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Reviewed: 07/17/03 | Updated: 07/17/03

The Genesis version's evil twin

Sonic 2 has been known far and wide as the best Sonic game released so far (well, Sonic Advance 2 may change all that). But please, let me tell you something: this is the Genesis version that we're talking about.

So, you may be thinking, Sonic 2 for Genesis was AWESOME! I bet Sonic 2 for Game Gear is just as good. Let me warn you before you even go thinking this that you're terribly wrong. In fact, Sonic 2 for Game Gear can be considered as Sonic 2 Genesis's EXTREMELY evil twin. What the Genesis version has, the Game Gear version doesn't. What the Game Gear version has, the Genesis version doesn't. So, without any further ado, let me explain what makes this game so god-awfully horrible.

Storyline: 4/10

Is it me, or are there two storylines floating about at the same time? In the manual, Sonic is chillin' at his home in South Island when he receives a letter from Tails, saying that Eggman has kidnapped him and demands the Chaos Emeralds to get him back. However, in the opening sequence, Sonic watches Tails's kidnapping happen! Wha? Something isn't right here....

Graphics: 2/10

The first thing you'll probably notice about Sonic 2 is the EXTREMELY CRAPPY picture resolution. Granted, it is Game Gear, but this is just plain wrong. Because of this, you'll most likely find yourself throwing yourself gung-ho into the abyss and landing into lava, spikes, a pit, or any other type of lethal hazard. The Badniks are exceptionally cruddy, as the vast majority of them are simply red, blue, and grey shapes with a black outline. Not to mention that the game is blurry far too often, everything looks misshapen, and all the levels (barring Scrambled Egg, mind you) look like a 5-year-old constructed them out of 10-year-old Legos. PLUS, the game slows down to about 1/4 its intended speed whenever Sonic gets hit. PLEASE, the first Sonic game gear game looked better than this.

Sound: 5/10

This is probably the only good quality Sonic 2 has to offer. Most of the music sounds rather good (A Sonic CD tune was based off of Green Hills, so it HAS to be good) but there are the downfalls, like Sky High (much too boring), Gimmick MT. (just plain annoying), Scrambled Egg (ditto), and Crystal Egg (it sounds to me like a bunch of random sound effects garbled together). The sound effects are pretty normal, but WHY did they change the ring chime??? WHY?!?!?!

Gameplay: 2/10

The first thing you'll probably say to yourself is ''WHERE'S the Spin Dash? I know the Genesis version had it, so it's gotta be around here somewhere!!!'' Truth is, there isn't one, although WHY this is so is beyond me. The Chaos Emeralds are IMPOSSIBLE to get without an FAQ (Hallelujah for this very site!), as they are in places you wouldn't even think twice to look in. Most of the zones are insanely difficult, yet straightforward. However, there is one zone I would like to bash, and not stop bashing, and that's the Scrambled Egg Zone. You navigate the level through a series of pipes, and you must choose your path by using the D-Pad. However, one wrong turn sends you to your doom. So, I take it SEGA expects everybody to be psychics and automatically know where they're going? Like the emeralds, this level is impossible to complete without an FAQ. So, in short, this game leaves too much to be desired.

Replayability: 0/10

Simple as that. In fact, you shouldn't even be able to replay your Game Gear after you're through with this game, as it'll most likely be in pieces that are scattered close to the nearest wall.

Buy or Rent?:

Neither. That's how crappy this game is.


A good soundtrack (except for the songs listed above).


Crappy picture resolution.
Blurry and distorted graphics.
NO SPIN DASH?!?! That's messed up!
Impossible to complete without a strategy guide handy.
Leaves way too much to be desired.

Conclusion: I'm a die-hard Sonic fan, and it crushes me to have to give a Sonic game this bad a review. But, it's what it deserves. It's so nice to know that SEGA learned from their mistakes and never made so crappy a game again. That's right. I'm saying this is the worst Sonic game EVER.

Final Score: 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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