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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PURPLE_MANNERS

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/18/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Created: 18/1/06
    Version: 1.00
    Written by: purple_manners
    E-mail: niwmail@yahoo.co.uk
    Copyright 2006 Neil Wills.
    I don't mind where this document is displayed as long as it remains unaltered, 
    and is credited to me.
    I am not affiliated with Sega in any way.
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2, For The Sega Master System.
     1. Introduction
     2. Object Of The Game
     3. How To Control Sonic
     4. Item Boxes and Bonuses
     5. Enemies
     6. Under Ground Zone
     7. Sky High Zone
     8. Aqua Lake Zone
     9. Green Hills Zone
    10. Gimmick Mt. Zone
    11. Scrambled Egg Zone
    12. Crystal Egg Zone
    This FAQS/Walkthrough is to help you find (most of) the 1-up's, where the 
    emeralds are and how to get them, and also how to defeat each Boss.
    Often there is more than one way to go, so I'll give you the way I usually go. 
    If you follow each step you should win the game, but you'll need quite a bit 
    of practise at some obstacles. 
    If you know of any other bonuses that I haven't mentioned or you have any good 
    Tips I haven't mentioned, feel free to email me and I'll add it to the guide 
    and give you the credit it would deserve.
    The object of the game is to get through each zone and get the 6 Chaos 
    Emeralds, (One in each zone.). If you get them all you'll be off to 'Crystal 
    Egg Zone' to ultimately defeat Dr. Robotnik and rescue your friend, Tails.
    How to control Sonic:
    Press left to go left, right to go right.
    Press Up to either jump up or, when you're stationary, you can look up and see 
    a bit more of the scenery above you. Press down to jump down, crouch or, when 
    you're stationary, you get to see a little bit more of the scenery below you.
    When you're moving quite quickly, pull down left or right (depending on which 
    way you're heading) and you'll spin into a ball and you can kill enemies, 
    break through some walls or skim across water.
    Press button 1 or 2 to jump.
    To pause the game, press the button on your console.
    Sonic can ride several contraptions:
    Railcart: Just stay in it but always be ready to jump out. You cannot 
    influence the speed or direction of the railcart.
    Hang Gliders: Press up to go up, right to dive. To get off it just jump.
    Big Bubbles: Press left to go left, Right to go right, Up to speed up and, 
    Down to slow down.
    Flywheels: Press right to speed up, left to slow down, then jump.
    Item Boxes:
    10 Rings
    Fast sneakers (Only lasts for a limited amount of time.)
    Invincibility (Only lasts for a limited amount of time.)
    As you go through the turnstile it will rotate, when it stops you'll either 
    Dr. Robotnik - You get nothing
    Ring  - You get 10 rings
    Sonic - You get a 1-Up
    Tails - You get a Continue.
    There are, of course, enemies in this game, and they come in various shapes 
    and sizes. I've decided not to try and describe each type apart from the Self-
    Exploding Robots and The Bosses.
    Under Ground Zone:
    Act 1:
    This is the way if you stay at the top. Jump over the first gap, keep going 
    right until you come to a spring. Jump on the spring and hold left, you go 
    through a wall and there's an enemy guarding a 1-up, kill him and grab your 
    extra life. When coming back down try to hold a little to the right or you'll 
    hit the spring again and could go into a spike. Keep going right and take the 
    8 rings, then you can break through the wall to your right but if you do you 
    will drop to the bottom section. So, jump up onto the wall and kill the enemy. 
    Keep going right until you come to a gap that has rings going down, again I'd 
    advise you keep to the top section. Jump over the gap and you can spin/roll 
    into the spring which would help knock you through the wall, however, this 
    will take you to the bottom section. So, Jump up and kill the enemy. There's a 
    gap with a spring on the other side with some rings. Just to the right there's 
    a similar spring, do a fairly big jump and you'll come to 3 springs together 
    that have some rings above them. Another big jump to the right and you've got 
    another 1-up. Just to the right of that third spring and below are some more 
    springs and rings, get those if you want then head right and up for the 
    If you went down the bottom, you can immediately break into the wall on your 
    left for some rings. Then go right, and kill the enemy, get into the cart and 
    stay in it until it throws you out (It runs out of track and you will not be 
    harmed.) Keep going right, getting the rings as you jump over the gaps of lava 
    and get in the next cart, if you stay in this one too long you'll be dumped 
    out of it and lose your rings on the spikes. Get in the next cart and do the 
    same. Now you come to 3 springs that have rings above them. Two springs 
    together to the right of that with more rings above, then another pair of 
    springs that take you right and to the turnstile.
