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    FAQ by Titney

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    Kurukuru Kururin for Gameboy Advance, Japanese version FAQ/Walkthrough
    By: Titney
    Version: 1.0
    Date: 2001-03-31
    E-mail: titney@gbemuheaven.com
    Web: http://www.gbemuheaven.com
    Copyright 2001 Titney
    -+- Intro -+-
    Hello, and welcome to my first ever game FAQ!
    Kurukuru Kururin is a puzzle/action game where you guide a spinning stick
    through different mazes. It's a very kawaii (cute) game, but that doesn't 
    mean that it's easy! 
    Each maze is set against a plush graphical background, and poppy funny
    background music.
    This game is all in Japanese, but don't let that worry you. There are very
    few menus and options, and they're very easy to use, especially with the
    help of this little FAQ :o)
    If you see something missing, or if I made a mistake, let me know by e-mail.
    I don't know much Japanese, some of the menu options are not direct
    translation, but rather descriptions.
    I hope you enjoy my guide and that it is to some help! :o)
    -+- Story -+- 
    You are Kururin, some kind of bird, and oddly enough you can't fly 
    without the aid of your helicopter stick thingy.
    One day your ten younger sibling birds wander off. 
    Your bird mom throws a fit and you promise her to get all her 
    hatchlings back! 
    You set out to fly the world in your helicopter stick thingy 
    and find them.
    On your way you get helpful advice from your flying instructor 
    rabbit friend.
    -+- Controls -+- 
    +          Moves the stick and selects menu options
    A          Select menu options, increase stick speed
    B          Go back in menus, increase stick speed
    Select     Makes the stick shorter
    Start      Starts the game, pauses the game 
    Shoulders  Honks a horn, customise the stick on the fly
    -+- Menus -+- 
    * Player Select Screen *
    When you first start out you get to enter your name. 
    The far left, upper option is "confirm".
    You can enter up to four different names,
    and one guest, whos progress also gets saved.
    To delete a name, choose the bottom option, and then select the name to delete.
    To confirm delete, choose the top alternative, 
    to go back, press B or choose the default bottom alternative.
    * Main Menu *
    (the five round buttons)
    Green  - Adventure     30 stages to clear to complete the story
    Yellow - Training      Practise the adventure stages
                           Watch demo play
                           grey on start up, turns yellow once you started the 
                            adventure mode
    Blue   - Puzzle        50 short but hard courses to clear
    Red    - Customise     change the look of the stick
    Purple - Link play     grey until you link up with a cable
    -+- Adventure -+- 
    * Start Options *
    When you start the adventure mode you get some options. 
    First you get two different round buttons:
    - Left:  normal mode
    - Right: easy mode, with a shorter stick. 
    Then when you talk to your mother bird, you get to select again:
    - Top selection:    makes you go through a training house before 
                        entering the adventure world.
    - Bottom selection: lets you skip the training, but you can always go back 
                        into the training house later by pressing back on the 
                        first course in the first land.
    * Pause menu *
    1. Map       - lets you use the + button to move around the course.
                    B to return.
    2. Restart   - restarts the course from the beginning.
    3. Customise - Customise the stick on the spot using the shoulder buttons. 
                   Left changes stick style, right changes colour. B to return.
    4. Exit      - returns you to course selection map.
    * Map *
    This is where you see the whole world, and select course.
    You have to clear each course to move onto the next. 
    If you clear a course perfectly without any damage you get a yellow star. 
    If one course is way too hard, try to make the stick shorter by pressing 
      select in the start area.
    If you "cheat" this way your time won't be saved and you can't get a star 
      even if you are undamaged, but you get to continue to the next course!
    Before you enter each course there is a little map to the left. 
    It's usually a good idea to check this out so you know where you're going! 
    The blue is the start area, red are the heart areas, and yellow is the goal.
    * Courses *
    Each course, or maze, have different areas:
    - Start: Where you can press select to make the stick shorter. 
             Also heals you like a heart area if you return to it.
    - Heart: Healing area, removes all damage and makes your stick good as new.
    - Goal:  This is where you want to go!
    * Objects *
    Along the way you will find different objects:
    - Tube of paint: lets you change the colour of your stick.
    - Custom stick:  lets you change the look of your stick.
    - Baby bird:     one of the siblings you're looking for!
