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"A Whippin' good time!"

This is great gameplay. With up to 80 different combos of your whip with DSS, this alone is a Grade A+ reason to buy Castlevania 14 (Wow! Thats alot of Castlevanias!). The bosses are quite difficult, and there are many subweapons. Plus, this castle is huge, so there are many secret rooms to find. The latest installment in the Castlevania series controls very simply, as is expected of a Castlevania game. The A button lets Nathan jump onto platforms. The B button lets Nathan crack his whip. The Start button pauses the game, allowing for menu selection. The L button gives Nathan the ability to use some of his special powers, including a flaming whip. On the menu, you can choose what special powers the L button brings out in Nathan via a Duel Setup System. 10/10

Gamefaqs wouldn't post my last review up because of the fact that my story review was too long, and that it gave some parts of the game away (This game was Soul Reaver. Buy it ASAP!), so I'll make this one short. Good storyline of the 14th Castlevania in the series. They have to bassically (They meaning Nathen, the character that you play, and his rival, Hugh.) kill Dracula and banish his body from the earth forever. Good job. Only flaw-Same as other CasVans. 9/10

Really no video to see here, but the audio, especially on the first area of the game, is great, and it changes the entire mood of the game every area when it changes tracks. The game's dark atmosphere and the Duel Setup System adds a lot to this game's fun. While everything else is good, if a game isn't fun to play through, it's crap. It is safe to say that it is very fun to play through Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. The 100 potential combinations in the Deul Setup System add most of the fun, though. Just playing through the game with the whip isn't very fun. Using the Duel Setup System, though, you have many more possibilities in what you do, and much more fun. ''Good Work Soldier''(Captain America from Marvel vs. Capcom). 10/10

I'm on the final boss, and haven't beaten it yet, so I can't really tell you much, but it looks like I'll play it again and again. Only Flaw-RPGs are very weak in the Replay area, and same with this one. Once you get all the secrets and all the DSS cards, thats about it. 8/10

Buy or Rent
Buy the game, for God's sake. It'll be a good game to help break your new Gameboy Advance in. BUY IT! 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/17/01, Updated 06/17/01

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