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    DATE: 6/2/08
    GAME: Sims 2 Pets
    PLATFORM: Game-cube
    E-MAIL: zookid2@tds.net
    POSTED ON: wwww.gamefaqs.com
    Sims 2 Pets: Game cube - Guide
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Guide
        - Overview
        - Creating Your Sim & Pet
        - Controls
        - Skills and Jobs
        - Needs
        - Wants
        - Your Pet
        - Town Square
        - First Home
        - Tips
        - Cheat Gnome
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. The End
    1. Introduction
    This is just a little guide to help you create the perfect (or not so 
    perfect) Sim and their adorable, huggable pets! This is my first 
    guide, so expect some mistakes. I do hope you enjoy it though, I have 
    worked hard on it!
    2. Guide
    The Sims 2 Pets for game-cube is a little different than the original 
    Sims 2 for game-cube. For one there is NO story mode. It's all free-
    play mode. You still have wants, but no fears. You can't unlock lots or 
    clothes or furniture. But you CAN unlock things for your pets, like 
    clothes and fur colors. You unlock these things by fulfilling your 
    pets' wants. The rest of the game is the same, except the part where 
    you can have pets. A great thing about the game is that on the console 
    versions you can create your own food! Just pick the vegetables, 
    fruits, meats, and create whatever you want! Recipes are provided. The 
    furniture is different, of course, and some new songs are added. There 
    is also no romance aspiration; they have replaced it with a family 
    Oh! And the Sims 2 Pets for game-cube is a lot different than the 
    computer version: No kids, No whoo-hooing, and no 2 story homes. But, 
    now on the console versions you have direct control of your Sim! Oh 
    yeah! You ARE the Sim. You can switch back to classic mode, but it's 
    much more fun running around as a Sim. I guess that's it.
    Designing your Sim is very easy; just pick their clothes, body-shape, 
    hairstyle, and whatever else you can think of. The hard part comes in 
    when you decide to choose the aspiration, and to choose their 
    personality. This can really affect the whole life of your Sim, so 
    choose carefully!  I'll give a quick overview of all the aspiration and 
    personality types.
    1. Knowledge
    Knowledge is probably one of the easier aspirations to have, 
    particularly because the wants are easy. They'll want to be abducted 
    by aliens, play chess, and gain skill points. This Sim would like to 
    have a job in Education. 
    2. Wealth
    Sims with a wealth aspiration will want to earn money and get promoted. 
    They'll want a job in business. Sims with this aspiration will also 
    want more expensive things, and you will continually be buying things 
    for this Sim.
    3. Family
    Family is the new aspiration for the console versions. It replaces 
    romance. Sims with this aspiration will want to fall in love, get 
    married, and have a puppy or kitten. This Sim would like to have a job 
    in Medicine. 
    4. Creativity
    Creativity is a fun aspiration to have. Sims with this aspiration will 
    want to cook new meals, paint beautiful paintings, and learn musical 
    instruments! This Sim would like to have a job in Arts and Crafts. 
    5. Popularity
    Sims with this aspiration will want friends, friends, and more friends! 
    They like to throw lots of parties, and would like to have a job in 
    There are 25 personality points you get to give to your Sim. Their are 
    5 personality traits you disperse the points over. Some traits are more 
    important to have then others. The way your Sim acts and acts towards 
    other Sims will depend on how many points you give each trait.
    This is a very important traits, and I recommend you to give it at 
    least 5 points, if not more! Active Sims will have an easier time 
    staying up longer, and will enjoy weight lifting and running on the 
    treadmill. If your Sim is not active it will get tired quickly and it 
    is a hassle to get out of bed.
    Another good trait to have plenty of points on, again I recommend at 
    least 5. It will be much easier to make friends. If your Sim is mean, 
    then it will have mean interaction to do with the Sim. If it is nice, 
    nice interaction will pop up.
    It is important that you have some points assigned to this one also, 
    but not too many! Too many points assigned to this one and their social 
    meter will drop quickly. I suggest if you are going to make an outgoing 
    Sim you give them a popularity aspiration also. The more points you 
    have on this one, the more your Sim will like doing social activities.
    You should give this trait at least 5 points, but not too much or else 
    the fun bar will drop quickly. Sims that are playful like watching TV, 
    playing with the dog or cat, playing on the computer etc. Too many 
    points and the bar lowers very quickly.  
