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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MarkTurner100

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/19/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       Complete Guide to Kuru Kuru Kururin  v0.3
                                    by Mark Turner
    Contact : MarkTurner10@hotmail.com
    If you are interested in competing in fast times for this game, and over 200
    others, then check out www.cyberscore.net
    Remember, no emulators are allowed.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, tips or new records. If you
    want I can add it to this guide, and make sure you are given credit.
    Section 1 : Information
    -This Guide
    Section 2 : All about the game and gameplay
    -The story
    -The game
       Make Up
    -Unlockables and Extras
    -Tips for getting perfects
    -Tips for better times
    Section 3 : Easy Adventure
    Section 4 : Normal Adventure
    Section 5 : End
                                      Section 1
              [          ]
    ----------[    ME    ]---------------------------------------------------------
              [          ]
    I had been playing Kuru Kuru Kururin for a long time before there was a really
    good way of competing for time, and until then I didn't know what was possible.
    I can remember first playing the game and finding it really hard to navigate
    even the simplest of courses.
    Make no mistake, this game is hard. To complete the game on normal mode, with
    all perfects you will spend many hours yelling and throwing things around, but
    achieving it is most rewarding in the end. I lost my save file a few months ago
    but I have managed to get back to where I was before, in fact some of my times
    are even faster this time round.
    I am now a moderator on Cyberscore, which is in my opinion the best site for
    competing in many different games on multiple platforms, and I feel very
    privaliged to be part of that. Thanks should go to MikkyX for creating it from
    the ground up. Kudos to you!
    Thanks should also go to anyone who competes on Kuru Kuru Kururin, like Rokusu,
    Lemaitre, and Perfectneo.
              [               ]
    ----------[   THE GUIDE   ]----------------------------------------------------
              [               ]
    I mainly focus on getting the fastest times, and not much on actually
    completing it for the first time. Using this guide you should be able to
    complete all of the levels fast enough to achieve Master Hare status.
    There is some general information as well at the beginning for those of you who
    don't like reading instructions.
                                      Section 2
              [           ]
    ----------[ THE STORY ]--------------------------------------------------------
              [           ]
    You control a bird in a helicopter, and have to move around the stages to 
    rescue 10 other birds that have fallen out of their nest. The helicopter
    continually rotates so you have to move carefully. The story really doesn't
    have any impact on the game at all. Just get round them mazes!
              [          ]
    ----------[ THE GAME ]---------------------------------------------------------
              [          ]
    -[Starting the game]-
    When you first start the game and create a new profile you have the option of
    playing on either normal or easy difficulty. The only difference between them
    is that on easy, the stick is smaller on the adventure mode. If you choose easy
    and then want to change to normal, you will have to start a new profile. 
    -[Make Up]-
    Where you change the style and colour of the stick. These are unlocked by
    collecting the items from around the levels in the adventure mode. When you 
    have rescued the birds from the adventure mode you can also set them to follow 
    you round. There are 15 types of stick, 7 colours, and 10 birds.
    The types of stick are:
    1.  Straight - 1 colour
    2.  Bendy
    3.  Straight - 2 colours
    4.  Straight - twisted pattern
    5.  Spikey
    6.  Hearts
    7.  Flowers
    8.  Linked pieces
    9.  Connected balls
    10. Stars
    11. Sparkly
    12. Snake
    13. Bladed
    14. Arrow
    15. Sunflower
    1. Blue with yellow tip
    2. Yellow with purple tip
    3. Red with blue tip
    4. Blue with yellow tip
    5. Green with blue tip
    6. Alternating red and brown stripes
    7. Alternating red, blue and yellow stripes
    Personally I prefer to use the very simplest type of stick, without any birds
    so that I'm not distracted by it while I am playing. It does not make any
    difference to the gameplay however.
    Allows you to practise certain areas of the adventure levels individually.
    Especially useful if you are finding a section of a level particularly
    difficult. You have three lives like in the adventure mode but of you wait a
    few seconds then they regenerate.
