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    Shooter Mode Guide by hempick

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    Shooter Mode Boss Guide and Improved General Boss Guide
    by Joseph Visaggi (hempick)
         This guide's main purpose is to provide advice and strategies on how to
    successfully navigate especially difficult areas of the game in Shooter Mode
    and also how to efficiently defeat Bosses in this mode.  I feel that Shooter
    Mode is the most difficult of all the game modes to beat and since there was
    not a guide to this mode available on GameFAQs or any other site, I decided to
    write one.
         Additionally, I will put suggestions for defeating some of the bosses
    in other modes at the end of the guide, but that is not this document's true
         (I am thinking about replaying Shooter Mode and honing my guide.  I'm
    probably gong to do it, I am just not sure when I will.)
    Table of Contents
    A.  Shooter Mode Guide
         A01.  Catacombs - Trouble Spots
         A02.  Cerberus, The Hellhound
         A03.  Audience Room - Trouble Spots
         A04.  Necromancer
         A05.  Machine Tower - Trouble Spots
         A06.  Iron Golem
         A07.  Chapel Tower - Trouble Spots
         A08.  Adramelech
         A09.  Underground Gallery - Trouble Spots
         A10.  Dragon Zombie
         A11.  Underground Warehouse - Trouble Spots
         A12.  Death
         A13.  Underground Waterway - Trouble Spots
         A14.  Camilla
         A15.  Observation Tower - Trouble Spots
         A16.  Hugh
         A17.  Ceremonial Room - Trouble Spots
         A18.  Dracula
         A19.  The Battle Arena
    B.  Suggestions For Other Modes
    C.  Credits/Acknowledgements
    D.  Version History
    E.  The Legal Stuff
    A.  Shooter Mode Guide
    Before I say anything else, I would like to point out that it is CRUCIAL to
    get as many of the Heart and HP boosters as you can possibly have before each
    boss fight.  The MP ones are good too, but the Heart and HP ones are more
    ALSO, before you go into any Boss battle, make sure that you have the Homing
    Dagger sub-weapon and a full supply of hearts.  If you have some potions,
    they will help, but they are not necessary.  (There will be two exceptions to
    the Homing Dagger rule and you will instead need the Cross, but I will get to
    that later.)
    A01.  Catacombs - Trouble Spots
         The most difficult things you will come across in the Catacombs are
    Poison Worms.  Unless you have a lot of Antidotes, you should try to take these
    out without getting too close.  Poison is detrimental to Nathan's existence in
    Shooter Mode because his HPs and Defense are so low.  On a lesser note, the
    Earth Demons in this area are not worth fighting at this point in the game.
    The best thing to do against them is employ the Monty Python tactic of "run
    away!"  Though, you can come back later and kill some to get the Serpent card
    that they can drop.
    A02.  Cerberus, The Hellhound (Attempted/Succeeded at level 5.)
         Basically what you want to do is follow the strategy from the vampire
    killer section of the other boss guide with some small exceptions.  Instead
    of using the Holy Water and whipping Cerberus, you should ONLY attack using
    the Homing Dagger.  It will do a lot more damage than your whip and will also
    keep you out of harms way for most of the battle.
    A03.  Audience Room - Trouble Spots
         In this area, you are going to encounter a lot of skeletons.  While you
    don't have to worry about most of them, there is one "breed" you should be
    weary of.  The foe I am speaking of is the Electric Skeleton.  The reason why
    this skeleton is more dangerous than the other skeleton variations is that it
    is impossible to block his attack by using the whip twirl and it is much
    stronger than the other skeleton's attacks.  Additionally, the range of this
    attack is a little under half a screen and always travels on the ground.  To
    banish this fiend back to hell safely, I suggest that when you see one, take a
    few steps back and then use the Dash Boots to get a running start, jump in the
    air, and as you are coming down attack with your whip.  With any luck, you'll
    kill him before he has a chance to launch his attack.  If you have the Dagger
    or Homing Dagger sub-weapon, you can also throw them at him while he is still
    off your visible screen.  However, once you get to higher levels you won't want
    to waste your hearts on this enemy and using the dash/jump/whip strategy above
    will be the most efficient way to bring about his demise.  (You might want to
    kill a bunch of these, since they can drop the Golem card.)
