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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Greng

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 04/30/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

             __                            __                       
            |  | ____ _________ __ __     |  | ____ _________ __ __ 
            |  |/ /  |  \_  __ \  |  \ __ |  |/ /  |  \_  __ \  |  \
            |    <|  |  /|  | \/  |  /|__||    <|  |  /|  | \/  |  /
            |__|_ \____/ |__|  |____/     |__|_ \____/ |__|  |____/
                 \/                            \/                   
                   __                             .__        
                  |  | ____ _________ __ _________|__| ____  
                  |  |/ /  |  \_  __ \  |  \_  __ \  |/    \ 
                  |    <|  |  /|  | \/  |  /|  | \/  |   |  \
                  |__|_ \____/ |__|  |____/ |__|  |__|___|  /
                       \/                                 \/ 
                |            GAME | KURU KURU KURURIN (c)2001 |
                |           Genre | Action Puzzler            |
                |         System  | Game Boy Advance          |
                |       Publisher | Nintendo/Eighting         |
                |    Game Version | Japanese                  |
                | Date of Release | 21 Mar 2001               |
                |      FAQ Author | Greng                     |
                |     FAQ Version | 0.2                       |
                |    Version Date | 30 Apr 2001               |
                |          E-mail | me@greng.co.uk            |
    | GENERAL GAME INFORMATION |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    The basic premise of the game is to guide the spinning stick through a series
    of stages without hitting the walls.  There are lots of tight gaps and curved
    areas you must negotiate and it gets very technical later on in the game.
    Stages are short.  Almost all of them can be finished in less than 1 minute!
    This is not to say it is a short game.  Trying to beat all the time challenges
    is going to be tough.  If you want to succeed in beating the game properly you
    need to really practice the later stages.  Reaching the goals in each stage is
    one thing, getting the highest ranking times is another thing entirely!
    This is one of those games with a bizarre name.  It will probably have a 
    different name given if it is released in the US or Europe.  When people give
    you a strange look when you try telling them about it you can use this
    explanation. 'Kuru Kuru' is a Japanese term for a 'whirring' sound and Kururin
    is the central character!
    If you are worried about importing this game, there is absolutely no language
    barrier to playing.  It is a series of puzzles and the only thing you need to
    get used to is which menu option takes you where.  There are only three menus
    to navigate and they are easy to memorise.
    | The Story  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Mother duck is out enjoying a country walk with her little ducklings (your
    brothers & Sisters). Your siblings are bored of being stuck in the house and
    decide to go off exploring the world they live in.  When she finds out they
    have disappeared she runs of and tells Kururin (you) what happened.  Kururin
    looks pretty peeved!  "Pesky siblings now I'll have to go and rescue them
    all"!  So you board your special helicopter "helicopter phosphorus" (I didn't
    make it up, its on Nintendo's website) and set off on your journey, intent on
    rescuing your younger brothers & sisters and returning them safely to their
    mother.  You must guide Kururin through 35 levels in order to find all your
    lost siblings.  It's your standard puzzle game 'plot'.
    Throughout the game you rescue these baby ducks and every time you do you have
    a little conversation with them.  Of course this is in Japanese so I have no
    idea what they are talking about :(
    | GAME CONTROLS  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Kuru Kuru Kururin features deceptively simple gameplay. You can play with the
    d-pad alone, the controls are really simple.
    D-pad  -  Used to control your stick
    A      -  Increases your speed
    B      -  Increases your speed (same as A)
    A+B    -  Further increase to your speed
    Select -  When on the starting area, changes the size of the stick
    Start  -  Opens the Pause menu
    If you press select while you are still in the starting area (blue) you can
    change the size of the stick.  This allows you to get through tighter gaps and
    makes the game FAR easier.  This is useful if you want to collect all the
    bonus icons but beware that any records you beat will be discounted and you
    will not get a gold star for completing the stage. Only use this option if you
    really cannot finish a stage using the normal stick.
