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"Dont try this at home children"

A lot of people are buying this game because it's message board and FAQ are #1 on the top ten charts. Well, I found out why it's number 1. And i'm going to share that with you today.

Graphics 8.5/10: Everything is so small, yet, I increased the score because the animation was good, and the face detail was good (wasn't square faces). What lowered the score again was the dark screen. This game takes place at midnight, plus, your in a castle with no lights. This is 1830 here. So the recommended light source is simple: The Sun.

Replay Value 9.6/10: Once beating this game, you'll get a code. Type the code in as your name and you'll be in a different mode. Instead of getting tired of the game and never playing it again, you'll want to beat the mode. After you beat the mode, you'll get another mode. You'll be wanting to do all the modes. That's how good Replay Value this game has.

Difficulty 8.9/10: The game isn't a short easy game, but a long hard game. When in the different modes, sometimes your strength decreases. Making you train more and instead of being around level 50 when facing dracula, you'll need to be around 60. You'll also need to solve block puzzles and find hidden rooms by destroying walls with your trusty whip.

Sound 10/10: I simply love the sound. There is a different tune for each part of the castle. And their very good and long. So when facing a boss, you might accidentally run into him from the catchy tune.

Story 6.5/10: Same as always, so there isn't much of a raise here. Someone named Camilla revives dracula from da dead, and he's gonna rule the world. We've heard it before. Haven't we?

Controls 10/10: Excellent Controls! Comfortable, plenty of them too. You get more controls from getting special magic items. Plus with all the DSS card combinations, you won't be quitting any time soon. There are so many controls that you can do, this is one of the best parts of the game.

Overall Score 53.5/60: I did it, I did the math, I DID THE MATH! Man i'm good...

Don't Buy, Rent, or Buy: I'd really recommend you to buy this game. You won't find many games like it. It'll last you a long time, and plus it's at 40.00. Is that a deal or what? Later.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/13/01, Updated 07/13/01

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