    A04.  Necromancer (Attempted/Succeeded at level 10.)
         This battle can be tough and some of it depends on luck.  The strategy
    is similar to what you did when fighting Cerberus.  Stand on either side of
    the center platform and chuck Homing Daggers at him when he comes near.
    If he spawns enemies on the floor, kill them with Homing Daggers.  I can't
    stress this point enough:  DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO USE YOUR WHIP!  His second
    form did not give me as much trouble as his first, oddly enough.  In fact, he
    never morphed into the orb.  I don't know if this is supposed to occur in
    Shooter Mode for some reason or if I just got lucky, but either way, keep
    hitting him with Homing Daggers and with a little luck and skill, you'll be
    able to beat it.  If all else fails, level up one or two more times and try
    A05.  Machine Tower - Trouble Spots
         Medusa Heads will be the bane of Nathan's existence here.  If they touch
    you, you will be turned to stone for a decent amount of time and usually it is
    long enough to get hit again.  (Press the D pad back and forth to break free
    from the stone prison.)  Generally, you want to avoid contact with these at all
    costs.  Don't even bother trying to kill them.  They are not worth the effort
    since they do not drop any worthwhile items.  They do have low HPs, though.
    So, if you can't avoid them, you should be able to kill them in one hit.
         Another troublesome enemy you will encounter in this section of the castle
    are Heat Shades.  Thankfully, they are not quite as annoying as the Medusa
    Heads and the Jupiter/Manticore combo will come in handy for deflecting their
    fireballs.  If you do not have those cards, spinning your whip will also defend
    against their attacks.  Unfortunately for you, Heat Shades can attack Nathan
    from off of the screen.  So, you need to be prepared at all times for their
    A06.  Iron Golem (Attempted/Succeeded at level 14)
         This boss is a bit easier than the Necromancer, but can still be
    troublesome.  Then again, none of the bosses in Shooter Mode are too easy.
    Anyway, like always, have the Homing Dagger and a lot of hearts before the
    battle.  An interesting thing about the Homing Dagger is that it hits enemies
    that are just slightly off the screen.  I'm not sure if the regular Dagger
    does that too, since I never use it.  Regardless, use this little trick to
    your advantage.  Find out where the Boss is in the room and then move away
    just far enough so that he is just off your screen and hurl Homing Daggers
    at him.  The only disadvantage of this tactic is that it is harder (but not
    impossible) to tell when he'll hit the ground.  If he gets too close, jump
    over him and continue the onslaught.
    Alternate Strategy from "Lawngahnome":
         (The Crucifix – Found at the castle entrance, right inside the machine
    tower. It flies like a boomerang and spins. If you hit an enemy at the end
    of its spin, the crucifix will revolve in place, and hit the enemy more
    than once (up to 5 times). You can throw 3 crucifixes before you pause,
    but if you get an enemy at the end of the spin, there are very few that can
    live through 1 none the less 2. The only catch is that you have to be up
    close and personal, but because of its power, you can usually kill enemies
    before they can use their attacks. The only catch is flying enemies, jump
    over them, and try to get them to pause and attack, then unleash the
         Get him at the spin length, pound with the crucifixes, jump his pound
    attack. He should be really easy.
    A07.  Chapel Tower - Trouble Spots
         The most difficult things you will face in this area will be Bloody
    Swords.  The best thing to do defend yourself against these things is simply
    dash past them.  In fact, in this area you pretty much want to dash through up
    until the second save room.  While I realize this is a cheap tactic, it is the
    only way I have been able to complete this area without dying many, many times
    or using up a TON of hearts.  As with the Earth Demons in the Catacombs, you
    will probably want to return here when you are stronger to get the Mars card,
    which they can drop.
         The other annoyance enemy in the Chapel Tower are Marionettes.  If one of
    them touches you, you will not be able to attack with your whip or sub-weapon
    for a fairly long amount of time (unless you have an "Uncurse" on you).  Again,
    the best thing to do is just run past these because you probably won't be able
    to kill them before they touch you.  If for some reason you wish to kill them
    instead of bypassing them, know that they only charge at you if they are
    directly across from Nathan.  Otherwise, they will just sort of meander about,
    trying to get into position.
