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    FAQ/Move List by gustavodq

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                                              Mortal Kombat 3 FAQ
                                             for the Sega Game Gear
                                                  by Gustavo
    This is a short, easy-to-follow guide/FAQ for Mortal Kombat 3
    for the Sega Game Gear. It was created in response to the lack
    of a complete guide for this version of the game.
    June 7th 2009 update
    Added kombat kode to play as Shao Kahn (thanks to the Portable MK
    website), and changed the way I gave the commands for Cyrax's, Sonya's
    and Smoke's Fatalities, as I believe that the punch button is an
    integral part of the command.
    I also added the third match in the Master Tower (Kano). And I also
    corrected a few typos, which came from the fact that I created the
    text by copying and pasting from the Master System version.
    Forward (F): walk forward
    Back (B): walk away
    Down (D): crouch
    Up (U): straight jump
    Up-forward diagonal: forward jump
    Up-back diagonal: backward jump
    Button A: Punch (P)
    Button B: Kick (K)
    Button Start: Block (Bl)
    Tap Forward, then hold Forward: Run
    Back+B: Roundhouse Kick
    Down-back diagonal+B: Sweep Kick
    Down-forward diagonal+B: Crouching kick
    Down+A: Uppercut
    Down-forward+A: Crouching Punch
    Down+Start: Crouching Block
    Forward+A (close): Throw
    Up or up-diagonal + A: Air Punch
    Up or up Diagonal + B: Air Kick
    Fireball: F, F, P
    Scream: F, F, K
    Flight: B, B, D, F, K (press Bl to descend)
    Air Fireball: (in Flight) D, F, K
    FATALITY: P, P, Bl, P, Bl
    BABALITY: P, P, P, U
    Missile: F, F, P
    Teleport Uppercut: F, F, K
    Heat Seeker: F, D, B, P
    FATALITY: F, F, F, B, Bl
    BABALITY: B, D, D, D, K
    Fireball: B, B, P
    Stunning Dash: D, F, K
    Blade: B, B, B, K
    FATALITY: F, F, Bl, Bl, Bl, K
    Fireball: D, F, P
    Teleport Stomp: D, U
    Ground Shake: B, D, B, K
    FATALITY: F, D, D, F, P
    BABALITY: D, D, D, B, K
    Freeze: D, F, P
    Slide: B+P+K
    Ice shower (Behind): D, F, B, P
    Ice shower (Front): D, B, F, P
    FATALITY: B, B, D, B, P
    BABALITY: D, B, B, K
    Knife Throw: D, B, P
    Knife Uppercut: D, F, P
    Cannonball: Hold K 3 seconds, release
    Air Throw: (close to opponent, jumping) Bl
    FATALITY: P, Bl, Bl, K
    BABALITY: F, F, D, D, K
    Ring Toss: D, F, P
    Square Wave Punch: F, D, B, P
    Bicycle Kick: B, B, D, K
    Leg Grab: D+P+K
    FATALITY: Bl, U, U, B, D (press P first so Sonya doesn't jump)
    BABALITY: D, D, F, K
    Net: B, B, K
    Close Bomb: B, B, P
    Far Bomb: F, F, P
    FATALITY: D, D, U, D, P (press P first so Cyrax doesn't jump)
    BABALITY: F, F, B, P
    SMOKE (Secret Character)
    Harpoon: B, B, P
    Teleport Uppercut: F, F, K
    Invisibility: U, U, P (Again to reappear)
    FATALITY: U, U, F, D (press P first so Smoke doesn't jump)
    BABALITY: D, D, B, B, K
    SHAO KAHN (Boss)
    Punch: P
    Kick: K
    Block: Bl
    Uppercut: D + P
    Air Knee: In mid-air P or K
    Sledgehammer: F, F, P
    Shadow Dash: F, F, K
    Shadow Uppercut: B, D, F, P
    Random Select
    In the character select screen, press up + Start to get the CPU
    to choose your fighter.
    Kombat Kodes
    Kombat Kodes are six-"digit" codes that can be input before
    a match in order to get some effects that can alter the game.
    The chart below point how many times you have to push every
    button for each effect. You have about one minute to input
    the desired code but you can shorten that time by just 
    pressing Start.
    Note: You can't input any kombat kode before the final match
    against Shao Kahn.
    These are the symbols
    0 times Dragon symbol
    1 times MK Symbol
    2 times Yin Yang Symbol
    3 times 3 Symbol
    4 times ? "Question Mark"
    5 times Lightining
    6 times Goro Shadow
    7 times Rayden's face
    8 times Shao Kahn's face
    9 times skull
    After 9 times the symbols go back to the beginning
    100100 Disable Throws
    020020 Disable Block
    987123 Disable Panel
    033000 Half Energy Player 1
    000033 Half Energy Player 2
    707000 Quarter Energy Player 1
    000707 Quarter Energy Player 2
    688422 Dark Kombat
    466466 Unlimited Run
    985125 Psycho Kombat
    783343 P1 is Shao Kahn
    033564 Fight Shao Kahn
    205205 Fight Smoke
    769342 Fight Noob Saibot
    192234 Smoke Activated
    Action Replay Codes
    00D355:XX Player 1 Modifier
    00D356:XX Player 2 Modifier
           00 Sindel
           01 Sektor
           02 Kabal
           03 Sheeva
           04 Smoke
           05 Sub-Zero
           06 Kano
           07 Sonya
           08 Cyrax
           09 Shao Kahn
    00CEE1:XX Battleplan Modifier (Novice/Warrior/Master)
           01 Battle 1 (Kano/Kano/Kabal)
           02 Battle 2 (Sonya/Sindel/Sektor)
           03 Battle 3 (Kabal/Cyrax/Kano)
           04 Battle 4 (Sindel/Sheeva/Sheeva)
           05 Battle 5 (Shao Kahn/Kabal/Sub-Zero)
           06 Battle 6 (Sektor/Sonya) (Master and Warrior only)
           07 Battle 7 (Shao Kahn/Cyrax) (Master and Warrior only)
           08 Battle 8 (Sindel) (Master only)
           09 Battle 9 (Shao Kahn) (Master only)
    00D39A:XX Background Modifier
           00 The Bell Tower
           01 The Bridge
           02 The Pit
           03 The Temple
           04 The Subway
    00D2BE:XX Finishing Message Modifier
           00 No Message
           01 Fatality Message
           02 Babality Message
    00D25E:99 Unlimited Time
    00D2F8:05 Unlimited Continues
    00D2B1:38 Infinite Energy Player 1
    00d2B2:38 Infinite Energy Player 2
    00CE9F:01 Smoke Activated
    00CEA0:01 Disable Throws
    00CEA1:01 Disable Block
    00CEA2:01 Disable Panel
    00CEA3:01 Half Energy Player 1
    00CEA4:01 Half Energy Player 2
    00CEA5:01 Quarter Energy Player 1
    00CEA6:01 Quarter Energy Player 2
    00CEA7:01 Dark Kombat
    00CEA9:01 Psycho Kombat
    00CEAA:01 Unlimited Run
    00CEAB:01 P2 is Shao Kahn
    00CEAC:01 Fight Smoke
    00CEAD:01 Fight Noob Saibot
    00CEAE:01 P1 is Shao Kahn
    This FAQ was created by me, Gustavo. Mortal Kombat is a trademark by Midway.
    Master System and Game Gear are trademarks by SEGA. That's it.
    Copyleft: I waive all copyright from this text. It is yours to use and abuse.

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