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    Akumajo Dracula : Circle Of The Moon Card Guide
    For Gameboy Advance
    Version 1.1 (15 June 2001)
    Unpublished Copyright 2001 Nyst
    This card guide written for Japanese Castlevania(Akumajo Dracula) : 
    Circle Of The Moon. There maybe changes to the US game and the names 
    maybe different. 
    I hardly have time to update this guide, so it may take some time 
    for a newer version to be put up. Also I do not have or played the 
    US version, thus I do not know the actual names of monsters or places 
    in that version of the game.....=)
    Version History
    ver 1.1 - Corrected SOME information....Final version(maybe)
    ver 1.0(8th april 2001) - Updated some important card locations
    ver 0.8(1st april 2001) - First card guide written
    Card Locations
    Here are the card locations that I found, where u can get the cards 
    from the earliest monsters. Cards can be found in OTHER monsters too.
    Card drops randomly at different times, maybe affected by lck(luck) 
    or level(not sure). Once a card is gotten, it won't drop again of
    Monster : Bone head (The bone head that is on the ceiling, shooting 
    small fireballs.) 
    Area    : Catacomb
    Monster : Slime (The slimy thingy that sticks on the ceiling and drops 
    down when u go near below it. Does poison damage.)
    Area    : Catacomb, Abyss Corridor(Secret Room), Audience Room
    Monster : Heat Shade (The floating red woman that shoots homming 
    fireball, cries when she dies.)
    Area    : Machine Tower
    Monster : Flying swords (The swords that circles then charge at you.)
    Area    : Chapel Tower
    Monster : Man Eater (The huge flower that spits seeds. Sometimes 
    spits like a machine gun.)
    Area    : Underground gallery (Same area where the mantis is)
    Monster : Arc Demon (Green demon standing still, shooting bullets from 
    up to down, then up again.)
    Area    : Underground Storage.(Near the entrance to this area, there 
    is a griffon flying around. In the long room to the RIGHT.)
    Monster : Ice Armour (The knights that throws 2 long ice shards. 
    1st Ice shards thrown higher than the second one)
    Area    : Underground Waterway
    Monster : Fallen Angel (5 ring winged demoness) (This 5 ring 
    winged demoness is NOT the one found at the secret passage in 
    the right side of the outer wall area...)
    Area    : Near the entrance to Battle Arena
    Monster : Scary candle (The creature that pops out of the candle.) 
    Area    : GOLEM BOSS ROOM. (NOT the long corridor with skeleton athletes)
    I think the candle will only appear later in the game.(After carmila???)
    Monster : Trick candle (The creature that pops out of the 
    Area    : Cerebus Boss Room. (The lower center candle of the first boss 
    room) I think the candle will only appear later in the game.(After carmila???)
    Attribute Cards
    Monster : Bomb skeleton (Those skeletons that throws bombs.)
    Area    : Catacomb
    Monster : Earth Demon (The single flying demon that attacks 
    with an earth wave.)
    Area    : Catacomb, near the place where u get the running shoes.
    Monster : Axe Armour (The Knight that throws axes.)
    Area    : Abyss Corridor(Secret Room), Audience Room
    Monster : Lighting skeleton (The skeleton that throws lightning 
    which moves on the ground.)
    Area    : Audience Room
    Monster : Stone Armour (The knight that throws 3 rocks)
    Area    : Machine Tower (Inside a room with a max hp jug, same 
    area as the one with Thunder demons.)
    Monster : Thunder Demon (The flying demon that attacks 
    with 3 lighting bolts)
    Area    : Machine Tower (You need to slide through the small 
    opening to reach this area.)
    Monster : Skeleton Athletes (The skeleton that runs very fast and
    rams into you.)
    Area    : Audience Room (You need to go through the outer wall 
    area for the first time,to reach the eastern part of the audience 
    room). Right most room which is quite long. 
    Monster : War Panther (The panther-like men that runs, throws a punch and 
    then backs off.)
    Area    : Chapel Tower. (North part)
    Monster : White Armour (The knight that shoots white laser 
    from it's sword at 3 different directions at different times.)
