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    Version: 3.2 | Updated: 05/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Total Gameplay FAQ
    v3.2 (05/15/2001) by ChrisMog2 (chrismog2@aol.com)
    Table of Contents
      I. Drop List
     II. Item Effects List
    III. Bonus Modes
    Version History
    v3.3, 5/15/01 Forgot to include the Thief Mode code in the last version.  That's
                  the only fix.
    v3.2, 5/10/01 Details on Thief Mode.  Probably the final release until the domestic
    v3.1, 5/6/01 Found out what card the Imp drops (thanks tax!) Also added Durability 
                 Bracelet to Item Effects and more details on the Shooter Mode.
    v3.0, 5/5/01 Added Bonus Modes section, added Bear Ring to Item Effects, changed 
                 name of FAQ.
    v2.0, 5/4/01 Added Item Effects section.
    v1.1, 5/1/01 Corrected Sage's equipment and a few minor errors.
    v1.0, 4/30/01 Initial release.
    Section I - Drop List
    This is a translation of the item guide at 
    http://www.harukaze.net/~dracula/akou/circle/mon.htm, using my own basic 
    knowledge of Japanese and the (quite pitiful) elingo translation as guidelines.
    Items in parentheses are those I'm skeptical about the translation of, but at 
    least they aren't nonsensical.  And as much as I hate it, some of the names are 
    nearly impossible to figure out, so "translator's license" is in brackets with the 
    original name outside them. (Only if I can't figure it out AT ALL)
    Monster Name                  Item 1                    Item 2
    ------------                  ------                    ------
    Dark Armor                    Platinum Plate            Double Grip
    Catoblepas                    Heart Hi-Up               Military Uniform
    Legion                        Cure Curse                Hi-Potion
    Heat Shade                    Flashy Dress              Card - Jupiter
    Frozen Shade                  Magic Glove               Star Bracelet 
    aruraune [Venus Weed]         Magical Robe              X-Potion 
    Demon Lord                    Potion                    (Titan's Bracelet)
    Dullahan                      Platinum Plate            Card - Thunderbird
    Siren                         Mind Hi-Up                Card - Griffon 
    Evil Pillar                   Steel Plate               Toy Ring 
    Minotaur                      Delicious Meat            Card - Golem 
    Devil                         Hi-Potion                 Mirror Plate 
    Wind Armor                    Potion                    Hi-Potion 
    Nightmare                     Mind Up                   Needle Plate 
    Imp                           Card - Salamander         Delicious Meat
    Forest Armor                  Chain Plate               Rainbow Robe 
    Poison Armor                  Cure Poison               Rainbow Robe 
    Wind Demon                    Mind Hi-Up                Sage's Bracelet
    Slime                         Cure Poison               Card - Venus 
    Skeleton Soldier              Leather Plate             Bronze Plate 
    Electric Skeleton             Card - Golem              Leather Plate 
    Skeleton Bomber               Card - Salamander         Potion 
    Skeleton                      Potion                    Leather Plate 
    Spear-throwing Skeleton       Leather Plate             Cotton Robe 
    Skeleton Knight               Leather Plate             Bronze Plate 
    Boomerang Skeleton            Flashy Dress              Miracle Wrist 
    Ghoul                         Prisoner's Clothes        Heart Hi-Up 
    Gorgon                        Heart Up                  Meat 
    Beast Demon                   Arm Guard                 Cursed Ring 
    Flame Demon                   Potion                    Chain Plate 
    Frankenstein                  Military Uniform          Ninja Suit
    Devil Tower                   Potion                    Wristband 
    Spirit                        Wristband                 Mind Up 
    Mudman                        Clothing                  Mind Up 
    Gremlin                       Wristband                 Mind Up 
    Mummy                         Clothing                  Heart Up 
    Coffin                        Clothing                  Heart Up
    Hopper                        Clothing                  Gauntlet 
    Trick Candle                  Card - Pluto              Heart Mega-Up 
    Axe Armor                     Card - Mandragora         Leather Plate 
    Poison Worm                   Cure Poison               Magic Glove 
    Fleaflicker Man               Clothing                  Arm Guard 
    Clinging Man                  Prisoner's Clothes        Miracle Wrist 
    Will-O-Wisp                   Wristband                 Mind Up 
    Zombie                        Clothing                  Potion 
    Flame Armor                   Bronze Plate              Heart X-Up 
    Brain Float                   Leather Plate             Mind Up 
    Earth Demon                   Magic Glove               Card - Serpent 
    Bat                           Wristband                 Heart Up
    Stone Armor                   Hard Ring                 Card - Cockatrice
    Zombie Thief                  Prisoner's Clothes        Lucky Ring 
    Bone Head                     Heart Up                  Card - Mercury
    Hyena                         Potion                    Ebony Clothes 
    War Jaguar                    Gold Plate                Ninja Suit
    Bloody Sword                  Arm Guard                 Card - Mars
    Marionette                    Cure Curse                Mind Hi-Up
    War Bear                      Cotton Robe               Power Ring
    War Panther                   Wristband                 Card - Thunderbird
    Thunder Demon                 Magic Glove               Card - Manticore 