    Pressing L makes a low horn sound
    Pressing R makes a high horn sound
    Pressing A/B+L makes a ringing sound
    Pressing A/B+R makes a barking sound
    Pressing A+B+L makes a neighing sound
    Pressing A/B+R makes a Cock-a-doodle-doo sound
    When you have ducks sitting on your stick, pressing one of the shoulder
    buttons causes them to fly off and circle you.
    | SETUP  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    When you 1st play Kuru Kuru Kururin you will need to set-up a save game slot.
    There are 4 slots available for you & three friends if you like sharing :)
    There is also a slot for any guests/freeloaders who might want to play.
    This is good if you worry about someone messing up your personal records.
    To set-up a save game select a slot to use and you will be taken to the name
    entry screen.  Here you will see a keyboard to select characters from and
    there are also three options across the top and two options to the left.  The
    options across the top are for Roman text, Hiragana & Katakana.  The two
    options on the left of the screen are OK & Backspace. To select a character,
    press a.  To delete a character press b or use the second option on the left
    of the screen.
    Once you have entered a name choose 'OK' which is the 1st option on the left
    of the screen.
    The game auto saves your progress after each stage you complete.  You can turn
    the game off at any point without losing what you have completed.  When you
    next play the game just select the save slot you where using before.  Each
    slot has both the name you created for it and shows your game progression.
    | MAIN MENU  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Once you have selected a save game you will be taken to the main menu.  There
    are 5 options, which are from left to right:
    1. Customise         Red
    2. Practice          Yellow
    3. Story Mode        Green
    4. Challenge Mode    Blue
    5. Multiplayer       Purple
    | 1. CUSTOMISE  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Option 1 on the main menu takes you to a screen, which will display all the
    bonus items you have collected so far.  These items are gained when you find
    them, and successfully complete a stage in Story Mode. There are three
    different types of bonus.
    These change the look of your Stick.  There are 15 different variations and
    they are listed on the Customise screen with purple backgrounds.  Here is the
    full list of variations...
    01. Plain
    02. Wiggly
    03. 2 Colour
    04. Barbers Pole
    05. Spikes
    06. Hearts
    07. Flowers
    08. Chain
    09. Balls
    10. Solid Stars
    11. Twinkling Stars
    12. Snake
    13. Blades
    14. Ornate rungs?
    15. Plants?
    These descriptions reflect the types of customisation just so you know what
    you are missing.  You really need to see  them for yourself to see which ones
    you really like.  My favourites have to be the Snake & Blades.
    These items obviously allow you to change the colour of your stick. There are
    7 different colours to choose from.  They are listed on the Customise screen
    with light blue backgrounds.
    There are 10 Ducks to rescue, one for each Zone.  They are listed on the
    Customise screen with green backgrounds.
    I currently have no idea what the ducks are for but you can attach them to
    your stick.  When you hit anything or press one of the shoulder buttons they
    jump off your stick and fly around you for a bit.
    If you pause the game during stages, the 3rd option (4th in practice mode)
    will allow you to select both the colour and style of your stick. This is very
    useful for finding a colour & style that stands out from the stages
    Throughout the stages of the story mode there are items you can collect, which
    you can use to customise your stick. These items are gained when you find
    them, and successfully complete the stage in Story Mode.
    When you pick up a special item, your craft will alter to display the new
    customising option you have just collected.  If you pick up one of your
    siblings, it will accompany you until you clear the stage.
    | 2. PRACTICE MODE  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    In practice mode you can select any previously completed stage and try to beat
    your best times.  You can select which section of the stage to play.  Every
    large Heart-recovery area denotes the beginning of a section.  These are shown
    in the small map as a red square.  hitting walls/objects results in a +3
    second penalty but your three energy hearts will regenerate after a short
    period of time.
    There is a pause menu accessed using START.  These options also appear when
    you complete a stage.  There are 5 options as follows...
    1. Demo [ this shows you an example of how to clear the stage ]
    2. Replay
    3. View stage [ this allows you to scroll around and study the stage ]
    4. Customise
    5. Retry/end [ selecting this from a demo/replay will retry the stage,
       otherwise you will be taken back to the stage select screen.