    Act 2:
    Go right, get the rings and kill the enemy, drop down and, if you want you can 
    break into the left hand wall for some rings, (but you'll fall to the bottom 
    section) try to stay at the top. So, drop down and get the rings to your 
    right. You come up against an enemy, kill him then you have 3 springs in a 'T' 
    shape, jump on the top one and get the rings. Then go to the right and break 
    into the wall you come to. You'll be rewarded with some rings and a
    1-up. When you jump on the 1-up, quickly go back to the left or you'll fall 
    down onto the bottom section. Go left to where you broke through at first and 
    jump up and get the 10 rings on the right then you'll come to a cart, get in 
    it and you'll go to the right and, when the railtrack runs out, do a big jump 
    to the right. If, like me, you end up on the bottom section don't worry, you 
    can still get the emerald. Keep going right, over the lava gaps, (watch out 
    for enemies.) and you come to a spring against a wall, now, jump on the spring 
    and do a MASSIVE jump to the left and you'll end up on the top section again. 
    There are quite a few rings back to the left. When you've got the rings, come 
    back to the right and there's a slope going downwards, do a roll/spin and do a 
    big jump to the right and you should end up in or near another cart. Get in 
    it, and then do a MASSIVE jump to the right and get the emerald. Go back to 
    the left and drop down onto the run-in for the turnstile.
    There are quite a few rings if you elected/or accidentally fell to the bottom 
    section, As far as I know there's aren't any 1-up's down there.
    Act 3 - The Boss:
    Jump in the cart and stay in it until it crashes (you will not be harmed.) 
    Then break through the wall to your right, hit the side springs and let them 
    take you to the top (onto the track). OR: Don't get in the cart, run/roll/spin 
    to the right and do a big jump, you'll land where there are 3 separate springs 
    above that take you to the top. Go right and jump into nothing and, as you're 
    about to hit the lava and die, Robotnik will come along and save you and take 
    you up to the top. Now: Robotnik is on the left but out of sight, you're in 
    the middle on a slope and to the right is some kind of killing machine robot? 
    (Any suggestions?) Robotnik will throw bouncing bombs, and all you have to do 
    is jump over each bomb and let it hit the machine. Do it 8 times, go right, 
    hit the space ship and set the animals free, and you're through! 
    Sky High Zone:
    Act 1:
    Go right, over the breaking bridge, then a fairly big jump over the spikes. 
    Another big jump over some more spikes and you land on a platform that has 10 
    rings and a spring. Get the rings then, either: do a fairly big jump to the 
    right (over more spikes), or use the spring to go right where you'll get a 1-
    up. Get that then go back to the previous platform, jump on the spring and 
    hold left, (through the wall.) When you land you'll find a spring that helps 
    you break through the wall to the left, watch out though, it could make you 
    hit an enemy, kill that (if you want.) Go through the wall to the left of that 
    and start to amass some rings. Jump onto the spring (the upward one) and grab 
    the rings, then, up and to the left is another spring with rings, get them, 
    then get on the spring you see above you and to your right. Get the rings then 
    do a big jump to the left for another 1-up. Then continue to get rings as you 
    go right and upwards. When you get to the top, take the invincibility if you 
    want, then continue right until you come to the hang glider, get on that, 
    cross the big gap and it'll take you to the turnstile, (end of act.)
    Tip: Controlling the hang glider and staying airborne is quite tricky, I still 
    take 4 or 5 times to get across to the other side. The way I do it is: Go to 
    the right of the invincibility then roll down the slope, you should fall onto 
    the hang glider, quickly keep pressing up and/or left. When you press up or 
    left, keep your finger there for a second or so then change to the other 
    direction, eventually you should get the feel of it and get to the other side. 
