Review by Jeux Fire

""Waah! This ain't Final Fantasy!""

::Sigh:: Another case of great games ignored(I'll get you inspector gadg... I mean Square!!) is what we have here. From the start this game automatically lured and hooked me, dragging me in for weeks. Safe to say this is one of those games that deserves a lot more than it got.

~How can this be a GOOD rpg... I don't see Final Fantasy anywhere on this, geez, square didn't even make it!~
Shut up, stupid fanboy... Anyway this is your typical ''Defeat the Dark Lord and SAEV TEH WYRLD!'' game. But of course, it has it's twists and turns to keep it from being another Dragon Quest tried-to-be. Now instead of just powerleveling and beating the game into a bloody pulp you now must attend to a Genie that will continuously be a weakling until you upgrade him with items, along with the bratty Prince and others that accompany you. By the way, you also don't just learn spells, you want 'em, you find 'em.

GET UP! I ain't done with you yet! The biggest highlight of this game is how focused on storyline this game is. The storyline, itself, is common, clichéd and overused. However, the storyline execution is something to get excited about. Unlike the straight-through RPGs we're tortured with, this one has twists EVERYWHERE. At a time you feel lighthearted, nothing's going on, THEN YOUR KINGDOM IS BEING INVADED!

Oh shut up, that was just the introduction chapter(or the first part anyway). Either way, that's only the first of many things to excite you. There are evil pirates to encounter, a fiend mirror, and many arabian sinister people that seem not to like you very much. Kidnappers, a thong wearing Daeva(ugh... it's a man!) and all kinds of other things!

~Might I ask why you're doing weird dance-like gestures while writing this review?~
Why of course! The music... it's so catchy! They managed to mix serious, common RPG music with this awesome arabian style that just makes it all sound not only interesting and original, but GREAT! Moreso emphasizing this on the boss theme, but it's great everywhere else as well, and of course fits the situation(or predicament in most cases, muhauhahauhahua).

~I like good graphics, how are these?
Uhh, they're... okay. But definetely nothing speical. Everything's very detailed(especially the monsters) but there's just too little animation. There are some neat special effects used, but I won't spoil that for you.

Graphics: 7.2/10
Sound: 9.8/10 (No, I didn't boost this because I liked the boss theme... at least not to your knowledge... heh)
Lasting appeal: 8.4/10
Gameplay: 9.7/10
Control: 9.2/10
Overall: 8.9(Rounded to 9)

If you can find it, use the mighty spell of Raag to warp to any town visited and find it! Crap... that doesn't work in real life, does it?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/22/04

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