    This is the normal story mode, where you progress though 38 different levels of
    increasing difficulty. The first 5 are practise levels then the rest are 
    grouped into 3s. As you progress though the levels there will also be many
    different types of obstacles that you have to overcome. 
    These include :
    * Springs - use these to change the direction of rotation of your stick
    * Cannons - these fire at you, avoid them at all cost!
    * Pistons - they move in a fairly regular way, but just make sure you time it
                right to get past them or you could get smashed to a pulp.
    * Spiked balls - In my opinion these can be the hardest to get past. They come
                     out of the walls move in a straight line. You have to use
                     good timing to get past them on some of the later stages.
    These consist of 55 much shorter sections of track for you to navigate as 
    quickly and as accurately as possible.
              [              ]
    ----------[ THE CONTROLS ]-----------------------------------------------------
              [              ]
    The controls are very simple and easy to use.
    The direction pad moves the stick
    A/B    - Moves the stick faster
    A+B    - Moves the stick even faster still
    Start  - Opens the menu
    Select - In Adventure mode it cycles through 3 different sizes of stick
             In Challenge mode you can set the size to whatever you wish
    L+R    - Makes funny noises. Yup, that's it! Press A/B and A+B at the same time
             to hear more sounds. If you have any birds on your stick at the time
             then they will be scared away.
    	!Warning! - Using the select button will void your run of that level
              [                        ]
    ----------[ UNLOCKABLES AND EXTRAS ]-------------------------------------------
              [                        ]
    * If you achieve perfects on all of the adventure mode levels then 3 more
      levels become available, called "The last lands".
    * Gaining all perfects on the challenges will unlock 5 more.
    * Beating all of the Hare(T) times will place a (T) by your profile name
    * Beating all of the Hare(P) times will place a (P) by your profile name
    * Beating all of the Hare(M) times will place a (M) by your profile name
    The T, P and M stand for Teacher, Professor, and Master.
              [                           ]
    ----------[ TIPS FOR GETTING PERFECTS ]----------------------------------------
              [                           ]
    The most important thing is to take each level nice and carefully. Don't
    always try to complete the whole level without stopping or slowing down. Use
    the patterns on the floor to give you a clue as to where you can stop and let
    the stick spin for a bit while you plan your next move. Only when you know
    the stage well can you begin to try and get faster.
    Also if you are finding a part of the level difficult, you can practise it on
    the practise mode. This saves you from getting towards the end of a level and
    repeatedly losing on the last bit.
              [                       ]
    ----------[ TIPS FOR BETTER TIMES ]--------------------------------------------
              [                       ]
    Below this section is a complete guide to each of the levels explaining how I
    managed to get the times that I did. Go though the level slowly a few times
    so you get used to the distances and sizes of the corners before attempting
    to go as fast as you can.
    You can use various extra things to shave seconds of your times :
    * Wait in the starting zone until the stick is in the optimum position because
      the time does not start until you leave.
    * Once inside heart areas in the middle of the level you cannot be damaged, so
      you can press your stick against the wall instead of waiting for it to
    * You can do the same sort of thing with springs.
    * Some springs can be ignored completely if you time it right!
    * Occasionally there is a section of track where it is quicker to not stop and
      wait for the stick to rotate, but to deliberately bounce off the wall and
      take the 3 second penalty. Be careful when doing this however as you have
      limited lives.
    * When navigating a particulary difficult section, make sure that you aren't
      holding both A and B (unless of cause it is necessary). This only makes it 
      much more difficult to control the stick accurately. Remember, at times like
      these you are purely waiting for the stick and your time will not be improved
      by darting between the corners. The only time that it does is in the last 
      section of track, when you should try and make a sprint for the finish as 
      soon as you can.
                                Section 3 - Easy Mode
    Note : Currently at the time of writing this guide I am ranked first on
           www.cyberscore.net but even so most of my times are beatable. As well
           as the fastest times, I try and give a good time to aim for.
    Training 1 - 1"55
    The simplest of all levels, and one that you should get the maximum on after
    just a few tries. Just go straight down the middle.
    Training 2 - 2"05
    Once you get the hang of it 2"08 seems to be the maximum. So how do I get 2"05?