    I found this mode is useful at two points in the game.  In the begining you
    can check out the general mechanics of the game by watching these demos, this
    helps confirm what you are doing right & wrong at the start.  Once you have
    worked your way through Story Mode and want to tidy up those final perfects to
    get all-stars, then this mode becomes REALLY useful.  You can practice, say,
    the last section on a stage over and over until you have it just right.  Even
    later into the game the demos can be invaluable if you are stuck on any
    particular stage.
    |3. STORY MODE  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| 
    This is the main section of the game.  When you 1st start this mode you are
    given two options, the first choice to make is difficulty.  The option on the
    left is 'normal', the option on the right 'easy' gives you a craft which is
    1/2 the size.
    The second question you are asked is whether you wish to play the training
    stages, or just jump straight into the 1st stage.
    Here are the options...
    1. View stage [ this allows you to scroll around and study the stage ]
    2. Restart stage
    3. Customise
    4. Quit stage
    There are 5 training stages to play through in addition to 10 Zones each with
    3 stages.  That's a total of 35 stages for story mode.
    Before selecting a stage from the stage select screen you will see a map of
    the course in the top left and the 3 best times listed below it.  There will
    be 3 different coloured squares on the map.  Blue is the start area, Red is
    the Heart-recovery area and Yellow is the goal.
    Special areas on stage:
    When you are on the start area, the timer will not start.  You can also use
    select at this point to change the size of the stick.
    Anywhere where you see a flashing marker in the middle of the floor is an area
    where you can wait and the stick can make a full rotation without hitting the
    walls.  You can pause for breath here if you need to!  You 'may' need to
    stop over these sections in order to time your next manouver.
    Damage is counted in Hearts.  If you lose any energy hearts, when you go over
    a Heart-recovery area they are replenished.  There may be up to three of these
    in a given stage, depending on the length & difficulty of the stage.
    The Rabbit Teacher:
    At the beginning of each stage The Rabbit Teacher with goggles gives you
    advise about the stage.  He seems to be training you up for something...
    There are several hazards that will feature in the stages.  The most obvious
    of these are the walls of the stage.  Hitting these loses you a heart.  There
    are also Spike balls, which roll in a single direction, and pistons, which
    move back and forth.  Hit anything three times and your stick is destroyed.
    In the much later stages there are also cannons, which will aim at you and
    fire!  These are REALLY annoying and are very hard to avoid.  You seriously do
    NOT want to be hanging around these for too long.
    In addition to these hazards there are springs, which you can hit in order to
    change the rotation of your stick.  This is necessary in order to negotiate
    certain corners.  Sometimes these springs are placed in a way that means they
    will mess you up if you are not fast enough so they can be quite frustrating
    at times!!
    If you pick up a duck during one of the stages you can use the shoulder
    buttons to make it fly off from your stick.  If you successfully complete the
    stage you will have a little conversation with the rescued duck and it will be
    added to your customisation options.
    If you do not collect all the bonus items on a stage, there will be a text box
    under that stage.  So when you are trying to get all bonuses, check each stage
    on the stage select screen for the little text box.
    There are two basic goals to achieve for each stage.  You can race for the 
    best time or you can try and 'perfect' the stage.  If you successfully
    complete a stage, you progress to the next stage on the stage select screen
    and a gold coin appears on the completed stage.  If you perfect the stage you
    will get a gold star instead.
    To get a perfect, you must clear the stage without receiving any damage.
    There is a bonus if you can get a perfect on every stage...
    Getting a perfect on all 35 stages in the story mode unlocks three final
    stages.  These are very long and have no Heart-recovery areas.  Technically
    they are not as difficult but the length makes them challenging.
    Getting perfects on all these stages (35+3) will unlock new best-times for
    every stage in story mode excluding the final 3 bonus stages which do not have
    best-rankings set.  New rankings are also set for the Challenge mode.
