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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dammit9x

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 08/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dragon Crystal FAQ/Guide (Sega Master System & Sega Game Gear)
    August 2, 2006 v1.1
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2006
        This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any unauthorized web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
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    1. How to play
     1a. Controls
     1b. Subscreen
     1c. Passage of time
     1d. Food and eating
     1e. Dying and continuing
     1f. Objective
    2. Character parameters
    3. Level table
    4. Items tables
     4a. Swords
     4b. Armor
     4c. Books/Scrolls
     4d. Rods
     4e. Potions
     4f. Rings
     4g. In-game messages
    5. Monsters table
    6. Floors table
    7. Gameplay tips
    8. Hacking table
    1. How to play
      Dragon Crystal is a Rogue-style game: a turn-based crawl through 30 randomly 
    generated dungeons (floors), each one harder than the last. The hero must find 
    food and money to survive, and collect and identify equipment in order to fight 
    the monsters that get in his way. His ultimate goal is to find the crystal ball 
    on the 30th floor to escape his curse. Along the way he is followed by a 
    mysterious dragon that hatches from a giant egg.
      The differences between the Game Gear (GG) and Sega Master System (SMS) 
    versions are largely cosmetic. This guide explains the differences in detail.
    1a. Controls
    Direction pad moves the character or attacks enemies by running into them.
    Button 1/A goes to the subscreen where you can change equipment or use items.
    Button 2/B picks up items underfoot, and also waits for time to pass.
    Start button, when pressed, toggles fast/slow animation in the SMS version.
    Start button, while held down, makes slow animation fast in the GG version.
    1b. Subscreen
      Press Button 1/A to toggle the subscreen. Here you can see the basic character
    parameters (floor, rank, HP, PW, AC, money) and use items. See section 2 for 
    details on parameters. 
      There is one submenu for each item type: Swords, Armor, Scrolls (SMS) or Books
    (GG), Rods, Potions and Rings. Press button 2 to choose items and commands. 
    Swords, Armor, and Rings are worn with the Equip command and change the 
    character parameters. Sometimes equipment is cursed, and is impossible to take 
    off without a Bless scoll/book. Cursed weapons and armor give no bonus to PW or 
    AC, and cursed rings have other nasty effects. There is no way to tell a cursed 
    weapon or armor without first equipping it.
      Scrolls/Books, Rods and Potions are consumed by the Use command. These are 
    support items and perform such functions as healing and upgrading equipment. 
    Some items have undesirable effects though. See section 4 for details. 
      All items can also be dropped (provided there's room at the feet) or thrown. 
    Throwing things at monsters either does a small amount of damage or has some 
    other effect, such as "boggling" them. Thrown items sometimes miss the target. 
    In any case, thrown items are always lost, and dropped items are always 
      All items other than weapons and armor start out unidentified. They will have 
    unhelpful descriptions such as "Mauve Potion." These labels will be different 
    every game. There are two ways to find out what they are. The riskier way is to 
    use them. The less risky way is to throw them. The thrown item doesn't actually 
    have to hit anything. In any case, any item of the same type that is 
    encountered again will be identified.
    1c. Time
      Time is divided into increments known as ticks. Moving, attacking, picking 
    up items and using items all take one tick. During this time, monsters move and 
    attack, food is consumed and natural healing occurs. Status ailments other than 
    Sluggishness wear off over time. Changing equipment and dropping items takes no 
    time, however.
      You can choose to do nothing and let time pass by pressing button 2/B. There 
    are several reasons to do this: You can try to get monsters to move into a 
    position where you can shoot them with rods or throw things at them; you can 
    wait repeatedly in front of a wall to search for a hidden passage; Or you can 
    wait for a dangerous ailment to wear off before proceeding.
    1d. Food and eating
      You need food to survive. Pick up bread for about 20 food units and meat for 
    about 40. The maximum that can be carried is 99. Once every 10 ticks a unit of 
    food is consumed, and once every 8 ticks HP is restored by an amount equal to 
    the current level. These values can be changed by equipping certain rings. If 
    you run out of food, healing stops and HP is consumed instead of food, 
    eventually resulting in starvation.
