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    Game Script by master chris x3

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    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
    Game Script
    Copyright (©) 2003 by Master Chris X3
    E-Mail: FFXtidus@juno.com
    Last Updated: 10/23/03
    The following is the entire game script from Castlevania: Circle of the
    Moon for the GameBoy Advance. If you don't want to know the ending or
    read what happens in this game, don't read this. You've been warned.
    Character Bios:
    Nathan Graves:
    	Nathan Graves (the player) is the chosen successor to wield the
    "Hunter Whip". His parents, who were Vampire Killers, were killed 10 years
    earlier while banishing Dracula.
    Hugh Baldwin:
    	Nathan's rival and the son of Morris, Master Vampire Killer. He is
    bitter that Nathan, who he believes is the weaker of the two, was chosen
    as his father's successor.
    Morris Baldwin:
    	Morris is Nathan's Master and is teaching him the skills necessary
    to combat Dracula and his minions. He and Nathan's parents succeeded in
    banishing Dracula 10 years earlier. He chose Nathan to be his successor,
    and passed down the Hunter Whip.
    	Sealed off from this world by Nathan's parents and Morris. He is an
    immortal vampire who lives in a castle in Europe.
    	A loyal female minion attempting to ressurect Dracula. Character is
    based on the lesbian vampire Carmilla.
    Game Script (From U.S. Version)
    It is 1830... at an old Austrian castle. From the worshippers of chaos, rise
    the plea for the return of the Lord of Darkness.
    Inside the Castle:
    (Camilla stands in front of Dracula's coffin)
    Camilla We crave the presence of the embodiment of suffering, the ruler of
    (Dracula's coffin opens, Dracula awakens)
    Dracula I have waited for this moment, to be awake again. To bask in the
    	darkness and feel the moonlight within.
    Camilla Count Dracula, I am honored to be in your presence.
    Dracula Indeed. Though I lack my full power.
    Camilla We are preparing the rite to replenish your power...
    Morris	Stop!
    (Morris Baldwin enters, along with his two apprentices, his son Hugh and
    his friends' son, Nathan Graves)
    Morris	You cannot be allowed to taint the world!
    Dracula You... I remember... you were one of the Vampire Killers that
    	sealed me. ... you've aged.
    Morris	It is our duty to see you banished.
    Dracula Amusing. To use my nemesis' life power to return my power. I have
    	no use for children. Be gone!
    (Dracula lifts his arm, and a bat comes out of his cloak and breaks away
    the ground underneath Hugh and Nathan, and they fall)
    Morris	Hugh! Nathan!
    Nathan	Master!
    Hugh	Father!
    (they fall a long ways down to the Catacombs)
    Nathan	Hmm... no creatures around here. Hugh, are you okay?
    Hugh	Yeah. We were just brushed aside and ignored...
    Nathan	We have to find Master.
    Hugh	I'll go. He's my father. Nathan, you'll be in the way. Just get out
    	of here.
    (Hugh runs off)
    Nathan	I want to find Master as much as anybody.
    Audience Room:
    (If you try to open Dracula's door)
    Nathan	It is locked...
    Audience Room, Necromancer's Lair:
    Ncrmncr Extraordinary! To be dropped into the Abyss and still live. But
    	your luck is about to run out.
    Nathan	Get out of my way!
    Ncrmncr Child, before I finish you, I will tell you some news. Your
    	precious Master is already in our power.
    Nathan	What!!
    Ncrmncr That old man will feed us with his soul. The rite has been prepared
    	and we only await the full moon.
    Nathan	No!
    (After defeating the Necromancer)
    Nathan	I know Master is still alive! Hold on, I'll be there. Though, where
    	is Hugh?
    Machine Tower, After Beating Iron Golem:
    (Hugh walks in)
    Nathan	Hugh! Are you alright?
    Hugh	What are you doing here? Are you trying to take my glory?
    Nathan	Wha? What are you talking about? I just want to save Master.
    Hugh	You're in the way! I will defeat Dracula myself. And then...
    Nathan	Hugh?
    (Hugh runs away)
    Chapel Tower:
    (Nathan opens a door, Hugh comes tumbling out)
    Nathan	Hugh! You okay?
    Hugh	You! Back off. This is my trophy to claim!
    (Hugh is weakened. He tries to get up, but falls again.)
    Hugh	Urgg!
    Nathan	Hugh!!
    (Nathan walks into the next room to battle the creature that Hugh lost
    against. He fights the giant monster, Adramelech, and defeats it. He comes
    back out to talk to Hugh, who has gotten back up on his feet.)
    Hugh	Damn! Who asked you for help!
    Nathan	I couldn't just leave you, could I?
    (Hugh points his finger straight at Nathan)
    Hugh	Don't think that you defeated it. It was the power of that whip.
    Nathan	Hugh...
    Hugh	You could never beat me in training. Never once! But father named
    	you the successor and gave you the Hunter Whip. Your parents and my
    	father banished Dracula together and those fond memories clouded
    	his judgement. Don't forget that!
    (Hugh walks away in fury)
    Underground Waterway:
    Nathan	You, you were with Dracula in the hall.
    Camilla I am Camilla. I beckoned Dracula forth again.