    Once you have gone through and reclaimed all the best-times you are now faced
    with an even higher set of time-rankings to achieve!  To beat these you will
    need to pull off some unbelievably tight short-cuts.
            Thanks to GBA Boy (see contributors) for providing this info.
            Once you achieve a Perfect on all 35 stages of the Story Mode
            you unlock a further three!  Getting a perfect on these
            doesn't unlock anything new however.  According to GBA BOY
            these stages are really really long.  Once you do complete the
            very hard task of getting ALL STARS, new best times appear
            which may knock out your previously number one best times.
            They are incredibly low times!
            Getting the best time changes your save game login. Two
            Japanese characters that mean master appear behind your
            name... How rewarding is it to be a master at Kuru ????  The
            new times that appear are actually the rabbits "master" times.
            The Rabbit master gives you the ultimate master's time.
            I [GBA BOY] therefore assume that you reach great master status
            once you beat all his times. A claim to fame !!!!
    | 4. CHALLENGE MODE  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    This mode features 10 Levels consisting of 5 very short stages with really
    tight best times to beat.  Most of these stages should take you about 3-5
    seconds to finish but they are really tough, especially trying to get a
    Perfect on every stage.  There are no Heart-recovery areas in these stages and
    you have one less energy heart to use (2).  Not that you should be using them
    at all!
    Even if you selected the easy Story mode, this Challenge mode remains the
    The challenges are arranged in levels according to general style...
    Level 01 = Cornering
    Level 02 = Advanced Cornering
    Level 03 = Cornering & Springs
    Level 04 = Advanced Cornering & Springs
    Level 05 = Springs, Pistons & Spike Balls
    Level 06 = 
    Level 07 = 
    Level 08 = 
    Level 09 = 
    Level 10 = 
    Level 11 = Zen like reflexes!
    Same as for Story Mode...
    1. View stage [ this allows you to scroll around and study the stage ]
    2. Restart stage
    3. Customise
    4. Quit stage
    It seems that getting the top-ranking time on all challenges serves only to
    show your skill.  Nothing extra is unlocked for this.
    If you get a Perfect on all 50 stages in Challenge Mode you unlock a further
    level (lv11) with 5 more stages!  These are really tough to figure out.  These
    bonus challenges don't have best times set to beat though :(  I figure
    Eighting don't want to give you ANY clues as to how to beat these. Putting
    times in gives you a good idea about how to beat a stage.
    | 5. MULTIPLAYER MODE  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Something that looks to be a regular trend with GBA games is the ability
    to have up to four players competing at once using only one cart!  It takes
    about 30 second to transfer the game data to the connected GBA's but once that
    is done it is fast & frantic multiplayer action all the way.
    Each player is visible on the screen.  Opponents sticks are ghosted so you
    don't get too confused.
    The principle of the multiplayer game is quite straightforward.  In order to
    win you must reach the goal before your opponents.  When a player loses all
    their hearts, they re-start from the starting point.
    You can handicap players by reducing the number of hearts they have and also
    select the size of the craft they use.  This is a very versatile handicapping
    system allowing players of varying skills to play a balanced game.  Believe me
    when I say there is a BIG difference between using a short stick & a long one!
    Since I am the only person insane enough to buy an import GBA I have not been
    able to check out the multiplayer aspect of Kuru Kuru Kururin.
            Thanks to Wen (see contributors) for this info on the
            multiplayer mode...
            I thought I'd let you know that I've hooked up 2 game boy
            advances with the game and it's pretty fun as far as
            competition goes.
            Here's the scoop:
            You both go to a menu where you choose the size of your 'ship'
            and how many hearts (hits) you can take.  Then you can choose
            a stage (the first player can) and you race to the end.  If
            one dies, he just goes back to the beginning and keeps racing
            until someone wins... also, the number of races goes up to 64
            and then resets itself.
    | STRATEGIES & HINTS  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Use the various customisations to your advantage.  The backgrounds do vary
    between stages so you will benefit from ensuring your craft stands out well at
    all times.