    1e. Dying and continuing
      If you get killed, you will be shown a summary of your performance and may 
    have the opportunity to continue, provided you have enough money. When you 
    continue you lose all items except the equipped weapon and armor. The 
    character's level and other parameters are unchanged, except for the gold paid 
    to continue. Identified items stay identified. You may continue up to three 
    times, for a total of four lives.
    1f. Objective
      Your goal on floors 1-29 is to find the exit to the next floor. This is 
    always located in the vertical wall of a room, often at a corner. It's never on 
    the edge of the map though.
      On floor 30 there is no exit. Instead you need to find and pick up the 
    crystal ball. Picking it up ends the game. Your final goal will be easier if 
    you prepare by clearing out each floor fully, getting all the treasure and 
    slaying all the monsters for experience.
    2. Character parameters
    FL: The current Floor, besides indicating how far along the game you are, 
    determines the monsters present, the items available, and the cost of 
    continuing at death. At floors 11 and 21, the background music changes. See 
    section 6 for details.
    Exp: This is the total experience points earned from killing monsters. Kill 
    monsters to gain exp and level-up. Note that Exp cannot be normally be seen 
    during gameplay.
    Level and Rank: The character increases in level as he gains exp. The level 
    determines his rank, the healing rate, the damage done by rods, and the 
    development of the dragon companion. Each level-up gives a bonus to base PW and 
    max HP. It's also possible to lose levels from certain items and monsters. In 
    this case max HP is lost but there is no PW loss. You can't see the level 
    directly but you can figure it out from the Rank. See section 3 for more info.
    HP: The character's health. The right number is the maximum and the left is the 
    current amount. It goes down as monsters hit you; when it's 0 you die. The 
    character normally heals damage over time. You can also drink healing potions. 
    The max HP is increased by leveling up. It can also be decreased by leveling 
    down or getting hit by the tree enemies. The formulas for max HP gain and loss 
    are as follows:
    Max HP gained at level up = (New level + Floor) x 2
    Max HP lost at level down = Old level + Floor
    PW: The power of your attack. A higher number will result in more damage. This 
    is primarily determined by your weapon. Certain items can increase this 
    temporarily or permanently. Leveling up also gives a bonus to your PW. Likewise 
    it can be decreased by the Wither potion, and certain Snail enemies.
    AC: This is the measure of your defense. A higher number will result in less 
    damage taken. It is determined by your armor and like PW can be raised by items.
    Unlike PW, however, it does not increase with level-ups, and the base AC can 
    never go down.
    Hit: Determines the hit rate of your attack. A higher number results in fewer 
    misses, though it is not a percentage. This parameter is not directly 
    observable in the game, and is solely dependent on the weapon.
    Evd: Determines how often you dodge enemy attacks. A higher number results in 
    more dodging, but it's not a percentage. Like Hit, this can't be observed 
    directly and depends only on the armor.
    F: This is the current food supply. Maximum is 99.
    G: This is the amount of money carried. It's used to buy continues after death.
    Window color: The color of the windows and text indicates the character's basic 
      White: normal
      Blue: poisoned
      Yellow: out of food
      Throbbing red: HP is at <25%
    Status ailments: Status problems can be caused by certain potions or by the 
    attack of certain enemies. All status ailments can be cured by advancing to the 
    next floor.
      Paralyzed: The character can't do anything. Time automatically advances until 
    it wears off. Caused only by a Freeze potion.
      Sluggish: The character takes twice as long to do anything. The only way to 
    inflict is with a Slow potion. Can be cured with a rare Slowfix potion. 
    Drinking a Slow potion typically proves to be a fatal mistake.
      Poisoned: Healing stops, but it doesn't hurt you. Caused by frog enemies. It 
    wears off with time, or use a Cure potion.
      Fog: Vision is restricted to the adjacent tiles and fog persists outside this 
    area. The explored areas become forgotten.  Caused by a Fog potion or the Mad 
    Witch/Sorcerer monster. It wears off with time, or use a Cure potion.
      Dizzy: The character moves in random directions. The ability to use and throw 
    items is unaffected though. Caused by a Daze potion, and by many enemies. It 
    wears off with time, or use a Cure potion.