    Well, just clip the top of the start area just before you leave, and then keep 
    going in a straight line. You need to time it so that you also then clip the 
    top of the heart area. Do this correctly, and 2"05 is yours. SiCk BuLLeT was 
    the first to pull this off, though it may have been by acciendent. ;)
    Training 3 - 3"00
    Not an easy stage to get a record on this one. You need to go round the first 
    bump keeping as low as possible. Then clip the wall in the heart section twice,
    and then stay nice and low over the second bump. A decent time would be about
    Training 4 - 2"53
    Bleh. Not nice. Just try and start as high up as possible, so you can reach
    the heart zone without crashing, then just keep as close to the walls as you
    can. A good time would be anything below about 2"70.
    Training 5 - 1"81
    If you leave the start when the stick is just past vertical, and you are about
    2 thirds of the way up the start area, then you can get through the gap
    without slowing down and without touching the bumpers. 1"83 is quite common
    here, so just keep trying.
    Grasslands 1 - 5"70
    It isn't all that difficult to get round this whole level without slowing down.
    It is slightly longer that the ones up to now though so it make take some
    getting used to. I seem to be able to get faster times when I start with the
    stick horizontal and as near as possible to the top of the start area. Then
    Just try and keep as close to the edges as you can. Good times here start at
    about 6"10-6"20.
    Grasslands 2 - 10"75
    Similar tactics to the previous level. Leave when the stick is horizontal and
    then go all the way round without stopping. Gets slightly thinner than the last
    one, but nothing impossible. 11"30 would be a good time here.
    Grasslands 3 - 11"99
    The first level that will give you some serious difficulties if you want a fast
    time. I personally find the easiest time to leave the start area is just before
    it reaches vertical. It is then possible to go all the way to the end without
    slowing down at all. The only trouble is, is that there will be a really tight
    gap or 2 near the end. My advise to you - if there is a point that you really
    can't get through, just stop for a while and wait for the stick to be lined up
    better. You can come back to this one later.
    I actually set this time while writing the guide. I had about 12"40 before. :)
    A good time would be anything less that about 14"00
    Ocean 1 - 4"71
    Back to a nice quick level again. I waited slightly at the start before I set
    off, so the stick was pointing this way '/'. Don't bother with any of the
    bumpers, just go all the way round to the finish. Keep nice and low at the end,
    to cut a little bit off your time. Aim for sub 5"00 on this ;)
    Ocean 2 - 9"10
    Now if I were you, I would start with the stick horizontal, and near the top of
    the start area. I makes getting through the first section slightly harder, but
    the rest of it isn't too bad. Another one where you can just go through without
    slowing down. A good time would be less than 10"00
    Ocean 3 - 16"30
    Bumpers are bad. Yup, you shouldn't be hitting any of them on this level,
    except perhaps the very last one. If you leave just before the stick gets
    to vertical then you should be able to motor it all the way to the end without
    stopping or touchinga bumper. Nice eh? Not quite as thin as Grasslands 3, but
    is longer and more awkward to get round. Done correctly, you should be able to
    get under 17"00.
    Jungle 1 - 10"85
    This is the first level up till now where you will have to slow down at some
    point. I am holding downwards when the level starts. You need to aim to change
    direction on the first bumper as quickly as possible. So you need to be almost
    flat when you touch it. To speed things up even more, you can push yourself
    round on the bumper a little bit. From there you should speed round to just
    after the heart zone. Rather an awkward little section to get around here.
    I usually go into the top little notch first and then move slowly downwards,
    until I can fit though and then speed all the way to the finish, not bothering 
    with the bumper. Its more than a little difficult to fit through this bit
    though while spinning the wrong way. Very nasty.
    I would have to say about 16"00-17"00 seconds would be fairly good for this.
    Jungle 2 - 10"20
    Oh heck. Another evil one. I leave after hesitating slight, and then you can
    make it to the heart zone without stopping. Now, you have a choice. You can try
    and not slow down at all and just try and race to the finish. However this is
    rather difficult, and may only be possible if you clip the wall in the heart
    zone to slow your rotation down a bit. I would strongely advise waiting in the
    heart section though, for nearly a half rotation, and fitting through the next
    gap as early as possible. From there it is not too tricky to get to the end
    without stopping.