    In order to enter into the TOP3, you must move very quickly & learn shortcuts
    through the courses.  Almost every stage has some particularly twisted
    shortcuts.  These are incredibly hard to negotiate but ensure you get a time
    not to be messed with!  If a path looks virtually impossible, chances are you
    WILL be able to get though it somehow.
    Timing is a key element of this game.  The counter does not begin while you
    remain on the starting area.  Learning the right time to begin the stage can
    really improve your best times.  This plays particular importance in the
    challenge mode.  Sometimes you might want to wait for the craft to do 2 & 1/2
    rotations (for example) before setting off, particularly on the stages with
    pistons or spike-balls.
    Know when to use the speed up buttons.  It's not always best to fly around
    holding both a & b.  Learn which sections of the course benefit from going at
    a slower pace, and which bits you really need to fly through super-fast.  If a
    corner has a large radius then it might be better to just glide round it
    slowly.  Obviously a tight corner or a long, slim section is going to require
    that you pick the pace up.
    A superb technique to help speed yourself up on some levels is to use the
    walls withing the heart recovery areas to adjust the angle of the stick.
    Since you cannot receive damage within there Heart-Recovery areas, you are not
    given a time penalty either.  If you find yourself waiting for the stick to be
    at a certain angle, just use the walls to push it round!
    The above technique can also be applied to springs.  Springs can be used to
    good effect not just to change the rotation of the stick but also to push the
    stick round quicker.  This will help you achieve faster times.
    In order to get by the last cannons in the last stage, you mustn't press the
    accelerator button. You need to amplify all your trajectories (move further in
    each direction than neccesary so they shoot besides you [contrib. by GBA Boy]
    A lot of the time, springs are placed where they are not neccesary at all.
    If your timing is right, some corners can be taken even with the stick
    rotating in the 'wrong' direction.  A good example of this is on Story mode
    Level 25 (above and slightly to the left of the snowman on the world map).
    This stage has two sets of four pistons. The final corner before the goal can
    be taken in reverse!  My best time on this stage is 00'09"85.
    If you customise your stick with all the ducks, you could launch them during a
    multiplayer game to confuse the other players.
    | CHALLENGE MODE WALKTHROUGH  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|...in progress |
    This is actually my favourite part of the game.  It's a real test of skill and
    there is no easy option, even if you are playing the story mode on easy, the
    stick is at full size for these challenges.
    Here are some strategies for getting a perfect / getting the best time on each
    stage.  I used all these techniques to beat the final set of time-rankings
    that are unlocked when you collect all perfects on story & challenge modes &
    then go on to clear the 1st set of new time challenges...
    1.  I am using the Snake style customisation to help explain these stages.
        This way the stick has a head & a tail.  This should make the walkthrough
        much easier to follow.
    2.  I will describe directions as on a compass. N for North, N-E for North-
        East and so on.
    3.  Speed, there are three speed levels in this game...
        Speed 1 - No buttons pressed
        Speed 2 - Either A or B pressed
        Speed 3 - Both A & B together
        Before each instruction I will indicate what speed you should ideally be
    STAGE 01-1
    My Best Time = 00'01"93
    Rabbits Time = 00'02"90
    Speed 3
    1.  Adjust slightly to the right & down.  Wait almost 1/2 a turn before
        leaving (head 1st).
    2.  You are looking to hug the right wall as closely as possible.
    STAGE 01-2
    My Best Time = 00'03"48
    Rabbits Time = 00'04"01
    Speed 3
    1.  Exit almost immediately
    2.  Aim for the second of the two holes and exit this in a wider arc so as to
        get round the last corner as fast as possible.  You are basically making
        an 'm' shaped motion.
    STAGE 01-3
    My Best Time = 00'02"81
    Rabbits Time = 00'03"80
    Speed 3
    1.  Wait 1/4 turn and leave head 1st.
    2.  Follow the inner wall around as tightly as possible.  You should make a
        smooth motion straight round the path.