    Area    : Battle Arena only. 
    Black Dog  
    Monster : Devil Armour(The knight that shoot 3 vertical dark disk 
    at 3 different directions at different times)
    Area    : Battle Arena only.
    Card Combination Effects(DSS)
    I will list the effects by action cards. Action cards represents 
    different kinds abilties that can be used. Attribute cards are
    different types of elements available. 
    Some cards need certain button sequence to activate, but it's the
    same for all that need it.(Uranus, Apollo and Pluto)
    Here's the button sequence:
    Activate DSS(Press the left shoulder button). Press,
    Down, Left Down, Left, Left Up, Up, Attack(B button)
    Down, Right Down, Right, Right Up, Up, Attack(B button)
    Tips : Monster that are frozen or stoned can be step on without 
    taking any damage. This allows you to jump to higher places
    that cannot be reached easily. 
    Action Cards  
    Mercury - Whip enhancer
    Venus   - Stats modifier
    Jupiter - Protective shields
    Mars    - Weapon changer
    Diana   - Whip projectiles
    Apollo  - Explosives 
    Neptune - Recovery
    Saturn  - Familiars
    Uranus  - Summoning
    Pluto   - Special effects
    Attribute Cards
    Salamander  - Fire
    Serpent     - Ice/Water 
    Mandragoras - Plant
    Golem       - Earth
    Cockarice   - Stone
    Manticore   - Poison
    Griffon     - Wind
    Thunderbird - Lighting
    Unicorn     - Holy 
    Black dog   - Dark 
    (Damage reduces when attacking enemies of the same element. 
    i.e. Fire whip against bone head that spits fire)
    Mercury + Salamander  
    Mp : 6/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 5%. 
    Fire whip.
    Mercury + Serpent     
    Mp : 2/attack
    Stats : Decrease str by 30%.
    Ice whip. Able to freeze enemies when they are about to die. Faster
    attack speed than other whips.  
    Mercury + Mandragoras 
    Mp : 6/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 10%.
    Plant whip.
    Mercury + Golem       
    Mp : 8/attack
    Stats : Nil.
    Longer whip. But seems to be quite slow.
    Mercury + Cockarice   
    Mp : 6/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 10%.
    Stone whip. Able to stone enemies when they are about to die.
    Mercury + Manticore 
    Mp : 6/attack   
    Stats : Increase str by ABOUT 11%. 
    Poison whip. Whips in an up diagonal direction and produces 3 small 
    poison clouds. Monsters within the poison clouds continues to take damage.
    Mercury + Griffon 
    Mp : 10/attack 
    Stats : Increase str by 13%.
    Wind whip. This whip attacks multiple times per button pressed.
    holding the attack button allow continuous whipping(not spinning), but 
    cannot move at the same time.
    Mercury + Thunderbird 
    Mp : 10/attack
    Stats : Nil.
    Lighting whip. Holding the attack button allows the whip the stay.
    But the damage will slowly decrease when holding.
    Mercury + Unicorn 
    Mp : 20/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 22%.
    Holy whip. Heals you 10%(round down) of max hp at same time it attacks.
    Mercury + Black dog 
    Mp : 40/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 40%.
    Dark whip. Leaves a dark cloud on the enemy which rapidly drains
    their hp(about 1% of your max hp). If u kill it by the first hit
    there won't be any dark cloud of course........=/
    Stats change is NOT exactly x 1.25(??????)
    Venus + Salamander 
    Mp : 4
    str x 1.25.
    Venus + Serpent 
    Mp : 4/time 
    def x 1.25.
    Venus + Mandragoras 
    Mp : 4/time 
    lck x 1.25.
    Venus + Golem 
    Mp : 16/time 
    Increase def base on map coverage.
    Venus + Cockarice
    Mp : 2/time
    Gain exp while WALKING.(1 exp per few steps)
    Venus + Manticore
    Mp : 2/time 
    Heart gain from CANDLES x2.
    Venus + Griffon 
    Mp : 4/time
    int x 1.25.
