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    FAQ by DAmrich

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/07/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NBA JAM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
    for the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and Sega Game Gear versions 
    Version 1.3 -- April 7, 1994 
    Edited/compiled by Dan Amrich (AOL: DanAmrich)
    *For best results, print in Courier font -- the spacing should
    line up*
         Welcome to NBA JAM!  Here's what's currently known, unknown
    and suspected about the home versions of Acclaim/Arena's NBA JAM.
         On thew 16-bit versions of the game, access these players by
    entering the first two initials of the player normally.  On the
    final initial, however, perform the button combination indicated.
    On Genesis, hold Start and press either A, B or C, depending on
    the character.  For SNES, hold down L, R and Start and press
    either X or A.  
    Character                Genesis        SNES
    ARK  Bill Clinton        A              X
    NET  Al Gore             B              A
    MJT  Mark Turmell        A              A
    RJR  Jamie Rivett        B              X
    SAL  Sal DiVita          C              X
    AIR  Air Dog             A              X
    CAR  Chow-Chow           C              X
    QB_  Kabuki              A              X
    ROD  Scruff              B              X
    SAX  Weasel              C              X
    DIS  P-Funk              C              A
    UW_  Warren Moon         A              A
    	After weeks of experimentation, only these 12 codes have appeared and been 
    confirmed.  People constantly beg for new codes, but there is a strong 
    possibility that there are no more than a dozen (hey, be happy--they could have 
    included none at all).  Don't let the lack of new characters ruin the game for 
    you; there's much more to mastering this game than a handful of secret faces.  
    There's a long list of bogus secret characters a little later on in this file. 
         As in the arcade, there are "stats only" players.  Entering
    these initials will make the game respond vocally ("It's a
    blowout," etc.) but you won't get a new face to play with. These
    initials will let you play with the famous NBA people but with
    different stats.  Finding out what those stats, strengths and
    weaknesses are will take a while, but that's half the fun. 
    These are Genesis only.
    GAP       B,C 
    SNK       C 
    ZOB       B 
    JAZ       B 
    CHR       C 
    JMC       C 
         Here are some SNES password combinations players have posted.  These 
    feature incredible (sometimes impossible) win/loss records.  There are a LOT of 
    these out there (mostly due to the work of Velocrptor!) but I'm including just a 
    sampling (thanks too to Lev1258 for doing the number crunching on this):
                            WIN     LOSS    STREAK
    PVP  PPPPPPPPPPPPPP	22	11      44
    STP  CCCCCCCCCCCCCC	128	151	166
    SUB  MKMKMKMKMKMKMK	147	233	202
    KID  MMMMMMMMMMMMMM	164	179	162
    PIP  33333333333333	183	156	192
    JOE  RRRRRRRRRRRRRR	216	175	189
    NAP  33333333333333	225	94	96
    STP	33333333333333	226	217	236
    ONE  11111111111111	243	187	138
         These are all performed at the "Tonight's Matchup" screen,
    and if you're told to hold the last button or direction, do so
    until the tip-off.  In all cases, your powerup should be
    confirmed by a message onscreen.  On the Genesis and Game Gear, your player's 
    name is replaced by "POWERUP WHATEVER" for about a second; on the SNES, ÒPOWERUP 
    WHATEVERÓ appears lower onscreen (as it does in th arcade), but expect the 
    ÒPowerup DefenseÓ message to be garbled.                  
    Powerup Defense:  Hit any button four times then hold it on the
    fifth (all systems). This will increase your defensive ability.
    Imagine an "aura" of pixels around your player's hands; this
    powerup increases that aura, the area you can safely defend
    without being called for goal tending.  
    Powerup Turbo:  Press any button five times then hold (A, B and
    C/Genesis; Y, B and A/SNES) for the sixth entry (Game Gear unknown).  This will 
    give you unlimited turbo power throughout the game.  You still have to hold the 
    turbo button down, but your turbo status bar will not diminish.  
    Powerup Dunks:  While rotating the D-pad clockwise, press (any
    button/SNES & Genesis; Button 1/Game Gear) twelve times and hold it the 
    thirteenth.  Keep rotating the pad until the tip-off.  This will allow you to do 
    super dunks from the half-court tip-off circle and the near vicinity.  It 
    apparently does NOT allow poor dunkers, such as Skiles, to become good ones.
    Powerup Fire:  Press (B/SNES and Genesis; Button 1/Game Gear) seven times then 
    hold (Up, B and C/Genesis; Up, B and Y/SNES; Up and Button 2/Game Gear) until 
    the tip-off.  This puts you on fire the whole game!  
