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"You buy or you miss out!"

Welcome back to Castlevania, better yet, welcome back to Dracula's Castle. This is such a great game that you will be playing this for a while even though the game is only a single player game. You play as Nathan Graves, the chosen one. He is the ''chosen one'' because he was the one who recieved the Holy Whip from Morris Baldwin, his master. Your rival is Morris Baldwin's son, Hugh Baldwin. Your nemesis, Dracula himself and the person whom revived him, Camilla.

Gameplay 10/10
Where to start?! There is soo much to do. You have the DSS (duel setup system) which includes over 80 combos and spells to perform. You will be collecting some cards for a while. You then have the job of uncovering the map of the whole castle of Dracula. Then there is the job of collecting the magic abilites. You will also have to train your character (thats right level up!) which will take you a while. Then there are some hidden things to unlock and play but I am not giving anything away....

Story 7/10
It is the same old story again. The story being that Dracula is back and you have the job of banishing this guy back to the unknown. There are some things along the way of the game that will make you shocked and astonished. But, it is a good thing that the character that you play is new to the storyline itself.

Sound 10/10
The sound is a great thing in this game. You will hear everything. You will hear from foot steps of your character to the crack of your little trusty whip. The music is just great. It is spooky at some times, which really sets the tone and mood of the area that you are in. On an off note, the Game Boy Advance supports loads of sounds on this game. Headphones would be such a great addition to this category. The headphones will get you in the game in a snap.

Replay Value 7/10
Just like other RPGs, you will not be playing the game anytime soon after you complete the game. You will wanna come back to this game when you have a sudden urging for an RPG to play.

Buy Or Rent
To buy or not to buy that is the question. BUY! That is the answer to this little question. This game is one of the must buys for this system.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/19/01, Updated 06/19/01

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