    Venus + Thunderbird 
    Mp : 16/time
    Increase str base on map coverage.
    Venus + Unicorn 
    Mp : 8/time
    2x def, 0.5x str.
    Venus + Black Dog
    Mp : 8/time 
    2x str, 0.5x def.
    Jupiter + Salamander 
    Mp : 4/time
    2 slow fire shields(balls circling arround u). Damages the same amount 
    as the whip.
    Jupiter + Serpent
    Mp : 4/time
    4 fast ice shields. Low damage.
    Jupiter + Mandragoras
    Mp : 16/time 
    Self Healing. Stand still and you will recover about 1% of MAX hp per 
    second(Minimum 1 hp).
    Jupiter + Golem
    Mp : 4/time
    After-hit-invincibility time x4.
    Jupiter + Cockarice 
    Mp : 8/time
    Immune being stoned(not the damage), but limits your movement.
    Jupiter + Manticore 
    Mp : 4/time
    Poison gas shield. Enemies within the poison gas takes constant damage.
    Jupiter + Griffon
    Mp : 4/time
    Charge shield. When RUNNING a cresent shield appears in front of you.
    Damages enemies but not protect you.
    Jupiter + Thunderbird
    Mp : 4/time
    All damage received are halved.(Very useful combo!!)
    Jupiter + Unicorn
    Mp : 8/time
    White sphere that protects u from enemies and certain projectiles. But 
    you will still take damage if you ram against them.
    Jupiter + Black Dog  
    Mp : 8/time
    Same as above but dark sphere is stronger. You will be in POISON state
    (which means you will constantly lose hp) when this combo is activated.
    Mars + Salamander 
    Mp : 8/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 10%.
    Fire sword.
    Mars + Serpent 
    Mp : 4/attack
    Stats : Decrease str by 29%.
    Ice sword. Faster attack, but lower damage(Very useful for freezing 
    enemies to step on and reach high places)
    Mars + Mandragoras
    Mp : 10/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 12%.
    Plant sword.
    Mars + Golem 
    Mp : 4/attack
    Stats : Nil.
    SLOW warhammer. The attack will cause a slight earth shake and damage
    enemies that are on the ground.
    Mars + Cockarice
    Mp : 12/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 21%.
    Tonfas. Stones enemies when they are about to die.
    Mars + Manticore
    Mp : 8/attack
    Stats : Decrease str by 11%.
    Poison claws.
    Mars + Griffon 
    Mp : 16/attack
    Stats : Nil.
    Charge slash. The longer you hold the attack button, the further you 
    slash and higher the damage. The damage for holding to the fullest
    is about 10 times than just pressing attack button.  
    Mars + Thunderbird
    Mp : 16/attack
    Stats : Nil.
    Press attack once results in a punch. Press quickly and continuously 
    for 3 punches and a kick combo.
    Mars + Unicorn
    Mp : 32/attack
    Stats : Increase str by 71%.
    Holy sword. This sword is very long and damages quite a lot.
    Mars + Black Dog
    Mp : 32/attack
    Stats : str x 2.
    SLOW laser GUN. Nathan take out a pistol fires a laser and puts it back.
    This attack damages A LOT!!
    Diana + Salamander
    Mp : 32/attack
    Shoots 1 fireball.
    Diana + Serpent 
    Mp : 64/attack 
    Shoots 3 big snow flakes.
    Diana + Mandragoras
    Mp : 96/attack
    Shoots 3 leaf ball.
    Diana + Golem 
    Mp : 16/attack
    Creates an earth wave, damages enemies on the ground.
    Diana + Cockarice 
    Mp : 16/attack
    Shoot 3 stones. Stones enemies when they are about to die.
    Diana + Manticore 
    Mp : 16/attack
    Shoots 1 poison ball.
    Diana + Griffon
    Mp : 128/attack
    Shoots an arrowhead shot that leaves trail. Damage is a lot.
    Diana + Thunderbird 
    Mp : 16/attack
    Lighting charges the whip when SPINNING.