    A08.  Adremelech (Attempted/Succeeded at level 19)
         You should be getting used to the Homing Dagger & full heart supply by
    now, but I'll remind you again.  I was able to defeat this enemy without
    taking a single hit.  This tactic will take a LONG time, but it is the safest
    way to dispose of Adremelech, so I think it is worth it.  The trick is staying
    out of range of the flying skulls.  Pay attention to the background colors of
    the boss room.  There are blue sections on either side of the room and there is
    a gray section in the middle.  What you want to do is get as close to the
    beginning of the gray section without actually touching it (the background
    behind Nathan should be blue).  You will be out of range of the flying skulls
    and can get off perfect shots with the Homing Dagger if you jump and then use
    the sub-weapon while at the peak of your jump.  The only attack you will have
    to worry about when using this strategy is the Fireballs.  However, these are
    easily avoided by jumping over them or ducking under them.
    Alternate Strategy from "Lawngahnome":
         Dodge the skeletons and the blue fireballs.  Use the poison shield to kill
    the bubbles and kill him with crucifix.
    A09.  Underground Gallery - Trouble Spots
         Specters.  You will learn to hate them by the time you get about halfway
    through this area.  In the tall and narrow passages of the Underground Gallery
    where you have to make several jumps in a row (because of the crumbling
    ledges), they will come at you and try to knock you down.  This can be very
    frustrating, especially because if you attempt to kill them, more of them spawn
    in place of the downed ones.  The Jupiter/Manticore DSS combination is going to
    be your best friend during this time.  It will push them away when they get too
         There are also an abundance of enemies in this area that can poison you.
    As I have said before, poison can be the death of Nathan in Shooter Mode.  The
    best thing to do when you encounter these enemies is attack them with the
    Homing Dagger from as far away as the sub-weapon will reach.  In the long,
    narrow hall where there the Man Eater enemies are located, there will also be
    a bunch of Killer Bees that will swoop down and poison you if you get too
    close.  To defeat these, simply throw Homing Daggers at them from as far away
    as possible.  (You can even hit them while they are off the screen.)  The
    other poison enemies you need to watch out for are the Poison Armors.  These
    guys throw a cloud of poison at you generated by their sword.  Use the same
    strategy as you used against the Killer Bees to defeat the Poison Armors.
    A10.  Dragon Zombie (Attempted/Succeeded at level 25)
         This boss was A PAIN IN MY POSTERIOR, to say the least.  It took me about
    5 tries to devise a viable plan for defeating this boss.  For this boss more
    so than any other you need to have the Homing Dagger to even have a chance at
    coming out alive.  As soon as you get into the boss room what you need to do
    is situate Nathan so that he is standing between the leg that is closest to
    the center of the room and the head of either dragon.  (I chose to kill off
    the left dragon first.)
    I will try to explain what I mean using this diagram:
    Dragon Leg * D Head * D Leg * Open Space * D Leg * D Head * D Leg
    What you need to do:
    Dragon Leg * D Head * NATHAN * D Leg * Open Space * D Leg * D Head * D Leg
    Dragon Leg * D Head * D Leg * Open Space * D Leg * NATHAN * D Head * D Leg
         Hopefully that shows what I mean.  By standing in this position, you will
    be safe from their Fireball and Orb attacks.  You will also be safe from when
    they hit their heads on the sides of the room, but you need to watch out for
    when rocks fall from the ceiling.  When they hit their hits on the walls,
    brandish your whip and spin it around so that any rocks that might hit you
    get destroyed.  The only other thing you need to worry about is that once in
    a while the dragons will move their heads underneath you and then to the center
    of the room.  To dodge this, simply jump over to the other side of their head
    (between the other leg and the head) and then when your original position is
    safe, slide back over.  During this time you should be spewing forth Homing
    Daggers (which should be able to hit either head, depending on if they are
    close enough.)  When one of the heads dies (usually the one you are standing
    under), repeat the process for the other head.  Note:  Shortly after killing
    the first head, the other head will chomp on the dead one in order to regain
    some health.  Do not jump between its leg and head until after it does this.  