    Neat Sims will not leave a puddle on the ground after they take a bath 
    or shower, and will put dishes away after eating. Non-neat Sims will 
    always leave a puddle and will leave the dish on the table when done. 
    Not many points for this one because A. You could always make the Sim 
    clean up the mess he/she made or B. You can hire a maid.
    Creating your pet is a lot like creating your Sim, just choose cat or 
    dog, and then choose your breed. There are plenty of breeds to choose 
    from, so there is bound to be one you like. If not, you can always mold 
    it into you perfect idea of a pet (including multi-coloured fur!)
    Your Sim's Pet does not have an aspiration, but it does have 
    personality traits, but you do not have to disperse 25 points between 5 
    traits. There are 4 traits, each with 3 paws. You can either choose one 
    extreme or the other, with a paw in between. I'll give you a quick 
    overview of the traits.
    Doofus or Gifted
    This trait decides whether your dog will be smart or stupid. I suggest 
    going to the gifted extreme, because your dog will learn tricks much 
    faster than if they were a Doofus or in the middle.
    Pigpen or Snooty
    Pets with a pigpen personality will pee on the ground, knock over the 
    trashcans, and just generally make a mess. I suggest snooty, because 
    they will not be such a hassle to clean up after.
    Cowardly or Aggressive
    Cowardly pets will be shy, while aggressive pets will be mean, and like 
    to pick fights with other pets. I would pick the paw in between, 
    because either extreme is not very good.
    Independent or Friendly
    Independent pets will not need to have as many social interactions 
    with other pets as friendly ones do. Friendly pets will make friends 
    easier, but their social bar will go down more quickly.
    NOTE: Even though the game is called Sims 2 Pets, I would suggest 
    waiting until your Sim is settled in a home with a stable job until 
    you get a pet. Pets are fun, but they cost extra money, and can be 
    difficult to take care of at times. It can be frustrating at times to 
    try to take care of both your Sim's AND you Pet's needs!
    The controls are fairly simple, and easy to get use to. In the game-
    cube version, there are 2 ways to control your Sim, direct or classic 
    control. Classic control is where you have a cursor and you point and 
    click on the object you want your Sim to interact with. But who would 
    want to do that when you can control them directly!? It's a lot more 
    fun being able to be your Sim, not to mention easier. Anyway, here's a 
    overview of the controls.
    Control Stick:
    The control stick is the way you control your Sim in direct mode. You 
    run your Sim around with it. In classic mode you use this to move the 
    cursor around.
    A button:
    The A button in direct mode is how you interact with other Sims and 
    objects. You'll need to have the object highlighted first, and then 
    press A to bring up a list of things you can do with the object. Same 
    goes for classic mode.
    C stick:
    The C stick is to move the camera angle around. You can move around, 
    or zoom in or out to get a better view of your Sims.
    L button:
    You use the L button to stop time. This can be useful if your Sim's 
    needs are low; you can line up objects in classic mode and press play 
    and watch your Sim's needs rise!
    R button:
    You use the R button to speed up time. Useful when you're Sims are 
    doing things you don't really like to watch like sleeping.
    Y button:
    Use the Y button to cycle through your various Sims and pets.
    Z button:
    Use the Z button to switch between direct and classic mode.
    B button: 
    Use the B to cancel an action your Sim is doing or will do.
    D-pad up:
    Use the D-pad up to view your Sim's needs.
    D-pad right:
    Use the D-pad right to view the pets or people in the area and what 
    social status your are with them.
    D-pad down:
    Use the D-pad down to view your Sim's wants. 
    D-pad left:
    Use the D-pad left to get a quick explanation of your Sim's needs, 
    wants, or who the people or pet's names are.
    Pres start to pause the game and give you the menu.
    There are 5 skills your Sim has, and you do certain actions to gain a 
    skill point in that certain area. The skills can help your Sim at home 
    (cleaning, cooking, and mechanical skills), as well as getting 
    promoted at their job. I'll do an overview of the 5 skills and objects 
    and interactions that will help you gain a skill point for that skill.
    This is skill is not only useful to get promoted, but you will also 
    teach your pets tricks must faster if you have a lot of charisma 
    points. Teaching your pets trick will also raise your charisma. If you 
    do not have a pet you can raise it using a mirror and choosing the 
    practice speaking or the practice kissing object. If you have a 
    computer blogging can also bring this skill up. 