    Note: Until you can do this you will not be able to get any further in the 
    Act 2:
    Get the rings at the start, but I wouldn't bother getting the hang glider. Go 
    right for a few more rings, (having jumped over the angled spring.) To get a 
    1-up, do a little jump off the platform to the right and, as he falls, quickly 
    hold left a little to land on the platform below. Jump over the spring and the 
    spikes and get the extra life. Now, go back to the far right of the previous 
    platform and you'll see a + shaped cloud with some rings going up, jump on the 
    spring. Go right to land on a platform, watch out for the enemy. (Don't worry 
    about the lightning it can't hurt you.) Ignore the hang glider. A big jump to 
    the right takes you onto a platform that has some rings and a spring, jump on 
    that and you'll see a + shaped cloud to your right, jump on that and go a 
    little to the right and you'll land on a solid platform of clouds, land just 
    near the rings that are going right. Get the rings, then you'll see more rings 
    going upwards. To get them jump on the + shaped cloud below the line of 
    vertical rings. Now: The tricky bit.) If you look at the + shaped cloud and 
    call that one cloud width wide, you'll need to land 5 cloud widths wide across 
    to the right to land on another +, this will have rings leading up from it. 
    From that spring go 6 cloud widths wide again to land on another + shaped 
    cloud, then a big jump right should get you the emerald. Now, drop down right, 
    then again. Jump on the + shaped cloud to your right, then the same again. You 
    should land on a platform that has a spring on it, Jump on that, head right 
    and you're through.
    Note: It is difficult to get the emerald but keep practising and eventually 
    you'll get it. Remember, if you don't get all the emeralds you won't get to 
    'Crystal Egg Zone.'
    Act 3 - The Boss:
    Go right and jump over the first gap you come to, watch out for the enemy. 
    Jump over the next gap and land on another platform. Jump right once more, 
    over the gap, then keep going right until you get to a cloud platform. Now, 
    watch out as 4 little birds appear, you must hit them precisely on the head. 
    Then there's another 4, kill them, then you'll fall through to another cloud 
    platform. You'll see some eggs (I think), 4 of them. Jump on them and the rest 
    of the little birds. Then comes this big robotic bird that you have to kill. 
    Hit him on the head and you'll bounce backwards, watch out because you can 
    easily go into his fireball which will kill you. Hit him 8 times and you've 
    done it, now set the animals free.
    Aqua Lake Zone:
    Note: When in the water you only have a limited time you can go without air. 
    To get more air, when you see a bubble, just jump into it and you'll be OK. If 
    you run out of air you die! When you're inside a big bubble you don't need to 
    worry about lack of air.
    Act 1:
    Go right getting the rings, watch out for the enemy. Then, from dry land, run 
    fast and pull into a spin and bounce across the water getting some rings along 
    the way. Go round the loop and carry on going right, there's an enemy about, 
    mind. There's an angled spring, beneath that is a breakable wall, get on the 
    wall with the angled spring and jump to the right for some rings, then go 
    right again for more rings.  When you've got those rings jump right and grab a 
    1-up, then get the rings to the right of this. Now, drop into the water for 
    another 1-up, then hit the angled spring and go right over the spikes and 
    arrows and hit the turnstile, that's it.
    Alternatively, from the start, drop into the water, kill the enemy. Go right 
    until you see an air bubble, take it then drop down to the left, go through a 
    couple of secret walls and grab yourself a 1-up. Then wait for an air bubble 
    before going out again. When you come out of the wall, wait for another air 
    bubble before moving on. Go right and there's 10 rings, get them then be 
    careful jumping over the spikes. Keep going right, watch out for the shooting 
    arrows. If you manage to get out to the other side, you'll find yourself back 
    on solid ground.
    Tip: If you go for this 1-up it can be quite difficult to get back out the 
    water, usually I don't bother getting it, it's too much hassle for me.
    Act 2:
    Walk right until you fall through the floor, then left and you'll fall into a 
    maze, just keep holding RIGHT until you keep going back and forth, left to 
    right, then pull DOWN then LEFT. Now drop down left and get a couple of rings 
    then, further left, jump over the spikes and get the invincibility. Go right 
    over more spikes until you get to an air bubble, jump into it. Now go right, 
    get another air bubble, then you come to a bigger bubble which you can get in 
    and travel about. Get in it and go upwards, getting a few rings as you go. 