    While it is noshing, you should throw a bunch of Homing Daggers at it, since
    it will be close to you.
         My HPs after this fight were approximately 60/300ish.  They would have
    been a bit higher, but I was a little careless.  Also, if you have the
    Jupiter/Mandragoras DSS combo at your disposal, you can go on to one of the
    ledges on either side of the boss room and heal yourself using that.  (You will
    be safe from danger in those sections of the room.)
    Alternate Strategy from "Lawngahnome":
         Before the dragon, don’t go through any rooms you don’t have to.  Enter
    the gallery through the bottom left door.  Go to the top right door and save.
    Then go throgh the bottom right door, the bottom left door, the top right
    door, the middle left door, save, and then the top left door.  
         You can come back for the items after the Camilla battle, because 1, you
    are right at the entrance, and 2 you have the Jupiter/Manticore combo which
    prevents all poison attacks and poison now heals you.  To kill the boss,
    crucifix like mad, top left doorway to heal, don’t go to the right, you will
    get hit by stray fireballs, heal often, be prepared for a long battle, this
    method worked on my 2nd try.
    Alternate Strategy from "paKO:"
         Use the Cross as your subweapon.  As you enter the room, try to jump
    into the middle of the room (should be easy).  It is best to take out the
    left dragon first.  Slide left, so you stand close to the wall.  Wait until
    the Dragon puts his head down a bit, then slide back.  Make sure not to stand
    too close to the other one.  Now the Dragon will smack the side with his head.
    Whirl your whip to be protected from the falling rocks.  Now jump and throw a
    cross.  Slide under him (so you are close to the wall again).  Jump again and
    throw another cross.  If this is performed with the right timing every cross
    will hit the dragon 3-4 times. Just continue this until the Dragon is dead.
         The second one is now easy.  Just do the same thing as with the first or
    stand left to the head of the dead dragon.  Only the energy ball can now hit
    you and you will be able to smack the dragon to death with with your whip.
    A11.  Underground Warehouse - Trouble Spots
         Thunder Armors proved to be the most troublesome of all the enemies in
    the Underground Warehouse (for me, anyway).  Your best bet here is to use the
    Homing Dagger in a way that I have say before.  Attack them from as far away as
    possible.  Pretty much throughout Shooter Mode, distance is your ally.  Just be
    on the look out for their attacks because they can send a charged ball at you
    even if they are not visible to you.
         The other enemies that may be of some concern are Poltergeists.  These may
    look like harmless pieces of furniture, but they pack a wallop and also have an
    enormous attack range.  Lucky for you, they don't actually begin to attack
    unless you get close to them, so you should be able to take them out with the
    Homing Dagger before they know it.  Unfortunately, Poltergeists and Thunder
    Armors tend to appear together, so it can be tough to defeat them both without
    taking some damage.
    A12.  Death (Attempted/Succeeded at level 31)
         This boss is going to be tough, but can be a walk in the park compared to
    the last boss if you have the right equipment/magic.  I suggest having a DSS
    combo available that can destroy the little scythes that are constantly going
    towards you.  The Jupiter/Manticore combo is probably your best bet here, but
    the Jupiter/Serpent combination will work as well.  As usual, try to have as
    many hearts as possible (300 or so) before the fight and, of course, the
    Homing Dagger.  If you have either of the DSS combos that I mentioned
    available, turn them on when you get into the room.  If not, be prepared to
    jump and dodge the mini-scythes that come at you.  It doesn't really matter
    where you position Nathan.  There is no place in the room where he will be
    safe from attacks, so just make sure you can hit Death from wherever you
    chose to stand and constantly hit him with Homing Daggers.  Be weary of his
    attacks, such as the lightning balls, and dodge them if need be.  When it
    turns into its second form just keep hitting him with Homing Daggers and if
    he gets too close, try to double jump over him to get to safety.  Potions will
    help tremendously in this battle and you might even want to level up to 33 or
    34 if you are having trouble.  (If you don't mind using a glitch, do the DSS
    trick for the Cockatrice summon during the Death's second phase.)