    A decent time, with stopping, would be about 12"50.
    Jungle 3 - 16"13
    Another record that I got while writing this. Leave the start when the stick
    is pointing this way '\' which may seem a little odd, but it will allow you to
    go all the way to the second heart section at top speed and without using
    bumpers. At the next bend you will have to slow down to get round. Now, if you 
    think about it because you have to wait at this part, you can afford to take
    previous sections of the level slightly slower. As long as you get to that part
    in time then you are ok. This also applies to any level where you have to slow
    down. After this you will also have to stop to wait to get through the last 
    gap. This is the most important part of the level, and getting through there
    nice and early will mean the difference between a good time, and an average
    Cake Land 1 - 12"21
    This is a right headache giver. No matter how you choose to start, there will
    always be at least 2 gaps that are almost exactly the same size as the stick.
    I choose to set off after hesitating slightly. This makes the first gap really
    hard, but makes some of the others that little bit easier. There isn't much of
    a trick to it either really, just extreme accuracy. I just went from start to
    finish without slowing down. There will be some points that are only just big
    enough to get through, so a bit of luck is involved. Aim for about 20"00 at
    first, and then go from there.
    Cake Land 2 - 26"93
    Ouch. Not nice. For a long time I had been stuck on this level, trying to think
    of the absolute fastest way to get round, but I never bothered trying too hard
    until someone took my old record away from me.
    I will try and explain it the best I can.
    Leave straight away, and keep going up until you reach a straight section where
    you are heading downwards. You will see that you won't fit through here ;)
    You have to stop and wait until you can sneak through. That is the hardest
    part. If you can manage that then you are well on the way. From there you have
    to go round the rest of the course almost without stopping. The only bumper
    you should hit in the entire level is the one straight after the second heart
    I so wish they would have made the last straight a little wider... I keep 
    messing up the best attempts on that last straight! Perhaps 45"00 would be a
    good target to start off.
    Cake Land 3 - 23"11
    Not too bad this one. Leave straight away, and everything should be fine up
    until the first heart section. Shortly after that there will be a very close
    gap, but you should be able to make it through with practise. After that, go
    over the top of the next island, and then over the top of the next.
    At the next junction go up into the third heart section, and then head
    downwards. I don't believe it is possible to go straight down here without
    waiting. If you can make it, you have a record.
    The sneak round there and into the finish. Under 30 seconds would be a good
    Cave 1 - 8"01
    Back to another nice quick level here. There are many ways of doing this, but
    I choose to use just 2 bumpers. Set off straight away and then hit the second
    bumper. It will help you greatly if you push yourself against it slightly as
    well. Then you should be able to go from there all the way round up until the
    last bumper. Hit it, and go to the finish. About 8"50 should be fairly
    straight forward.
    Cave 2 - 17"13
    This really is a very difficult level to have a method for. Especially the bit
    where there are all those bumpers. I think I will just leave some tips.
    -Leave straight away
    -On the long straight up, make use of the bumper next to the thinnest part.
    -Use the bumpers next to the crushers.
    -Try to get through all those bumpers as quickly as possible and just hope!
    Sub 25"00 is very possible.
    Cave 3 - 14"85
    Well who'd of thought it. I got this by acciedent! Anyway this is what I did.
    I started just before this stick was pointing this way '\' And thats about it
    really. Don't stop! Whe you get to the part with lots of bumpers in a line, the
    best thing to do is to just press yourself against them as you go past to avoid
    the spiked balls. If you time it just right, then you won't have to stop while
    going down the last straight. This is the hardest part, and you will get a time
    of about 17"00 if you don't manage it.
    Cloud Land 1 - 7"40
    Suprising easy for so late on in the game.
    Leave just after your stick is vertical, and then you should onyl have to stop
    just before the thinnest part. Entering this part as quickly as you can will
    be what gives you the top scores.