    STAGE 01-4
    My Best Time = 00'03"16
    Rabbits Time = 00'03"51
    Speed 3
    1.  Wait 3/4 turn and leave head 1st.  You need to have moved slightly down
        and to the edge of the start grid.  You should be cutting it as fine as
        possible round the 1st corner.
    2. Head North and keep to the left.
    STAGE 01-5
    My Best Time = 00'03"33
    Rabbits Time = 00'03"90
    Heres the 1st really challenging stage!
    Speed 3
    1. Adjust up & right & leave after a 1/4 turn.  The stick should be dead-on
       horizontal, exiting tail 1st.
    2. Follow the 1st corner round being careful of the head end of the stick.
    3. When the head end is clear and pointing into the 2nd corner, begin
       manouvering the stick around this corner and into the goal area.
    STAGE 02-1
    My Best Time = 00'09"56
    Rabbits Time = 00'09"71
    Speed 2
    1.  Exit horizontally, tail 1st.
    2.  Take the 1st two corners without pausing.  You have to be careful because
        the paths are not exactly diagonal so you have to do quite a bit of
        adjusting with the d-pad.
    3.  You may have to pause for a second before taking the 3rd corner.
    Speed 3
    4.  You should pause again briefly before entering the 4th corner, once the
        tail end is in position, switch to speed three and get round this corner
        as fast as possible and make your way down the straight to the goal.
    STAGE 02-2
    My Best Time = 00'04"46
    Rabbits Time = 00'05"45
    Speed 2
    1.  As soon as the tail end of the stick is clear of the West wall, get near
        the exit of the start grid so the middle of your stick is in the middle of
        the path leading out.  Be ready to exit very quickly!
    2.  Get around the 1st corner (tail 1st) and manouver the tail into the little
        gap.  You do not need to move right into this gap, just enought so that
        the head end can rotate around clear of the North wall.
    Speed 3
    3.  As soon as it is clear you need to speed round the last corner.  Make sure
        you get the tail clear of the West wall!  You are basically hugging the
        East wall as closely as possible.  Once you are 1/2 way round this corner
        (near the topmost point) you can adjust up slightly to get round the
        corner faster.  Otherwise you will be wasting time waiting for the
        trailing end of the stick to clear the South wall.
    STAGE 02-3
    My Best Time = 00'03"88
    Rabbits Time = 00'04"60
    Speed 3
    1.  Wait 3/8 of a turn before exiting, as usual, position yourself right on
        the edge of the start area.  Basically exiting head 1st so the head end
        only just clears the inside of the corner.
    2.  Ignore the crossroads and head straight down to the T-junction.
    3.  At the T-junction you want to manouver round to the left slightly, before
        reversing the motion so the tail end is heading East.
    4.  Follow the wall straight round into the goal area.
    STAGE 02-4
    My Best Time = 00'04"81
    Rabbits Time = 00'05"95
    This one is really frustrating!
    Speed 3
    1.  Manouver to the very middle of the start area exit immediately and time
        your exit to be as late as possible.  You will know when you get this
        right.  You will be exiting head 1st.
    2.  Hit the head of the stick on the springs twice to push it around a little
        quicker and get in position so the tail of the stick will hit the lower
        spring.  It may be a good idea not have the tail-end hit the spring
        straight away as this will cause the head end to crash into the East wall.
    3.  The last bit is quite hard to explain...  Make sure the tail end doesn't
        hit the West wall, but you need to make a slight movement to the left in
        order to get the head end of the stick round the corner.  As soon as the
        tail end hits the springs you need to be making a left, down-left, left,
        down motion!
    4.  If you can make it clear of the protruding West wall then it is now simply
        a matter of following the trail round anti-clockwise to the goal.
    STAGE 02-5
    My Best Time = 00'03"78
    Rabbits Time = 00'04"90
    Speed 3
    1.  Move up to the edge of the start area immediately.  You will exit tail
    2.  You can ignore the 1t set of springs.  Watch the head end of the stick to
        judge when it will be clear of the West wall and dash straight through the
        '3'shaped area.
