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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mento_MKII

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    Genesis/Mega Drive FAQ
    Version 1.0 - Intro, Controls, Walkthrough
    Version 1.1 - Version differences (Sega Master System & Game Gear)
    Cool Spot was a pretty decent license game based on the 7up Spot mascot - the 
    7up icon can be found in various points in the game. It was one of the earliest
    platformers to adopt the "hide stuff everywhere" format of item collection. It
    also has a lot in common with the highly popular "Earthworm Jim" series (since
    they were both coded by David Perry) with the main character's multidirectional
    firing, and so can be thought of as a spiritual predecessor almost.
    As well as rescuing your fellow Cool Spots, you're on a mission to be.. well..
    cool. Do this by finding as many cool points as you can. In fact, you get a 
    helpful "how to play" screen when you start the game, so you shouldn't be too
    confused about what you need to do.
    (Note: The controls can be switched around to a limited degree at the options
    screen. These are the defaults.)
    B - Shoot 
    C - Jump
    Start - Pause
    A/X/Y/Z/Mode - Nothing
    Version Differences
    In the interests of completeness, and so this guide can reach as many Cool
    Spot players as possible, here's a bit about the differences between the
    Genesis/Mega Drive version of the game (which the guide was written for)
    and other consoles that saw a version of Cool Spot.
    NB: There was apparently a Cool Spot game prior to this one, which was more
    puzzle-oriented. I haven't included this game here. Ditto for Cool Spot's
    official sequel "Spot Goes To Hollywood".
    Sega Master System - MikePenance, of the Master System Completion Project
    (which can currently be found here: http://www.selmiak.bplaced.net/sms/ )
    has informed me of these differences with Sega Genesis' predecessor:
    "The most notable difference you'll find is the lack of levels in the Master
    System version; it's lacking Toying Around, Wound Up, and Loco Motion.
    In bonus rounds, your goal is to collect letters to spell the word 'Virgin'
    instead of 'Uncola.' 
    Along those lines, spiked seashells aren't as prevalent in the beach levels,
    and nails aren't doubled-up in the indoor levels (such as Back to the 
    Should also be noted that going from a 16-bit version to an 8-bit version
    is bound to have some effect on the graphics and sound, though compared
    to most downgrades this game is actually fairly good.
    Sega Game Gear - As far as I know, identical to the Master System version.
    Except I think it's back to 'Uncola' for this one.
    Stuff You Can Get
    Cool Point (abbreviated to CP in the guide) - Adds one to your cool percentage.
    Getting 100% will give you a score bonus and practically guarantees you an
    extra life at the end of the level. You need at least 60 to complete the level
    and 85 to get the bonus level.
    7up Icon - Adds 7 to your cool percentage.
    7up potion - Heals Cool Spot, restoring his face in the top left corner
    (your health meter).
    1-Up - Self-explanatory, really. Gives you an extra life. Usually the reward
    for doing well on a level (or getting 100% on the bonus level).
    Hand holding a clock - Called "timers" in the guide, give you 30 extra seconds
    to explore with. Usually very handy, especially on bonus levels.
    "U", "N", "C", "O", "L", "A" - Continues. Each of them has a special bonus
    level. If you unlock a bonus level, you'll automatically go to the bonus level
    of the next letter in the sequence that is currently empty. If you somehow
    have all six letters at any given time, you won't get any bonus levels (you
    don't really need them...). UNCOLA refers to the glasses you could get for 7up,
    which were inverted cola glasses. In some versions of the game this spells out
    VIRGIN instead referring to the company that made the game, Virgin Interactive.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Hermit Crab - Hit a few times to knock the shell off. Then, just kill it with
    a single shot.
    Crab - Watch out for these, they'll pop out of holes and have a reasonably long
    reach. They don't move though, so stand at an angle where you can hit it
    safely from a distance with your coolshot and let him have it.
    Mosquito - Annoying buzzy things. They'll stay away from the ground, so use
    that to take them out before trying to jump anywhere. They will fire back
    though, so be careful.
    level 1. Before doing anything, check behind the bottle where you start. You'll
    find the first two cool icons (I'll just call them CPs, for "cool points")
    (2CP). Get on top of the bottle and follow the long line of balloons and bubble
    jumps to get all the CPs up here. Don't worry about falling, just go back to
    the start and try again if you do fall. Once you reach the deckchair you should
    be at (19CP). You'll slide down the deckchair back and into the seat, 
    automatically getting 10 more CPs (move right a little if you missed one) 
    At the deckchair, jump up to the top level four hidden CPs here and the one 
    hovering at the end (33CP). Now, make your way past the crabs and hermit crabs
    down here and go left to get 4 more CPs (38CP). Make your way left to get a
    lonely CP  (39CP) and take out all the enemies in this little pit. Grab the 7up
    icon, which strangely enough equates to 7CP (46CP).
    Keep going left back to the start for another lonely CP (which turns into an
    icon telling you to go back the way you came) (47CP) and drop into a pit for
    five more CPs (get rid of the enemies first) (52CP). You can also jump up at
    the top of the dune for another balloon CP and a couple more by following the
    trail of bubbles upwards for a total of three more CPs (55CP). Now, the 
    directions here aren't perfect but hopefully you'll be able to find the lone
    balloon CP by jumping right across the balloons and dropping once you reach the
    first balloon that's after the bubble here to find a balloon with a CP (56CP).
    It's incredibly hard to find.
    Drop down and keep heading left, back to the start. Grab all the CPs in this
    pit to hit (67CP). You'll also get the message telling you have enough CPs to
    open the cage for this level. Head all the way back to the deckchair now.
    Time to move on now. Head right and you'll see a flag with a timer underneath
    it. Touch the flag for a restart point and drop down into the little cave area
    for a CP (68CP). Jump into the timer to collect it for some useful extra 
    seconds. Head right into another little cave for another 7up icon (75CP).