    A good time would be under 8"00
    Cloud Land 2 - 9"70
    You see that big circular gap in the track just down and right from the start
    area? Well I would like you to fit behind that :)
    After that, don't stop until you hit the bumper next to the heart zone. Then
    keep on moving. You will have to stop and wait for the stick to be facing the
    right way before moving though the last thin little bits and then to the goal.
    Should be too hard. Aim for about 12"00 to start with.
    Cloud Land 3 - 13"65
    Track? What track?
    First of all head straight downwards. Yup, you should be able to fit through
    this gap and end up at the first heart secton. After that head right, and you
    should be able to see a bumper. Go through there, and then head right again
    through 2 very small gaps. Then you will need to go up and then back down again
    to reach the goal. Not easy at all. Anything below about 20"00 is good.
    Star Land 1 - 5"26
    Not quite sure how to describe this level properly. I wait until the stick is
    vertical, and then leave and head right. There are 3 gaps that I can fit
    through before I have to stop and wait for a bit, so I can fit through the last
    gap and go into the goal. You will have to experiment a bit to see exactly
    what I mean. Following this method you should sub 6"00 quite easily.
    Star Land 2 - 2"91
    I believe this is maxed out now :)
    Leave near the top of the goal, and when the stick is nearly vertical. If you 
    then go in a straight line to the right, you should be able to almost get to
    the bumper. you will need to switch downwards slightly to make it. Then bounce
    off the bumper and head straight into the finish. You should really get under
    3"00 if you do it right. The extra hundredths just come from staying as
    straight as possible.
    Star Land 3 - 13"40
    Interestingly I have just beaten my old record by over a second. Don't know 
    where that came from!
    Anyway, I leave when the stick is horizontal, and fit through a thin gap in the
    bumpers that is up and slightly to the right. From there I have to slow down
    slightly where the track splits, and then it is a race to the finish. Sometimes
    I get caught on the bumpers near the end, but after a couple of tries you
    should be able to make it through without it. The key is to bounce off them
    deliberately on the flat parts.
    Under 16"00 would be a nice time.
    Ice Land 1 - 5"85
    You should aim to go over the wall to the right with the stick as flat as
    possible, then just keep following it round. Keep as close to the walls as you
    can. Under 6"00 is definately possible here.
    Ice Land 2 - 7"68
    Personally I leave the goal when the stick is pointing this way '/' but you
    may find it slightly easier to leave a bit earlier than that. If you get it
    just right then it is possible to go all the way to the first bumper without
    stopping. You must take the first path to get to the goal, the second is far
    longer. You should hit this bumper, and then try to get to the end stopping as
    little as possible. Aim for sub 9"00 and you know you are along the right
    Ice Land 3 - 29"66
    Another long level, and difficult to explain. First of all I hit the bumper in
    the start area with the stick horizontal, and as soon as it touches I zoom off
    down the middle path. On your way to the first heart area there are 2 places
    you will need to slow down slightly. The long straight after that is quite
    narrow so you will have to be almost exactly in the middle to avoid crashing.
    Don't stop though ;)
    Keep going round the diagonal straights, and then you may have to slow down
    slightly to fit through a small gap above a wall. After you have gone through
    this, there isn't much of a need to slow down until the end, but it may be
    better to be a little bit careful to avoid messing up. Aim for about 35 
    Machine Land 1 - 7"43
    Quite a tricky one to time right this. I leave when the stick is just slightly
    before horizontal. If you leave it any later, then you won't be able to get
    past the first set of crushers. Don't stop at all until just after the first
    heart zone. Here you will have to wait slightly for the gap to open, then you
    can race to the finish! Pause slightly before going into the last gap. This
    last part is the one that makes the most difference to get through as early as
    you can. With practise you should get below 8"00.
    Machine Land 2 - 19"81
    I am not going to describe this level is perfect detail. If you have got this
    far you should have some idea of how to complete levels quickly. I hesitated
    very slightly at the start, not much though. If you wait too much then you
    won't be able to get past the third set of spiked balls. From there you can get
    round all the rest of the level without stopping, apart from the very last set
    of spiked balls. There is 1 right in the way so there is no way of going
    straight past. Wait for a little time as possible to get past it. Under 21"00
    should be fairly straight forward.