    3.  You need to be moving along the path leading West as close to the lower
        wall as possible.
    4.  If you have done it correctly the tail end of the stick should hit the
        springs without you having to move towards them, or slow down to make
    5.  As soon as contact with the springs is made, move up so the training end
        of the stick doesn't hit the lower wall.
    6.  Aim diagonally N-W for the goal.
    STAGE 10-1
    My Best Time = 00'05"06
    Rabbits Time = 00'06"10
    Speed 3
    1.  Wait 3/4 of a turn before leaving (head 1st).
    2.  Hit the snake head on the springs twice to push the stick round more.
        This allows you to follow the path round immediately.  You should hear two
        consecutive boinging sounds if you do it correctly.
    STAGE 10-2
    My Best Time = 00'03"23
    Rabbits Time = 00'04"60
    Time this correctly off the starting area any you can follow the loop round
    without stoping once.
    Speed 3
    1.  Wait a 1/4 turn, push down so the centre of the stick is just inside the
        start grid.
    2.  Once you learn the timing, just fly found the curve in one motion.
    3.  Aim for the left of the goal for the best time (watch the leading end of
        the stick though).
    STAGE 10-3
    My Best Time = 00'02"45
    Rabbits Time = 00'03"61
    For the best time possible, ignore the spring.  This is an incredibly tight
    path and you WILL be tearing your hair out trying to get it.
    Speed 3
    1.  Wait 1/2 a turn before leaving (tail 1st)
    2.  You need to be exiting as soon as possible.  If you wait a fraction of a
        second more than you need to then you will hit the wall near the goal.
        If you are feeling particularly sneaky, you can try hitting the head end
        of the stick just as you are leaving the start square just to make it
        slightly easier to squeeze through the gap near the goal.  I don't believe
        this will lead to a faster time howether and it is EXTREMELY hard to pull
        off consistently.
    3.  Hug the South wall.
    4.  You need to be paying attention to both ends of the stick as you get near
        the goal.  It's a VERY tight squeeze!
    STAGE 10-4
    My Best Time = 00'06"51
    Rabbits Time = 00'08"40
    One of the slowest stages in Challenge mode, but one of the easiest too.
    SPEED 3
    1.  Wait almost 1/2 turn & leave tail 1st.  The head end should only just be
        clear of the East wall as you start.
    2.  Move straight up and round and use the spring to reverse the stick
    3.  Follow round to the gap in the East wall and enter it diagonally,
        adjusting carefully as you enter.  This is head 1st.
    4.  Aim to adjust so that you are entering the goal on the left hand side for
        the best time.
    STAGE 10-5
    My Best Time = 00'05"18
    Rabbits Time = 00'05"61
    This one is pretty technical, involving two very tight squeezes!
    SPEED 3
    1.  Move to the lower right of the Start Grid while the stick is making it's
        1st 1/4 turn.  Leave head 1st.
    2.  Manouver carefully through the 1st gap and along the N-E path.
    3.  Squeeze round the corner at the top.  You do have to wait for the stick to
        rotate before going around this corner.  You will be going round tail 1st.
        You need to be very quick about getting round here and positioning the
        head of the stick under the springs.
    4.  Double hit the spring to speed the sticks rotation allowing you to get
        round the last corner quicker.
    STAGE 11-5
    My Best Time = 00'04'28
    Do not use the springs and do not worry about the two pistons to the top
    left and the bottom right.  The only ones you need to pay attention to
    are the two near the goal.
    Ignore the central gap
    Speed 1
    1.  Before you leave the start area, wait 1/2 a rotation of the stick.  You
        will be exiting the start area head 1st.
    2.  While the stick is doing this 1/2 turn manouver down and left ever so
        slightly (without leaving the start area until the full half-turn is
    3.  Begin by pointing the head into the N-E gap.  Do this enough to give
        clearance to the tail end to get into the S-W gap.
