Assistant ProducersJeff Brown
Assistant ProducersWilliam Schmitt
Assistant ProducersJohn Vilandre
Associate ProducerGreg Suarez
Design LeadPaul Cuisset
DocumentationValerie Hanscom
DocumentationMichael Humes
Executive ProjecersDon Traeger
Graphic ArtistValerie Amghar
Graphic ArtistStephane Aussel
Graphic ArtistMichele Bacque
Graphic ArtistThierry bansront
Graphic ArtistGregory Beal
Graphic ArtistEric Caron
Graphic ArtistMichael Douaud
Graphic ArtistLaurent Dreno
Graphic ArtistSerge Fiedos
Graphic ArtistHerve Gaerthner
Graphic ArtistElie Jomaa
Graphic ArtistFrederic Michel
Graphic ArtistChristophe Moyne
Graphic ArtistOlivier Nicolas
Graphic ArtistFabrice tete
Graphic ArtistCecile Thomas
Graphic ArtistJean-Marc Timert
Graphic ArtistPaul Tumelaire
Graphic ArtistRoman Vaidis
Lead Graphic ArtistThierry Levastre
Lead ProgrammerThierry Gaerthner
MusicRaphael Gesqua
ProducerJim Rushing
ProgrammerArnaud Carre
ProgrammerDave Stead
Project ManagerPaul Cuisset
StuntmenRemi Canaple
StuntmenAbi Espanol
StuntmenPatrick Cauderl Ier
StuntmenMarc Le Loeuff
StuntmenDany Rocca
StuntmenPhil Vitt


Data and credits for this game contributed by Flame060, Truck_1_0_1_, Mookiethebold, and tanukisuit.

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