    Machine Land 3 - 30"36
    Much more tricky to complete fast than the last level, so I will try and go
    into more detail. I leave straight away, and follow the bends round. There is
    one really annoying fireball that is just about possible to avoid if you get
    there as soon as possible. ALong the bottom straight keep slightly below the
    middle to avoid the spiked thing, then settle in between the 2 horizonal spiked
    ball shooters. Wait as little as possible, then shoot on upwards. The crushers
    should open for you, just in time. If you find you are hitting them then try 
    being slightly slower, but you don't have much spare time as there is a very
    tightly timed bit next.
    Head down after the heart zone, and you should be able to fit to the left of a
    spiked ball, then you should be able to get all the way through the second
    'door' without stopping. Wait here for the thrid door to open, and then shoot
    through as quick as you can.
    These offset doors next can be quite tricky to get through quickly. What I do
    is hit the back of the stick on the bottom bumper and then fit through the
    first set while they are near the top. Then I hit myself on the next bumper
    and fit through the next set of doors while they are still moving again.
    Zoom down the straight path. There should be no sign of that fast spiked ball
    if you have timed it right. In theory you now should be able to go through this
    long section of crushers without slowing down. If you have to wait then it 
    will cost you about another 6 or 7 seconds. Navigating the room of crushers at
    the end is quite awkward and there is more than one way of doing it. Practise
    makes better :-)
    If you can get under 40 seconds then give yourself a pat on the back!
    Ghost Castle 1 - 21"80
    Leave straight away, and as usual, don't stop! Getting up the 4th crusher
    should be fine. To get past this one you will need to be really close to the
    left hand wall, and have gotten there quickly. Keep trying, it is possible!
    The 6th crusher should be closed when you get there, but there is actually a
    gap that you can fit through. That is the hard part over. Now just get round
    the spiked balls. You may have to stop slightly for the 1st and 3rd set, but
    not much. The fireballs shouldn't slow you down at the end.
    The Master Hare time is 52"00! They must have been going backwards or
    something! Anyway if I were you, I would aim for more like 30 seconds.
    Ghost Castle 2 - 50"70
    Heart Zone 1 - 18"00
    Heart Zone 2 - 27"00
    Heart Zone 3 - 36"00
    Ghost Castle 3 - 32"70
    You should be able to get to the first heart zone in about 9 seconds. I think
    my record here is fairly beatable if you can get it just right. I think under
    30 seconds could be possible.
    The Last Land 1 - 1'01"80
    The Last Land 2 - 1'17"33
    The Last Land 3 - 1'22"08
                              Section 4 - Normal Mode
    Training 1 - 1"55
    Move at full speed all the way and you have to twitch downwards just before the
    finish. The less you can move, the faster your time will be. 1"56 is the most
    common time here, but if you keep at it eventually you will get 1"55.
    Training 2 - 2"06
    You have to try and make it though this stage without stopping. Can be quite
    tricky to pull it off.
    Training 3 - 3"06
    If you leave at the right time it should be straight forward to finish this
    without slowing down. If you want the best times then you should try and clip
    the top of the heart zone a few times on your way past.
    Training 4 - 2"81
    My least favourite of all the stages. It can be done without slowing down, just
    keep practising. You should be facing just after '/' when you start.
    Training 5 - 1"83
    Try to move vertically as little as possible. You shouldn't have to move up to
    hit the bumper, you should rotate onto it.
    Grasslands 1 - 5"81
    Fairly straight forward to get round the whole level without slowing down. 
    Start when the stick is just after horizontal and take extra care over the 
    first section as it can get a little close.
    Grasslands 2 - 11"06
    Another stage where you don't have to slow down, but more tricky this time.
    Start with the stick horizontal.
    Grasslands 3 - 14"46
    There are a few points on this level that need extra care. There is a U-bend
    just before the first heart section. Entering this corner is the first time 
    that you need to slow down. To get the best time, you then have to take the
    next 2 curves in 1 move. It can get a bit tight here. Wait around a bit just
    after this, and then zoom round the last big bend as early as you can.