    Powerup Intercept:  While rotating the D-pad, hit (B/SNES & Genesis; Button 
    1/Game Gear) 13 times and hold it the fourteenth. Keep rotating the pad until 
    the tip-off.  This makes it easier to steal and intercept the ball from 
    Shooting Percentage:  Press any button once then hold (Down, A
    and B/both systems).  For Game Gear, press Button 1 once then hold Button 2 and 
    Down.  This will show you, from 0% to 99%, how likely your shots are to go in 
    from where you're standing on the court.  
    Juice Mode:  Press (any button/SNES & Genesis; Button 1/Game Gear) 13 times, 
    then hold (B and C/Genesis; B and X/SNES; Buttons 1 and 2/Game Gear) until the 
    tip-off.  This makes all the players on the screen move about twice as fast, 
    increasing the overall difficulty and excitement of the game.  The game will 
    turn on the Juice automatically for every game once you've beaten all 27 teams. 
    Turbo + Dunk:  Rotate the D-pad clockwise and hit (any
    button/SNES & Genesis) 12 times. Stop rotating and hold (A, B and C/Genesis; Y, 
    A and B/SNES).  Game Gear is unknown.  This was incorrectly listed as 10 times 
    in the last FAQ; anything less than 12 gives just Turbo. All apologies.
    Turbo + Intercept:  Rotate the D-pad counterclockwise and hit
    (any button/both systems) 13 times.  Stop rotating and hold (A, B
    and C/Genesis; Y, A and B/SNES).  Game Gear is unknown.
         These codes have been graciously provided by Galoob right here on AOL.  The 
    main feature of using Game Genie codes is that multiple powerups can be 
    programmed without using the button combinations at the "Tonight's Matchup" 
    screen--and you can use up to five of these at once!  
    Super Nintendo:
    1 BBCC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 1
    2 34CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 2
    3 30CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 3
    4 39CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 4
    5 35CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 5
    6 36CC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 6
    7 3CCC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 7
    8 3ACC-0F6F Visitor's baskets worth 8
    9 BBC6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 1
    10 34C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 2
    11 30C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 3
    12 39C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 4
    13 35C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 5
    14 36C6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 6
    15 3CC6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 7
    16 3AC6-A7AF Home's baskets worth 8
    17 D8E7-C448 All players have super dunk ability
    18 D6E1-CF38 All players have infinite turbo
    19 D6E9-CD18 All players always "on fire"
    20 D8ED-C418 All players have super interception ability
    21 D6E5-C718 "Juice" mode
    22 D6E4-CDC8 Shot success percentages displayed for non-dunk
    23 D4BD-3038 + D4BA-C948 Only need 2 baskets to be "on fire"
    24 D0BD-3038 Need 4 baskets to be "on fire"
    25 D9BD-3038 Need 5 baskets to be "on fire"
    26 D1BD-3038 Need 6 baskets to be "on fire"
    27 D5BD-3038 Need 7 baskets to be "on fire"
    28 D6BD-3038 Need 8 baskets to be "on fire"
    29 DBBD-3038 Need 9 baskets to be "on fire"
    30 DCBD-3038 Need 10 baskets to be "on fire"
    31 D4BD-3038 Need 2 baskets to stay "on fire" until an opponent
    goes "on fire"
    32 DDE1-3C2A Turbo bar never goes up (until next quarter)
    33 D3E1-3C2A Turbo bar restores very slowly
    34 F9E1-3C2A Turbo bar restores much slower
    35 F2E1-3C2A Turbo bar restores slower
    36 0DE1-3C2A Turbo bar restores faster
    37 9DE1-3C2A Turbo bar restores much faster
    38 6FE1-3C2A Turbo bar restores extremely fast
    39 D0E9-38FA Turbo drains very slowly
    40 D6E9-38FA Turbo drains slower
    41 FDE9-38FA Turbo drains slightly slower
    42 44E9-38FA Turbo drains slightly faster
    43 42E9-38FA Turbo drains faster
    44 76E9-38FA Turbo drains very fast
    1 SGFB-3EVN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 1 point more
    2 SGFB-3JVN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 2 points more
    3 SGFB-3NVN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 3 points more
    4 SGFB-3TVN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 4 points more
    5 SGFB-3YVN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 5 points more