    Nathan	Why do you want his return? To turn this world into a living hell?
    Camilla But isn't this world hellish already? People are intrigued by
    	darkness, and covet chaos and power. They are dirty self-centered
    	mongrels. I simply wish the world to properly reflect this image.
    Nathan	You are delusional!
    Camilla If only you too would embrace the darkness in your soul, then a new
    	world would unfold before you.
    Nathan	Shut up!
    Camilla The one who was with you... he was more honest with himself. Even
    	MY MASTER approves of him. (giggle)
    Nathan	What? What have you done to Hugh?
    (Fights Camilla)
    Camilla You are too late. The rite has been prepared. Only the full moon is
    	missing. It is just a matter of time, before the Master has his
    	full power of Darkness. Your precious Master and friend will...
    (Camilla screams and dies)
    Nathan	Master! Hugh!
    Observation Tower
    (Nathan walks into a room. Hugh is standing there, sword drawn.)
    Hugh	Nathan, so you've finally arrived.
    Nathan	Hugh?! You're okay? I thought that they...
    (Hugh slashes his sword at Nathan - Nathan jumps back and avoids it.)
    Nathan	Hugh! What are you doing?
    Hugh	I am superior to you! I will defeat you to prove myself to father.
    Nathan	You are being controlled by... Camilla? No... by Dracula!
    (After fight)
    Nathan	Stop Hugh! I don't want to hurt you. Hugh!!
    Hugh	Nathan? (moan) I, I'm... I'm alright now.
    Nathan	You are yourself again.
    Hugh	Nathan, I am sorry. I was envious of you.
    Nathan	?
    Hugh	When father named you the successor, I was afraid that I was
    	worthless. I wanted... needed the recognition.
    Nathan	Enough.
    Hugh	That probably was the dark weakness that father saw... in my
    	soul... why he chose you.
    Nathan	Stop it Hugh.
    Hugh	It's alright. Even I realize now that father was right in his
    	decision. Don't make me embarass myself further. Allow me self-pity
    	for now. Help father now. I am entrusting his return to you now.
    Nathan	I accept.
    (Nathan walks into the next room and gets the key to Dracula's chambers. He
    goes back to to the locked door in the beginning of the game and enters.)
    Ceremonial Room:
    (Nathan enters a room. Dracula is one one side, he is on the other. Between
    them, in the background, is Morris Baldwin, tied to a pillar.)
    Dracula Hmmm... you have done well to come so far.
    Nathan	Master!
    Dracula Impeccable timing. The time for the rite is upon us. You soul will
    	become ours as well.
    Nathan	Not if I can help it! Master! Are you alright?!
    Dracula What an emotional display. But don't fool yourself. Even you must
    	have darkness upon your soul.
    Nathan	What!
    Dracula To be superior. To be honored for your singular accomplishments.
    Nathan	!
    Dracula ... to be loved by all... to get the glory even at the expense of
    	others. That is what your friend craved. I just increased that
    	desire, that power.
    Nathan	You despicable blight! How dare you toy with his soul. I'll get you
    	for that.
    (After fight)
    Dracula Power... I need my full power!
    (Dracula is beamed up to the moon)
    Nathan	Huh?
    (Hugh runs in and unties his father Morris, who is weak and falls into
    Hugh's arms)
    Morris	Chase him! Don't let him escape! Urgg...
    Nathan	!!
    Hugh	I'll take care of father. You go after him!
    Nathan	... right. Get Master to safety.
    (Hugh turns and starts to walk away with Morris, then turns back to say one
    last thing)
    Hugh	Nathan, banish Dracula and then make sure you get out.
    Nathan	I will.
    (Nathan jumps into the beam of light and follows Dracula to the moon.
    Dracula has transformed into a megafreak. After defeating him, Dracula
    screams in wrath, and burns horribly. Nathan and Dracula are transported
    back to the Ceremonial Room. Dracula lies on the floor.)
    Dracula It is a wasted effort. I will never be truly gone. So long as there
    	is darkness and desire in the soul of man. I will continued to be
    Nathan	And we will be there to stop you. You can bet on that.
    (Dracula disappears, the roof begins to fall. Nathan runs away.)
    (Nathan, Hugh, and Morris are standing over a cliff at a sunset. The castle
    is in the background, and then it crumbles.)
    Nathan	Master, are you well?
    Morris	Nathan? Thank you. You did well... you have become a Hunter in your
    	own right. Hugh. I need to thank you as well. But your training
    	must begin anew.
    Hugh	I know father. I will train like I was reborn to become worthy.
    (Hugh walks over to Nathan)
    Hugh	Hey Nathan. If you become soft, I'll take over for you.
    Nathan	I look forward to the challenge, Hugh.
    (Credits roll, The End)
    Well? Please send me an e-mail with comments about what you thought, if
    you find any mistakes, or if you have any questions about the game.
    I said it at the top of the FAQ, but I'll say it again:
    my e-mail address is FFXtidus@juno.com.
    If you want to use this script on another website, by all means do so, but
    be sure to include my name and do NOT alter the script in any way.
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    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon was copyrighted (©) in 2000 by Konami.
    All rights to Castlevania, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and anything
    with the name Castlevania or character names used in the games are
    trademarks of Konami.

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