    3. Level table
     1     Apprentice         0                         Egg
     2     Ranger            20           1     
     3     Soldier           70           1     
     4     Warrior          130           2     Baby Dragon
     5     Fighter          200           2     
     6     Swordsman        340           2     
     7     Veteran          560           2     
     8     Knight           860           3      Big Dragon
     9     Champion        1300           3     
    10     Hero            2000           3     
    11     Master          3000           3     
    12     Paradin         4200           4     Gray Dragon
    13     Warlord         5600           4     
    14     Dragonlord      7400           4     
    15     Avatar          9600           4     
    16     Masterlord     14000           5     
    4. Items Tables
      The ID numbers are used for codes. See section 8 for more info.
    4a. Swords
    ID#    GG name       SMS name        PW   Hit   Note
     01    Dagger        Dagger           2     0   Initial equipment; rusted weapon
     02    Short sword   Short sword      4     4
     03    Long Sword    Long Sword       8     8
     04    Broadsword    Broadsword      14    16
     05    Great Sword   Gladius         19    20
     06    Gladius       Flamberge       25    24
     07    Flamberge     Rune Blade      32    30
     08    Laser Blade   Laser Blade     40    40
     09    Magi Masher   Magi Masher     12    10   Strong vs. Magicians/Witches
     0A    Hardbreaker   Bushido Blade   13    40   Strong vs. Orbs/Mysts
     0B    Ninjakiller   Ghost Killer    13    30   Strong vs. Ninjas/Ghosts
     0C    Dragonblade   Dragonslayer    23    40   Strong vs. Dragons
     0D    Blood Blade   Blood Blade     14    20   Gain HP:  damage, rounded down
     0E    Masamune      Great Sword     18     0   Doesn't work on oozes
     0F    Death Blade   Death Blade     30    40   Lose HP:  damage, rounded down
    4b. Armor
    ID#    GG name       SMS name        AC   Evd   Note
     10    Robe          Robe             0     0   Initial equipment; rusted armor
     11    Leathersuit   Leathersuit      2     8
     12    Cuirass       Lamellar         5    12
     13    Chainmail     Cuirass          9    16
     14    Scale Armor   Chain Mail      15    20
     15    Plate Armor   Scale Armor     20    24
     16    Battle Suit   Plate Armor     28    29
     17    Cyber Suit    Battle Suit     36    35
     18    Dragon Suit   Dragon Suit     44    40
     19    Mystic Suit   Mystic Suit     16    40   Never rusts
     1A    Power Suit    Power Suit      50    50
    4c. Books/Scrolls
      They are called Books in the GG version and Scrolls in the SMS version. The 
    Daze, Cyber and Ninja Books in the GG are Mad, Gas and Ghost scrolls in SMS.
    ID#    Name          Effect
     20    Blade         +1 PW until weapon change
     21    Shield        +1 AC until armor change
     22    Norust        Prevents armor (not weapons) fr. rusting until floor change
     23    Bless         Uncurses cursed arms and destroys cursed rings
     24    Map           Maps the whole floor
     25    Shift         Teleport to a random room
     26    Daze/Mad      Dizzies monsters on the floor until you get close
     27    Magi          Turns equipped weapon into Magi Masher
     28    Cyber/Gas     Turns equipped weapon into Hardbreaker/Bushido Blade
     29    Ninja/Ghost   Turns equipped weapon into Ninjakiller/Ghostkiller
     2A    Dragon        Turns equipped weapon into Dragonblade
     2B    Summon        Monster appears in front of you
     2C    Blank         Nothing
     2D    Potion        Turns all carried potions into Midheal Potions
    4d. Rods        
    ID#    Name          Effect
     30    Flame         Damage = 4x level
     31    Flash         Damage = 6x level
     32    Thunder       Damage = 8x level
     33    Travel        Advance one floor; does nothing on FL 30
     34    Wind          Monster disappears; no Exp earned
     35    Berserk       Damage = 2x current HP, but you lose  current HP
     36    Reshape       Turns the monster into a different monster
     37    Silent        Prevents added effects of the monster's attack
     38    Drain         Exchanges HP with monster
     39    Spirit        Monster appears in front of you
     3A    Wood          Nothing
     3B    Wither        Lose a level
    4e. Potions        
    ID#    Name          Effect
     40    Minheal       Restores  of max HP
     41    Midheal       Restores  of max HP
     42    Slow          Causes sluggishness
     43    Slowfix       Cures sluggishness