    You need to have body skills to be promoted in some jobs, such as the 
    Parks and Recreation career. Buy the weight lifting or treadmill to 
    increase this skill. Filling in dirt-piles made by a dog will also 
    increase your body skill. The more body skill you have, the faster you 
    will fill in the dirt piles, the more heavy weight you can lift, and 
    your Sim will run faster on a treadmill.
    You need to have creativity skills to be promoted in some jobs, and 
    you can even make money buy painting pictures. The higher creativity 
    points you have, the more money your paintings can sell for. Your 
    paintings at first will sell for $3 or $4 dollars. If you have 10 
    skill points it will self for $90 to $100+ dollars. You can gain skill 
    points by painting pictures, playing the guitar, playing the piano, or 
    buy buying a bookcase and writing in your journal.
    You need logic skill points to get promoted in some careers, and if 
    you ever plan on beating a chicken at checkers you will need 10 
    points. You can raise this skill by using the telescope, playing chess 
    or football, and designing a game on the computer.
    Cleaning is needed to get promote in some careers, such as Medical, 
    and it will also be useful when cleaning up your toilet or spills. You 
    can raise this skill by buying the bookcase and studying cleaning (who 
    thought of that one?) or buy cleaning up puddles and things. You can 
    also raise it buy cleaning up your dogs bed or your cats litter box.
    There are several careers to choose from, each paying a different 
    amount. Each aspiration has its own career path. For example a Sim 
    with a wealth aspiration will want to get a job in business. Your Sim 
    can find a job either by finding a job in the newspaper that is 
    delivered every day, or using the computer. The computer has more job 
    openings than the newspaper does. You are free to change your job 
    anytime or go back to one you liked.
    Do not miss more than 2 days in a row! You will get fired and have to 
    start all over at the bottom of the totem pole. All the promotions you 
    got will be gone! You can get rehired, but like I said, I advise you 
    not to get fired in the first place. 
    Your Sim can get promoted buy having the necessary amount of skill 
    points and friends. To see how many skill points or friends your Sim 
    needs to get promoted, go to start, personal info, and cycle through 
    until you get to careers. It will show you what skills you need and 
    how many. The shaded in green bars are what you have, while the 
    outlined green bars are what you need. At first it will be easy, but 
    once you need high skill points it will take a while to get promoted 
    because of the lengthy time it will take to gain 1 skill point.
    Your Sim must be in a good mood to be promoted! If he/she is in a bad 
    mood when they leave for work they will not get promoted. About 2-5 
    hours before work (depending on how happy your Sim already is) start 
    getting them ready for work. Make sure their needs are filled, at lest 
    (Work in progress, if anyone  has any information please e-mail me!)
    Below are all the career paths in Sims 2 Pets for Game-cube. I will 
    have the time you go to work, the money, and the total number of skill 
    points you need to get promoted.
    Level 1: Crossing Guard
    Time: 6 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    Skills: 1 Body Point
    Money: $286
    Level 2: 
    Level 1: Water Girl
    Time: 3: p.m. - 9 p.m.
    Skills: 1 Body Point
    Money: $154
    Level 2: Towel Girl 
    Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Skills: 2 Body Points
    Money: $238
    Level 3: Mascot Wrangler
    Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Skills: 1 Charisma & 3 Body Points
    Money: $322
    Level 4: Team Mascot
    Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Skills: 2 Charisma & 6 Body Points
    Money: $420
    Level 5: Little League Coach
    Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Money: $539
    Level 6: Scout
    Time:  9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Skills: 4 Charisma, 10 Body, & 2 Mechanical Points
    Money: $893
    Level 7: Assistant Coach
    Time: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
    Skills: 5 Charisma, 10 Body, & 4 Mechanical Points  
    Money: $1,190
    Level 8: Junior Varsity Coach
    Time: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
    Skills: 7 Charisma, 10 Body, & 7 Mechanical Points
    Money: $1,500
    Level 9: Varsity Coach
    Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
    Skills: 10 Charisma, 10 Body, & 7 Mechanical Points
    Money: $1,750
    Level 10: Athletic Director
    Time: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Skills: None, already at highest level.
    Money: $2,033
    Level 1: Paste Wrangler
    Time: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.
