GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File04/17/04Skye770764K
50CC + 100 CC Complete.
Save Game File01/05/03ReyVGM64K
All Normal And Super Nes Tracks Are Available.
Save Game File12/21/11samurai goroh64K
EVERY track has triple stars, including retro tracks (So, it has the night-time title screen displayed)
Save Game File01/12/03Biospark364K
Unlock majority of tracks, high rankings in GP, and time trial times.

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File06/29/04tjaj1464K
Game mostly complete....*** in almost every cup on all diffuculties....night-time title screen

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File10/20/03Psyco Monkey64K
Gold Cups in all 4 cups, quite high rankings

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