    Watch out for the spikes above, move left and, to get out of the bubble just 
    hit the roof above you. Head left and drop down for some more rings. When you 
    come back off the spring head left for an air bubble on the left. Go left more 
    but do not step on the block the farthest left (you'll fall through the floor 
    where there are some rings but it's a bit dangerous because it can be hard to 
    get out again before running out of air.) Stand on the block to the right of 
    that block (2 in from the end.) Now, get it the big bubble and head up and 
    left. Next: Tricky bit) As you ride up you'll see a platform to your left; you 
    have to stay in the bubble, mind the spikes and keep going left and up. If you 
    fall out of the bubble go back and try again. The key is to slow the bubble 
    down, by pulling down whilst at the same time going left. When you get to the 
    top, go right, get out the bubble and kill the enemy. Better get an air bubble 
    before going any further... Now, head right and watch out for some swimming 
    enemies, and get in the big bubble. When you get near the top you can go left 
    into the wall and get some sneakers if you want. Try and go right, watch out 
    for the enemy. Go right and drop into the maze, keep holding LEFT and you 
    should get the emerald. Turn around and go back out and again keep holding 
    LEFT and you'll get a 1-up. Now, come right, and jump over the spring and grab 
    an air bubble.  Now, the hardest part of this stage: (If not the whole game.) 
    As you go up, there will be arrows firing out of the wall and, part way up, 
    there's some more swimming enemies, if you take a hit you fall right back to 
    the bottom. My Tactics: Stay right and, when you see an arrow, try and either 
    slow down and hope it misses you or: Speed up by pushing up. Try this on the 
    enemies as well. If you watch their pattern you'll get to the top eventually. 
    When you do, STAY in the bubble and head left and up. When you get as high as 
    you can, get out of the bubble, walk right, and there's the turnstile, made 
    Act 3 - The Boss:
    Head right, walking and skimming over the water, eventually you'll get there. 
    This boss is a seal that balances a ball on his nose, when he does, jump on 
    his head (The Ball), then stand back and he'll damage himself. Do this 8 times 
    and you're through, after you've let the animals free, of course.
    Green Hills Zone:
    Act 1:
    Keep going right, collecting rings, (mind the enemy,) until you come to a 
    higher platform with some rings on it. Below (on ground level) is an enemy, 
    kill him, if you want, then keep going right collecting rings. Slightly 
    further on there's a bit of a slope going up which has a flying enemy near it. 
    You then come to a sharp slope, going down, spin down that and, when you get 
    to the bottom, do a big jump to the right and you should get the 1-up. Then 
    drop down and go round the loop, then there's a spring, get the rings then a 
    big jump to the left to get another 1-up. Just near the spring is an enemy. 
    Soon, you'll come to a ledge above, get on it and keep going right. (If you 
    stay at ground level and go right you'll eventually get some invincibility but 
    I don't think it's worth the hassle.) To the right there's more rings, watch 
    out for the enemy. Further on, more rings and another enemy. Keep going right 
    getting rings. Jump up onto the platform and get more rings. Now, drop back 
    down, then drop again, watch the enemy! Go right and you'll see a floating 
    platform, get on it. When on solid ground, break through the wall to the 
    right. When you get to the other side, you'll see some rings and several 
    angled springs. Jump on the first one naturally and keep going but, when you 
    get to the top, hold left, to avoid going to the right. If you managed that, 
    jump back over the gap to the left and get more rings and a 1-up. Now, go back 
    to the right, jump over the gap, drop down and, mind the enemy. Go through the 
    turnstile, that's it.
    Act 2:
    Go right, watch out for the enemy. Keep going, then there's another enemy, 
    with spikes to the right of that. Across from them, let yourself hit the 
    angled spring just below you and don't use any influence. You'll land on a 
    moving platform with spikes below it. Jump onto the spring to the right and 
    claim the rings above it. Now, get off and walk into the wall to your right, 
    do a big jump and you'll get a 1-up. Get back to the spring and go right, 
    immediately there's an enemy. When you get to the slope do as you did in act 1 
    to get the 1-up that's on top of the loop. Watch out for an enemy if you mess 
    up the first attempt. Now, drop down to the right and kill the enemy. There's 
    another quite soon after. Jump on the spring and grab some rings. To the right 
    of the spring there's spikes, so you need a big leap (from the spring) to the 
    right to avoid them. Try and land where you see the next lot of rings 
    vertically, again there's spikes to the right so get back on the spring and 
    jump right. You'll probably land on a ledge. (If you drop down and go right 
    you can take a secret passage which does have 2 enemies and some rings along 
    the way, when you get to the spring jump on it.) I say stay on the ledge, 
    watch out for the 2 enemies. Either way you go, you'll come to 2 springs with 
    lots of rings above it with spikes in between. Big jump to the right and you 
    should hopefully land on another double spring, bounce off that and aim right 
    to land on a ledge with the emerald!
