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"This is a fun game but it's graphics and sound are terreble"

Genre: fighting

Game Play: 7/10
Mortal Kombat for the Game Gear is a game that lacks the sheer gore that the Mortal Kombat Series is known for. Uppercuts, power attacks, and even special attacks do not cause your opponet to bleed at all, this looks not only fake, but flat out stupid, it's sad to uppercut an opponet and not get the gory reward most MK players want. The fighting engine is just like the one for the arcade. There are no real combos, to win you must use a mix of special and power attacks with the occasinal normal attack thrown in to your attack. The enemy's are "cheap" and "abuse the engine" (they will use the same attack over and over untill you finaly block the attack, and some attack are very hard to block). Plus to add to the lack of a fighting engine the special attacks must be entered very oddly, you must first hit the D-Pad's input, then wait a moment before entering the button commands. Plus the game gear has only three buttons (not including the D-Pad) the buttons are "1", "2", and "start", and since Start is the block button there are only eight normal attacks per fighter. And there are only six fighters to choose from, Raiden, Lui-Kang, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya, and last and least, Jonny Cage. Everything else about this game also lacks (graphics and sound).

If you've see a screen shot of this game you'r probably thinking "wow this game looks great", well I'm here to say it's not. The brightness of you Game Gear must be perfect for it to look good at all. Plus the game has very very low FPS (frams per second), the game is very slow and skips more than a old scratched CD. The game is very un-clear and doesn't look good at all, the fighters look WAY too human (they look like someone spliced a picture over the fighters). The special moves aren't as good as in the other versions of this game, they look way too flat and cartoony. The way the fighters move also look very sad, they jump weird, and they walk VERY weird, so weird that the game almost loses

Sound: 3/10
This game's sound is, well, it sucks. The music is so terrable your not going to want to listen to it, it's anoying, repititive, and it hurts to listen to (literaly speaking, it's actualy so high pitch at times it'll hurt your ears). The souund effects are horrible, when you get hit your charater will make noises like "bluhawa" and "hulua" or even "bleblaBHA", and I'm not joking they actualy will make noises like that, it becomes repititive, and very anoying when your losing. The "whooshing" noises you fighter makes when they jump is anoying fake and very pointless. Also your fighter yeals a lot when they punch, and when they punch yeal they yeal "hohahohahoha", and of course the constant "hohahoha" gets very old very fast and is the kinda thing that makes you wan't to throw your Game Gear when the opponet your losing to yeals out anoying things.

Difficulty: 8/10
This Mortal Kombat can become realy old realy fast. The enemy's can only use about a dozen different attacks (I'm not joking about that). Because there are so few attacks in the game the computer opponets must "abuse the engen" or practicaly cheat (like two on one "indurance matchs" that are very frustrating and difficult). And because you can't use a wide range of combos and special attacks, you must fight dirty to survive the game's intense difficulty and tough "indurance matchs" (of course I love fighting dirty so I have no problem with that). Mortal Kombat however is still very fun dispite all of the down sides to the game

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/11/04

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