    Follow the balloons up at the end here and go left, and then take the left
    once you reach a bubble and two balloons in either direction. Keep going left
    until you're back at the deckchair again (94CP). Now, head back to where that
    junction was with the two balloons, and go right. Finish off the last of the
    CPs here (100%) for a huge score bonus and free the fellow Cool Spot to end the
    Regardless of how much time you had left, the full CP bar should be enough to
    get you that 1up. Now it's time for a bonus level.
    Try your best to get 100 CP in here. It'll be extremely difficult even with
    directions, but do your best:
    To start, go to the far right and head up the bubbles to get all the three
    long rows of CPs. After you've gotten them all (or as many as you can), head
    left collecting all the CPs on the lower bubbles. Don't take the bubble route
    upwards at the far left just yet. Drop and keep heading left until you're at
    the very bottom left corner for a 7up. Now, the timer should start to warn you
    about your time, so make your way up the left bubbles and keep following the
    trail upwards and you should see a timer icon. Pick it up. You now have another
    30 seconds to get as many CPs as possible.
    Keep on heading up and right, and when you see a trail of CPs heading down, 
    follow them. You'll land on a bubble that should help you reach that final Y
    shape of bubbles. Now, if your time is running low again either: Go straight up
    and get the giant "U" (which you need to do, really) or go right up the Y
    shape and hold right for two 7up icons and a timer (beneath two bubbles). This
    timer should help you finish off any more loose CPs around the place, and don't
    forget there's another 7up icon to the left of the Y shape of bubbles.
    Getting all 100 CPs will again give you an extra life once the level is over.
    Make sure you got that big "U" icon too.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Worms - Annoying things that crawl up and down the many ropes of this level.
    One shot will kill them, but they're everywhere.
    Crabs - Different looking ones than those of the previous level. They're more
    mobile too, so watch out. They'll take several hits before they croak.
    Wasp - Like the mosquitos, only they'll drop down on you from above with their
    stingers so you're not safe while they're around. Take them out.
    Clam - Annoying spitty thing. You can only kill it once its mouth is open, but
    fortunately it only needs one good hit.
    Fish - Another annoying spitty thing. It has no shield like the clam, but it
    does require a few more hits to kill.
    level 2. Follow the rope down for a CP and another CP at the bottom. Avoid the
    crab and worms (shoot them) and the spiky ball thing. After getting the CP
    at the bottom, the two CPs just off the screen previously are now on the 
    screen, so get them on the way up (4CP). Follow the rope up and get all the CPs
    up here, including the two at the top (10CP).
    Now drop from here and down the hole (don't go right where that crab is yet).
    You'll see a dead fish (you can't do anything with it, I'm just mentioning it
    as a landmark to make sure you've gone down the right hole). Head all the way
    down until you find a crab, and don't go further down (the hole leads to 
    nowhere and will kill you) (15CP).
    Head right where the ropes at the top are to fight a crab and an annoying clam
    enemy. Take the path down here for more CPs (25CP). Again, be careful of the 
    hole that goes to nowhere at the bottom. Now head back to where the clam was
    and go past it where you can see the wood rotting and Cool Spot will walk 
    through it to the next part of the level.
    Get the crab and the many wasps that attack and then grab two CPs (27CP) here.
    Head downwards to reach an area with a lot of ropes (28CP). Here, jump and get
    the CP on the left and hold left to hit the restart flag (29CP). Make your way
    to the very bottom of this area and collect all the CPs you see (40CP). Head
    back up to where you came in through the rotten wood.
    Make your way to the right and then downwards, watching out for all the worms
    and the spitting fish head thing at the bottom (48CP). Head through the rotted
    wood down here on the right.
    Another restart flag is here. Climb up the rope above it all the way for two
    hard to find CPs (50CP) and then grab the three more obvious CPs (53CP). Head
    to the far right rope and climb it, getting the CP (54CP) and head left across
    the ropes for another CP (55CP). Now, climb the middle of these three ropes to
    get higher up in the level.
    Head immediately left after taking out the clam for some ropes above spikes.
    Take out the crabs wandering around and get two more CPs (as well as that CP
    you saw close to the clam) (58CP). Head up and right, avoiding the clams for
    more CPs (61CP) and jump off to the right.
    At the rope here, climb all the way to the top and jump for a sneaky 7up icon.
    (68CP). Head right for a marker CP (69CP). Make your way down, checking the 
    left and right of the rope for CPs. At the bottom before passing through 
    another rotted wood bit you should have (74CP) and found a timer.
    Now, go through the rotted wood path for another restart point and head upwards
    getting all the CPs. Upon reaching the top you should have (84CP). Head right
    and go down the rope for more CPs (after getting the timer at the top). Keep a
    good grip of the third rope down, since directly beneath it is another hole to
    nowhere. At the bottom you should be up to (89CP). Head right through another
    rotted section. Before moving through, jump up for two well hidden CPs (91CP).
    Head up the ropes here, noting the big hole underneath the one at the right.
    Jump and fall to collect the line of CPs here, and get the final few CPs at the
    top where your buddy is. Once you have (100CP), unlock the cage.
    Providing you got the big "U" last time, you should have a new bonus level to
    explore. And by "explore" I mean "make a mad dash for CPs". 
    At the V shape at the start, head right and upwards to get a bunch of CPs. Hold
    right at the edge to get two 7up icons and drop all the way down for a single
    CP in the corner (it's necessary for the full 100 I'm afraid). Now, head up
    and left the V shape and keep holding left until you reach the bottom corner
    for another lonely CP, with a 7up icon just above it. Back to the V and head on
    Take the right route up and then head left and keep going right and left until
    you eventually hit the top. If you're quick, you can get the solitary timer for
    this level. Head right for about three 7up icons and the big "N". The only
    non-obvious CP left is at the very top left of the level, so don't fall too 
    far. Make your way to the very top again where you found the timer and hold
    right at a bubble for a single CP hanging in the air. Anything else left was
    probably one of the bubbles missed on the way up.