    Skills: 1 Creativity Point
    Money: $145
    Level 2:
    Level 3:
    Level 4:
    Level 5:
    Level 6:
    Your Sim has needs, just like a real person. You will need to keep 
    these needs up in order to keep any Sim a happy Sim! It shouldn't be 
    to difficult, just buy the right objects and tell your Sim to work 
    with them. If you don't keep these needs up, your Sim will become 
    depressed and won't do a lot of things you tell it to. And of course, 
    the more expensive an item is the more it will raise that Sim's need. 
    Here is a over view of the 8 needs you need to fulfill and how to 
    fulfill them.
    The energy bar tells how tired your Sim is. If it gets too low your 
    Sim collapse on the floor, sleeping. It's much easier to get it to a 
    bed, as it increases its energy much faster. Drinking espressos, 
    sleeping, and taking power naps increase this need. If you are in a 
    pinch, I suggest making an "energy drink" with mangosteen (frood tree, 
    the most expensive one) strawberry, passion fruit, and one other fruit 
    of your choice. Make it into a fruit smoothie using the food 
    processor, drink, and watch your Sim's energy go up very quickly.
    Eating and drinking will lower this need. Simply go to the bathroom! 
    Or you can choose to go on the floor, but it will lower the room and 
    hygiene need.
    This need goes down quite quickly, so your Sim will be eating a lot. 
    The more expensive your kitchen items are, the more fulfilling your 
    food will be. I suggest picking ingredients with high hunger points 
    (beef, lama, and dangleberry) and making a shake or barbecue with 
    them. The hunger points will be in at least the 90's, if not 100's. 
    You can also drink out of the bubbler at Town Square.
    Comfort is easy to keep up, because your Sims will usually fill this 
    one while filling another one. Just sit down on something comfortable, 
    take a bath or sit in the hot tub, or sleep.
    Hygiene doesn't go down very fast unless you wet yourself, and then it 
    goes all the way to nothing! Hygiene won't really affect the way your 
    Sim acts, unless he/she is interacting with another Sim! The Sim they 
    are interacting with will not want to be around them.
    This goes down quite rapidly, so always be playing with your pet if 
    you have one! If not, talking on the phone and chatting on the 
    computer are easy ways to get your social up.
    Your Sims wants are somewhat useful in this game. You can unlock new 
    townies that come to your town, and you can meet them and get married, 
    but that's about it. Fulfilling your Sims wants is easy, just do what 
    it tells you to! Sometimes it gets a little more complicated, but 
    usually it's something like play chess. All you have to do is buy a 
    chess table and a chair, and play chess. Voila! You have fulfilled 
    that want. Sims with different aspirations will have different wants. 
    You pet, like your Sim, also has wants and needs. Some needs are 
    similar to your Sim, while some are exclusive for that pet only. Cats 
    and dogs have some same needs and some different needs. Here is an 
    overview of needs for dogs and cats.
    Bladder - Dogs & Cats
    Both dogs and cats need to go to the bathroom, but in different ways. 
    Cats will need a litter box to relieve themselves, while dogs will be 
    on the mailbox or tree (hopefully). All you have to do is clean the 
    litter box, or scold the dog when he pees elsewhere.
    Hunger - Dogs & Cats
    Both dogs and cats need to eat, and it is quite easy to fulfill this 
    need. Simply buy a pet dish in your object inventory, or go to Town 
    square and buy one. Place it somewhere accessible by your dog, and 
    fill it up with a pet food of your choice. NOTE: You can make your own 
    pet food if you have a food processor. Simply select the ingredients 
    you want, select the food processor and go down until it says "Make 
    pet food" Select the option and you can take the food you have and 
    fill the pet dish up with it.
    Energy - Dogs & Cats
    Both dogs and cats need to rest, and they do it all by themselves. 
    Just buy either a pet house or bed (or both!) and they will rest.
    Social - Dogs & Cats
    This is probably the hardest to keep up with. Either buy 2 pets so the 
    pets can interact with each other when they feel the need, or interact 
    with them yourself by playing with them, or teaching them tricks. Your 
    guests will probably interact with them to, thus bringing up their 
    Fun - Dogs & Cats
    Another tricky need satisfy. Make sure to buy plenty of toys to keep 
    it entertained! They can either play with the toy themselves, or you 
    can play with them with it. Pets fun and social seem to drop quickly, 
    so make sure you are keeping up wit it.
    Hygiene - Dogs & Cats
    For cats it's easy to keep up with their hygiene, you don't have to do 
    anything! Cats groom themselves by licking themselves (their fur, mind 
    you!), and their hygiene will slowly go up. Dogs are another story. 