    Gargoyle                      Prisoner's Clothes        Heart Hi-Up 
    Myconid                       Potion                    Mind Hi-Up 
    Death Mantis                  Card - Cockatrice         Hard Ring 
    Specter                       Mind Up                   Mind Hi-Up 
    Killer Bee                    Cure Poison               Ebony Clothes 
    Man Eater                     Heart Up                  Card - Diana 
    Harpy                         Flashy Dress              Star Bracelet 
    Hippogriff                    Meat                      Heart X-Up 
    Hunter Fox                    Potion                    Meat
    Wight                         Silk Robe                 Mind Hi-Up
    Archdemon                     Cursed Ring               Card - Apollo
    King Moth                     Cure Poison               Heart X-Up 
    Thunder Armor                 Gold Plate                Steel Plate 
    Poltergeist                   Mind Hi-Up                Cursed Ring 
    Bone Tower                    Heart Up                  Heart Hi-Up 
    Holy Armor                    Card - Serpent            Platinum Plate 
    Succubus                      Card - Manticore          Intelligence Ring 
    Lilith                        Mind X-Up                 Sage's Robe 
    Grizzly                       Delicious Meat            Power Ring 
    Golem                         Steel Plate               Ebony Clothes 
    Dryad                         Heart Hi-Up               Heart Mega-Up 
    Skeleton Athlete              Clothing                  Card - Griffon
    Mimic Candle                  Heart Up                  Gambler's Bracelet 
    Evil Hand                     Prisoner's Clothes        Intelligence Ring 
    Lizardman                     Card - Mandragora         Chain Plate 
    Ice Demon                     Rainbow Robe              Diamond Plate 
    Witch                         Mind Up                   Magical Robe 
    Spearfish                     Heart Up                  Heart X-Up 
    Fish-head                     Chain Plate               Mind X-Up 
    abyondaruge [Shock Crawler]   Potion                    Delicious Meat 
    Merman                        Gauntlet                  Meat 
    Ice Armor                     Steel Plate               Card - Neptune 
    Arachne                       Heart Hi-Up               Heart Mega-Up 
    Fallen Angel                  Card - Saturn             Heart X-Up 
    War Horse                     Meat                      Durability Bracelet 
    War Wolf                      Gauntlet                  Meat 
    Fox Archer                    Cotton Robe               Silk Robe 
    Earth Armor                   Gauntlet                  Gold Plate 
    Scary Candle                  Heart X-Up                Card - Uranus
    Medusa Head                   Wristband                 Hard Ring 
    ririmu [Morrigan (hehe)]      Mind Hi-Up                Dark Plate 
    Ectoplasm                     Wristband                 Mind Up 
    Skeleton Medalist             Toy Ring                  Bear Ring 
    White Armor                   Card - Unicorn            Hi-Potion 
    Devil Armor                   Card - Black Dog          Hi-Potion 
    Section II - Item Effects List
    These are listed in the order that they are organized in my game, and are all 
    done by personal experience.  If an item you have is not on here, email me with 
    the EXACT position of the item in your list and its statistical bonuses.
    Equipment Name         STR   DEF   INT   LCK   Special Conditions
    --------------         ----  ----  ----  ----  ------------------
    Leather Plate             0   +30     0     0
    Bronze Plate              0   +50     0     0
    Gold Plate                0   +80     0     0
    Chain Plate               0  +100     0     0
    Steel Plate               0  +120     0     0
    Platinum Plate            0  +150     0     0
    Diamond Plate             0  +210     0     0
    Mirror Plate              0  +300     0     0
    Needle Plate            +10  +400     0     0
    Dark Plate              -10  +550   -10   -10
    Shining Plate           +10  +500   +10   +10  Found at end of Battle Arena
    Cotton Robe               0   +25  +100     0
    Silk Robe                 0   +40  +140     0
    Rainbow Robe              0  +140  +250   +15
    Magical Robe              0  +200  +300     0
    Sage's Robe               0  +250  +500     0
    Clothing                  0   +20     0     0
    Prisoner's Clothes       +5   +20     0     0
    Flashy Dress            +10   +40     0     0
    Ebony Clothes           +20   +60   +10     0
    Ninja Suit              +30   +80     0     0
    Military Uniform        +50  +120     0   +10
    Double Grip             +75   +75   +75   +75  Must equip two for stat increase
    Star Bracelet (right)   +25     0   +25     0  Different bonuses for each arm
                  (left)      0   +25     0   +25
    Power Ring              +50   -10   -10     0
    Hard Ring               -10   +50     0   -10
    Intelligence Ring       -10     0   +50   -10
    Lucky Ring                0   -10   -10   +50
    Cursed Ring             +30   +30     0  -100
    Titan's Bracelet       +100   -25   -25   -25
    Durability Bracelet     -25  +100   -25   -25
    Sage's Bracelet         -25   -25  +100   -25
    Gambler's Bracelet      -25   -25   -25  +100
    Wristband                +5     0     0     0
    Gauntlet                +15     0     0     0
    Arm Guard                 0   +10     0     0
    Magic Glove               0     0   +10     0
    Miracle Wrist             0     0     0   +10
    Toy Ring                  0     0     0     0  Item description reads: "A
                                                   completely useless ring."
