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    Extra Tracks Changes Guide by Incoherent

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/23/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ___    ___                       _  __
     /   \  /   \         ___     _   / \/ /          ___  _____
     | |\ \/ /| |   /\   |   \ | / \  |   <     /\   |   \   |     Super
     | | \  / | |  /--\  |---/ | | |  | |\ \   /--\  |---/   |     Circuit
     |_|  \/  |_| /    \ |   \ | \_/  |_| \_\ /    \ |   \   |
                               Extra Tracks Changes Guide
                         By Incoherent, Maker of Bad ASCII Art
                 Email me about this guide at: my_stupid_reed@yahoo.com
                                     Version 1.0
    << Table of Contents >>
    I.    Disclaimers and Notes
    II.   How to Get the Extra Tracks
    III.  General Changes
    IV.   Extra Mushroom Cup
    V.    Extra Flower Cup
    VI.   Extra Lightning Cup
    VII.  Extra Star Cup
    VIII. Extra Special Cup
    IX.   Thanks and Legal Junk
    Version History-
    v1.0- Well, here we go (to quote Luigi).  This guide is going to be short and
    sparsely updated, unlike my last project (Zelda: Oracle of Ages).
    << I. Disclaimers and Notes >>
    1) If you find something I didn't, and I've already covered that cup, feel
    free to email me the change.  Tell me the EXACT LOCATION of the omission or
    addition so that I can verify it.
    2) This is not a walkthrough.  If you need gameplay help, ask one of the
    people whose guides appear under the "General FAQs" section.
    3) If by some chance you want to put this guide on your site, don't.  Don't
    even ask.  Instead, put a link where you want it to go, and have the link
    target the game's FAQ page, which has the following URL:
    If you do this, not only will the people on your site see my guide, they
    will see the other, more helpful FAQs.  Even better, you don't have to ask
    me.  I don't mind in the least, and neither does CJayC, the webmaster of
    GameFAQs (in case you don't know, that's where you are).
    << II. How to Get the Extra Tracks >>
    Step 1: Beat all five Super Circuit cups in a given class.
    Step 2: Beat them again, but get at least 100 coins between the four tracks.
    Ranking doesn't matter, only coinage.
    Step 3: Enjoy!
    << III. General Changes >>
    At one point there was a bunch of junk here about the game mechanics and rants
    about the lack of Koopa Troopa.  But instead I decided to cover some of the
    real game-affecting changes.
    1) Basically all the obstacles are gone.  Among the casualties: pipes, oil
    slicks, Thwomps, boosts, flopping fish, Monty Moles (yay!), and Piranha plants.
    2) Most tracks now has a second item box in some location.  Sometimes there
    are more than one of them.  They appear in out-of-the-way places that you may
    have passed by in SMK.  In addition, the item boxes work like they do in
    Super Circuit: they regenerate after a few seconds and give the same items.  If
    the box is also in SMK, they are not mentioned; after all, this is a CHANGES
    3) The cups are split into groups of four as opposed to five in SMK, since
    there are now five cups in each class instead of four.  The tracks are
    redivided in the same order, but in different cups.
    Track           | Old Cup  | New Cup
    Mario Circuit 1 | Mushroom | Extra Mushroom
    Donut Plains 1  | Mushroom | Extra Mushroom
    Ghost Valley 1  | Mushroom | Extra Mushroom
    Bowser Castle 1 | Mushroom | Extra Mushroom
    Mario Circuit 2 | Mushroom | Extra Flower
    Choco Valley 1  | Flower   | Extra Flower
    Donut Plains 2  | Flower   | Extra Flower
    Ghost Valley 2  | Flower   | Extra Flower
    Bowser Castle 2 | Flower   | Extra Star
    Mario Circuit 3 | Flower   | Extra Star
    Koopa Beach 1   | Star     | Extra Star
    Choco Valley 2  | Star     | Extra Star
    Vanilla Lake 1  | Star     | Extra Lightning (what's with the name, anyway?)
    Bowser Castle 3 | Star     | Extra Lightning
    Mario Circuit 4 | Star     | Extra Lightning
    Donut Plains 3  | Special  | Extra Lightning
    Koopa Beach 2   | Special  | Extra Special
    Ghost Valley 3  | Special  | Extra Special
    Vanilla Lake 2  | Special  | Extra Special
    Rainbow Road    | Special  | Extra Special
    << IV. Extra Mushroom Cup >>
    * Mario Circuit 1 *
    Item Box: In the middle of the course is a large sandy area.  If you use a
    Mushroom or something and drive straight across it, you'll see an item box on
    your right.