    You have to give them baths! If the dogs dig, or pee themselves, their 
    hygiene will drop down very far, and you have to clean them up! Not 
    very fun.
    Scratching - Cats
    Only cats will scratch. Make sure to buy them a scratching post or 
    your furniture is in danger! Cats can rip your couches to shreds. If 
    you see them doing this scold them, and eventually they'll learn to 
    stop. As long as you buy them a scratching post this need will stay 
    Chewing - Dogs
    Only dogs will chew. Buy them a chewing toy from town square, and put 
    it somewhere where the dog can get it. It will chew it until that need 
    is fulfilled. If you don't buy it a chew toy, it will chew on the 
    Your pet has wants, just like Sims, but theirs are usually very easy 
    to complete. To view your pet's wants, press the down d-pad then press 
    left on the d-pad. At the top of the screen it will tell you what your 
    pet wants to do. Usually it's something easy, like get a belly rub, 
    but sometimes it's something difficult, like become friends with this 
    person, which you really have no control over. Fulfilling these wants 
    will get you pet points, which you can spend on things for you and 
    your dog at town square.
    Town Square is a place for townies to hang out, buy goods for you and 
    your pet, and meet new people. To buy things at Town Square you will 
    need pet points, which you get by fulfilling your pets needs. There 
    are 6 shops at Town Square (not including vendors), the kennel, the 
    toy shop, the salon, the bakery, the pet europium, and the adopt-a-pet 
    center. If you do not have enough pet points to shop at these places, 
    there is a machine behind the adopt-a-pet center to turn money into 
    pet points.
    The purpose of the kennel is to house your pets while you get caught 
    up on your own life. So basically just throw your pets in their when 
    your sick of 'em. It costs money for every day your pet stays in the 
    Toy Shop
    This is where you buy toys for dogs and cats alike. Chew toys, dangly 
    toys, Frisbees, balls, sticks, you name it they got it.
    Here is where you can 'dress up' your pet. This strikes fear into some 
    hearts and joy into others. They have hats glasses, hoodies, shirts, 
    and yes, even shoes. You can also give your pet a bath here if they 
    are dirty (aren't the always?).
    The bakery has pet treats you can feed to your dog or cat. They are 
    relatively cheap and are good for if your Sim wants to feed a pet.
    Pet Europium 
    This place has food dishes, pet food, pet houses, pet beds, gold 
    fishes, and the chicken checkers thing.
    At the adopt a pet center, you can adopt the special friend you always 
    wanted. NOT! You can sell your pets here, and adopt, but it is highly 
    unlikely you will find a pet that you actually like.
    NOTE: Once you spend enough pet points at each store, they will 
    upgrade until they are a skyscraper. Each time they upgrade they will 
    have more things for you to buy.
    When you've finally finished creating your Sim and maybe pet, you will 
    have to pick a house. I suggest not making your own and just moving 
    someone out that already lives in one. It will be much kinder on you 
    wallet, and easier. You probably want to move out Buck, since he has a 
    decent sized house and it is not too expensive. But hey, you don't 
    have to listen to me! Just pick a house you like and that doesn't 
    cause you to go bankrupt.
    Once you've found (or created) your perfect home, it's time to 
    decorate! Since I assume your not cheating, and your person is not a 
    millionaire, you are probably going to buy pretty cheap stuff until 
    your Sim starts making some cash. I suggest buying not ALL cheap 
    stuff, but don't waste all your money either. Here's a little guide as 
    to what you should buy. But once again, you don't have to listen to 
    me, just buy what you think works for you. You can always buy the most 
    expensive stuff later.
    BED: You should buy one of the more expensive beds. If not, your Sim 
    will have a hard time keeping his/her energy level up. The energy bar 
    will go up very slowly, slowing down study time, thus slowing down 
    SHOWER: It's ok to buy the cheapest shower. It doesn't go that much 
    slower than the most expensive one, and it will save you money.
    TOILET: Buy the best toilet. It's not really that expensive, and 
    you'll not have to waste time going to the bathroom.
    TV: You should probably buy Cheapo Vision, there are other ways of 
    raising your fun bar, and the next best TV is very expensive.
    SOFA: Buy any sofa you like, because you won't really be using it that 
    much. Well, I don't anyway.
