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    Boss FAQ by MSuskie

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 02/27/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ____  ____________   ____  _____________   ____   _________   _____     __
    |    ||   ______   \ |    ||  _________  \ |    | /  _____  \ |     \   |  |
    |    ||  |______|  | |    || |         \ | |    | | |     | | |  |\  \  |  |
    |    ||           /  |    || |         | | |    | | |     | | |  | \  \ |  |
    |    ||   ______  \  |    || |_________/ | |    | | |_____| | |  |  \  \|  |
    |____||__|      \__\ |____||_____________/ |____| \_________/ |__|   \_____|
                              ____________   __________
                             /   ______   \ |  ______  \
                    ______  |___| _____|  | | |      | |  ______
                   |______|  ___ |_____   | | |      | | |______|
                            |   |______|  | | |______| | 
                             \____________/ |__________/
                                       Boss FAQ
                                    by Mike Suskie
                                  ASCII art by... me.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Boss FAQ
       3.1 Refusor
       3.2 Cytector
       3.3 Stratosphere Base
       3.4 Lunar Guard
       3.5 Prospector
       3.6 Reactor Core
       3.7 Main Frame
    4. Contact
    5. Credits
    6. Legal Notice
    ~#1~ Introduction
    I like Iridion 3D. I don't know why everyone hates it so much -- it's a 
    fun shooter that requires a lot of skill. It also has fantastic graphics, sound
    and play control. Yes, there are some repetitive moments (most particularly the
    fifth stage... yikes), but I think anyone can enjoy it if they give it a 
    This is my first FAQ on GameFAQs, to be honest. Iridion 3D is an easy game
    to make a FAQ out of, and bosses is an easy category. Please let me know if 
    there's anything that I forgot to mention or anything I should add to it -- 
    like I said, this is my first FAQ. Also, if the ASCII art at the top is kind of
    crappy, keep in mind that THIS IS MY FIRST FAQ, SO THAT'S MY FIRST ASCII 
    One thing I just want to mention: The Legel Notice is at the bottom so you
    can ignore it. Nice of me, huh? Anyway, on to the FAQ. No, the Version History.
    ~#2~ Version History
    Version 0.5
    I made the ASCII art at the top, as well as wrote the Table of Contents, the 
    Introduction, and the first four bosses in the Boss FAQ. 
    Version 1.0
    I finished my FAQ today, by adding the last three bosses as well as the 
    Contact, Credits and Legal Notice sections. And this, of course.
    Version 1.01
    I recently made a mistake with level 2's boss name. I originally called it
    "Carrier Fighter." I changed that to its correct name, Cytector.
    Version 1.02
    I have discovered a view typos in the FAQ, so I corrected them. This should
    be the seemingly "final" version of the FAQ. Joy.
    ~#3~ Boss FAQ
    Here are strategies for beating all of the bosses in Iridion 3D. They're all
    rated by difficulty, * being the easiest and ***** being the hardest, with
    everything in between.
    Disposal Tunnel Boss:
    Difficulty: ***
    This is a surprisingly tough boss for the first in the game. The target is the
    large metallic pillar in the center, and the only way to damage it is to shoot
    into the opening when it opens up. Watch out for the bombs rotating around the
    Refusor. They'll always swing around the center, so trying to stay away from 
    the center of the screen when one is coming. When the Refusor opens up, shoot 
    the green area to deal damage. Once it's cracked, keep going. The more you
    shoot it, the more it cracks. But watch out! When it closes the opening, it 
    will shoot a fury of lasers. It's a fair challenge to dodge both the bombs and
    the laser shots at the same time. Try to move in a counterclockwise (ooo, big
    word) circle to do this. Eventually, the green area will burst, revealing a
    bluish area. Keep shooting until the Refusor is no more.
    Pacific Ocean Boss:
    Difficulty: **
    The Cytector isn't as hard as the Refusor. First, it will drop bombs on both 
    sides of the screen. As long as you stay centered, they should be easy to
    avoid. Your target is the large rotating shield on the top of the boss. After 
    it's done dropping bombs, it will fly up into the air and begin releasing 
    blasts from its bottom. You can't hit the shield now, so just drop to the 
    bottom of the screen to avoid the energy shots. Finally, it will swing down 
    once again and continue to shoot energy from the bottom. But now, a gun turret
    will pop up from the shield and shoot bullets at you. You can still hit the 
    shield, but now you have to avoid both the energy blasts and the bullets at the
    same time. To do this, you have two choices: a) You can move in a small 
    circular motion above the energy blasts or b) you can slip in between the 
    bullets. Either way you'll probably take a little bit of damage but not much.
    After a little while, the fighter will switch back to attack phase one. After
    you score enough hits that you blow through the shield, the gun turret will be
    vulnerable at any time. Just shoot it while continuing to avoid its attacks and
    you'll be done.
    Sky Boss:
    Stratosphere Base
    Difficulty: ***
    The main reason this boss is so hard is because it's hard to avoid his attacks,
    most specifically his second one. Okay, first things first, World Three is the 
    only world in which you can get the Gold Shot power-up, the second-most 
    powerful weapon in the game. There are three of them in the level and if you 
    got all three you can use the Triple Gold Shot. Now, for the boss's first 
    attack phase, it will simply shoot simple lines of bullets. Move in a circular 
    motion to avoid the bullets and shoot it as much as you can. The first phase is
    easy as hell. Now, the SECOND phase: After you blast through this baddie's 
    shell it'll open up a bunch of gun turrets and open fire. The concept for 
    beating the dude is still the same: Just shoot it anywhere. However, this time,
    the strategy for avoiding his attacks is different. Notice the six gun turrets
    around his body (why do I keep calling him "he?"). Try to slip in between one
    of them and stay there. The bullets can't reach you if you're in between his 
    turrets. Keeping shooting him like this and he'll soon break out into an angry
    spasm and die.