    6 SGFB-32VN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 6 points more
    7 SGFB-36VN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 7 points more
    8 SGFB-3AVN + NWFB-36BT Visitor's baskets worth 8 points more
    9 SGFB-3EV6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 1 point more
    10 SGFB-3JV6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 2 points more
    11 SGFB-3NV6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 3 points more
    12 SGFB-3TV6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 4 points more
    13 SGFB-3YV6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 5 points more
    14 SGFB-32V6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 6 points more
    15 SGFB-36V6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 7 points more
    16 SGFB-3AV6 + NWFB-36CA Home's baskets worth 8 points more
    17 RGPV-46Y2 All players have super defensive ability
    18 BWPV-4A74 All players have super interception ability
    19 BWPV-4A8W All players have super dunk ability
    20 BWPV-4A7C All players are always "on fire"
    21 BWRB-4A2C All players have infinite turbo
    22 BWRB-4A24 "Juice" mode
    23 BWPV-4A9J Shot success percentages displayed for all non-dunk shots
    24 AA4V-J8N0 Timer counts down slower than setting 1
    25 AA4V-K8E0 Timer counts down very slowly
    26 AA4V-J860 Timer counts down faster than setting 5
    27 AA4V-K860 Timer counts down very fast
    28 AAEV-LADR Only need 1 basket to be "on fire"
    29 AEEV-LADR Only need 2 baskets to be "on fire"
    30 AWEV-2AFG + ANEV-LADR Need 4 baskets to be "on fire"
    31 A0EV-2AFG + ATEV-LADR Need 5 baskets to be "on fire"
    32 A4EV-2AFG + AYEV-LADR Need 6 baskets to be "on fire"
    33 A8EV-2AFG + A2EV-LADR Need 7 baskets to be "on fire"
    34 BCEV-2AFG + A6EV-LADR Need 8 baskets to be "on fire"
    35 BGEV-2AFG + BAEV-LADR Need 9 baskets to be "on fire"
    36 BLEV-2AFG + BEEV-LADR Need 10 baskets to be "on fire"
    37 BLEV-2A9T Players 1 and 3 stay "on fire" when the other team scores
    38 BLFB-2A2A Players 2 and 4 stay "on fire" when the other team scores
         The lovely cheerleaders from the arcade version, Lorraine
    Olivia and Kerri Hoskins (both ex-Playboy models), are believed
    to be in the game as secret players.  I wrote a story for SLAM
    magazine on NBA JAM that should be out soon; here's a
    transcription of some of my interview with Dan Feinstein,
    Acclaim's NBA JAM producer (yes, this was "on the record"):
    DA:  Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the cheerleaders are in
    the Game Gear version, but not the 16-bits.  Is that right?
    DF:  Uh, I can't tell you about the cheerleaders. [laughs] 
    DA:  Then, uh, scratch that.
    DF:  Yeah, I can't say anything about those cheerleaders.  And
    there are a lot of new hiddens.
    DA:  Oh, I didn't even mean as hiddens, I meant as display --
    like, they're not in the attract mode of the game or anything,
    are they?
    DF:  You're talking about the cheerleaders on the sidelines?
    DA:  Cheerleaders on the sidelines, you know, just them saying
    "Hi, welcome to NBA JAM..."
    DF:  Oh...yeah.  Yeah.  Um, we ran out of room for that.  But
    there are a hell of a lot of surprises that make up for it.
    While Mr. Feinstein sounded a little uncomfortable, I kinda caught
    him off guard with the question, so that's certainly
    understandable.  Plus, the nature of this business involves
    hidden things that are not to be blatantly revealed; he's simply
    not allowed to give anything away, and that's only fair as well. 
    That, along with STESS's confirmation of a cheerleader playing in
    the demo of an early SNES EPROM and EGM's subsequent printing of photos from 
    their EPROM, gave me hope that perhaps they
    made the final cut, but lately, I'm thinking they've been removed.  Perhaps Mr. 
    Feinstein reacted that way because he himself didn't know if they'd be included 
    in the released version.  In any case, if they do exist, they will NOT appear 
    naked in the game!  People have been asking for the cheerleader code and the 
    Playboy code seperately, hoping to catch the ladies sans uniforms.  There is no 
    Playboy code. If you're that interested in seeing them unclothed, Lorraine's 
    Playmate centerfold was in the November 1990 issue of Playboy. (Also, watch 
    reruns of the game show ÒFamily FeudÓ closely--both Kerri and Lorraine appeared 
    on a celebrity edition of Playmates Vs. Daytime Soap Opera Men!)
