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"I just don't like this game"

As you have already read I just don't like this game. I mean it is getting tremendous reviews by everybody but yet I don't like it. It is not that I haven't played Castlevania games before because I have, lots of them. But this one is IMO is not good. Here is why I think so

Game play
I never was one to like the hack and slash games. And this one is no exception. To me the game play just seems to scream mediocrity. Basically the game revolves around you going through Dracula's lair and hitting enemies with a leather whip or a stronger whip by using the DSS system. While on that subject, the DSS system is the only thing special about the game play because besides gets sliced a little thin.4/10

Well this is game boy advance and the graphics are about 10 times better than any GBC game but it is just too dark. Compared to other GBA games that are kind of like twilight dark, this game is middle of the night dark. Unless you have a good light source, this one is going to be hard to play. And without any backlight capabilities, it's a dark ride.6/10

Simple...Very very Simple. Simple is good most of the time but to me this time, simple is not that great. One problem the GBA seems to have is a weird default control layout and this one IMO fits in that category. Sure you can change the controls but if you played for a while with the default you will most likely press the wrong button at time when you have to press the right button.6/10

The saving grace for this game. I like the mood that the music gives out and how they change the music for every new area you enter. Still though, I am going to take out a few points because there is not words and I know the GBA has vocal support. You should use headphones for the full effect.7/10

If I could add sound effects than right here would be the sound kerplunk. For me this whole game is like been here and done that. For some that is not bad but for me, it just is. Oh well...maybe some newer stuff next time2/10

Since most people cant rent game boy games and since for me this game is not too great I would say you should pass. Well unless you can rent it somewhere though, than it might be fun for a weekend rental.

Score-4.8,-.8 for reviewers tilt,Final Score-4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/16/01, Updated 06/16/01

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