    Bear Ring              -100  -100  -100  -100  Use Pluto+Black Dog to turn into
                                                   a rocket shooting bear. (But save
                                                   before you use it, you take 9999
                                                   damage if you get hit!)
    Item Name              Effects
    ---------              -------
    Potion                 Restores 20 HP
    Meat                   Restores 50 HP
    Delicious Meat         Restores 100 HP
    Hi-Potion              Restores 250 HP
    X-Potion               Restores full HP
    Cure Poison            Obvious.
    Cure Curse             See above.
    Mind Up                Restores 30% MP
    Mind Hi-Up             Restores 50% MP
    Mind X-Up              Restores full MP
    Heart Up               Restores 10 Hearts
    Heart Hi-Up            Restores 25 Hearts
    Heart X-Up             Restores 50 Hearts
    Heart Mega-Up          Restores 100 Hearts
    NOTE: If a card has "activated" by its name, you must press L as normal to
    power the DSS, and then use a pad rotation from down to up (half circle),
    pressing the B button as you hit Up.  Those of you inept at fighter games, worry
    not, it's very easy to perform and allows you quite a bit of time.
    Card Name              Basic Effects
    ---------              -------------
    Mercury                Whip modifier.
    Venus                  Statistical modifier.
    Jupiter                Defensive barriers.
    Mars                   New weapons (my favorite).
    Diana                  "Magic" whip projectiles.
    Apollo                 "Magic" explosives/thrown weapons (activated)
    Neptune                Elemental absorb.
    Saturn                 Familiars.
    Uranus                 Summon spells! (activated)
    Pluto                  Very useful abilities (+Salamander is activated)
    Salamander             Fire elemental/strength.
    Serpent                Ice elemental/defense.
    Mandragora             Nature elemental/luck and healing.
    Golem                  Earth elemental/defense.
    Cockatrice             Stone elemental/defense.
    Manticore              Poison elemental/subweapon aid.
    Griffon                Wind elemental/speed/intelligence.
    Thunderbird            Lightning elemental/melee (strength and defense).
    Unicorn                Holy elemental/healing and defense.
    Black Dog              Darkness elemental/strength and magical damage.
    Section III - Bonus Modes
    A statistical and gameplay analysis of each of the game modes.  You receive a
    password to access each one after beating the game, but you can't access them
    until they appear on the "Data Select" screen.
    Vampire Killer Mode
    Basic mode.  You start the game using this one.
    Strength:     100 start  +10 per level
    Defense:      100 start  +10 per level
    Intelligence: 100 start  +10 per level
    Luck:         100 start  +10 per level
    HP:           100 start  +10 per level
    MP:           100 start  +10 per level
    Hearts:        50 start   +2 per level
    Items note:   Can and must find everything.
    Magician Mode (name your character "Fireball")
    First unlocked mode.  Physically weaker, but great magical capacity.
    Strength:      71 start   +7 per level
    Defense:       50 start   +5 per level
    Intelligence: 400 start  +40 per level
    Luck:         100 start  +10 per level
    HP:            50 start   +5 per level
    MP:           400 start  +40 per level
    Hearts:        50 start   +2 per level
    Items note:   Start with all 20 cards.
    Fighter Mode (name your character "Gradius")
    Second unlocked mode.  Best physical strength, no use for magic.
    (This is basically classic Castlevania, for you purists!)
    Strength:     141 start  +14 per level
    Defense:      200 start  +20 per level
    Intelligence:  50 start   +5 per level
    Luck:         100 start  +10 per level
    HP:           200 start  +20 per level
    MP:            50 start   +5 per level
    Hearts:        50 start   +2 per level
    Items note:   No DSS effects, thus you cannot find cards.
    Shooter Mode (name your character "Crossbow")
    Third unlocked mode.  Weak with normal weapons; subweapons do massively increased 
    damage, and consume half as many hearts.
    Strength:      71 start   +7 per level
    Defense:       50 start   +5 per level
    Intelligence: 100 start  +10 per level
    Luck:         100 start  +10 per level
    HP:            50 start   +5 per level
    MP:           100 start  +10 per level
    Hearts:       250 start   +5 per level
    Items note:   Cards are available as well as a new subweapon, homing daggers.
                  (Simply find the dagger subweapon twice and they will become homing)
    Thief Mode (name your character "Dagger")
    Fourth and possibly final mode.  Very weak stats, except insane amounts of Luck. 
    Strength:      71 start   +7 per level
    Defense:       50 start   +5 per level
    Intelligence: 100 start  +10 per level
    Luck:        1600 start +160 per level
    HP:            50 start   +5 per level
    MP:            50 start   +5 per level
    Hearts:        50 start   +2 per level
    Items note:   You'll be able to find everything quicker than you ever have 
    Copyright 2001 chrismog2@aol.com, you may distribute (either print or electronic)
    WITHOUT modification.  If you want to make corrections, let me know and I will 
    make them myself.

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