    Start with the stick just after vertical.
    Ocean 1 - 5"90
    There should be no need for waiting around on this level. After going round
    the first corner try to make it so you have to wait as little as possible for
    the stick to bounce off the springs. If you then hurry round the next corner 
    you can hit the front end of you stick off the next set of springs. I push the
    stick round a bit with them as well, but not too much or the stick will turn 
    too much down the last straight.
    Start with the stick horizontal.
    Ocean 2 - 12"23
    !hard! To get the best time it is important to get through the gap just
    above the start as quickly as possible. If you get it perfect then you should
    be able to reach the pointy downwards part without slowing down. This may take
    some practising but it is possible. Now ignore the springs and just follow the
    rest of the level round. You will now need to wait in a few places. As always
    make your dash for the finish as soon as you can.
    Start with the stick just after horizontal.
    Ocean 3 - 32"25
    Section 1 - Not much to say about this part. Hit the first springs as quick as
    you can. Follow the track upwards and use the next set of springs to reverse
    the direction of the stick and then go back, and down the other way.
    Section 2 - Just don't stop in the middle of the straight.
    Section 3 - Hit the front of your stick on the first bumper and then the same
    part of the stick should hit the second. Go round the corner then hit the back
    of your stick on the next one. Skip out the little bit of track sticking 
    upwards and move straight on to spring number 4.
    Start nearly vertical.
    Jungle 1 - 17"25
    If you leave when the stick is vertical then you should just be able to fit
    around the first section. As with easy mode, try to push yourself round on the
    bumper as much as you can, then bounce yourself the other way. For the second
    half, I go into the upper notch first, then the right hand one, then as the
    stick begins to turn round, I race towards the goal. I clip the wall along the
    way, but it still works out faster than going for the last bumper.
    Jungle 2 - 14"05
    Eugh. Full of very tight sections if you want to get the best times here. Leave
    when the stick is horizontal and you will be able to get past the first bit of
    sticking out wall. Then follow it round and aim to be at the first heart zone
    between 8 and 9 seconds. You have to get through the gap just before and after
    it as soon as possible and then, with a bit of luck, continue all the way to
    the end without stopping. If you were too slow getting aroudn the gaps, then
    you won't be able to fit.
    If you can't quite get through the whole lot, then the best thing to do it to 
    wait for another half a rotation and you should end up with under 18 seconds
    quite comfortably.
    Jungle 3 - 24"81
    The first section should be obvious enough, just leave as late as possible, and
    hit the bumper as soon as you can. You should only be hitting 1 on the way to
    the first heart zone. The first bumper after the second heart zone is the key
    to saving a second or 2. You need to push yourself round on it as soon as you
    can, and then change your direction so you can just about fit round the next
    corner. The closer you make it the better. Then you should be able to fit
    through the last gap without bothering with any more bumpers.
    Cake Land 1 - 20"31
    There isn't really much of a trick to this level. Just follow it round. There
    is a little bit of time to save if you bump into the wall in the second heart
    zone, but it doesn't make all that much difference. You should be looking to
    get about 22 seconds.
    Cake Land 2 - 44"56
    Usually on levels I am always saying "Just ignore the bumpers, you can fit!",
    but this is a rare occasion where you really do have to hit most of them. I hit
    all of them up to the second heart zone. If you hit the first one just right
    then you can make it to the second without slowing down.
    After the second heart zone, you should be looking to bounce twice off the last
    bumper on the way up, so you are still rotating clockwise, and then after that
    dont hit any more, just go to the finish, pausing slightly half way down.
    Cake Land 3 - 31"60
    See the guide for Easy Mode. It is almost exactly the same except you will have
    to crash once to get through the gap near the end. Still far faster to go that
    way though.
    Cave 1 - 10"36
    Took me quite a while to remember how to do this level, and then when I finally
    figured it out, I beat my best by over a second!
