira
    Carioca                       Ceara                              Pacos Ferreira
    Ferreira                      Out of contract                    Pacos Ferreira
    Furtado                       CSKA Moscow                        Pacos Ferreira
    Pilar                         Central                            Pacos Ferreira
    Aguiar                        Liverpool (URU)                             Porto
    Alan                          Vitoria                                     Porto
    Bolatti                       Belgrano                                    Porto
    Edgar                         Beira Mar                                   Porto
    Gonzalez                      Palermo                                     Porto
    Kazmierczak                   MKS Pogon                                   Porto
    Lino                          Academica                                   Porto
    Rabiola                       Vitoria                                     Porto
    **Farias                      River Plate                                 Porto
    **Fernando                    Vila Nova                                   Porto
    **Lima                        Maritimo                                    Porto
    **Stepanov                    Trabzonspor                                 Porto
    Derlei                        Dinamo Moscow                            Sporting
    Gladstone                     Cruzeiro                                 Sporting
    Izmailov                      Lokomotiv Moscow                         Sporting
    Purovic                       Red Star                                 Sporting
    Stojkovic                     Nantes                                   Sporting
    Vukcevic                      Saturn Moskovskaya                       Sporting
    **Had                         Lokomotiv Moscow                         Sporting
    **Silva                       Corinthians                              Sporting
    --- 004.CREDITS ---
    - ASCII generated at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
    - Luis 0mar Tapia: the quote at the beginning of this guide comes from his
      narration. (Former ESPN Latin America narrator)
    - El Greco: for inspiring me to add a quote at the beginning of this guide.
    - Transfers obtained from 1) http://www.goal.com
                              2) http://www.soccer-europe.com
                              3) http://www.mercafutbol.com
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