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    FAQ by BTomasevich

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/25/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                          Dynamite Headdy FAQ  v. 1.1 
                               25 November 1994
    Contents (C) 1994 by Bob Tomasevich.  Permission is hereby granted to 
    freely distribute this document provided it is not modified in any way.
    Additions, corrections, and requests for clarification are welcome!
    Email me: bobt@ais.net
    This FAQ is also available for FTP, courtesy of Gamepro magazine's
    Andy Eddy.  FTP to ftp.netcom.com, look in pub/vi/vidgames/faqs for 
    Thanks goes to: Kid Vicious (byteme@thetics.europa.com) 
                    for the level 5-2 secret bonus
    HELP!!  If you know where some of the 'missing' secret bonuses are, let
            me know so I can add them to the FAQ!!
    Changes since 1.0: Added level 5-2 secret bonus
    Table of contents
       1. Level Select Code
       2. Secret Bonuses (unfinished)
       3. BGM CD information (needed)
    1. Level Select Code
    This code allows you to start playing at any level in the game (there
    are 9).  At the title screen, press start.  With 'Start Game' 
    highlighted, press C-A-Left-Right-B.  If you do it right, you'll hear
    'Yay!'.  Press Start again to select the starting level.
    2. Secret Bonuses 
    As mentioned in the manual, all these do is give you bonus points.  
    Still, it's fun to get them, as some require work to get!
    This list gives the level number, name, and how to get the Secret
    Bonus(es), if the level has any (not all do).
    NOTE: If there are ?????, it means I do not know if that level has a
          secret bonus.
    1   The Getaway           Destroy the large, red robot.
    Total Bonuses for Level 1: 1
    2-1 Practice Area         
        Bonus 1: Meet Headcase - Kill all the enemies without dying. 
        Bonus 2: Meet Hangman  - Make it to the top without dying. 
        Bonus 3: Meet Beau     - Kill all the enemies before time runs out. 
    2-2 Toys N The Hood
        Bonus 1 - Knock the one-eyed enemy off the platform using Slammer 
                  Head.  You can see how this is done by watching the 
                  game 'attract mode'.
        Bonus 2 - You'll come to a point where Headcase is in a cage with a 
          and 3   shepherd and donkey, and a robot on top.  After you knock 
                  the cage to the right, fight the robot, and defeat it, 
                  everything in the cage will jump out to the center of the 
                  screen.  Destroy the shepherd and donkey, you get a 
                  SB for each.
        Bonus 4 - After the cage battle and trekking through some passages,
                  you will meet Headcase again.  Moving a little to the
                  right, you see a sign indicating you can go up or right.
                  Go back to Headcase, get the Spiked head, and go up.  Once
                  at the top, you will fight a dragon headed serpent.  Kill
                  it for a SB.
    2-3 Mad Dog And Headdy    
        Bonus   - If you wait long enough (the timing is random) Mad Dog 
                  will come down, facing right, carrying Bino in his mouth.
                  Mad Dog will drop Bino, destroy Bino for a SB.
    Total Bonuses for Level 2: 8
    3-1 Down Under            
    3-2 Backstage Battle      
        Bonus   - While holding you, Trouble Bruin will throw sets of three
                  cats to attack you.  He may throw out a bluish-green cat 
                  with a larger head.  Destroy it for a SB.
    3-3 The Green Room        
    3-4 Clothes Encounters    
        Bonus   - After knocking the clothes off the mannequin for the third
                  time, the mannequin may appear on screen wearing a Bino mask.
                  Hit the mask for a SB.  This may occur up to three times
                  (if you can last that long!)
    Total Bonuses for Level 3: 4
    4-1 Terminate Her Too
        Bonus   - About 1/3 of the way through the level you will encounter a
                  tank shooting cannonballs to the left.  Every third 
                  cannonball bounces out of the cannon instead of going across 
                  the screen.  If you can knock this one into the front of the
                  tank and cause it to explode, you get a SB.
    4-2 Mad Mechs
        Bonus   - Open 4 or 5 of the Slammer Head doors (these have a picture
                  of a hammer on them) and get a SB.
    4-3 Mad Mechs 2
        Bonus   - Destroy the two fans and receive a SB for each.
    4-4 Heathernapped
        Bonus   - After a short delay, Bino will come down and wash the windows.
                  Hit Bino 17 times to knock him off the platform and
                  receive a SB.
    Total Bonuses for Level 4: 7 (I have not found two)
    5-1 Go Headdy Go
    5-2 Stair Wars
        Bonus   - If you do not stop to attack Bruin but just keep going up
                  the staircase, you'll eventually get this SB.
    5-3 Towering Infernal
    5-4 Spinderella
        Bonus   - Bino comes out just before Spinderella rotates the playfield
                  to put you on the far side.  Destroy him for a SB.
    Total Bonuses for Level 5: 3 (I have not found one)
    6-1 Flying Game           
        Bonus 1 - At the start of the level, wait for Headcase to display a
                  Bino head.  Hit Headcase for a SB.
        Bonus 2 - Two sets of three rockets will launch upwards.  Destroy the
                  middle one in the second set of rockets for a SB.
    6-2 Fly Hard              
    6-3 Fly Hard 2            
    6-4 Baby Face             
    Total Bonuses for Level 6: 3 (I have not found one)
    7   Headdy Wonderland     
        Bonus 1 - One of the black cows to the right of Headcase will 'neigh'
                  like a horse instead of moo when Headdy jumps on the cow's 
                  back.  Destroy the cow to get a SB.
        Bonus 2 - The sixth column from the start of the level has four yellow
                  birds perched on the platform.  If you look closely, the one
                  on the left is Bino.  Destroy him for a SB.  NOTE: If Bino
                  flys away, he will not appear again, unless you die.
        Bonus 3 - When fighting the boss, if you time your jumps right, the
                  the robot arm will fly off screen and bring either Headcase
                  or Bino on screen.  Destroy him for another SB.
    Total Bonuses for Level 7: 3
    8-1 The Rocket Tier       
    8-2 Illegal Weapon 3      
    8-3 Fun Forgiven          
    8-4 Vice Versa
        Bonus   - The first green enemy that drops from the ceiling will start
                  shooting orange balls at you.  These can be destroyed by 
                  Headdy.  Destroy three and get a SB.
    8-5 Twin Freaks
        Bonus   - Bino may come out of one of the twins' ears. Destroy him
                  for a SB.
    Total Bonuses for Level 8: Unknown  (Even with the cheat, the 8-5 boss
    is difficult).
    9-1 Fatal Contraption     
        Bonus   - Destroy the brown 'bouncing head' on the left side, before
                  the spiked balls moving left and right on the poles for a SB 
    9-2 Far Trek              
    9-3 Finale Analysis       
    Total Bonuses for Level 9: Unknown  (The 9-3 boss is probably the hardest
    one you'll encounter in the game)
    3. BGM CD Information
    Many Japanese game releases will have Background Music (BGM) CD's, which
    are collections of the in-game music.  Some are what you hear in the game,
    others are of superior quality to the game music, created with professional
    synthesizers and/or orchestras.
    I haven't been able to find any information on a BGM cd for this game.  I 
    have the one for Treasure's first big Sega game, Gunstar Heroes, so I'm 
    hoping there will be one for this game.  Please pass on the Japanese CD 
    number if you have it.

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