    After you grab a stick or paint your stick will turn into the new colour 
      or style for a short time.
    A bit into the game some of the objects get harder to find or to reach.
    * Enemies and tools *
    You will also come upon different things in the courses that affect your path.
    - Spring:    Change direction of the rotation, doesn't damage.
    - Piston:    Goes back and forth, watch your timing with these.
    - Iron ball: Round iron ball, some move very fast.
    -+- Training -+- 
    Lets you practice the courses in the adventure. 
    Sometimes when you click a course you get an option, 1, 2 or 3. 
    This lets you start from the start, or the heart areas within the course. 
    In the training mode your stick takes damage as usual, but after a second 
    or two the damage is healed. So if you really mess up you'll have to
    start over, as usual.
    * Pause menu *
    1. Demo      - shows you a successful way through the course. 
                   pauses on each heart to let you select to leave
                   the bottom option in the pause menu stops the demo.
    2. Map       - lets you use the + button to move around the course.
                    B to return.
    3. Restart   - restarts the course from the beginning.
    4. Customise - Customise the stick on the spot using the shoulder buttons. 
                   Left changes stick style, right changes colour. B to return.
    5. Exit      - returns you to course selection map.
    -+- Puzzle -+-
    Shorter, harder courses with plainer backgrounds. 
    You can select any puzzle on any level, 
     no need to clear them to mode on to the next.
    * Pause menu *
    1. Map       - lets you use the + button to move around the course.
                    B to return.
    2. Restart   - restarts the course from the beginning.
    3. Customise - Customise the stick on the spot using the shoulder buttons. 
                   Left changes stick style, right changes colour. B to return.
    4. Exit      - returns you to course selection map.
    -+- Customise -+-
    For more options to appear here you need to grab objects in the adventure. 
    The first three rows are different styles of sticks, select them to change.
    The tubes of paint changes the colour of the stick, 
    but some of the colours aren't exactly plain colour... you'll see :o)
    The bottom row are the baby birds, 10 of them in total. 
    Select them to have them sit on your stick and fly along through the courses. 
    The kanji signs with red background to the right saves and exits customisation. 
    B exits without saving.
    -+- Link play -+-
    Don't know much about this as I have no one to link up to! 
    You can make the stick shorter for some players as a handicap. 
    Your opponents will appear as transparent sticks in the course.
    The slimmer end of the link cable should always be on the player 1 end. 
    -+- Hints and tips -+-
    Timing is everything!
    Try practising hard on the earlier levels or else you will have a *very*
    hard time further into the game.
    Take it easy! Ignore the clock, and wait for the right time to take that
    hard turn. 
    Speed up! Sometimes it's a good idea to push the A or B button to speed
    the stick up.
    Train! If you get stuck, go to the training area and practise the parts 
    of the course that are hard. 
    If you don't know your way, try watching the demo.
    Cheat! If you still don't get it, try making the stick shorter with select
    in the start area.
    -+- Adventure Worlds -+-
    This is a bit of a spoiler, so don't read on if you don't want to know 
     what lies ahead!
    spoiler space
    The adventure mode consists of 10 areas with 3 courses in each. 
    The areas are as follows:
    1. Meadow, Cute green background with mushrooms and houses and stuff.
    2. Sea, You are completely surrounded by water, seashells, whales etc.
    3. Jungle, Lush and green, gorillas and huts. Funky calypso music.
    4. Cake land, Pink and sweet, with cakes and cookies and wobbling jelly.
    5. Cave, cool adventure music. Brown stony background with fossils.
    6. Cloud land, High up in the sky, rainbows, moons, flying elephants.
    7. Star land, Outer space, baby planets and rockets. Cool 3D effect stars.
    8. Ice land, snowmen, igloos and christmas trees. Sleighbell music.
    9. Machine land, metallic factory, this is where the steel balls come rolling.
    10. Castle, final level, haven't reached this yet!
    spoiler space
    -+- Copyright and Credits -+-
    Copyright 2001 Titney
    Don't change or publish this FAQ without asking me first.
    For publishing on www.gamefaqs.com only.
    May not be used for profit or anything commercial.
    All proprietary names are copyright of Nintendo.
    Written by Titney with some help of the instruction booklet and the
    www.nintendo.co.jp website translated with

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