    Moon Boss:
    Lunar Guard
    Difficulty: *
    This boss is insanely easy. As he spits out a nearly constant bullet stream, a
    bunch of strange blue sphere rotate around him. The object is to hit the boss
    himself and NOT the blue spheres. If you hit a sphere, it will do no damage and
    will shoot a bullet right back at you. It's still pretty easy to dodge the 
    bullets, and once you get the hang of shooting him and not the blue spheres, 
    THAT will become easy too. This boss doesn't take too long to die, either. You
    don't have to hit him with many shots to defeat him once and for all. The one
    thing I don't like about the battle is that there's a little bit of slowdown as
    the Lunar Guard dies. Shame on Shin'en!
    Asteroid Belt Boss:
    Difficulty: ***
    This is a hard boss until you get the hang of his attacks. First off two
    robotic snakes along his surface will fire at you. Move in large clockwise 
    circles along the edge of the screen to avoid it. When he opens up, shoot the
    purple gem in the center as many times as you can (it moves back and forth, so
    you'll have to keep up for it). Watch out for the three gun turrets that fire 
    when the Prospector has opened (as long as you stay above them, you'll be 
    fine). After he closes up again, he'll start up his robotic snakes again, so
    at that point just repeat the process. Good luck.
    Iridion Base Boss:
    Reactor Core
    Difficulty: ****
    Do you still have the Gold Shot from the third level? If so, it will come in
    VERY handy in this battle. The reason is because in this boss battle, bullets
    will come at you left and right, and it's practically impossible to avoid 
    them. The only secret is to defeat the guy quickly. Also, there are shields 
    rotating around the boss, just like the Lunar Guard, only they cover almost
    all of his body. Like I said, try not to pay attention to your health and just
    focus on making this a quick battle. It's fustrating, I know, but that's 
    pretty much the only strategy.
    Final Boss:
    Main Frame
    Difficulty: *****
    Okay, the first time I battled this guy, I had two lives and full health, and
    lost. The second time, I came into battle with (I think) five lives, and I 
    just barely beat him. The last level in the game is the only level in which
    you can pick up the Blue Shot power-up, the most powerful in the game. With
    it (especially if you have the Triple Blue Shot power-up), you'll be able to
    defeat the Main Frame a lot easier.
    As the battle starts out, the Main Frame will use flamethrowers and guns. The
    flamethrowers do more damage so you'll want to try to avoid them more as 
    apposed to the guns. Shoot the boss as many times as you can. Eventually he'll
    flail backwards and it looks as if you've won. But you haven't. The Main Frame
    will come back. This time, he'll put the guns away and take out a fire whip. 
    The whip does a lot of damage and is hard to avoid. Get the pattern correct:
    He'll whip it around clockwise, then counterclockwise, the freeze. And 
    SCREEN! This will almost guaruntee that you will get hit! Instead, just move
    along the patterns of his attacks. After hitting him more, he'll flail back,
    this time coming back as his final form. He'll swing TWO massive fire whips.
    This time, get the hang of avoiding both. This battle will take practice and
    patience, but eventually you'll come out on top.
    ~#4~ Contact
    If you want to contact me for any reason, please e-mail me at: 
    This applies ONLY if you want to point out something I forgot, correct any 
    mistakes I made, want to add a boss tip or strategy of your own, or want to 
    comment on the FAQ in a mature way. If you remind me about something, correct
    me or add a strategy of your own, make sure you include your name or an alias
    in the message so I can give you credit (the alternative is for me to simply
    call you "unknown"). If you want to make a comment on the FAQ... Considering
    this is my first FAQ, reader opinions are greatly appreciated, but please don't
    e-mail me and give your opinion on Iridion 3D. If you hate the game, there's 
    simply no reason for you to be here. This FAQ was made for the soul purpose of
    helping those that actually enjoy this game. I think that's it, thanks.
    Oh yeah, one more thing. Don't EVER e-mail me asking me to post the FAQ on 
    another website, because you're just wasting your time.
    ~#5~ Credits
    Heh, so far there's pretty much no one listed here. Oh well, here are the 
    -Myself, for making my first FAQ.
    -My fingers, for "aiding" me.
    -Notepad Software, for being so damn easy to use.
    -GameFAQs, for being the most helpful videogame website ever.
    -GameTalk.com, for being my videogame sanctuary.
    -Majesco, for producing a fine sprite-based shooter.
    -Shin'en, for developing it.
    ~#6~ Legal Notice
    This FAQ Copyright 2003 Mike Suskie.
    Know what that means? That mean that you can't post this FAQ at your website or
    sell it for money under ANY circumstances. Don't bother asking because I won't
    let you. Not even if you beg. 
    The ONLY websites that are allowed to use this are GameFAQs (in fact, I HOPE
    they use it) and IGN (I don't know why they'd want to use it, but they can go
    ahead). Otherwise, nope. 
    Also, if you are surfing the internet and happen to see this exact FAQ on a
    website that ISN'T listed above, please contact me about it IMMEDIATELY. 
    Thanks a bunch.
    That's it. This is the end of the FAQ. Nothing else to see!

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