    Another life is yours if you got 100 CP. What's crucial is that N though, as
    it's a whole new continue. 
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Spiders - These drop down and vanish off the screen. They'll be back though, so
    make sure you shoot them while they're still above you.
    Pyjama Mice - These little guys throw cheese pretty hard. They'll only throw
    it forwards, so get a little higher than them (or duck) and shoot them until
    they disappear. Alternatively, you can shoot the cheese out of the air and 
    pepper them with bullets.
    level 3. An obvious CP over some barbwire to start you off, but before you grab
    it head to the left and check behind the glass tubing for (2CP). Now get that
    single CP (3CP). Head right past the spiders and mouse and get 2 more CPs 
    (5CP). Head up the metal wire/screw thing. Get the CP on the way up (6CP).
    On the left, be careful to drop down between the two nails for the CP (7CP).
    Likewise, to the right, be careful of the nails as you're getting all these CPs
    (15CP). Drop down where the wire is. Head left for two more CPs (17CP) and jump
    over the mousetrap. Keep heading right and get that CP (18CP).
    Now, be careful going up this next wire as you'll find yourself in a cheese
    crossfire. Take the left mouse out first by firing upwards at it. Level with
    the mouse on the right behind the wall and fire at it until it's no longer a 
    problem. There's another crossfire situation just above you as well. At the top
    here grab the CP which tells you to go left (19CP). So go right. Drop down into
    a hole where two mice are(were) and get two more CP in here (21CP).
    Head left now and there should be 4 CP hidden behind that glass tube with a 
    bandage (25CP). There's nothing down, so go left. Get the CP at the wire (26CP)
    and it'll tell you to go up. So go left some more instead and get those three
    CPs (29CP). Follow the path left for another CP (30CP) and a timer. Back to 
    the hand pointing up now.
    Follow the path up to another pointy hand CP (31CP) and go right here to get a
    restart flag up. Go up the wire now. Another crossfire. Take out the right
    mouse and check behind the bendy glass tubing for two more CPs (33CP). Head 
    left and get the other mouse. There are a lot of CPs behind this glass tube, so
    search thoroughly (39CP). The next CP (40CP) should point up, so go left some
    more instead for a single CP (41CP).
    Going up, and there's another crossfire. Take out both mice from below. There's
    another 3 CPs behind the pipe to your right (44CP). Get the obvious CP up the
    next wire and find a total of five CPs behind this long pipe (50CP). One of 
    them is at the far left, another behind the bandage and three more at the right
    where it bends downwards. There's also a restart flag over here. Keep going up
    There's a CP to your left and a very dangerous one to your right (52CP). Be
    careful of the mousetrap while getting that one. Head up some more and go left
    over the mousetrap (jump so you're right at the edge of the platform it's on)
    and over the barbwire for three CPs (55CP). There's a total of 7 CPs behind 
    this next pipe (62CP). Climb the wire behind the pipe for a single CP (63CP).
    There's another CP to your right (64CP). Head down.
    Over here is a weird U bend pipe where there are 5 hidden CPs and one obvious
    one in the corner (70CP). Follow the CP-less path until you reach two more near
    the wire you climbed up (72CP). There are three more CPs over tacks to the left
    (75CP). Head up and check behind the pipe at the top for four more hidden CPs
    and one obvious one to the right (80CP). Head left up here and check behind 
    another pipe for another hidden CP (it's where the bandage is) (81CP). Drop
    down and take out the mice and there's two more obvious CPs down here (83CP).
    Backtrack to where you saw that hand pointing right.
    Jump the barbwire for the three CPs (85CP) and another CP by the wire here 
    (86CP). Head up the wire and get the obvious CP on the right and the hidden one
    behind the pipe on the left (88CP). Drop down again and head right for a 
    restart flag. There's another two hidden CPs behind this pipe (90CP) and two
    more obvious ones further right (92CP). Go up here for another CP (93CP). Now
    go all the way down to where there's a long horizontal pipe with a mouse.
    Check the long pipe here for a few more CPs (97CP). Drop down the right hole
    for another hidden pipe CP (98CP). Now go back to the middle hole (down the
    wire you climbed to get here) and get another pointer CP pointing down (99CP).
    The final hidden CP is just to the left of it, behind the pipe (100CP). Head
    to the bottom and go right to find your friend and exit the level.
    There are spiked balls here now, so be careful while in this bonus level. If
    you hit them enough times, you'll die (but won't lose a life, instead you'll
    get kicked out the bonus level).
    Another thing to note are the smaller bubbles which trap you. They're also 
    needed to get higher up, constantly struggle inside them to jump up even higher
    than normal. 
    Directions are getting harder and harder... get the few CPs around the ground
    here and head up (none in the bottom corners this time). At the lower half are
    about four instances of riding a lot of bubbles up and freefalling for more
    CPs. You should raise the first 40 by doing this. After which, head up and go
    left and then right using the smaller bubbles I talked about. At the top is a
    timer. At the very top left is another timer and at the very top right is the
    big "C" you need for a continue. There aren't any 7up icons: you're looking at
    getting 100 single CP icons, so good luck.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Frogs - Standard spitters. A few hits should take them out, but be prepared to
    fire at them at some weird angles.
    Fighter Planes - They fly overhead dropping bombs. Shoot them a few times and
    they're history.
    level 4. This is a hellish level. Lots of difficult jumps and missing a single
    platform will send you back or kill you. Get the two CPs here and just head
    right (2CP). You'll reach a 7up icon (9CP), a rubber duck with two CPs either
    side (11CP). Get the chain of CPs over lilies here (15CP) and make sure to kill
    that frog before jumping onto its lily. Head onwards, getting two more CPs 
    (17CP) and jump past the next CP and onto the one after it (18CP). The reason
    why is because you'll die if you aim for the near CP here. From where you
    landed, jump back and get it and land back on the same lily (19CP). 