    Alternate Strategy from "Katashil:"
         In the battle against Death, a much better strategy to use is having the
    Cross equiped instead of the homing knife. Throwing the cross at Death's first
    form will cause the crosses to hit and then return and hit again. At the same
    time the crosses are hitting death they will also take out a good portion of
    the flying scythes. When the first form is dead all you need to do is keep a
    safe distance away from the second form and continue to throw in crosses.
    With little dodgin its very easy to get out of this fight only suffering 1
    or 2 hits. At level 32, I was able to do this with very little difficulty.
    A13.  Underground Waterway - Trouble Spots
         Remember the Heat Shades I mentioned earlier?  Well, their siblings,
    Frozen Shades, are located in this section.  As their name suggests, their
    attacks are ice based.  Other than that, they are basically a powered-up
    version of their fire based kin.  They have a lot more HPs and their attacks do
    much more damage than the Heat Shade attacks did.  ...and if that wasn't
    enough, their frozen-ball attacks will freeze you if you don't dodge them, spin
    your whip to break them, or have the Jupiter/Manticore or Jupiter/Serpent DSS
    combo activated to defense against them.
         That is not the only ice based nemesis you'll face in the Underground
    Waterway, though.  There are also Ice Armors, which drop the Neptune card.
    These are fairly easy to defeat.  All you need to do is duck under the first
    ice shard they throw and then jump over the next one or break it by spinning
    your whip.  Keep in mind that Ice Armors often spawn in pairs, though.
    A14.  Camilla (Attempted/Succeeded at level 37)
         Full hearts and Homing Dagger, yet again.  Thankfully this fight should be
    a bit easier than the last one.  For most of the battle, you should stand on
    either of the highest platforms that are near the entrance/exit nooks.  This
    will keep you safe from her energy blast attack and her water spitting (?)
    attack, as well.  The only times you need to worry about taking damage are when
    she releases the small purple homing orbs (which are hard to see) or when she
    gets too close.  When the former happens, simply jump or double jump away from
    them and when the latter happens, jump to the platform of the same height at
    the opposite side of the room.  Whenever you have time to throw some Homing
    Daggers, do so.  If you follow these instructions, you should be able to
    dispose of Camilla.  (If you want to use the DSS glitch this time, I suggest
    the Jupiter/Unicorn combination because if will block the purple orbs she
    Alternate Strategy from "Lawngahnome":
         Turn on the poison shield, stand on middle(top) platform, plug in gameboy
    charger, walk away. (Camilla cannot hit you on the top platform, and will
    constantly take damage from your shield.)
    A15.  Observation Tower - Trouble Spots
         You are probably going to want to have a lot of Cure Curse potions in this
    part of the castle.  You can try to dispose of the Legions by attacking with
    the Homing Dagger from far away.  If they get close try to jump over them or
    slide under them.  If need be, just don't fight them at all.  They don't drop
    anything too great (other than Cure Curses), so you may not even want to
         Dullahans can be intimidating at first, but if you watch their pattern,
    they are easy to defeat.  Simply watch where they stop and position yourself a
    little bit behind that spot and just wait for them to come near you.  When they
    do, attack.  Dullahans can potentially drop the ever so handy Thunderbird card,
    so it is probably a good idea to try and get that from them.
         You'll also want to watch out for Catoblepas (Catoblepi?).  These annoying
    buggers breathe a mist that will turn you to stone, so you'll want to dispose
    of them from as far away as possible, like most of the tough enemies.
         Wind Armor's pack a punch, but are easily defeated by using the ever so
    effective "attack them using the Homing Dagger while they are still off the
    screen" strategy.  Another strong enemy is the Minotaur.  Thankfully, most of
    the time you see these, there is a ledge for you to stand on and therefore
    attack them from safety.
