• Advance Clock 6 Hours

    Enable the "Cheat Gnome" code. Then enter this one.

    Up, Left, Down, Right, RAn option to advance time by six hours will now appear on the Cheat Gnome.

    Contributed By: chubbman.

  • Cheat Gnome

    Any time during gameplay press the following butons in succesion to get the corresponding effect.

    L(2), R, A(2), D-pad UpCheat Gnome

    Contributed By: Link899.

  • Get Pet Points.

    Enter during gameplay.

    B,Y,A,X,L,Rget tons of pet points

    Contributed By: mvn11.

  • Get Simoleons

    Enter during gameplay.

    B,Up,Left,Down,Rightget fifteen thousand simoleons.

    Contributed By: mvn11.

  • To get a little extra money !!

    You need the cheat Nome 1st then put the code

    Up,Left,Down,RightExtra money

    Contributed By: Marizzablue.


  • Pet Codes

    At the codes screen under the "Game Options" menu, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    ZZZ11ZZZ9Q11Q91ZB1ABlack Dot Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQHZ11Q91ZB1ABlack Dot Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQ9Z1AQ91ZB1ABlack Smiley Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZ9QAAQ91ZB1ABlack Smiley Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQHZAAQ91ZB1ABlue Bones Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZHZ11Z91ZB1ABlue Bones Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZZHQ11Q91ZB1ABlue Camouflage Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZHZ1AQ91ZB1ABlue Camouflage Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQ9Z11Z91ZB1ABlue Star Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQHQ11Q91ZB1ABlue Star Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZZ9ZA1Q91ZB1AGreen Flower Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQHZ1AQ91ZB1AGreen Flower Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZZ9Z11Q91ZB1ANavy Heart Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQ9Z11Q91ZB1ANavy Heart Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQ9ZA1Q91ZB1AOrange Diagonal Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZ9Z11Z91ZB1AOrange Diagonal Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQ9QAAQ91ZB1APink Vertical Strip Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZHZA1Q91ZB1APink Vertical Strip Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZZ9Q11Z91ZB1AWhite Paws Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQ9Q1AQ91ZB1AWhite Paws Cats

    Contributed By: Cheater323.

  • Pet Fur Codes

    Go to the Real Estate office in your neighborhood. Select "Create a New Family". On the Create a New Family screen, press X and a window will come up where you can enter these cheats.

    ZZZ11ZZQHZA1Q91ZB1AUnlocks Blue fur for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQ9Q11Z91ZB1AUnlocks Blue fur for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZZ9QA1Z91ZB1AUnlocks Green fur for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQHQA1Q91ZB1AUnlocks Green fur for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQHZ11Z91ZB1AUnlocks Pink fur for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZ9Z1AQ91ZB1AUnlocks Pink fur for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQ9ZAAQ91ZB1AUnlocks Purple fur for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQ9ZA1Z91ZB1AUnlocks Purple fur for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQ9QA1Q91ZB1AUnlocks Red fur for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQHQ1AQ91ZB1AUnlocks Red fur for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQHZA1Z91ZB1AUnlocks the "Bandit Mask" fur pattern for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZQHQAAQ91ZB1AUnlocks the "Bandit Mask" fur pattern for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZQHQA1Z91ZB1AUnlocks the "Panda" fur pattern for Cats
    ZZZ11ZZZ9ZA1Z91ZB1AUnlocks the "Stars" fur pattern for Dogs
    ZZZ11ZZZHQA1Z91ZB1AUnlocks the "Zebra" fur pattern for Dogs

    Contributed By: xMidnax.

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