    Finally, get to the next lily and head up past the bubbles. The pool will 
    always be an ever-present threat below you for the rest of the level though.
    Get the two CPs beneath the platform here (21CP) and use the floating bubble
    to get on top of the blimp (22CP). Jump off to the right to get a bunch of CPs
    above a rubber duck (27CP). Now, head left over the UFOs.
    Take out the first fighter plane enemy and take a massive leap to the left to
    find a restart flag and another CP (28CP). Go left over the UFOs making the
    difficult leap to reach another blimp (29CP) and a timer. Head left over the
    bubble and UFO and jump onto a diagonal rocket. You'll slide down, collecting
    a CP and a 7up icon (37CP). Use the small bubble that traps you here to reach
    the green blimp to your left (38CP).
    Cross the UFOs to the left for more CPs (41CP). Jump from the red blimp here
    to the far UFO and reach another red blimp (42CP). Head up some more onto yet
    another red blimp (44CP). Now, here's an annoying thing. You can get an amazing
    37 CP in a row by getting to the top of the red rocket and sliding/dropping
    all the way down while hugging the left. You can also get a timer. BUT, you 
    end up back at the very start of the level. If you do choose the CPs, either
    die at the bottom to be returned to the halfway point and backtrack from there
    to where we just were, or backtrack all the way back from where you landed. It
    depends how valuable your lives are compared to your time. It might be an idea
    to get the next restart flag by following the path below, and then coming back
    for that big leap. Dying after that will put you back where you need to be.
    It's up to you, like I said.
    After doing that annoying thing (71CP), head right at the higher red blimp.
    There's a tricky jump here over a red rocket, but you can skip it by entering
    the floating bubble here and holding right. You should find yourself on the
    next red blimp over (72CP). Head right and up until you reach a restart flag
    (73CP) if you want to go back and get those 37 CP by dropping at the far left,
    go do it now.
    Leap from the restart flag to the right and use the second set of strings to
    guide you (the first set lead to a blimp on the middle area of the level). Head
    right some more to find two more blimps with CPs on them (75CP). Jump onto the
    nose of the rocket so you won't slide down (76CP). However, there's a 7up icon
    you can get if you drop down, and you should be able to land on the middle part
    of the level (and not the bottom part) if you're careful (83CP). Backtrack if
    you need to to this point. Keep heading right and you'll find your friend 
    Now, this is important. Instead of freeing your friend, stand on the blimp and
    walk off the edge to collect the final 16CP. Don't press anything, and use the 
    floating bubble to lift yourself back up onto the blimp. With all 100CP, you
    can free your friend.
    Wow. OK, this one is a tough one. Among other problems, you'll be facing a lot
    of spiky balls which you can't avoid bumping into, so I would advise you to 
    choose your battles and use the temporary invincibility you get to clear out
    any nearby ones, as they tend to come in clumps. This is especially true 
    around the big "O", which is entirely surrounded by them. Make sure you can
    survive getting hit once by the time you make it to the top.
    The CPs are spread out all over the level on bubbles to build up your CP 
    percentage. There are two timers near the top, so as soon as the timer goes 
    nuts, take the fast route up on the far right and keep heading up to get both
    timers and the "O" while you're up here. Then, try and get as many of the CPs
    while heading downwards as possible. A lot of them are actually beneath 
    bubbles, meaning you'll have to burst the bubble first and then fall past where
    it was before it reforms. Good luck with this one, and like usual make sure to
    get the letter at the very least before finishing the level.
    One last note; as soon as the timer goes nuts and you're down to the last few
    seconds, fall all the way back down while holding left. There's a 7up icon in
    the bottom left corner, out of the way of everything. Save it for last if you
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Slime - This bouncy guy is in your way but doesn't threaten you. However, you
    need to blow it up to get past it. If you shoot it, it'll explode and shower
    the area with bits of slime that will hurt you, so get some distance first.
    Robot - This guy moves around while shooting, making it a dangerous opponent.
    It'll also require several hits to defeat.
    Teeth - Like the robot, only it doesn't fire. They're a bit fast though, but 
    not as tough.
    Racing Cars - Very fast, and very weak. Make sure you're not on the same level
    as they are when you spot them.
    Spotty Ball - Just rolls to and fro on a red ribbon. Very quick, and takes a 
    lot of hits to defeat it. But since it just goes back and forth it's easy
    enough to predict.
    level 5. Turn left and grab two hidden CPs behind the shoe (2CP). Head right
    and jump up for that CP (3CP). Keep right, going over the tacks and killing any
    annoying enemies on the way (4CP). Instead of going up the ladder, head right
    and get the two CPs you can just about see in the driver's window of the fire
    truck (6CP). There's also one more hidden CP just beneath the fire truck's
    ladder (7CP). Head right and get the secret CPs behind the die/dice and two 
    more right at the end of this floor (12CP). Before heading up the ladder, make
    sure you found all 12 CPs down here.
    Destroy the robot behind the boxes before making your way up the slippery
    ladder. You should find 6 hidden CPs along the slide (18CP). Jump off to the
    left. Keep heading left up here and jump over to the spot above where you 
    started, where there should be a coin and another shoe. Behind the shoe is one
    CP (19CP) and a very useful Extra Life.
    Back at the ladder now, and go right over some coin piles, splatting the slimes
    from a safe distance (you're also safe if you stand directly beneath them and
    fire up, for some reason) (20CP). There are also two CPs behind the big coin
    pile here (22CP). Jump onto the UFO (24CP) and head right onto the platform
    with the shades (26CP). Head right onto some card towers now.
    Search the towers thoroughly, there a few hidden CPs around here. Most notable
    is the box at the bottom left corner of the card towers, which houses a timer
    (I think. It set some kind of siren off). Once you reach the single card tower
    on the slightly higher platform to your right, you should be up to (35CP).