     44    Fog           Causes fog
     45    Daze          Causes dizziness
     46    Cure          Cures poison, dizziness and blindness
     47    Freeze        Causes paralysis
     48    Power         +1 PW permanently
     49    Reflex        +1 AC permanently
     4A    Maxheal       Restores all HP
     4B    Water         Nothing
     4C    Wither        Resets base PW to 0
    4f. Rings        
    ID#    Name          Effect
     50    Heal          6 ticks to eat, 2 ticks to heal
     51    Magic         Doubles damage from rods, including Berserk rod
     52    Food          18 ticks to eat, 4 ticks to heal
     53    Sight         Searching reveals hidden passages in only 1 turn
     54    Shield        +4 AC
     55    Ogre          +4 PW
     56    Cursed        6 ticks to eat, never heals; always cursed
     57    Hunger        4 ticks to eat, 4 ticks to heal; always cursed
     58    Toy           Nothing
     59    Shift         Uncontrollably teleport to random rooms; always cursed
    4g. In-game messages
      A message in the game is given whenever you use an item. The message can be 
    useful for figuring out what the item was that you just used, if it wasn't 
    identified. If the item is used under circumstances that cause it to do 
    nothing, such as pointing a rod at a wall, the message will instead report that 
    nothing happened. Remember that the item type is identified for future 
    reference in any case. The message is different for the GG and SMS versions.
    Name        GG Description                     SMS Description
    Blade       My weapon became sharper.          My weapon became
    Shield      My armor got stronger.             My armor got stronger.
    Norust      My armor won't rust.               My armor won't rust.
    Bless       I awoke from the spell.            I awoke from the spell.
    Map         I found the map.                   I found the map.
    Shift       I feel lighter.                    I feel lighter.
    Daze/Mad    The enemy is confused.             You've confused the monster! 
    Magi        My sword transformed.              My sword changed!
    Cyber/Gas   My sword transformed.              My sword changed! 
    Ninja/Ghost My sword transformed.              My sword changed! 
    Dragon      My sword transformed.              My sword changed!
    Summon      Enemy!                             Enemy!
    Blank       It's blank!                        It's blank!
    Potion      The potions changed.               The potions changed.
    Name        GG Description                     SMS Description
    Flame       (Red flash)                        (Red flash)
    Flash       (White flash)                      (White flash)
    Thunder     (Yellow flash)                     (Yellow flash)
    Travel      Time travel!                       You're slipping through time!
    Wind        I blew the enemy away!             The monster is blown away!
    Berserk     Oh! Berserk!!                      You go berserk!
    Reshape     The enemy transformed!             The enemy mutates!
    Silent      I warded off the enemy's magic!    The enemy spell is deflected!
    Drain       We've swapped our hit points!      You've swapped hit points!
    Spirit      Enemy!                             A monster is summoned!
    Wood        Nothing happened.                  Nothing happened.
    Wither      Oh! Backfire! My level went down.  You've dropped a level!
    Name        GG Description                     SMS Description
    Minheal     I feel better!                     Your health improves.
    Midheal     I feel better!                     Your health improves.
    Slow        I feel sluggish.                   You feel sluggish!
    Slowfix     I can move faster!                 Your speed improves!
    Fog         Oh, the fog... I can't see!        You're blinded by dense fog!
    Daze        I'm dizzy...                       Your head spins in confusion!
    Cure        I'm cured.                         You recover from the poison!
    Freeze      I'm paralyzed.                     You're paralyzed!
    Power       I gained strength.                 You feel a surge of energy!
    Reflex      It got stronger.                   Your reactions are sharpened!
    Maxheal     I feel better!                     Your health improves.
    Water       Nothing happened.                  Your thirst is quenched.
    Wither      I lost energy.                     You're strength decreases!
    Name        GG Description                     SMS Description
    Heal        I feel better!                     Your health improves.