    Speed 2
    4.  Head S-W (tail leading) and hug the diamond shape wall.  You need to
        manouver the stick around the bottom of this!  You should now have the
        centre-point of the stick directly under the point of this diamond shape.
    Speed 3
    5.  Right now the bottom piston should almost have begun moving up, you need
        to dash N-E before it does this.  Stick the tail end into the small gap
        above the right-hand piston.
    6.  You need to reverse again here.  Point the head-end into the gap leading
        to the goal making sure the tail end doesn't hit the piston (which should
        be at it's furthest extention).
    7.  Easy Peasy!
    | LINKS  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    GameFAQ's Kuru Kuru Forum:
    Nintendo of Japan's Kuru Kuru Kururin site:
    | ABOUT THE AUTHOR  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    This gamefaq is brought to you by Greng.  You can e-mail me@greng.co.uk with
    any queries you have with this game or with any info you think should be in
    this FAQ.  You will get full credit for any useful info you provide.  If I
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    included  Please do not send any emails saying "Hey!  You spelt color
    wrong"...  I am English and therefore do not use American spelling in my
    FAQ's :)
    | CONTRIBUTORS  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Thanks to everybody who has taken the time to help me out with information
    about this game.  You are all stars...
        | Bugula  dcbugula@yahoo.com                                  |
        |                                                             |
        | Pointed out I had the game name wrong!                      |
        | Wen     videogame@ureach.com                                |
        |                                                             |
        | Information on the 2 player link-up game                    |
        | GBA Boy from the GameFAQ's forum                            |
        |                                                             |
        | Information about the Story mode bonus.  This guy got a     |
        | perfect on all the story mode stages 1st!                   |
    | HELP ME! |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Here are some things that I need to investigate.  If you know anything about
    any of the below, or have any cool secrets to share.  Please let me know and
    I'll stick them in this FAQ for everyone to benefit from.  You will get full
    credit for anything you submit :)
    1. Translations...  Anyone know what The Rabbit Teacher is saying at the start
       of each stage?
    2. Is there a specific benefit to 'attaching' the ducks to your stick?
    3. Multiplayer section could still do with some info.  Strategies etc.
    4. Are the multiplayer stages unique or are they similar to the story / 
       challenge stages?
    5. Let me know if the FAQ reads well please.
    6. If anybody gets the best times for all stages please let me know.  Please
       also post this on the gameFAQ's forum for GBA Boy's benefit.
    | VERSION HISTORY |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    VER 0.1 - 30 MAR 2001 - 13kb
    * The 1st version of this FAQ!
    VER 0.2 - 27 APR 2001 - 20kb
    * Corrected the Name of the game.  Kururin, not Kuruin!  It's the shop's fault
      not mine!
    * Information on unlocked secrets expanded [story mode]
    * Strategies section expanded
    * Some multiplayer info added
    * OK!  We have some contributors :)
    * Ever so slight tidy-up
    * Got rid of the naff ASCII art
    VER 0.3 - 21 MAY 2001 - 42kb
    * Started the Challenge stages walkthrough.  Starting to wish I hadn't!
    * Amended a few details about the practice-mode pause menus
    * Expanded the multiplayer section
    * Changed the term 'level' to 'stage' to avoid any confusion between the games
      stages and the levels in challenge mode.
    * Provided a lot more information in the strategies section
    * Added the link to Nintendo of Japan's Kuru Kuru Kururin site
    * Found out why those ducks wandered off in the 1st place! (boredom)
    * Added better (smaller) ASCII
    I have only 3 Rabbit Master Times to beat!!!  Hopefully beating these will
    unlock something further???  I doubt it though, the game has to end somewhere.
    Cake     Choc cave     Castle
    04-2     05-2          10-3
    Total = 3
    (this will probably be done by the next update)
    | LEGAL INFO  |~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
    Kuru Kuru Kururin is (c)2001 Nintendo/EIGHTING
    This Gamefaq is (c)2001 Greg Adams
    If you want to use ANY information contained in this gamefaq (in part, or in
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    Thank you for reading :)

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