    Two of which are behind the card tower I just told you about.
    Heading right some more, jump over the gap and get the two CPs (37CP) and the
    restart flag. Drop down the gap for more hidden CPs behind boxes (39CP) and
    another Health Bonus. Head right while down here to find another obvious CP and
    two less obvious ones behind the shades (42CP). Use the bubble here to get 
    into the boxes on your right, and you should be able to get inside the top one.
    Hold right, and you'll drop into the invisible corner, which has another Extra
    Life for you. Head further up and investigate behind the shoe for a timer.
    Time to ascend a floor. Use the shoelace and get on top of the UFO for two
    more obvious CPs (44CP). Head right at the top here. Drop down where the coin
    is around these three stacked boxes and you'll fall through. Get the two CPs
    in here (46CP) and use the hidden bubble to get out. Climb the shoelace for
    two more CPs (48CP) and jump over to the coin piles.
    Here, get the obvious CPs hanging around (52CP) and the restart flag. Behind
    the second coin pile you passed was a timer. Jump left over two ladders with
    Health Bonuses, and go left until you reach a big shoe. Shoot a few times to
    clear out any hidden enemies. There are two hidden CPs here (54CP). Clear out
    the enemies directly below where you are now and drop down there for a CP 
    (55CP). Don't worry, it's possible to jump back up to where you were from here.
    Head left and get two CPs behind shades and another CP down a ladder on the far
    left (58CP). There's a Health Bonus here too. Jump up onto the platform above
    you and use the boxes to get to a platform with a lot of spools of red thread,
    including an annoying ball thing rolling up and down. Get all the CPs along
    this platform, and you should find yourself where I told you to jump down from
    earlier (61CP).
    Keep heading right now and you'll go past a lot of platforms with enemies on
    them. Right at the end you should find an arrow pointing up and a shoe, and 
    this point you should have (71CP) (One of these is hidden behind the card tower
    near where the hand is pointing up). There are two more hidden CPs behind the
    shoe (73CP). Now, head all the way back to the left (I know, time consuming,
    but if we do it by floors it'll easier to find all the CPs). Head up the 
    shoelaces here and get the obvious CP (74CP). Get up to the top left corner
    here for four obvious CPs (78CP) and four secret ones behind the boxes (82CP).
    Get the five CPs around the blue orb things (fishing bobs?) (87CP) and head
    right for another restart flag with a CP (88CP). Two more are up the shoelace
    coming up (90CP). Another obvious two on this platform (92CP). Another obvious
    two on the next platform (94CP). Now, you should reach a bunch of boxes. Head
    into the one on the middle row for two hidden CPs (96CP) and also get the two
    obvious ones floating around these boxes (98CP). Now, drop down here where the 
    blue orb is and go right until you reach that arrow pointing up we left here a
    while ago. Before finishing, head up to the big pile of boxes and jump into the
    highest one, which is at the top right corner of the pile of boxes (the box 
    with two little boxes on it) for the last two CPs (100CP). Now end the level by
    freeing your pal at the top right corner.
    There's a row of CPs at the bottom here. If you head left first, follow the 
    trail of bubbles to a painful 7up icon. Walk (or jump in hops) along the bottom
    collecting CPs until you reach the right, and use the floating bubble to get
    all the loose CPs without bubbles over here. Follow the trail to the right
    and up to the middle here to reach the main part of the bonus level.
    Following the trail right and up will lead to a timer, as will following the
    path up, left and then diagonally downwards. Your objective is to reach the top
    by going right about halfway up the level and taking the express elevator (so
    to speak) at the far right to the very top of the level. Up here, head left
    until you see a trail of CPs between two lines of spiky balls. Follow the trail
    all the way down without bumping into the spiky balls to find a bunch of CPs,
    the big "L" and two 7up icons.
    Any remaining CPs at this point will either be in the middle part of the level
    or just left of the express elevator to the top. I'd recommend taking the 
    elevator up again and looking around this part of the level for remnants. As
    long as you have that continue though, the remaining CPs are trivial. There is
    a single CP next to the long drop you took to get the "L" still left, since
    it's impossible to grab both it and the first CP on the way down.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    None (level's bad enough without them)
    level 6. This is a nightmare for directions because you're nearly always 
    moving. Fortunately there are no enemies and nothing here can hurt you, which
    explains the happy music throughout (it's the same music you get when you free
    someone at the end of the level). That said, it'll still be nigh on impossible
    to find all the CPs before the time runs out with all the struggling up slides
    you'll be doing, so if the timer goes nuts head for the far right elevator on
    the ground floor and end the level. Getting the bonus life isn't worth it if
    you have to sacrifice one to the clock.
    At the start, let the rails do their thing without pressing anything or
    otherwise you'll lose count. You'll get 6 CPs just by sliding down (6CP). Once
    the elevator spits you out, grab the two CPs behind the glasses and quickly
    jump into the clear elevator tube for 8 more CPs (16CP). Phew. Now, head left
    and jump up the rail and get the secret 7up icon at the very top of the slide
    here and jump over to the first slide you started the level on (23CP). Jump as
    soon as you can into the little glass chamber for four CPs (27CP).
    Take the slides down, getting the loose CPs you missed the first time around
    (30CP). Once you get spat out again, get the lone CP (31CP) on the slide & jump 
    to the 8CP bit you were at before and from here leap across to the right for
    another 8CP niche (39CP). Go back left and slide down, getting three more CPs
    on these short slides (42CP). Jump to another niche that has a wristwatch in
    it for two more CPs (44CP). Down the gap now, and take the leftmost slide for
    another CP (45CP). It should deposit you near to the first elevator you took,
    but you can jump up the slide here to the right to be back on the small set
    of slides near the wristwatch.
