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"This game easily rivals Symphony of the Night."

This game, without doubt, is the best launch title for the GBA. Castlevania is easily one of the best series ever made, and this game certianly proves that. Who knew the sequal to Symphony of the Night (in my opinion the best game for the Playstation) would be on Nintendo's GBA? Like in all of the other Castlevania games (except Symphony of the Night) the weapon of choice is a whip. Konami is really going oldschool with this game (which is good).

Graphics - 8
I would give the graphics a 10, but my complaint is that the game is way too dark. I mean you have to use a light source like a lamp or something to see clearly. You dont have to go and buy a light addon though, which most people did. The boss look very cool, and so does Draculas Castle. Visually, the graphics in Circle of the Moon comes amazing close to the graphics of Symphony of the Night.

Gameplay - 10
Konami introduced a totaly new system to this game, and its called the DSS card system. With it Alucard, I mean Nathan can use 100 spell tricks, but not all of them are useful. For example, the Mars card is the sword card. With it alone you have a sword, but if you combine it with another card you'll get another sword, like a flaming sword.

Replay Value - 10
The replay value in this game is amazing. Konami made certian the hardcore and oldschool fans will beat the game atleast 4 times! See the first time you play this game you play as a Vampire Killer (Draculas a vampire, and you want to kill him). The second time you play through however, you'll play as a Magician, then after that you can plays as a Theif, and I'll let you figure out what the 4th one is....

Best Feature - Battle Arena (a place where you straight up have to use all your skills, unless you cheat)
Worst Feature - The game is a tad too dark.

Overall - 10
You cannot go wrong with this game. Even if you do not like Castlevania you must check this game out. It might and probably will change your perspective abou the game. There are alot of bosses, and there are challenging. So, this is definantly the best reason to own a GBA so far.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/20/01, Updated 06/20/01

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