    Diana + Unicorn 
    Mp : 48/attack
    Shoots a white ball leaving trails that continues to fly and 
    hit the nearest single enemy for about 5 times.
    Diana + Black Dog
    Mp : 32/attack
    Shoots 8 dark energy balls. Damages about 2x of whip damage.
    Apollo + Salamander 
    Mp : 20/use
    Fire explosive.
    Apollo + Serpent
    Mp : 20/use
    Ice explosive. When explode, it spits into 8 parts and flys in
    8 different directions. Freezing effect. 
    Apollo + Mandragoras 
    Mp : 40/use
    Plant explosive.
    Apollo + Golem
    Mp : 30/use
    5 big spears erupting from the ground.
    Apollo + Cockarice
    Mp : 60/use
    Meteor shower with 3 huge meteors. Stones enemy when they are 
    near death.
    Apollo + Manticore
    Mp : 10/use
    Poison dust explosive. Continuous damage if enemy stays within
    the poison dust.
    Apollo + Griffon
    Mp : 60/use
    Throws a whirlwind in front of you. the whirlwind then shoots
    many arrowheads in both left and right directions.
    Apollo + Thunderbird
    Mp : 80/use
    Throws a big lighting ball. If it hits the enemy, it stays
    on it for a few seconds, rapidly damaging the enemy.
    Apollo + Unicorn
    Mp : 80/use
    Holy lances rain from heaven.
    Apollo + Black Dog
    Mp : 120/use
    Throw a huge dark energy ball that will fly to the nearest
    enemy and stays on it for a few seconds.
    Basically neptune completely protects you from certain element attacks 
    and enemies base on the type of attribute card, drains 1/8th of the 
    damage and recovers your hpby that amount.(ie Neptune + salamander 
    protects you from fire enemies and attacks).
    Example : Let say you got hit by a fire ball which normally damages
    you for 80 hp. Now with Neptune + Salamander activated, you RECOVER 
    10 hp instead!
    All combo Mp : 3/time   
    Saturn + Salamander 
    Mp : 4/shot
    A Bat that shoots small fireball, when you attack or spin the whip.
    Saturn + Serpent
    Mp : 4/attack
    Ice skeletal ghost that attacks. Freezes enemies when they are about 
    to die.
    Saturn + Mandragoras 
    Mp : 4/shot
    Falcon(looks like an owl to me..) that shoots projectiles, when you 
    attack or spin the whip.
    Saturn + Golem 
    Mp : 4/attack
    Hawk that attacks. It will charge into the enemy.
    Saturn + Cockarice
    Mp : 6/shot
    Medusa head that shoot stone balls, when you attack or spin the whip.
    Stone balls stones enemies when they are about to die.
    Saturn + Manticore
    Mp : 8/attack
    Mist that attacks.
    Saturn + Griffon 
    Mp : 8/shot
    Fairy that shoots energyballs, when you attack or spin the whip.
    Saturn + Thunderbird
    Mp : 16/attack
    Bird with lighting around it that attacks.
    Saturn + Unicorn
    Mp : 32/shot
    Little angel that shoots knifes, when you attack or spin the whip.
    Saturn + Black dog
    Mp : 4/shot
    Little devil that shoots fireblast base on the amount of time u 
    charge(ie spinning the whip).
    URANUS (The most cool effect card in the entire game!!)
    Note : During summoning, enemies can still move about and attack,
    but you are unaffected.
    Uranus + Salamander
    Mp : 160/use
    Summons a huge salamander that moves across the screen from the
    top right to the bottom left. Meteor Shower attack.
    Uranus + Serpent
    Mp : 120/use
    Summons a huge serpent that moves from bottom left to top right.
    Attacks with snow flakes and balls in a spiral pattern.
    Freezing effect.
    Uranus + Mandragoras
    Mp : 100/use
    Summons mandragoras(a huge tree with eyes) at the center of the 
    screen and attacks with many rings appearing in different areas.
    Uranus + Golem
    Mp : 100/use
    Summons a huge golem erupting from the ground. Rocks and stones
    erupts from the ground and rise to the top of the screen.