    Down the hole again, and take the middle set of slides for a bunch of CPs 
    (50CP). You should reach solid ground. Head right and get the CP on this slide
    (51CP) then use the floating bubble to reach 8CP floating in a circle above you
    (59CP). Head down (rather than get onto that slide above) go all the way right
    for two more CPs, getting the CP on slide beneath the bubble on the way (62CP).
    Go in the elevator to be taken near the cage, and jump up for two hidden CPs
    (64CP). Head down the slides for a bunch of CPs, making sure to jump at the end
    of each slide to reach them. When you go up the elevator you should be at 
    (69CP). When reaching the top, head right and get that whole bunch of CPs at
    the top (77CP). Head right now and get the three CPs on the slides (80CP), and
    make your way right up the slide until you're in the very top right corner of
    the level. If you can jump over the edge of the slide, you'll pass through the
    far right elevator again, getting two more hidden CPs (82CP) and an Extra Life.
    Take the slides down again and into the elevator and head left at the top 
    instead. Collect all the remaining CPs on this series of slides (I won't point
    them all out, but they're all above that slide on the ground level with bubbles
    near it.) I will tell you to watch out for two slightly hidden CPs behind a
    pair of novelty glasses, just to the right of a series of bubbles going 
    upwards. Provided you did a good search of this area, you should now be up to
    Use the bubble down here to go right and find 8CP on a platform here (98CP).
    Go up the elevator and head left up the slide and jump right again for a single
    CP (99CP) on a platform. Jump up the slide without going into the elevator
    above you and drop down the next slide to the left. You'll get a CP (100CP)
    and be back where you started at the start of this paragraph.
    Head down to the bottom again by any means necessary, and head to the far right
    elevator to go back to the cage. Spring your pal from the pokey to end this
    confusing level.
    Note: There's another Extra Life at the far bottom left end. You're sometimes
    dropped here from a slide if you miss the first elevator you come to in the
    level. If you have time, try and find a way to get it (I did it by accident).
    30 seconds more than usual? Suspicious...
    You'll find the place sort of sparce. That's because all the good stuff is at
    the top, as usual. Head right and find a 7up icon in the bottom right corner.
    As you make your way up, there's another 7up icon about halfway up the level
    directly beneath the floating bubble you need to use to get higher at the far
    Halfway up and the jumps start getting harder. Half the time you won't be able
    to reach the next bubble up, but keep at it. Your first objective is to head
    to the top left by taking the bubbles in the middle all the way to the top and
    going left. Both of the timers are in this area, surrounded with spiky balls.
    That's a whole minute, so it's worth going after. The other objective is to
    make it all the way to the top again, take the few bubbles to the right and
    follow the trail of CPs down. You'll need to do this once again at least to get
    the big "A", trapped beneath some spiky balls. There's also another 7up icon
    both here and where the timers were. The rest of the points are spread out all
    over the level and most are quite annoyingly out of reach.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Fighter Planes - You've met these before.
    Robots - And these.
    Slime - And these.
    Racing Car - And these.
    Spotty Ball - And these.
    Goblin - OK, these are new. They stay in one spot and spin around, but are
    otherwise harmless.
    level 7. Another nightmarish level, for directions and for trying to survive.
    Head right over the fire truck for the first two CPs (2CP). Now, head down at
    the start via the shoelace for a couple more obvious CPs (4CP). Drop down some
    more for a CP near a goblin enemy and a pencil (5CP). Grab the CP on the right
    over the slide ladder and hit that restart flag (6CP). Now, before moving on to
    the right, go back and drop down again and get the three CPs in this little
    area down here (9CP).
    Back to the restart flag. Head right until you get a pointer telling you to go
    right. Head back to the tall coin pile and get the CP up here. If you stopped
    at the pointer you should now have (15CP). From the highest coin pile, go left
    for two CPs near a couple of slimes (17CP) and get the two CPs in midair just
    above you (19CP). Head right up here and get as far as you can while getting
    three more CP (22CP) and drop down at the shoelace here to be back at the 
    pointer near the shades. Head right, and get that CP in front of you (23CP).
    Jump across to the shoelace and drop down and take out that spotty ball while
    getting the CP (24CP). Head left now along the ribbon to get four more CPs 
    (28CP). Take the left path for another 4CPs and a dead end (32CP). Go back a
    little and drop down, and head right. You'll end up at (39CP) at the end, with
    two hidden ones behind the boxes for (41CP). At the end here, go up and left
    (after taking out as many enemies here from below as possible) and get the 
    single CP (42CP). Now, go right.
    Be careful, as there are several spotty balls rolling around here. Head right
    to the fire truck and get the CP on your left as you drop, as well as another
    restart flag (43CP). Get the two CPs around the fire truck (45CP) and jump up
    to the small platform above with two CPs and a Health Bonus (47CP). Keep
    going right and collect all the CPs down here until you reach the right end 
    Now, head up and get the two CPs just above you (53CP). At the top here get the
    timer, two more CPs and three CPs along the shoelaces (58CP). Hit the restart
    flag over to your left and get those two CPs next to each other (60CP). Go
    back a little and climb the shoelace here to reach a small area with a bunch
    of slimes and some CPs (64CP). Head back to the restart flag and go left, 
    getting the three CPs near the shoelace here (67CP). Climb up the lace, go
    left and get the CP around all these enemies (68CP). Use the small shoelace
    here to get onto the platform it's attached to for an Extra Life. Jump off to
    the right for two CPs (70CP).
    To your left is a bunch of blue orbs, follow them down and left for more CPs
    (77CP). Don't forget to go down the long row of blue orbs for a CP to your left
    near some boxes. After getting back, head left for another restart point next
    to a small fire truck ladder. Get the CP here (78CP). After that, head up and
    left and then go right along this platform above where the flag was (82CP). 
    Head up and over the fire truck and go right at the top until the boxes block
    you (87CP).