    Note: As far as I know this is the only way to get the emerald.
    Now, drop down to the right for a few rings, mind the 2 enemies! You'll see a 
    1-up on the right of the wall, so, get on the right-hand platform and go up. 
    When you get to the end of this short platform do a little jump to the right 
    before going left to get the 1-up. Go back over the spikes and through the 
    Act 3 - The Boss:
    Head right and jump on the first spring you see, aim right and you should land 
    on a spring that's between two trees. Jump right from that spring and just 
    keep pressing right the whole way and you land on a little platform with just 
    a tree on it. From there, drop down to the right and land where the spring is. 
    Jump on this spring and you'll land on one of three springs to the right. jump 
    right and you should land on a platform that has a couple of trees on it. Just 
    past them is a slope, roll down it and let yourself bounce of it naturally and 
    then do a big jump to the right onto a treble spring. Another big jump right 
    from there and you should land on solid ground, go right to meet the boss. 
    This boss kind of glows and when he's not, hit him once on the head then get 
    ready to jump because he will, usually from one side of the screen to the 
    other, sometimes in a straight line sometimes in an arc. I usually just snick 
    him. 8 hits and you're through. Free the animals. 
    Note: Getting to this Boss is probably the most difficult part of the game, 
    keep practising. Instead of hitting a spring, then waiting until you feel 
    ready to do the next jump, you have to jump from one spring to the other just 
    allowing one bounce per spring. (I Think!)
    Gimmick Mt. Zone:
    Act 1:
    Go right, get the rings, then you have to get on the flywheel and keep jumping 
    from one to another to reach the top. (There are 10 rings to the left of the 
    second flywheel.) Going right, there's some rings on a conveyor belt with 
    spikes either side of it. Jump onto the second conveyor belt, then a little 
    jump to the right and you'll see the Self-Exploding Robot, quickly jump back 
    to the left (Onto the conveyor belt.) (To get rid of these robots throughout 
    this and the next zone, get close to them until they start flashing, when that 
    happens get away from them so they kill themselves and don't hurt you in the 
    process.) From the platform the robot was on, drop down and head right and 
    fall down the gap. Let it take you to another platform, watch out for the 
    enemy as you come to rest. Kill him and go right and get the invincibility. 
    Then, going left, drop onto the next platform. Head right getting a few rings, 
    watch out as you'll have to jump across 3 conveyor belts then jump up to the 
    right and land on a spinning disc. Get the rings and then walk through the 
    wall to your right, drop down and you've got a 1-up! (you'll notice another 1-
    up behind a wall to the right, but I don't know how to get this!) Now, go out 
    by simply jumping up. Jump on the next lot of spinning discs until you get to 
    the top, there's a cart on the right. Get in it and stay in it until it 
    crashes (You won't get harmed.) Jump right and kill the enemy. Once again, 
    keep going up through the discs, (this can be tricky jumping from one floating 
    platform to the other.) When you get to the top you'll see an invincibility, 
    get that, jump in the cart on the left and let it take you (over some spikes) 
    until it crashes, then go left and through the turnstile. That's it!
    Tip: when you get on a flywheel rotate it a couple of times then jump off when 
    you're at 9 O'clock, (270 degrees.)
