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"If you’ve already met the Robinsons, you might enjoy this game."

I saw this game on clearance, and picked it up, because I enjoyed the movie, and figured it couldn't be too terribly bad. I was pretty much right, there's nothing here that stands out as anything other than normal, but it's done well enough, especially when compared to many games made after movies.

Story (6/10): You are Wilbur, and you have lost one of the time machines. Because of this, you must travel to a few different areas looking for it, and to try and get it back. Unfortunately, this doesn't require nearly as much time travel as I was hoping for, but all in all, the story is fine. It's there, but you probably won't really remember it after finishing the game.

Gameplay (6/10): The gameplay is mostly just your standard platforming game fare. If you've played any of the various platformers that have come out in the past few years, odds are there won't be much all that new to you in this game. The neatest thing in the game is the gadgets that you either start out with, find, or make out of items. There aren't that many of them, but they all get used and are pretty neat to use. The disassembler lets you turn certain objects into any or all of three different base items. You need to collect these to “transmogrify” them into other items, such as cheats, upgrades to yourself and gadgets, and new gadgets. My least favorite part of the gameplay is that Wilbur can't jump, which leads to some frustrating parts of the game, where you run to an edge thinking you can jump across, but you end up just stopping. There are also some parts where you can't get by certain objects that appear as if they could be stepped over, but since you can't jump, they are able to stop you in your tracks. There are a few puzzles mixed into the game as well, some of which are simple, and some which don't make that much sense, but are still passable. Another potentially frustrating part is when you hop into the “protectosphere” and embark upon a journey that has you maneuvering a ball around like in the Monkey Ball games. As with the puzzles, some are easy and some are frustrating.
There is one minigame which you can play. It is called Charge Ball, and is kind of like Arkanoid, only once you throw a ball and it hits blocks you just throw another one. There are some power ups that you can grab, but it never got hard enough that I had to bother trying to pick them up. It was fun to play for a few rounds, but it got old rather quickly.

Graphics (7/10): The graphics look better than most Gamecube games, but you won't confuse them with watching the movie. All in all, though, with the number of things they have around, they look pretty good.

Sound (7/10): There is voice acting in the game, and it sounds pretty good. Other than that, sound effects are done well, and the background music doesn't distract you from the game at all. It's nice to watch the cutscenes and hear the people talking, though, instead of just reading what they're saying.

Difficulty and Length (6/10): This game wasn't particularly hard, with the exception of a few of the puzzles and a few of the “protectosphere” missions. The missions are mostly easy, and mostly obvious, so no one should have to worry about getting stuck for very long. Even if you happen to die, you just come back to life right where you left off, and there aren't really any consequences for it. Also, the game is fairly short, with my time clocked in at around 10 hours, and you could probably get most everything with just another few hours of playing.

Replayability (4/10): There are a few things to collect, such as the action figures and all the blueprints to “transmogrify everything there is. There are also movie clips and concept art. A lot of these are found just through playing the game and there are some that you have to find secret areas for. Since you should find most of these items on your first playthrough, though, there really won't be much to go back and look for. However, should you get to the final boss and not have everything, but plan on going back to get everything, make sure you do not save after beating the final boss. I unfortunately did that and it wouldn't let me go back to try to find some of the items I was missing, and it wasn't worth me playing through it from the beginning just to get it all.

Final Score (5/10): A perfectly average score for a perfectly average game. If you really enjoyed the movie, hopefully you can find somewhere to rent it so that you don't have to buy it, or else hopefully you can find it to buy cheaply. I probably wouldn't spend more than $10, if that, on this game. There are plenty better games out there that are more fun and less frustrating in parts.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/12/08

Game Release: Disney's Meet the Robinsons (US, 03/27/07)

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