    I hit the lower bumpers twice each, keeping as flat as possible each time. I
    then missed out the first of the top ones, and then hit the second one just
    the once. After that it is just about possible to sneak through, bounce the
    back of the stick on the last bumper and get into the finish. It's a bit tight
    at the end but it is possible!
    Cave 2 - 25"23
    Arg. That zone with lots of bumpers just seems to be mostly luck to me.
    Sometimes I am able to fit through with no problem, but others I can lose all
    3 lives! The gap leading up to the long straight up is quite a tricky one to
    fit through if you try to do it fast, so you may want to wait and rotate round
    first before going through here. For the large area with the springs, I just
    tried on practise mode for a while until I found a fairly quick way of getting
    through. Try not to take it quickly, but make sure you remain controlled and it
    isn't just a mad dash.
    Cave 3 - 20"36
    Erm. You can leave when the stick is exactly horizontal as long as you are
    right up against the right hand edge of the start area. There you should have
    to stop until after the second heart zone. If you enter the top area as soon as
    possible then you can go down into the right hand part of the downwards bit.
    Just make sure that you are rotating anti-clockwise or you will not get round
    the last corner.
    Cloud Land 1 - 8"48
    Quite a straight forward level, though the middle part is not easy to get
    around without stopping. Try to leave just before the stick is horizontal.
    Under 9 seconds is very doable if you get it just right. Take extra care down
    the last straight as your stick will be at the widest angle as you go down it.
    Cloud Land 2 - 12"01
    The method is exactly the same as Easy Mode. So don't be lazy, go and find it!
    Cloud Land 3 - 18"50
    I decided not to re-attempt this level while writing the guide because I know
    how annoying it can be. You have to follow the identical path to on Easy Mode.
    The only trouble is, the first gap is physically too small for the stick to fit
    through, so you have to sort of squeeze your way through. If you make it then
    you have done well. If you only lose 1 life, then you have done very well.
    You then have to take the second half very slowly, as the gaps are VERY thin.
    Good luck!
    Star Land 1 - 7"61
    The route is fairly straight forward, just head right and keep low. There are
    only 2 points of the track that make any difference you your time. How long you
    can wait before you leave the start area, and how early you can take the last
    corner. Because of this you should keep trying until you can get under 8 
    Star Land 2 - 3"90
    Lots of very careful twitching needed here. ;)
    You should go down the obvious path at the start, as late as possible of cause,
    and then try and find a path that will take you straight to the goal. More
    often that not I will be too slow and clip the wall on the way to the goal, but
    time it just right and a super fast time will be yours!
    Star Land 3 - 22"13
    Again, the method is exactly the same as for Easy Adventure. I find that I
    quite often end up spinning the wrong way after going through the second long
    line of springs. Eventually it was nice to  me though and I made it through!
    Ice Land 1 - 9"71
    Easy Peasy. Just leave straight away (or maybe a slight pause if you are
    feeling especially confident) and hit the springs as soon as you can. From
    there just follow it round. Don't go too mad, as you will have to wait to get
    through the last gap. Getting through this quickly is what will give you the
    fastest times. Try for under 10 seconds!
    Ice Land 2 - 11"93
    Ice Land 3 - 41"23
    Machine Land 1 - 11"03
    Machine Land 2 - 27"83
    Machine Land 3 - 42"66
    Ghost Castle 1 - 25"46
    Ghost Castle 2 - 1'11"93
    Ghost Castle 3 - 56"01
    The Last Land 1 - 1'19"90
    The Last Land 2 - 2'16"20
    The Last Land 3 - 2'03"73
                                    Section 5 - END
    Many thanks for reading this guide and I hope that it has been some help to
    you. I know every guide has a list of people to thank on the bottom, but here
    is mine.
    Thanks go to:
    Myself (Mark Turner) for writing this guide and playing Kuru Kuru Kururin till
        my eyes fall out.
    MikkyX for creating Cyberscore.net, and providing me with a way of competing
        with other people.
    Other gamers for competing with me and giving me a reason to keep going back to
        this game.
    You for reading, and hopefully learning.
    The boring bit:
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2005 Mark Turner

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