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"Just like the others of the series, but different in its own way."

Shining Force is a great RPG series, one of the best, in fact. Not many people have heard about it, but the people who have are usually very loyal. The series, unfortunately, has pretty much died out, but the games are classic. This is one of those games, but unlike the others, doesn't have that ''town wandering'' feature that many RPGers love. This game is also very rare and only in Japanese. I was lucky to find a ROM of it.

Gameplay - 7/10
Final Conflict is a great game. It's controls are just like the other Shining Force games to an extent. It would have gotten higher except for the fact that unlike the other Shining Force series, there is no ''town wandering'' which takes out about 30% of the fun of the game.

Story - 9/10
Final Conflict follows the storyline of the series beautifully. It pretty much fills part of the story gap between Shining Force 1 and Shining Force 2. In this one, your main character, Ian, must travel throughout Rune making friends and enemies along the way. You'll probably see some familiar faces along the way if you've played the other games, since this game's main purpose is pretty much a gap stopper.

Audio/Video - 7/10
The game, since its probably being compared to other, newer systems right now, doesn't have much in the multimedia catagory. But I've given it a 7 since the graphics are pretty good the Game Gear. The sound is a little worse though...

Replayability - 2/10
Just like all RPGs, once you beat it once, you pretty much mastered it. Some RPGs, like Golden Sun, have their exceptions, but this one doesn't.

To buy or to rent? - Buy: Good Luck! Rent: No
This would be a nice buy except for two little facts. It only comes in Japanese, and even if you didn't care, its so rare the best I've seen it for is about $150! Also, its a little outdated by the newer systems, but its a classic.

I would get this game if possible (if I could also find a nicely priced Game Gear), but if your not experienced at the series, I don't suggest it. If you are and have plenty of cash to waste, I suggest it. A rom is also very helpful. But us fans still hope that mabye Sega/Camelot will have some new Shining Force games or remakes for us fans in the future.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/16/02, Updated 07/16/02

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