    Go down and right, getting the four CPs around the blue orbs, in two pairs
    (91CP) and head right up some stacked boxes. You should see the cage and two
    obvious CPs (93CP). Drop down at the end of the stack of boxes and head left
    through the stack of four on the right and jump up for four CPs (97CP). The
    final three are hidden in the stack of three on the left, just drop down and
    go left instead (100CP). Free your friend and it's all done.
    Note: If, for some reason, you still have all six continues (which means you're
    either a gaming god or you're cheating), you won't get a bonus level since no
    letters are left.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Birds - These things are like the fighter planes, only they go in diagonal
    directions instead of a flat horizontal back-and-forth path. They're hard to
    see with the wacky background, so be wary.
    Gunmen - Toy cowboy gunmen who show up, shoot a few times and hide for cover.
    Engineers - Hidden inside the coal cars, they throw coal at you similar to the
    mice on the third level.
    level 8. Sort of unsettling that fast background. Cool level though. At the
    very start go left and rid yourself of those birds. Drop down at the front of
    the train for a 7up icon (7CP). Go right across here (jump a little, but not
    too much) for three more CPs along the engine (10CP). In the first compartment,
    the small black one, drop inside and get two hidden CPs (12CP).
    On the next two compartments are gunmen, and the second one has four CPs on it
    (16CP). There are two CPs inside each of these two compartments also, bringing
    the total to (20CP) once you hit the first coal car. Behind the tennis ball is
    another two hidden CPs (22CP). Jump on top of the tennis ball now and use it
    to reach two high up CPs (24CP). Move onto the next freight car.
    Four more CPs here, two on top and two inside (28CP). Get on the tanker next.
    There's two CPs here (30CP) and a hidden Health Bonus behind the weird looking
    guy holding a string above you. Head onto the next, smaller tanker for two
    more CPs (32CP). Two more CPs are inside the next freight car (you can see 
    them this time) (34CP). Head right across the next two cars for (38CP) and go
    inside the last freight/passenger car for a single CP (39CP). Get the timer
    and Health Bonus here too.
    Now it's time to head up. You can get a partially hidden CP by going straight
    up where the restart flag is (40CP). It's behind the very high weird string 
    guy. Now, make your way along the long series of jumps to the left, getting
    all visible CPs along the way (46CP) until you reach a restart flag. Several
    of these jumps are hellishly tough, especially when you factor in the annoying 
    Get the three CPs at the far left here (49CP) and then let yourself drop down
    the UFOs until you have four 7up icons in a row, then start jumping back up.
    Four 7up icons gives you an amazing 28CP all in one go, making your new total
    Make your way over the next series of jumps, collecting the 7up icon along the
    way and get all the CPs around the cage. You should now be at (91CP). The 
    final 9 are beneath you at the moment, so drop down the UFOs like you did on
    the other side for a 7up icon, and follow them left for the last two CPs 
    (100CP). Jump back up the same way you came down and free your friend.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Check level 3 - OFF THE WALL - for enemy details.
    Spark - Bounces around the floor. Easy enough to get rid of.
    level 9. Revisit of level 3, hooray. More glass tubes and annoying barbwire to
    enjoy. There's a single hidden CP in the glass tubes to your left (1CP) and 
    three more in the tube coming up (4CP). Get the CP at the bottom of this wire
    (5CP) and head left like the arrow suggests.
    At the far left are two more hidden CPs behind tubes (7CP). Follow the wire
    down, stopping at each floor to explore for CPs. At the bottom you should be
    at (13CP) and seeing the first of the spark enemies. There are two more
    hidden CPs behind the tube to your left (15CP). Go right and up the next wire
    and find another hidden CP in the tube to your right (16CP). There are two
    more CPs beyond the restart flag to your left (18CP). The wire here goes to a
    dead end. Go back to the previous wire. 
    There are a total of five CPs behind this long tube (23CP) and there's one
    obvious CP that leaves an arrow going up (24CP). Head up the left wire and go
    left in this area for three more CPs (27CP). Go down the wire here now for an
    area with a tube on your left (it has a CP (28CP)) and three CPs over a 
    difficult-to-avoid mousetrap (31CP). Head past it for a timer and three more
    CPs (34CP). Head back to the arrow going up and follow its advice.
    Up here, check the tube to the right for a hidden CP (35CP). There are two
    more hidden ones in the left tube, right above the mousetrap (37CP). Up the
    next wire, there are two CPs at both the bends in this tube (39CP) as well as
    the single bend in the tube to your left (40CP). There's also an obvious CP 
    here which points to the right (41CP). Get the single CP behind the tube just
    before the restart flag (42CP) and two more in the tube to the right (44CP).
    Head down and go right, getting the two secret CPs in this tube (one behind 
    the bandage, one at the far right side) (46CP) and the obvious CP which points
    you downwards (47CP). Go up instead, for a small area with an obvious CP and
    a secret one (49CP). Follow the linear path for a while, getting all the
    obvious CPs without any hidden tubes or anything, until you reach a wire with
    a spark and a mouse underneath it (53CP). Check the corner of the tube here
    for a secret CP (54CP). Get the CP in the left corner and go down the wire
    Head left, getting the obvious CP and the two hidden ones in the tubing (58CP).
    You'll reach another restart point. At the far left is another CP (59CP). Head
    down, and take the first right for a CP (60CP). Grab the CP near the wire for
    an arrow pointing down (61CP). Go left instead now and get three obvious CPs
    (64CP) and two hidden ones in the tube in the left corner (66CP). To your left
    is a tube containing two CPs (68CP) and there's two more hidden CPs if you go
    down the wire here (70CP).