    A16.  Hugh Baldwin (Attempted/Succeeded at level 46)
         Before you attempt this battle, go get the Cross sub-weapon and make sure
    you have 400+ hearts.  Be prepared for a LOT of jumping.  You will take an
    excessive amount of damage during this fight.  I'd have to say that Hugh is the
    most difficult boss in the game (and in Shooter Mode he is all that much
    worse.)  Anyway, when Hugh is in range of the Cross, fire as many off as
    possible.  If you can dodge his attacks, great.  If you can't, either have a
    lot of HP restoring items or use the Super Jump to go on the top ledge on
    either side of the room and do the Unicorn Summon to replenish your health.
    You can also make use of the Cockatrice or Thunderbird summon in you want to,
    but I would save them for after Hugh is down to half health.  You'll know when
    he is at this point because he gains a reddish glow.  You can also use the DSS
    glitch in this battle to heal yourself with the Unicorn summon if you use the
    Super Jump to go on one of the platforms at the top of the room.  I do not
    recommend using the Jupiter/Mandragoras combo because Hugh can send an attack
    at you even if you are up on the platforms and motionless.
    Alternate Strategy from "Lawngahnome:"
         Lots of jumping, lots of crucifix, you can go to the top of the room to
    heal, BUT ONLY IN HIS FIRST FORM, after that he can hit you.  On his second
    A17.  Ceremonial Room - Trouble Spots
         There are none to speak of.  This place is just an empty room before
    Dracula's Chamber.
    A18.  Dracula (Attempted/Succeeded at level 48)
         First Form:  This should be easy enough.  Make sure you have the Homing
    Dagger and at least 300 hearts.  Since the Homing Dagger will automatically hit
    Dracula's head, you don't have to worry about jumping to hit it.  Unleash a ton
    of Homing Daggers at him and dodge his various attacks (this shouldn't be too
         Before you face Dracula's Second Form, I suggest that you leave the
    quarters and go save your game.  While you are out, pick up the Cross
    sub-weapon at either the castle entrance or the beginning of the Battle Arena.
    Dracula's Second Form is the only Boss other than Hugh that I suggest using
    anything other than the Homing Dagger for.  Trust me, the Cross is a much
    better choice this time.  You'll also probably want to replenish your heart
    supply before continuing on to Drac's Second Form.
         Second Form:  The first thing you should do when you get in the Boss room
    is jump onto either of the platforms.  If you have the ability to use the
    Jupiter/Unicorn DSS combo, I suggest doing so.  (It should keep you safe from
    his poison bubble attack.)  Basically you just want to stand on the platform
    and when he materializes, throw as many Crosses at his eye as you can.  If you
    do not have the Jupiter/Unicorn DSS card combo available, when he launches his
    poison bubble attack, use your whip to break the bubbles.  After doing a
    certain amount of damage, he will change his attack pattern.  (Make sure you
    stay on the platform.)  Now instead of just appearing next to you, he will
    appear and then charge at you several times in a row.  To avoid this, use the
    Super Jump (D pad up + Special move button).  When he stops charging at you, he
    will turn into a bunch of bats encircling an eye.  You need to throw Crosses
    at the eye in order to damage it.  After doing this for quite some time, he
    should fall.
         If you have the Cockatrice or Thunderbird summon, this boss becomes much,
    much easier.  Simply use the summon when he morphs into the eyeball surrounded
    by bats and after 3 or 4 summons, he'll die.  You shouldn't even need to use a
    Mind Restore if your level is high enough.
    A19.  The Battle Arena
         Avoid this place like the plague until you are at least level 45.  I
    really do not recommend going through this place in Shooter Mode at all since
    you take an ungodly amount of damage here in Vampire Killer mode and your
    defense in Shooter Mode is nil in comparison.  In fact, I only completed the
    Battle Arena in Fighter Mode.
    B.  Suggestions For Other Modes
    Magician Mode:
         The other guide does not advocate using the summons until you get to the
    fourth boss, Adremelech.   For the beginning bosses, the author suggests using
    the skeleton transformation and throwing bones at your enemy.  I think that is
    a HUGE waste of time and can be dangerous.  I say use the most powerful summon
    you can (depending on your MP) until the boss is dead or you run out of MP.
    Then, AND ONLY THEN, should you even think about using your whip or sub-weapons.