    Uranus + Cockarice
    Mp : 200/use 
    Summons a huge cockarice(looks like a rooster) that flies across 
    the screen from right to left. Rocks and stones also flies across 
    the screen in the same direction. Enemies gets stoned when they 
    are about to die.
    Uranus + Manticore
    Mp : 80/use
    Summons a huge manticore(looks like a lion) that appears
    in the center of the screen. Attacks with poisonous rain.
    Uranus + Griffon
    Mp : 100/use
    Summons a huge griffon that files from bottom right to the top
    left. Attacks with many cresent blades flying around.
    Uranus + Thunderbird
    Mp : 200/use
    Summons a huge thunderbird that moves from bottom to the top.
    Rains lightning.
    Uranus + Unicorn
    Mp : 100/use
    Summons a huge unicorn that heals some hp.
    Uranus + Black Dog
    Mp : 100/use
    Summons a huge black dog that drains enemies
    of their hp and recover yours.(Each second drains only a little
    Pluto (This is THE MOST USEFUL card in the entire game!!)
    Pluto + Salamander
    Mp : 4/time
    Item Crash attack(Need to activate button sequence). Basically it is a 
    super attack of your subweapon(dagger, axe, holy water, cross, 
    stop watch).
    Dagger - Shoots daggers like a machine gun.
    Axe - Shoots axes in a spiral pattern from center to out of the screen.
    Holy water - Rains holy waters.
    Cross - Big Crosses spiral from bottom to top.
    Stop Watch - Four clocks appears instead of one.
    Pluto + Serpent
    Mp : 4/time
    Shoots TWO subweapons instead of one. Heart usage stays the same.
    (except for cross and stop watch)
    Pluto + Mandragoras 
    Mp : 4/time
    Increase your exp gain by 20%!!
    Pluto + Golem 
    Mp : 8/time
    Creates a shadow replica that follows you. If you use subweapons, the 
    replica will also use it, but won't drain hearts. If you attack, it 
    will also attack. Basically it mimics what you do.(Cool..)
    Pluto + Cockarice
    Mp : 6/time
    Increase def base on play time. (The longer the time, the higher the 
    Pluto + Manticore 
    Mp : 5/use + normal cost of subweapons use
    (eg. Daggers drain 1 hearts, so when using his combo it would drain 
    Subweapons now use MP instead of HEARTS.
    Pluto + Griffon
    Mp : 4/time
    Doubles movement speed. Now you can run around and move from places to
    places SUPER FAST!!(It leaves trails)
    Pluto + Thunderbird
    Mp : 4/time
    Increase your str base on play time. (The longer the time, the
    higher the strength)
    Pluto + Unicorn
    Mp : 20/time
    Total invinciblity, but CANNOT attack also. 
    (This is super useful, imagine using it in boss battles...=)
    Pluto + Black Dog
    Mp : 5/time
    Transform nathan into a skeleton. Any damage received is 9999(lesser 
    if higher def). You do very low damage most of the time(throws bone), 
    but sometimes u throw a huge bone that does 9999 damage(depends on str). 
    (A weird card....But I killed the Golem boss with just one hit from 
    this combo....lucky..=) 
    Also u can turn into a cute litte bear that shoots small rockets
    when equipped with the BEAR RING using this combo. 
    Don't ask me where is the BEAR RING..... ;)  
    First I want to thank Konami for creating such a fantastic game with
    superb sound and graphics for a handheld.
    Thanks Nintendo for creating Gameboy Advance.
    Thanks jbill007 very much for some of the card locations and effects.
    Thanks Nekoame for some of the card locations and effects.
    Thanks jpsanders for letting me know where the other skeleton athletes are.
    Thanks ChangeV for providing the links, translation and info on pluto card.
    Thanks NotMousse for correcting me on the pluto + manticore combo
    Thanks Devin Morgan for telling me the name of fire witch in us ver
    (heat shade) 
    And finally I won't be updating the guide for a looooooooong time....maybe
    never...so if there are mistakes(of course there are!!) please bear with
    them....=) Thanks all ppl at cotm gamefaqs board!!!

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