    Head right and get the CP that points downwards (71CP). Go right past it and
    up for two more CPs (73CP). Go down it now, and go left to find two more hidden
    CPs (75CP). Go right and get two more CPs before reaching a restart flag (77CP)
    and continuing right. There's a vertical tube here with a single hidden CP 
    (78CP) and if you go a little further right you'll find the cage for this
    level. Go past it and get the CPs down here and behind the pipe (82CP). Head up
    and left across the pins for a lot more CPs (90CP) and ride the bubbles up to
    an area at the top of this little section. Get the three CPs here (93CP) and
    the final seven are behind the tube to the right (100CP). Now, free your buddy
    and leave this place.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    Check level 2 - PIER PRESSURE - for enemy details.
    level 10. Another revisit, this time to the ropey pier of level 2. First of
    all, climb the two nails on the left to reach a sneaky 7up icon (7CP). Head
    right now, being careful not to drop down any holes around here. At the end you
    should be at (11CP). Now head up the nails here. At the right once you get up
    is another 7up icon (18CP). Go left and get the three CPs near the spikes 
    (21CP) and the one at the bottom left corner (22CP) that points up. Go up the
    rope and get the two CPs at the top (24CP). 
    Get the one CP on the right (25CP) and the three between the two ropes here
    (28CP). You'll have to drop down for the CP below you so do so and come back
    (29CP). You should be at (31CP) by the time you make it to the restart flag
    (there's one above it). Head through the rotted section.
    Go down the ropes here and follow them all the way down collecting all the CPs.
    Including the two to the right of the rope (you have to jump off to get them)
    you should now have (38CP). Head right at the bottom of the ropes for another
    restart flag. Head through the rotted section, jumping up for a hidden CP 
    (39CP). Keep heading right and drop down for two CPs here near a clam (41CP).
    Go right and jump up here for a 7up icon (48CP). Head back to where you passed
    through the wood and go up the rope, getting the CP and timer at the top (49CP)
    and the CP on the next rope along (50CP). Head right, up and left and get the
    chain of three CPs without hitting the spike (53CP).
    Back up the rope, jump off to the right for a single CP (54CP) and go left for
    two CPs over a spike (56CP). Over the spike, drop down for two CPs (58CP) on 
    top of the wooden thing and jump back up and over the gap to the left. There 
    are two CPs here (60CP) over a spike, and two more up the rope (62CP). Go
    right up here, getting the two CPs above you (64CP) and the two over to the
    right past a few clam enemies (66CP). Head left and go through the rotted
    Get a good run up here (just hold a direction and Cool Spot will speed up)
    and jump the big gap for 6CP (72CP). Defeat the crabs here, get the three CP
    (75CP) and head up the rope at the end. There are two CPs up the rope you can
    get before hitting the restart flag (77CP). Head right through a rotted bit 
    and past a lot of spikes without CPs near them. Right at the far end here is a
    CP beneath a nail that is somewhat difficult to reach (78CP).
    Get the CP at the top here, above the nails (79CP) and head left over the ropes
    following the trail of 8 CPs (87CP). The second jump is particularly painful to
    make, so if you miss hold right down so you don't fall down the gap beneath you
    and have to redo too much of the level. At the end of these jumps is another
    restart flag with a bit of rotted wood to walk through.
    Follow these ropes to the top and get the 9 CPs that lead to the left (96CP).
    Get the one CP at the far left along with a timer (97CP). Head back along the
    ropes now to a trail of three CPs. Don't jump off the rope to get these three
    or you'll miss the platform. Instead, jump off the rope higher up to make it to
    the platform and then jump back on the rope, getting the three CPs and 
    finishing the set (100CP). Back onto the platform again, head right and free
    your friend from jail once again. Watch out for all the wasps on the way.
    Find: 60 Cool Points!
    Bonus Level: 85 Cool Points!
    See level 1 - SHELL SHOCK - for enemy details.
    level 11. I don't know if you've noticed, but ever since the rails level we've
    been going backwards through the level order. We're now back to level 1, the 
    Like the beach level, there's a whole lot going on just above your head. Jump
    up to find a balloon and collect all the CPs up here. There's...
    3 CP to your left.
    3 CP above the first balloon (jump up to get)
    5 CP above the highest balloon here
    5 CP below the balloon just below the highest balloon
    1 CP between the high balloon and the next one to the right
    1 CP near the low balloon and close to the speaker on the ground
    Stop here and check your total (18CP). From the speaker, jump onto the balloon
    to your upper right going diagonally.
    3 CP above this balloon
    2 CP above a balloon going up and down
    1 CP above this balloon along the bubbles that leads to another high balloon
    5 CP next to this high balloon in a crescent shape.
    4 CP along the balloon between the up and down one, and the deckchair
    Jump onto the deckchair once you hit (32CP). Get the two from sliding and the
    one you need to jump to (35CP). Grab the balloon up here, which is going 
    around in a circle, to get a bunch of CPs (46CP). You'll need to drop down to
    get the last one, so drop down and drop onto the armrest of the deckchair.
    Walk along the seat and jump into the armrest for four hidden CPs (50CP). There
    are another two hidden CPs behind the 7up can on the ground (52CP).
    Go right up these bubbles above the armrest for three CPs (55CP) and there's
    another CP on top of two bubbles to the right (56CP). Jump from the balloon
    going around a circle to a balloon going up and down. Jump up to get three more
    CPs and two where the next balloon is (63CP). Head right across the top of this
    area and follow the long trail of CPs, balloons and bubbles, past the 
    volleyball net and downwards. You'll eventually find a timer and be up to about
    Hit the ground for a restart flag and go forwards to the end of the level for a
    single CP (89CP) and backtrack to a speaker and a can of 7up, behind which is
    another 2 CP (91CP). Jump onto the speaker and get the two CP here (93CP) and
    take the floating bubble up. Up here, get the directional CP (94CP) go left for
    another timer and three more CP on bubbles (97CP). Follow the trail up and
    right again, and take the balloon floating far to the right this time. Jump off
    at the rightmost part of its journey and you'll land next to the cage. There's
    a CP here (98CP) and the final two CP are behind the 7up bottle (100CP). The
    first two CP of the game were behind a 7up bottle on the beach too..
    Save your friend and the game is over. Congratulations! 

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