    Act 2:
    Head right where there's conveyor belts with spikes below each one, keep going 
    right, using the conveyor belts and floating platforms until you get to solid 
    ground. Now, climbing up and to the right, look left and, where there aren't 
    any spikes, jump into the wall. Go left and another little jump through the 
    wall. Get on the convey belt and travel left, jump off the conveyor belt and 
    land on the solid platform, getting some rings as you go. Then, hop onto the 
    next conveyor belt, jumping left over the spring. Go as far left as you can go 
    and go through the wall for a 1-up. Now go back and get on the spring which 
    will send you onto a flywheel. Jump onto the one above and jump left into the 
    wall for another 1-up! Go back and carry on up until you reach the top. Now, 
    go as far right as possible and you'll get the emerald. Now go out the way you 
    came in. Jump up to the right and kill the enemy. Up again and get on the 
    flywheel and jump to the other one. You then need to jump right but watch out 
    for an exploding robot. Jump across to the next platform and, if you can, 
    continue jumping across on the conveyor belts, you'll come to a solid 
    platform. Keep going right getting the odd ring and kill the 3 enemies. Drop 
    down, and, holding right, you'll go into a wall for 10 rings, when you come 
    out drop to the left where there's more rings. Jump across to the left but 
    mind out for the robot, then drop down where you see the rings. Keep going 
    right, over the spring and you've finished the Act.
    Act 3: - The Boss:
    Go right and fall down the gap, again go right and go down the gap. Let 
    yourself go until you naturally drop onto a platform. Going right, jump across 
    on the conveyor belts, there's 4 of them. When you jump  off the last one jump 
    onto a floating platform on the right and stay on it until you can jump onto a 
    spring to the left. Use the spring to jump onto another floating platform, 
    again stay on it until you can jump left onto a platform. Don't worry about 
    the spikes overhead, the platform will change direction at the right time. 
    When you jump onto the left, stay and wait for the platform to come back to 
    you, then get on it until there's a platform going left. Quickly hop off it 
    then back on again when it's passed the platform. Again, stay on the platform 
    until you can jump onto a spring to the left. Once again, the spikes will not 
    get you as the floating platform changes direction at the right time. Jump On 
    the spring, aim right and you're there, at last, to face some kind of pig?  
    (any suggestions?) It has spikes on it's back, when they're retracted hit him 
    on his back. If you miss a shot he'll drop little bombs? (Any suggestions?) 
    When you've attempted to hit him run to the other side of the screen and, when 
    you get a successful hit, he'll flash, hit him 8 times and that's that.
    Scrambled Egg Zone:
    Act 1:
    Go right, get the rings and kill the enemy, then jump up the pipe and hold 
    RIGHT to get some more rings. Get back in the pipe and this time hold LEFT 
    then UP. Go left, getting more rings, but watch out for the 2 enemies. Jump on 
    the spring to go into the upward pipe. Press RIGHT and you'll land on a small 
    platform. Fall below to collect some more rings. Then you'll enter a pipe that 
    takes you to more rings and a 1-up. Now, head left, it' will take you back to 
    where you were (rings to the left, 2 enemies and a spring leading to a pipe.) 
    Go back in the pipe and press LEFT. Go right jumping the gaps, but watch out 
    for the robot! Go down the slope and into a pipe, then go left, get more 
    rings, mind the 2 enemies and drop down the pipe. Then it's LEFT, LEFT, DOWN. 
    Then quickly jump left and go into the pipe, you'll go along it and get 10 
    rings. Now, when you come out of the pipe, jump on the floating platform then 
    quickly up and right to get on the stationery platform. Go up the pipe and 
    you'll get a 1-up. When you come back out get on the moving platform and stay 
    on it until you can jump up a pipe. You'll then come out the other side onto 
    the platform again, quickly jump onto the other platform then into the pipe. 
    Now, jump up the pipe above, then it's DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. Go right and 
    through the turnstile, you made it!
    Act 2:
    Go right, get the rings, jump over the gaps and mind the Robots. When you pass 
    them, get in the pipe and hold left and kill the enemy as you come out of the 
    pipe. Now, get on the small left side part of the platform and do a MASSIVE 
    jump to the right, and try not to fall into the pipe when you land. Kill the 
    enemy, then, going right, down the slope, get in a ball and roll right and do 
    another MASSIVE jump to the right to get a 1-up. Drop down to the right for 
    loads of rings. When you've got them, go back to the left, jump up on the 
    spring to get back on the platform. Now, drop down to the right and you'll get 
    another 1-up! There are quite a few more rings back to the left. Get these if 
    you want. Then head back to the right as far as you can go. Now, get on the 
    small platform and it'll move to the right. When you're below the pipe, jump 
    up it. When you come out the other side you'll land back on the platform and 
    then it goes right. When you see the solid platform to your right, jump off. 