    Magic       I feel energized!                  You feel a surge of energy!
    Food        I feel better!                     Your health improves.
    Sight       I can see better.                  Your senses are enhanced!
    Shield      Oh- A magic barrier.               You conjure a magic wall!
    Ogre        I gained strength.                 Your strength improves!
    Cursed      Oh, no! It's a cursed ring.        You've been cursed!
    Hunger      Oh, no! It's a cursed ring.        You've been cursed!
    Toy         It's just a plain ring.            No effect.
    Shift       I feel lighter.                    I feel lighter.
    5. Monsters table
      The following table gives the names of all monsters (both versions), the exp 
    given, the monster's HP, the floors you'll encounter them on, color, movement 
    type, attack type, and added effect. The added effect occurs when the monster 
    attacks the character and can be prevented with a Silent rod. Monsters are 
    grouped by sprite family.
    Movement types:
    slow: monster moves slowly and can move or attack only on every other tick
    norm: monster moves at normal speed, the same as the character
    fast: monster moves twice per tick but can only attack once per tick
    tele: monster teleports a random number of spaces (but not through walls)
    immo: monster is immobile and gives a 1 tick grace period before attacking
    Attack type:
    short: monster must be adjacent to the character to attack
    long: monster can attack the character at range if it's on the same rank or file
    GG name      SMS name      Exp   HP      Color  Move  Attack  Added effect
     Oozes: Blue and red species sometimes divide themselves
    Green ooze   Ooze            1    2      Green  slow   short
    Blue Slime   Blue ooze       3    6       Blue  slow   short
    Red Jelly    Red ooze        5   38        Red  slow   short
    Blob         Blob           30  160       Gold  fast   short
    Green frog   Slimetoad       2    6      Green  norm    long  Poison
    Blue toad    Lochtoad        6   24       Blue  norm    long  Poison
    Giant toad   Bloodtoad      10   52        Red  norm    long  Poison
    Scorpiox     Scorpion        6   10        Red  norm    long
    Scorpila     Scorpius       20   96       Blue  norm    long
    Flame bar    Krag           10    9        Red  fast    long  Dizzy
    Ice bar      King Krag      22   50       Blue  fast    long  Dizzy
    Ninja        Phantom         1   30       Gray  tele    long
    Asassinja    Spectre        72   80       Blue  tele    long
    Sasuke       Wraith        110  108        Red  tele    long
    Siro me      Orb             8   40       Gray  slow   short
    Medama       Blood orb      52   80       Blue  slow   short  Rust armor
    Medaoyaji    Death orb      96  230        Red  slow   short  Rust weapon
    Magician     Witch          25   60       Gray  tele    long  Dizzy
    Sorcerer     Mad witch      60  160  Dark gray  tele    long  Fog
     Orbs: Passive until attacked
    Metal orb    Myst           48   90       Gray  norm   short
    Death orb    Death myst    150  220  Dark gray  norm   short
    Killer bat   Demijaw        12   20      White  fast   short
    Sand shark   Kraken         32  100       Gray  norm   short  Steal food
    Sand jaws    Krakos        130  250       Gold  norm   short  Steal food
    Drayad       Root           44   90        Red  immo    long
    Hamadrayad   Blood root     78   95       Blue  immo    long  Lose max HP
    Treant       Death root    140  100       Gold  immo    long  Lose max HP
    Red shail    Red snail      62   64        Red  norm   short  PW -1
    Blue snail   Blue snail    110   78       Blue  norm   short  PW -2
    King snail   King snail    300  120       Gold  norm   short  Lose a level
     Mimics: Passive until approached
    Mimic        Kameleon      120  130      (rod)  norm   short
    Mimic        Kameleon      120  180    (sword)  norm   short
    Dragon       Dragon        250  480      Green  norm    long
    6. Floors table
      The following tables give the monsters present on each floor, in both 
    versions, and give the gold cost for continuing after death for each floor.
