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"The best Sonic game on Game Gear!"

So there's these Sonic Game Gear games: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast, Sonic Drift, and Sonic Drift 2. What about Sonic Labyrinth?? Many people are missing out on what is the single best Sonic handheld (note: Sonic Advance hasn't been released yet). So what is it that makes Sonic Labyrinth head and shoulders above every Sonic portable? I'll tell you...

Graphics: 10/10
With the closest thing to 3D graphics on Game Gear you'll swear you're playing a Game Boy Advance. One of the best looking Sonic games out there, Sonic Labyrinth has a rush of color and Brightness-making you enter a world of dreams. That's not what is so important though. Sonic Labyrinth is (this is a FACT) the FASTEST SONIC HANDHELD GAME EVER MADE! It's 100% true! You won't believe what you see. Sonic Labyrinth has a 3D side angle (like Light Crusader) view with bumpers that will literally make you move faster than just about any video game ever created. The speed is incredible! The graphics never blur or disappear, they're always fresh. Better graphics than Sonic Triple Trouble.

Sound: 10/10
Oh, you'll kill for these tunes. Great, perky, fast, and enjoyable tunes fill every part of Sonic Labyrinth. My favorite piece is when you complete a level, you bump up and down the screen while it plays the most wondrous tune. This alone will make the player want to finish each level faster than a cheetah can run. The music also sticks in your head like a pleasant dream, reminding you of the fun you have playing Sonic Labyrinth. Some of the best Sonic tunes I have ever heard.

Gameplay: 10/10
This will blow you away. Basically, Sonic Labyrinth is a 100% improved version of Sonic 3D Blast (I hated that game). You zip through each massive level to collect 3 keys, from enemies rooms, ledges, whatever. You then find the goal and exit. Sound easy, right? Than Sonic Team adds moving platforms, spikes, electric floors, etc. to make the most fun you'll ever have in a Sonic game. The best feature in sonic Labyrinth is that you can almost never die. At first that sounds really stupid and easy, but its not. You have a time limit to make your way through each brilliant puzzle and collect the keys. If you ever get hit, you just loose the keys you're holding and pick them up before they return back where they came. There are 10 HUGE levels with the best puzzles I have ever seen in a Sonic game +bosses+a bonus level. There are ingenious bosses (when you go to each one you fall down this huge ramp and collect as many rings as you can. It's very fun and the speed is INCREDIBLE), each with different powers and weaknesses, just like any Sonic classic. This IS the MOST FUN you will EVER have on a handheld.

Lasting Appeal: 10/10
After beating the game several times, mastering the time attack, and finishing the super hard bonus level, you will still come back to Sonic Labyrinth faster than a lost puppy runs home. With the outstanding music, speed, puzzles, and fun, you'll rate this FAR above the brilliant Sonic Drift 2 as your favorite Sonic Handheld (Those who don't have Sonic Drift, you'll love it more than Sonic Pocket Adventure).

Overall: 11/10
Faster than any Sonic game I've ever played, the best puzzles to ever grace a Sonic game, and the most lovable music you will find in a handheld, Sonic Labyrinth is a must for ANY gamer. I snatched a copy off for $17 and I would gladly pay $50. I would play Sonic Labyrinth to death even if it was a home cart. An unappreciated classic.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/12/01, Updated 07/12/01

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