         Much speculation has come about wondering whether characters
    from Mortal Kombat are in the home versions.  They weren't in the
    arcade game (although Raiden was in a preliminary version, he was
    cut before it hit the arcades) and they've been removed from the
    new NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION arcade, but...I don't want to say
    it's impossible.  Midway and Acclaim did both MK and JAM, so
    anything could show up, but I think that by now, someone would
    have announced their existance.  It would be too hot a property
    to keep quiet.
         And odd as it may seem, a number of dinosaurs --
    Dilophosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex --
    were reported as secret characters in early EPROMs of the game,
    but have since been removed.  
         Michael Jordan is NOT in the game.  He was in preliminary,
    unreleased versions of the arcade game, but was NOT in the final
    arcade version and is NOT in the home games either.  Shaquille
    O'Neal was in the arcade version, but is NOT in the home game. 
         In most cases, arcade-to-home player substitutions from the
    original arcade players were because of 1) licensing problems
    (sports stars like Jordan and Shaq command a certain amount of
    money for the use of their image, and either Midway or Acclaim
    simply could not pay their prices) or 2) by order of the NBA. 
    They call the shots and certain players have risen in popularity
    while others have dropped since the arcade game appeared.  They
    said, "We want the following people replaced with the following
    people" and Acclaim had to comply.  
         Therefore, all Shaq and Jordan codes you may receive are
    BOGUS and are merely an attempt by one person to make themselves
    look cool.  Don't believe the hype.  Incidentally, both men are
    working on their own games, neither of them basketball-centered:
    Jordan will star in his own as-yet-untitled platform game, while
    Shaq will kick and punch his way through "Shaq Fu," a Mortal
    Kombat-style fighting game.  Both are due this fall from
    Electronic Arts. 
         Charles Barkley, however, appears in SOME versions of NBA
    JAM.  He signed a separate deal with Accolade for the dreadful
    "Shut Up And Jam" game and will therefore be in the early
    versions of the cart.  The first run of the game will feature
    Barkley and Kevin Johnson for the Suns; later versions will have Dan Majerle 
    with Johnson.  If Barkley plays for the Suns on your copy of the game, hold on 
    to it!  
         Sadly and against all popular logic, Willie "Air" Morris Jr.
    is NOT in the home version.  Even though Air Morris is the most
    popular of the secret characters from the arcade, Acclaim to keep
    only Turmell, Rivett and DiVita from the original secret staff. 
        Two musicians, George "P-Funk" Clinton (leader of the 70's
    funk outfits Parliament and Funkadelic) and Flea (bassist for the
    Red Hot Chili Peppers) were both in early versions of the home
    games.  Their pictures were shown in the centerfold of the
    February 1994 issue of VideoGames Magazine.  Feinstein said that
    one of the two had been removed in lieu of another secret player,
    but didn't say which; we now know that P-Funk *is* in the game. 
    Reading the fine print on your box shows a copyright notice for
    George Clinton's "P-Funk" nickname, no less.  That means Flea is
    *not* in the game, but for diehards won't take no for an answer,
    his real name is Michael Balzary...
         Other rumored secret characters that can be confirmed as
    FALSE: Barney the Dinosaur, Beavis & Butt-head, Charles Manson,
    Jeffrey Dahmer, Randall Cunningham, Jim Harbaugh, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, 
    Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Ermac the Red Ninja, Rush Limbaugh, Darth Vader, 
    Superman, Al Pacino, Santa Claus, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, Cool Spot, 
    Sinbad, Humpty Hump, Oprah Winfrey, Alien, Predator, Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg 
    and Michael Jackson (who was reported by some gullible player to give a 
    *halftime show,* for cryin' out loud).  Anyone who promises you codes for any of 
    the above is either trying to dupe you or has unknowingly been given inaccurate 
         Far and away the aspect that most people refuse to believe
    is that the Big Head Powerup does not exist in the home versions. 
    I therefore supply you with another direct quote from Dan
    Feinstein on the subject:
    DF: I had a fear early on that there were things that we
    definitely couldn't do on a deck like the Genesis or the SNES,
    and the scaling had to go on the games.  You couldn't have the
    scaling [the illusion that the players are running toward and
    away from the screen]; we would have had to have, I don't know,
    32 meg carts or something ridiculous.  We would have had to sell them for $200 
    apiece.  It would have been silly.  And the big
    heads along with it, and we might get criticized for that, but
    what are you gonna do?  It's an impossibility.  The hardware just
    won't handle it.
         So that's the deal.  No Big Head.  Sorry.
