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Reviewed: 03/28/02 | Updated: 06/14/03

Help Krusty the Clown get rid of the pesky mice in a nice little puzzler

Aye carumba!

Bart's super hero, Krusty the Clown, is in really bad trouble. Rats have invaded his fun house! Is it ''Sayonara, Krustyland''? No way, man! Bart and Homer stand armed with the coolest rat traps ever... ever see a rat zapped with 20,000 volts or burst like a balloon?

All Krusty has to do is get the rat to the traps by moving blocks, connecting pipes, finding secret passageways, wrecking the floors and walls, and generally having a great time.

As for the slimy snakes slithering on the floors, the pink flying pigs bouncing around the sky, and the laser-firing aliens, Krusty'll show them some real fun with a barrage of custard pies.

So, before saw-toothed rodents ruin Bart's Number one fun house, and frankly outlandish creatures nail the man who put the 'K' in Komedy, play this game
~The games manual.

There are around SEVENTY levels! Wow!

You play this game by diverting the rats into the trap. You do this by, as it said up there, connecting pipes and using the blocks to lead the rats along. They can only climb up 1 block, so putting 1 block in front of 2 blocks makes a staircase, comprendes?
As Krusty you follow the mice, carrying a block that you will find, and use it to drive the rats to the next bit of the stage. The stages require quite a bit of concentration, and some are frustratingly hard.
The graphics are cartoony, and, as I always say, they are what you would expect from a Gamegear! Not pushing it to it's limits, but not crap either. The game moves at a decent pace, and there is only a slight blur.
The controls are easy, button 2 jump, button 1 fire, and down to pick up an item.
At the end of each section (there are five sections, with up to 14 levels in each), you will receive a password, which you can use to continue when you next power on your handheld.
The music is the same.... on every stage.. it gets so... dull.. and repetitive!! You'll be reaching for the damn volume switch after a while. The sounds aren't as bad, but are still annoying. More reason to stick a CD on :).
The game will provide a challenge for everyone. Put your thinking caps on before playing, this one can be hard!

Overview thingie
Good Points
Pleasant graphics
Good Challenge
Password System

Bad Points
Annoying sounds
Hard later levels
The rats are demented little so and sos!

A nice game. Like all other Gamegear games, 'Good for a rainy day or car journey'.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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