    Floor  Monsters (GG version)
     1     Green ooze, Green frog, Scorpiox
     2     Green ooze, Green frog, Scorpiox, Flame bar
     3     Scorpiox, Flame bar, Blue slime, Blue toad
     4     Scorpiox, Flame bar, Blue slime, Blue toad
     5     Blue slime, Blue toad, Ninja, Siro me
     6     Blue slime, Blue toad, Ninja, Siro me
     7     Ninja, Siro me, Red jelly, Giant toad
     8     Ninja, Siro me, Red jelly, Giant toad
     9     Red jelly, Giant toad, Magician
    10     Red jelly, Giant toad, Metal orb
    11     Magician, Metal orb, Killer Bat, Sand shark
    12     Magician, Metal orb, Killer Bat, Sand shark
    13     Killer Bat, Sand shark, Scorpila, Ice bar
    14     Killer Bat, Sand shark, Scorpila, Ice bar
    15     Scorpila, Ice bar, Drayad, Red shail
    16     Scorpila, Ice bar, Drayad, Red shail
    17     Drayad, Red shail, Asassinja, Medama
    18     Drayad, Red shail, Asassinja, Medama
    19     Asassinja, Medama, Hamadryad, Blue snail
    20     Asassinja, Medama, Hamadryad, Blue snail
    21     Hamadryad, Blue snail, Sorcerer, Death orb
    22     Hamadryad, Blue snail, Sorcerer, Death orb
    23     Sorcerer, Death orb, Treant, King snail
    24     Sorcerer, Death orb, Treant, King snail
    25     Treant, King snail, Sasuke, Medaoyaji
    26     Treant, King snail, Sasuke, Medaoyaji
    27     Sasuke, Medaoyaji, Blob, Sand jaws
    28     Sasuke, Medaoyaji, Blob, Sand jaws
    29     Blob, Sand jaws, Mimic, Dragon
    30     Dragon
    Floor  Monsters (SMS version)
     1     Ooze, Slimetoad, Scorpion
     2     Ooze, Slimetoad, Scorpion, Krag
     3     Scorpion, Krag, Blue ooze, Lochtoad
     4     Scorpion, Krag, Blue ooze, Lochtoad
     5     Blue ooze, Lochtoad, Phantom, Orb
     6     Blue ooze, Lochtoad, Phantom, Orb
     7     Phantom, Orb, Red ooze, Bloodtoad
     8     Phantom, Orb, Red ooze, Bloodtoad
     9     Red ooze, Bloodtoad, Witch
    10     Red ooze, Bloodtoad, Myst
    11     Witch, Myst, Demijaw, Kraken
    12     Witch, Myst, Demijaw, Kraken
    13     Demijaw, Kraken, Scorpius, King krag
    14     Demijaw, Kraken, Scorpius, King krag
    15     Scorpius, King krag, Root, Red snail
    16     Scorpius, King krag, Root, Red snail
    17     Root, Red snail, Spectre, Blood orb
    18     Root, Red snail, Spectre, Blood orb
    19     Spectre, Blood orb, Blood root, Blue snail
    20     Spectre, Blood orb, Blood root, Blue snail
    21     Blood root, Blue snail, Mad witch, Death myst
    22     Blood root, Blue snail, Mad witch, Death myst
    23     Mad witch, Death myst, Death root, King snail
    24     Mad witch, Death myst, Death root, King snail
    25     Death root, King snail, Wraith, Death orb
    26     Death root, King snail, Wraith, Death orb
    27     Wraith, Death orb, Blob, Krakos
    28     Wraith, Death orb, Blob, Krakos
    29     Blob, Krakos, Kameleon, Dragon
    30     Dragon
    Floor  Cost to continue
     1- 3  100
     4- 7  200
     8-11  300
    12-15  400
    16-19  500
    20-23  600
    24-27  700
    28-30  800
    Add 100 to continue the second time and another 100 for the third time.
    7. Gameplay tips
      On the early floors, use or throw everything you find in order to identify 
    as much as possible. You have little to lose if something goes wrong.
      The game gets harder as you go down floors. For this reason, you should play 
    safer on the later floors: don't use strange items on yourself (especially 
    potions) and don't wear new equipment unless a Bless scroll is handy. Drinking 
    a Wither potion on the later floors will ruin your character.