    * Donut Plains 1 *
    Item Box: As you go down the straightaway leading to the first really sharp
    turn, there is an item box on the far right side of the track.  This one isn't
    that hard to find or get.
    * Ghost Valley 1 *
    1) These item boxes appeared in SMK, but there used to be bumpers in front of
    them. Find the two item boxes on opposite sides of the track on the back side
    (left side on your map).
    2) Due to the absence of the Feather, it's now almost impossible to take the
    shortcut near the end of the course, though it is possible with a Mushroom.
    * Bowser Castle 1 *
    Item Box: As you make the big turn after the long straightaway, there's an
    item box along the back wall.
    1) The boosts in the long straightaway have been removed.  There were three of
    them: two on the left and one on the right.  No Thwomps either.
    << V. Extra Flower Cup >>
    * Mario Circuit 2 *
    Item Box: Look on the left side of the straightaway inside the little loop
    before the jump.
    * Choco Island 1 *
    Item Box: Toward the end of the track, there's a bend and some mud puddles.
    Look off to the left side of the track to find it.
    1) In SMK, the item boxes extended into the jumps that immediately follow them.
    * Ghost Valley 2 *
    1) There's an item box on the right side of the back stretch leading to the
    finish line.  This was in SMK, but it was preceded by a boost and jump.  In
    Super Circuit both of these are gone.
    2) This was a pathetic shortcut to begin with, but you could use the Feather
    in SMK to jump across the turn with the two boxes.  Too bad.
    * Donut Plains 2 *
    Item Box: Right before the big hairpin turn, there's a box on the left.
    << VI. Extra Lightning Cup >>
    * Bowser Castle 2 *
    1) In the section with the divided passageway, there was a boost in the
    "outside" section, right as it started.
    * Mario Circuit 3 *
    Item Box: Right after the big hairpin there's an item box on the right of the
    1) There was a boost right before the finish line...
    * Koopa Beach 1 *
    Item Box: After the first big island, take a right and go out to a very small
    island with little more than an item box on it. 
    1) A couple of jumps were omitted: these were right before the big gap (after
    the second island) and right before the finish.
    * Choco Island 2 *
    Item Box: After the big mud puddle, look for an item box on the far left side
    as you turn.
    << VII. Extra Star Cup >>
    * Vanilla Lake 1 *
    Item Box: About halfway around the track, there's a small lake, to the left of
    which you can now find an item box.
    * Bowser Castle 3 *
    1) There was a boost in the outside track in the place where the track splits
    into three partitioned sections.  On the inside track was a jump and boost.
    * Mario Circuit 4 *
    Item Box: After the big hairpin turn, where the track runs to the left of a 
    big sandy area and a break in the wall, look to your right to find an item box.
    * Donut Plains 3 *
    Item Box: In the beginning of the rough section right before the S-turn and the
    finish line, there's a box on the left.
    1) On the second wooden bridge, there's a bumper right before the break in the
    << VIII. Extra Special Cup >>
    (Does this mean it's more special than the Special Cup?)
    * Koopa Beach 2 *
    No change.  (Ack!)
    * Ghost Valley 3 *
    Item Box: Right after the bumper mentioned below, there is an item box.  You
    probably don't want to take this one...
    1) Toward the end of the course, there's a bumper right before a hole in the
    track.  In SMK, there was a boost right before the bumper.
    * Vanilla Lake 2 *
    Item Box: In the middle of the track there's a part where the ice splinters
    across the track.  On one of the islands created by this, there's an item box.
    1) Since I never had the time to perfect the odd shortcut on this track, I 
    would appreciate it if someone would try it out on this track and give me the
    * Rainbow Road *
    1) There was a bumper right before the track split toward the end, as well as
    on the track right before the hairpin.
    Observation: this track got killed by the omission of the Thwomps.
    << IX. Thanks and Legal Junk >>
    Mario Kart: Super Circuit, all Nintendo characters, and all track names are
    copyright 2001 to Nintendo.  I am not affiliated with Nintendo or any other
    game company.  This FAQ, on the other hand, has been written entirely by me,
    and it may not be used for any commercial purpose.
    While you're down here, let me thank the following:
    - CJayC, webmaster of GameFAQs.  "You're my Hero!"
    - You, the reader.  No matter what possessed you to click on this, you've read
    this far...
    This FAQ copyright 2001 Incoherent.  The FAQ's over now, so go play the game!

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