         Both the SNES and Genesis versions support four-player
    adapters.  The Hudson Soft Super Multi Tap and the Bullet-Proof
    Software Super Link Multi-Player Adapter both work for the SNES,
    while the Sega Team Player works for the Genesis.  The Electronic
    Arts 4-Way Play adapter does NOT work on the Genesis version.
        	PetroPratt reports a sneaky way to get away with travelling: Press Shoot 
    then immediately press Pass.  You'll do a head fake, then start dribbling again.  
    Don't try it too near the basket, or you'll likely dunk instead. 
    	Being "on fire" does NOT insure that every single shot you
    put up will go in.  It DOES increase the your chances
    dramatically for sinking impossible-looking shots, but it's not
    foolproof, so don't plan your entire game on it!
    	Kintaro434 reports that the backboard shatters in the fourth quarter after 
    eight dunks. If you've already performed eight dunks in the third quarter, then 
    the first dunk you perform in the fourth quarter will break the board. Thanks 
    for the confirmation, Kintaro!
    	Many Genesis players have reported problems saving their win/loss records 
    with the battery backup.  It would appear that gamers with Sega CD systems are 
    out of luck; for whatever illogical reason, you must disconnect the Genesis from 
    the CD unit for the battery to save your record.  It's a minor pain, but it does 
    work. If you just can't stand it (or if you don't have a CD connected and you 
    still have trouble), return the game for a new copy, and hope for the best--it 
    still might not solve the problem...
         Rumors are flying of a Sega CD version of NBA JAM for
    release in July; word has it that CD owners will able to upgrade for $19 plus 
    their old cart. This is not yet completely confirmed, but reliable sources are 
    starting to murmur about it, so I'll throw it in as a guarded possibility. 
    Acclaim's home version of NBA JAM TOURNAMENT EDITION, however, is definitely 
    being planned for release for the 4th Quarter of 1994--just in time for
    Christmas.  It will be larger than 16 megs, but all other details
    are as yet unknown. 
    	And in the free plug department, pick up a copy of SLAM magazine's Issue 
    #2 (Kemp on the cover) for ÒSecret Agent Man,Ó a feature story on NBA JAM. It 
    doesn't offer any new codes, but it does have a lot of direct quotes from Mark 
    Turmell, Roger Sharpe and Dan Feinstein about how NBA JAM made video game 
    history. And besides, I wrote it. :)  
         There only two kinds of information: true and false. 
    Everything in this document is labeled as one or the other thanks
    to the people listed below.  By publicly sharing their knowledge,
    instead of playing "Email me" games and attempting to buy friends
    with it, the following AOL NBA JAMmers are to be commended. 
    Thank them if you see them online:
    STESS		NebuIous		Kintaro434	VGS Jeff
    PetroPratt	KingKombat	Velocrptor	SVW
    JamieW		MisterZ22		MortalKm367	Raggio   
    RyanReed		HKATZ		BarryF3		RonA678
    BryanB2163	SLICER 101	ShadimAli		Vittles P
    MikeB95760	Wolffgang		GALOOBGENI	ToddMF
    Falcon3345 	Daniel187		JonN878859	Lev1258
    RustyE		JamminJon		Justin TG	
    ...and offline, Carl Elston, Jr. and Katrin Auch.  Extra special
    thanks to Mark Turmell, Paul Dussault and Roger Sharpe at Midway,
    as well as Dan Feinstein and Dan Harnett at Acclaim; their
    cooperation was invaluable. 
    Also, thank YOU for reading this file, confirming things and reporting back.  
    Since much of the information has been found and confirmed, I'm hoping this will 
    be the last revision of this file.
    Stop by the NBA JAM message areas where all of the above Jammers
    hang out (hit AOL Keywords "VideoGames" and "Critics") and post
    your questions, corrections and new info publicly.  Just remember
    to leave your ego at the door; working together works wonders. 
    "NBA," "NBA JAM" and "NBA JAM SESSION" are trademarks of NBA
    Properties, Inc. "Midway" is a trademark of the Midway
    Manufacturing Company. "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" and
    "SNES" are trademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. "Sega Genesis"
    and "Sega CD" are trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. "Acclaim"
    and "Arena" are trademarks of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.  "Game
    Genie" is a trademark of Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc., and Game Genie codes are 
    copyright 1994 Lewis Galoob Toys Inc.
    This list has been created as a FREE PRODUCT, without the
    approval or permission of any of the above parties, and is
    # END #

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