      Try to clear every floor. If you skip floors the end of the game will be much 
    harder. If you fight every battle you won't have to worry about running from 
    strong monsters, and you should reach level 16 by the end of the game. 
      Throw useless or harmful items at monsters. For example, the Freeze potion 
    paralyzes the target. Monsters will try to avoid letting you set up a throw, 
      Obviously, you should collect items that will help in difficult situations. 
    When your hands are full you can drop something and pick it up again if you 
    change your mind.
      Most of the rings are useful, but the best rings are the Ogre ring for 
    fighting and the Food ring for exploring.
      Focus on offense. In other words, try to kill the enemy in as few ticks as 
    possible. Most monsters either have crippling added effects or strong attacks 
    which you really can't defend against.
      The dragon doesn't actually do anything for you, other than occupy the space 
    behind you. This helps to avoid being attacked from behind.
      Try to collect each of the blue swords if you can. If you have the correct 
    blue sword for a monster, always use it. It's better than any other weapon. 
    Don't even try attacking orbs/mysts without the right blue sword.
      The Death blade and the Blood sword complement one another well.
      Figure out where the hidden passages are. They are always revealed by 
    searching horizonally, never vertically. On later floors you may be forced to 
    find passages to proceed. You will learn the layouts eventually.
      The eyeball enemies can ruin your equipment. While Norust scrolls and Mystic 
    armor will help against the blue eyeball, there is no defense against the 
    weapon rust of the red eyeball. However, since eyes move slow, it shouldn't be 
    a problem. Remember: Never let the red eyeball get an attack on you.
      The blue and red ooze-type monsters sometimes divide instead of attacking. 
    Since they are very weak, you can exploit this for easy exp by waiting for them 
    to split and then harvesting them. The total amount of exp you can get from 
    this is not high, but it's enough to make a difference on the early floors.
      It's possible to lose levels by using a Wither Rod or getting hit by a King 
    snail. Since the amount of MHP lost at level down is less than MHP gained at 
    level-up, and no PW is lost, you'll come out stronger by completing the round 
      When leveling down, exp is reduced to the minimum amount needed to reach the 
    previous level. So if a level 7 character is brought down a level, his exp is 
    set to 340. Since the exp required is much bigger at high levels, it's better 
    to try this at low levels.
    8. Hacking table
      The following table lists the addresses in RAM where key variables are stored.
    Edit the contents of these addresses directly to manipulate the game. Or, use 
    this information to make Game Genie or PAR codes. Use the ID numbers given in 
    section 4 to place specific items for C900-C92F.
      Unless otherwise specified, enter all values in hexadecimal. Multi-byte 
    quantities such as money need to be entered in reverse order (smaller digits 
    first). If you don't understand, search for a guide on basic hexadecimal 
      If you try to put the game in an impossible state, such as placing a rod in 
    your potion list, the game is very likely to freeze up. Use common sense.
    Address    Function
    C01A       Floor (GG version)
    C01C       Floor (SMS version)
    C617       Hit of equipped weapon
    C618       PW of equipped weapon
    C619       Evd of equipped armor
    C61A       AC of equipped armor
    C620       Food, in decimal
    C621-C622  Current HP, reverse order
    C623-C624  Max HP, reverse order
    C625-C626  Exp., reverse order
    C62B-C62D  Money, reverse order, in decimal
    C62F       Base PW
    C630       Base AC
    C632       Paralysis ticks left
    C633       Sluggishness status
    C634       Poison ticks left
    C635       Blindness ticks left
    C636       Dizziness ticks left
    C63C       Food timer
    C63D       Healing timer
    C63E       Continues spent
    C900-C907  Swords
    C908-C90F  Armor
    C910-C917  Books/Scrolls
    C918-C91F  Rods
    C920-C927  Potions
    C928-C92F  Rings
    Example: 00C901:0D would put a Blood sword in your second weapon slot.
      This document is all my own work. Any questions, comments, corrections or 
    complaints should be addressed to the address below, with clear indication in 
    the subject line that the email is concerning this FAQ. 
      Given that I prefer to write for obscure titles, I enjoy hearing from people 
    who read my guides. If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel free to 
    drop me a line and tell me what you think.
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com

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