    Now get those rings off the spring. To your right is another small platform, 
    get on it and jump up the first pipe above your head. When you come out the 
    other side you'll land on the platform again, stay on it for the moment. Soon 
    you'll come to another overhead pipe, jump up that and when you get to the 
    right-hand corner hold DOWN, you should be back on the moving platform. As 
    soon as you land on it, IMMEDIATELY jump up the pipe again and hold LEFT. Now, 
    go left, jumping over the platforms, then go up the pipe, go right and you're 
    Act 3 - The Boss
    Go right and jump on the spring. After you enter the pipe hold RIGHT. Now 
    you're on a platform with a spring. Use the springs to get you to the top. 
    Now, you should be on solid ground with a platform above you housing a spring. 
    There's also a spring to the left to get you onto the platform. Jump on the 
    spring and hold right, you land on an angled spring. Go naturally (Don't 
    influence your movements,) and land on a left-hand platform, when you do, 
    quickly jump up the pipe above you. This will take you to the boss, Silver 
    Sonic. He's not too bad, jump on him when he's not in a ball.
    Count the shots you take off him, when you get the 8th you must quickly jump 
    upwards after him to grab the emerald. If you mess up and don't get it, let 
    the time run out and have another try!
    Tip: Try and keep moving constantly so he doesn't get you and make sure you're 
    in a ball as much as possible.
    Crystal Egg Zone:
    Act 1:
    Head right, jumping over the gap where the rings are. (If you fall down the 
    gap, go right and eventually you'll come to the same place as you would have 
    done if you'd stayed at the top.) Keep going right, over the spikes. Jump over 
    the next gap, and another, then more spikes. Keep going, then there's some 
    rings, nearby are 3 enemies, Kill them, then, when you get to the end of the 
    platform, drop down onto some invincibility, then drop down again, go right 
    and get on the floating platform to take you over the long pit of spikes. When 
    the platform stops, jump off it onto the right-hand platform. Jump over the 
    spikes, keep going right and that's it, you're through!
    Act 2:
    Go right, getting rings and, jump over the spikes, before continuing right. 
    There's more spikes to jump over. Hit the pink angled spring, then walk right 
    a little and try to get to the top via the angled springs. You may notice that 
    as you bounce off the last spring there's a 1-up to your right, get that then 
    go left, over the gap, then over the spikes. Now, roll down the slope to the 
    left and, at the end, do a big jump. You should land on a platform with a pink 
    spring to the left, then some spikes, above that is a blue circle. Jump onto 
    that and treat it the same way you did the flywheel earlier in the game. Now, 
    jump onto the next blue circle, then jump right, land on the platform above 
    then quickly jump back onto solid ground. Hit the angled spring to take you 
    over the spikes, then you'll be behind a kind of wall. To get to the right 
    keep jumping and holding right. Now, there's a spring, jump on it and go to 
    the left and get the 1-up. Go right, jumping over the gap. Go down the slope 
    then jump up and get on the spring. Then go left, jump over the gap then drop 
    down. Hit the springs to the left and break blocks until you come out on the 
    left-hand side, repeat this. Then jump left and over the gap, then up onto the 
    above platform, now, go right, (jumping up,) then, back to the left. Now jump 
    up to the right, then drop down and you'll see a spring above and to the 
    right, get on it. Jump right, mind the enemy. Jump down and through the 
    Act 3 - Dr. Robotnik
    Go right and jump in the pipe. On the inside of the pipes is Dr. Robotnik, on 
    the right, you have to go into the middle and hit him, then quickly get back 
    into a pipe. When you're in the pipe let it take you round and round. When 
    there's no lightning or harmful stuff? (Any suggestions?) in there, come out 
    the pipe, hit Dr. Robotnik, then quickly jump back in the pipe. If you watch 
    the pattern you'll know how to do it, without dying. So, to add; Go round the 
    pipes when there's danger in the middle, when it's clear quickly jump inside, 
    hit Robotnik and get out quickly. Hit him 8 times and you've done it. Tails 
    will be set free and then it's the credits.

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