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1999 - NFL 2K
IT'S GUT CHECK TIME: WILL YOU CRUSH YOUR NFL 2K OPPONENTS OR BE THEIR TACKLING DUMMY? FEATURES: - Over 1,500 motion-captured moves - Physics-based 3D collisions - VMU to call your plays and keep your opponent guessing - Amazing player-specific detail - The most complete voice-over ever in...
2000 - NFL 2K1
GET READY. THIS YEAR THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS INBOUNDS. - Multi-player Dreamcast-to-Dreamcast network play over the internet for up to eight total players. - Enhanced running game with all new blocking, juke, and power moves. - Franchise Mode - be the general manager and coach of any NFL team...
2001 - NFL 2K2
Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox
Sega Sports NFL 2K2 hits the Gridiron on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system with the look and feel of a champion. With all-new gameplay and PlayStation 2-specific features, NFL 2K2 combines flash and substance in a football game that is as exciting to watch as it is to play.
2002 - NFL 2K3
PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube
NFL 2K3 upgrades Sega Sports' football series with realistic player animations, play-calling intelligence, and an on-the-fly audible system. With Franchise mode, you get total team control as player, coach, and general manager. A new ESPN broadcast system lets you review all the highlights from...
ESPN NFL Football
2003 - ESPN NFL Football
PlayStation 2, Xbox
Sega's latest addition to its NFL 2K series, ESPN NFL Football delivers the most complete NFL experience. Experience a new level of gaming through First Person Football, a mode that allows you to see the game through the eyes of any player on your team. Earn and unlock trophies, mini-games,...
2005 - NBA 2K6
PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360
NBA 2K6 is a 3D simulation that lets you play as a professional basketball player both on and off the court. Build a player and take him through training camps, competitions and NBA games. The more successful you are, the more you can customize a player's home, buy music, unlock minigames, and...