    FRIDGE: Buy the stainless still fridge, it will be nice to have the 
    extra food. You'll have more fulfilling food, making it easier to keep 
    your Sim's hunger bar up.
    STOVE: Don't get a stove without first getting some skill in the 
    cooking area. The stove might catch on fire, costing you a lot of 
    money! It might also cause other things to catch on fire, causing you 
    even more money! Opt for a food processor instead. You can make some 
    ok stuff with a counter and food processor.
    EXTRAS: You will definitely need a phone! It helps a lot when it comes 
    to the social need. Buy a bookshelf, it will help with getting enough 
    skill points for your first few promotions. If you have enough money 
    left over, buy a garden swing. It brings your relationship with people 
    up really fast, and that means more friends! Also, buy the most 
    expensive frood tree. It has some amazing fruits that will keep your 
    person filled up for awhile. I suggest making a smoothie with the 
    fruits it has. It brings up your energy and hunger! :)
    When your person get's a job, you will be able to buy the more 
    expensive, more quickly need filling objects, but what you have now 
    will do.
    Everyone loves tips, and here are some that I have found to be useful!
    * Make a smoothie with dangle-berry, plum, sour-sop, and passion fruit 
    for a drink that will fill your hunger up very quickly. Great for if 
    you need to go to work and don't have enough time to make a full meal.
    *If it's time to go to work, but you are really close to getting that 
    last skill you need to get promoted, put whatever you need to gain a 
    skill point for that skill in your family inventory. Go to Town 
    Square, and since time doesn't really move their, get out the 
    bookshelf, treadmill, etc. and get that skill point! Go back home and 
    you can go to work and a promotion! Yippee!
    * If you have a hard time keeping up with your pet, build an outdoor 
    home for it. Make a square with fencing, and add an outdoor door that 
    you can lock so pets can't get in or out, but humans can. Put 
    everything it needs to survive in that pen, and you'll have a much 
    easier time keeping up with it!
    Those are all the ones I have for now, but if anyone knows anymore 
    good ones, please e-mail me and I'll be sure to add them with credit!
    Cheat Gnome is this crazy looking gnome that appears by your mailbox 
    if your push a series of buttons in order. Cheat Gnome is basically a 
    place to store cheats for the game, whenever you need them go back to 
    him and he will have them.
    To get Cheat Gnome to appear press L,L,R,A,A, D-pad up. If it doesn't 
    work the first time, keep on trying it. I've had to put it in many 
    times to get it to work. Once he is there, put in one of these codes 
    to activate the cheat. You know you've done the cheat right when you 
    hear a ringing sound. Press A in front of cheat gnome to see what 
    cheat you've put in. 
    Up, Left, Down, Right, R (on d-pad):
    Advance time by 6 hours.
    Up, Left, Down, Right, R (on d-pad): 
    Repeat this code and a cheat for give Sim simoleons will appear.
    I have tested those and they work. Just keep on trying them, it can be 
    frustrating but it will eventually work.
    Q. Can you have kids on the Sims 2 Pets for game-cube?
    A. NO! They have taken that aspect out of the game to make it more kid 
    friendly. You will never see a kid in the game. You can still kiss, 
    and hug, but no whoo-hooing.
    Q. Is their a max-motives cheat?
    A. No, sadly. There is cheat gnome, however. Check my guide for more 
    Q. How do you beat a chicken at checkers?
    A. Upgrade the Pet Europium to as much as it will go. The very last 
    thing you can buy is a chicken checkers thingy. Buy it, and place it 
    somewhere in your house. To beat it, your Sim must have 10 logic skill 
    points, and must be fairly happy.
    Q. How do you get abducted by aliens?
    A. Stargaze around 12-4 p.m. I've had it happen to me before. When you 
    come back you will have glowing pet treats and your person will be 
    Q. How do you master a pet?
    A. Just teach it all the tricks it can learn. Don't forget about 
    teaching it how to go on the toilet!
    THE END?
    I guess this is the end for now, but I might be updating this guide if 
    I get any more tips or information. I've had a wonderful time writing 
    this guide, and I hope you have a wonderful time reading it.
    As I said earlier, this IS my first guide, so any constructive 
    criticism on what I did right and wrong would be helpful, in case I 
    ever decided to write another guide in the future.
    Bye-bye for now!
    Oscar (aka BLACKBERRI218)
    Copyright 2008 and 2009 BLACKBERRI218 

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