         More than likely the early bosses will die after one or two summons,
    though.  So, you shouldn't run out of MP.  Anyway, by the time you get to the
    third or fourth boss, you should be able to recover about half the MPs that
    Cockatrice or Thunderbird consume and therefore can cast them almost
    continuously.  I pretty much went through all of Magician Mode using either
    the Cockatrice or Thunderbird summons, whether it was against a boss or a
    regular enemy.  The only other summon you should ever need to use is the
    Unicorn, to replenish some life.
    Note:  The suggested levels for fighting the bosses in Magician Mode are about
    0-4 levels lower than that of Shooter Mode.
    Alternate Magician Mode Suggestions by "paKO:"
    For the first 4 bosses:
    Just use the Wind whip projectile (Diana + Griffin)
    it will OHKO the first one
    the Necromancer needs 3 shots
    the other 2 need 4 or five
    By the time you meet them your level will be high enough to have the mana 
    without any items equipped
    Fighter Mode:
         Most of the bosses in this mode are cake with the exception of the second
    form of Dracula.  As long as you have the cross for every boss battle, all you
    need to do is throw 3 of them at the boss each time you can.  You don't really
    need to worry about taking damage because your defense is so high.  As for
    Dracula's second form:  For the first part of the battle you need to stand on
    one of the platforms and when he appears, launch as many crosses at his eye as
    you can.  When he starts to do his charging attack, make sure you are still on
    the platform and use the super jump to get out of the way.  Then when he turns
    into a bunch of bats, throw 3 crosses where you think he'll appear and odds are
    that at least 1 or 2 of them will hit the eye.  Rinse and repeat.
    Note:  The suggested levels for fighting the bosses in Fighter Mode are about
    4-8 levels lower than that of Shooter Mode.
    Thief Mode:
         When you first start this mode, you will be relatively weak.  The further
    you progress, the better off you will be mainly because you will get so many
    useful item drops.  The boss strategies are pretty much the same as in Vampire
    Killer or Fighter mode with the only difference being that you have a plethora
    of healing items at your disposal.
    Note:  The suggested levels for fighting the bosses in Thief Mode are about the
    same as Vampire Killer Mode.
    Also, do not forget that between Dracula's first and second forms you can leave
    the chamber to go and save.  I highly recommend doing so.
    C.  Credits/Acknowledgements
    Konami for making wonderful games, such as this one.
    Sheik for giving me a starting point for this guide.
    Lawngahnome for providing alternate boss strategies.
    Katashil for providing an alternate strategy for Death.
    Billy Joel for writing awesome music.
    D.  Version History
    2.90 - 12/05/2008 - Removed the Contact Info section and slightly changed the
                        lettering/numbering system.
    2.81 - 02/27/2008 - Fixed a couple of minor mistakes.
    2.80 - 10/16/2007 - Added alternate Twin Dragons and Magician Mode strategies
                        by paKO.
    2.70 - 10/26/2006 - Added alternate Death strategy by Katashil.
    2.60 - 06/27/2006 - Added alternate strategies by Lawngahnome.
    2.50 - 02/09/2006 - Addressed some minor issues.
    2.45 - 01/26/2006 - This guide is now allowed to be hosted at Supercheats.com.
    2.40 - 01/22/2006 - Added the "Contact/Donation Information" section; fixed
                        some minor mistakes.
    2.30 - 04/04/2005 - Added ASCII art and also added Thief Mode to section B.
    2.20 - 03/31/2005 - Fixed various grammar/spelling errors and updated some
    2.10 - 10/18/2004 - Updated the Attempted/Succeeded levels and amended the Hugh
                        and Dracula strategies.
    2.00 - 10/14/2004 - Added the "Trouble Spots" sections - First Public Version.
    1.00 - 10/13/2004 - Added Hugh and Dracula.
    0.78 - 10/12/2004 - Added Death and Camilla.
    0.56 - 10/11/2004 - Guide started.
    E.  The Legal Stuff
    Copyright (c)2004-2008 Joseph Visaggi (hempick).  All rights reserved.
    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon(c) and Castlevania(c) are Copyright of Konami.
    This guide is ONLY to be hosted at GameFAQs.

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